3.11 – Kahu – (Guardian) – Page 2

Now we’re buying a helicopter with Danny and Kamekona. This scene is BOOOOOORING. I can’t be bothered to go into it in any detail. Danny says something vaguely amusing and Kamekona buys a helicopter. That’s really all you need to know.

danno spa

Back with Steve, Catherine and Ethan who are looking like a little family in McG’s truck. Seriously, this kid COULD BE THEIR CHILD!!! Is this the closest poor Jana is EVER going to get? McG asks him about his mum and Ethan says that she’s dead. McG heroically manages not to say “or is that just what she WANTS you to think??? Just because she was never late for dinner… you know, it turns out that doesn’t mean ANYTHING.”

God, Cath’s top is hideous. She looks like a three-year-old who’s ingested five tubs of Play-Doh and then thrown up on herself. I like her watch though.

family shot

They get to Ethan’s dad’s store, where there is blood splattered all over some bananas and pineapples, and more blood in a pool on the floor. Ethan says to McG “is that my dad’s blood? Is it? What happened to him?” McG gives him a look that says “If only I were still Mick St John, I would be able to do a quick Mooney-sniff and have a psychic flashback to what happened. Alas, being only a human, albeit a kick-a/s one with superior skills to 99.99 recurring percent of the rest of the human race, I have neither the olfactory not the extra-sensory perceptions of a vampire, even a reluctant one therefore I can only answer” (this bit out loud) “I don’t know”. Who would have thought we would see the day it sucked to be McG?


Then they go outside and Ethan says he wants to help them find his dad and McG replies “I’m recruiting you as a member of the Five-0 taskforce. Just until we close this case.” Oh dar. Th ky on my kyboard in btwn th ‘w’ and th ‘r’ is sticking now bcaus I was a littl bit sick on it just thn. Just a sc.

Oh, that’s better. Baby wipes are AWESOME. They clean ANYTHING. Makes you worry a bit what’s in them, really.

voms time

Inside the store, there’s a blood trail leading out of the store and money still in the till. Hmmm. Mysterious. Danny’s looking really rather lovely though:


In the car, Danny is talking on the phone to Monkey about how much he misses her… OK, I’m no fan of RacHell, but it’s not really that odd that she would pick Christmas week to go and visit her husband and the father of her baby, surely? If she doesn’t go this week then Stan will miss out on his only child’s first Christmas. Of course, Stan could just come to Hawaii. I don’t even know what my point is anymore. I don’t think Monkey should be in Vegas anyway. She should come back to Hawaii where there aren’t any women walking around in their underwear with giant costumes attached to their arses. Oh hang on…

So ANYWAY McG invites Danny to Casa McGarrett because Mom is going to be cooking Christmas dinner. If she’s anything like her son (and she is) ten bucks says it’ll be McDonald’s. Danny is so unenthusiastic about this that he can’t even think of a new joke and has to recycle the Guns & Ammo one from Season 1 (and why is he asking McG what they do for Christmas? It’s not like he knows). He’s looking very lovely here as well though. Seriously, has Scott Caan been to a spa or something? He looks LUSH in this ep.

steve danny car



  1. Danny was looking good this ep. That shade of blue is very pretty.

    I wonder what Steve gave Mom for Christmas? A scrapbook of the missing years? He would be totes good at scrap booking after reading all those Woman’s Day magazines.

    1. Yes! “This is me at Coronado, yes, that’s actually me, yes that IS a lot of mud… this is me in my dress uniform… get off, Mom! Leave my hair alone!… that page is intentionally blank, that bit’s classified*… here I am learning to fly a helicopter….”

      (*shamelessly stolen from Steph’s The Little Things)

      1. 😆 “This is me making weapons out of fallen trees and branches… this is me learning to kick in doors, this is me at Black Friday at the Navy Surplus Store…”

        OMG I’ll bet Steve totally does Black Friday.

        1. Dressed IN black, like a NINJA!!

  2. Alicia! I will give you in retrospect that the heliciptor purchasing scene — while being very indicative of the Brah-mance that has developed between Kamekona & Danny since they first met — was in the end, pointless. Why did Kamekona buy a helicopter? More to the point why did he HAVE to buy a helicopter in THIS EPISODE? Because he wanted to give away the vouchers as Christmas presents? Oooohhhh Kayyyyyy…..

    1. And that helicopter will be used in future episodes to help solve a crime :grin:…..they have been building up the helicopter thing since 2:02 (I think) when he talked about his lessons……

      1. But of *all the things* in this show that happen off screen… that are sacrificed for the things we do see ON screen… THIS is what they choose? Seriously when McG took Cath towards the truck I was like…. uh… no chopper? Why else did Kamekona say he didn’t have his license yet? My first thought was “oh, Steve has his for sure!”

        1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

          Now THAT would have been AWESOME if Steve had put Catherine in the helicopter and then flew her off to dinner (or “dessert”)…darn you Show!!

          1. This episode was really weird & random in a lot of ways. 😆


            1. It was indeed.

        2. My comment also after watching the promo….I was so sure he was gonna take Cath away in the Helicopter! 😀

        3. SJ2 I absolutely thought Steve was going to fly Cath off in the helo!! What a let down.

        4. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          As it is, I think that Steve put Cath in the backseat of the truck…. which is kind of funny!!!!

        5. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          More importantly where did he get the money to buy a helicopter? People must reallllllllllllly love their shrimp….

          1. I wondered that too.

      2. heymomo · · Reply

        I agree with Foyeur that the helicopter will be used in a future ep to solve a crime! I think the point of the scene was to show K’s and Danny’s, as Steph so eloquently put it, brah-mance. I like the two of them together, so I was ok with the scene. I also liked the Magnum P.I. shoutout 🙂

        1. I am not going to stop until brah-mance is a thing. It’s a thing!!


          1. heymomo · · Reply

            You bet it’s a thing!!

            1. It’s TOTALLY a thing!!

    2. Brah-mance!! LOVE!!!

      Come on, tell us what you loved about the helicopter scene. You know you want to…

        1. Thats like my favorite of the gazillion shades of blue out there.

          1. He looked very nice in that blue shirt, that’s for sure. More blue shirts, Ess!

        2. Sigh. He looked so beautiful in this ep. Sigh.

          1. THAT color blue is perfect for his skin, hair, eyes… and was the perfect amount of tight across the old shoulder/pectoral region. Wardrobe’s one win!


            1. When they get it right, they get it SO right.

              1. And when they get it wrong it’s a hot mess. Case in point Cath’s play doh barf shirt (literally laughted out loud at that as I was reading the recap) and the hated booties.

      1. Propellor beanie. #thatisall

  3. a few minutes before I went to read this recap I found out that this helicopter that Kamekona wanted is probs the same one used in Magnum series a lifetime ago – who says nobody is thinking of Magnum on Hawaii?

    1. It is actually the orange helicopter behind the black one he is buying, that looks like the one that was used in Magnum PI.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        For the record, if anyone needs any Magnum PI clarica, I’m your girl. I loved that show as a kid!!

        1. Me too! That mustache…

        2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          And I’m your #2 girl!!! So loved that show… LOOOOVVVEED.

  4. annieoakley · · Reply

    “God, Cath’s top is hideous. ”
    Yes indeed it is — I guess aplentkov and the writers aren’t the only ones who hate women – wardrobe hates ’em too. WTF?

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      One word. Booties.

      WTF indeed.

  5. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    “…or is that what she wants you to think?”. BWAHAHAHA
    “…giant costumes attached to their arses. Oh hang on…”. Double BWAHAHAHA

  6. I´m loving your sarcasm Alicia 😀

    1. Is it worrying that I’m not sure which part of this page you’re referring to? 😉

      1. All of the sarcastic bits 😉

  7. If he was going to take her to the special dinner in the helicopter, I hope he had a dress in the copter.

    1. Yes! well, even in the truck. I mean, what did he take her back to the house and let her shower and get cleaned up and ready? His tux would be all wrinkled, he’d be tired and snoring on the couch by then. Or else it would be piled int he corner and he’s in the shower with Cath and once again they don’t make it to dinner.

      This is why I hate rom/coms but i will forgive show for this one. Just because.

      PS..I didn’t hate Cath’s shirt at all. At least it wasn’t blue.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Speaking of blue shirts, Danny looked amazing in that particular shade of blue shirt. Wardrobe, take note!

    2. She doesn’t need a dress, that tux looked uncomfortable and was coming right off.
      It was a naked romantic dinner.

  8. Poor poor Jana and her delusional McGarrett babies.

    I think Alex’s skin was looking extra special in this ep…..smooth like a babies bottom.

    1. He’s been nicking the baby cosmetics, hasn’t he??? Burt’s Bees do some lovely baby stuff. Really good as a night cream.

    2. I think makeup out an extra coat on the boys the last two weeks. Scott looked a little orange to me this wk.

  9. “Then they go outside and Ethan says he wants to help them find his dad and McG replies “I’m recruiting you as a member of the Five-0 taskforce. Just until we close this case.” Oh dar. Th ky on my kyboard in btwn th ‘w’ and th ‘r’ is sticking now bcaus I was a littl bit sick on it just thn. Just a sc.”

    THIS!!! I know they are trying to soften him up a little this season, but, ugh. I was dying whilst reading this page. Bravo!

    1. Ha, you beat me to it, I was going to comment on this part of Alicia’s recap 🙂 Yeah, that was a bit ugh for me, too.

      Overall, I just didn’t buy what Ethan was selling, sorry gals and even though McG was good with him, it just didn’t really work for me. I think I was ruined forever by The Amazing Lucy. Perhaps two weeks in a row with McG and his skills in working with kids was a bit much for me, too.

      1. Poor Ethan. He wasn’t The Amazing Lucy for sure, but I didn’t think he did a bad job. Not his fault his dad hangs out with boring criminals whose names we can’t remember and who…zzzzz

        What was I talking about again?

        1. Hehe. OK, I’ll give you that one. Sort of….

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