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This week’s recap brought to you by @AliciaGecko. Pics from @neropatti, bookemdanno.net

The last recap I did was fuelled by KitKats and this one is also brought to you by sugar, although this is more of the fermented grape variety. Could be interesting.

It’s Christmas! People are on the beach wearing Santa hats, which looks really odd to me (but only because I’m from the Northern Hemisphere). Itchy, too. Imagine how hot your head would get. Note from Westy: There is nothing odd about Santa hats on the beach.  🙂 Christmas Day in West Oz is tipped to be 40C.  That’s 104F. Yay. I hate the heat. 😦

Here we are at the Rainbow Drive-In with Steve & Catherine. Catherine’s wearing a fugly top. Steve’s – OK, I know that some people (well, most people) think the way he’s eating here is sexy, but I can’t help it, I think it’s revolting. Steve’s smiling at Cath in an ‘isn’t this FUN??’ kind of way, and also in a ‘this is what my breakfast looks like when I’m halfway through chewing it!’ kind of way. She’s smiling back in a ‘you don’t get women at all, do you?’ kind of way (I look at pics of Atplenkov with a very similar expression, btw). Oh, Steve. Your cluelessness is adorable in a TV show, but you would annoy the sh/t out of me in real life. Also, close your mouth when you’re eating.

Steve asks “is there something on your mind?” and I’m half expecting Cath to say “did your mother not teach you any table manners?” but then I remember who his mother is – and also that there is no table in sight – and I let it go. She starts calling him out on thinking breakfast in a car is romantic and special (I think this is pushing it even for McG, but this is a cute, funny scene so I let that go as well) but it’s difficult to make out what he’s saying because he’s talking around a mouthful of food. I never talk with my mouth full. Just saying.

eating gif

Then some COMPLETE IDIOT tries to carjack them and Steve – brilliantly, hilariously, AWESOMELY – makes him wait until the end of the conversation before kicking the cr@p out of him and ripping out his nose-ring. Hiiiiii BAMF McG! We’ve missed you. Don’t go away for so long again, please.

I love this cap not for the way McG’s eyes look so gorgeous (although they DO) or the way it looks like the carjacker is trying to stick the gun up his nose (although it DOES), but for Cath’s FAAAAACE!!! She’s thinkin’ what we’re thinkin’. FOR TRUTHSIES!!!

carjack gif

carjack gif2

While McG is giving Duke (hi! Duke. Long time no see. Also, if it involves being manhandled by McG, what do I have to do to get on Santa’s naughty list?) a good chuckle at this epic targeting #fail, he spots a kid with about three kids’ worth of hair handcuffed to a chair trying to pick the lock on the cuffs with a paperclip. McG tells him that bobby pins work better (I believe these are kirby grips, yes?) and when the kid asks him if he has any, he says he’s fresh out. This, presumably, because he’s only just been able to bring himself to throw all Mick’s hair products away (I don’t believe him, btw. I think he kept a few bobby pins and some anti-frizz serum, just for old times’ sake).

So he sits down and starts talking, but my ovaries haven’t quite recovered from last week’s ep yet so they’re just feebly crying “carry on without us! We’ll catch up in a minute!”. The kid tells him he broke a window because it was the only way anyone in this room of people who are completely ignoring him would pay him any attention. Good thing McG and his mommy issues are on hand, eh? I can just see him thinking “yeah, I had to become a kick-a/s Navy Seal to get some attention and my mom STILL made me wait twenty years for it”.

But I digress. The kid’s dad didn’t come home last night. Something really bad has happened.




  1. The open mouthed chewing and the talking with the mouth full was a bit off putting. I guess McG isn’t perfect after all.

    I could be persuaded to overlook those things, though!

    1. I honestly couldn’t! I wonder if it’s a repressed British thing?

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        I would have preferred if he had chewed with his mouth closed, but I give him a pass. Because of the adorableness.

        1. It’s the talking with his mouth open that I couldn’t overcome. He did it with the birthday cake last season too. I know everything he does is sexy but….

          And I’m not even British so I have no excuse 🙂

          1. Dang it, I meant talking with his mouth full of food. But you get what I mean.

            1. Can you imagine if McG never talked with his mouth open?? Like a ventriloquist??

              So ninja. 😉

              1. He has some crazy skillz, that McG!

            2. Well, Steve does mumble so talking with his mouth open is an improvement.

              1. Hehe. True though, just as long as there is no food in it at the same time.

    2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      If I must…..I shall. 😉

  2. Somewhere in Honolulu, a Child Protective Services agent is crying… apparently in Hawaii when a kid is caught in the act of vandalism & no parents can be found… the answer is handcuff them to a desk. Only in America. 🙄

  3. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    Cathy’s face was EPIC!!! That “You’re going to be sooooorrrry!!!! look had me laughing my @ss off!!!
    I was not disturbed by McG’s eating habits AT ALL!!! I love that he eats with such gusto ( I stole that phrase from ESS…thanks ESS!)…and with such purpose and enthusiasm… and well…that conjures up naughty, naughty thoughts about his mouth and what he could do with it!!

    1. annieoakley · · Reply

      ^^^^THIS^^^^ ACA – oh god yes this!!^^

    2. Chewing mouth open and talking with food in mouth is awful, but watching Steve eat in this scene just looked adorable. Weird, I know, but I think many of us make this exception for him.
      The kid did have a ridiculous amount of hair and that long… Loved your expression “3 kids´ worth of hair” 😀

      1. That kid had a RIDICULOUS amount of hair! Come to think of it, I’m surprised he didn’t have a bobby pin or two himself, hidden in there!

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          Or his dad hidden in there.

          1. ^^^ FTW!!!

    3. McG’s eating habits….hmmm…what are you referring to CG? 😉 Your naughtiness is infectious. I am squirming just thinking what he can do with that mouth…that tongue….those hands…*quiver*

  4. I guess being around men for twenty something years, eating manners was not part of his behavior at Seal school. Swallowing before asking ,”is there something wrong” would have been great.

    I’m sure he was following the directors (man) instructions, but I agree with you Westy. Being adorable is great, but draw a line at the table (car).

    Cath look turn off by his eating habit also, but more disappointed in their special date (picnic ?)

  5. “I was not disturbed by McG’s eating habits AT ALL!!! I love that he eats with such gusto ( I stole that phrase from ESS…thanks ESS!)…and with such purpose and enthusiasm… and well…that conjures up naughty, naughty thoughts about his mouth and what he could do with it!!” – HA!! I actually stole it from Westy so there. Now it’s come full circle. 🙂

    (Westy, I actually tweeted that to you during the episode the other night, I guess you didn’t see it)

    I don’t think Cath was turned off by his eating. She’s um, she’s seen him eat like that before. just sayin. *cough*

    Agreed the breakfast in the car thing was pushing it even for McG who is by no means as clueless as they try to make him at times but it’s ok. It provided me with what will be one of my all time favorite scenes!

    I think McG can put on the manners when appropriate but here, him eating like this was a signal of how comfortable they are with each other. When you’re with a loved one or friends or someone you’re completely comfortable you kind of forget about such things. At least most men (and some women) I know do. Hell, all day long today I had to think about my eating/chewing habits. Worried someone was going to bash me for my chewing! lol!!

    The scene in HPD was all blah blah blah to me. I was still laughing over the Rainbow truck scene.

    1. ESS…I have love ones and friends, but they don’t lick their fingers when eating.

      Sorry you worried about eating habits today. Relax all of us have opinions let it go at that. I didn’t laugh.

      Maybe next time….

    2. Anonymous · · Reply

      Thanks Ess! Now all I can imagine is Steve chowing down on Cath with GUSTO!

      I hope his cunning linguist skillz show a little more finesse. (No that isn’t a typo or auto correct!) I just don’t want ‘certain’visitors to this site!

      1. Anonymous · · Reply

        This is me…Westy. Damn you WordPress! Fkn koala.

        1. On your OWN BLOG!! Et tu, WordPress?

        2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Is Anonymous your new call sign? 😉

      2. HOLY CRAP! Infant is reading this y’all!!!

        1. Infant has to grow up sometime!

        2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Haha. I was like I’m pretty sure I know what Ess was talking about but maybe my mind was in the gutter. Good to know it we wasn’t me reading into things. 😉

  6. I could watch that handsome smug basta/d eat like that all day long.
    Plus he was totally playing her (although he hates to be played!).
    He was doing it just to bust her chops, but she’s a smart cookie,
    handled it well, I guess we won’t see her in the next few ep’s?

    The “1 minute” finger to the car jacker…..classic.
    who is it that this task force is such a magnet for crime y’all??

    I liked Ethans coif!!

  7. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    THREE KID’S WORTH OF HAIR!!!!! Hahahaha!!!

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