Mele Kalikimaka – Steve and Danny Go Christmas Shopping

It’s the morning of Christmas Eve –  December 21st has come and gone, and the world is still standing, Steve wakes up early and decides he’d better get some Christmas shopping done.

waking up

I know you’ll never get tired of this, ladies….

Luckily, he’s put some thought into present-buying this year, but after a busy day fighting crime in Honolulu, can he make it to the Aloha Tower Marketplace in time? Maybe if he runs, because…well – why walk when you can run?  Danny is also rushing to buy a couple of last minute gifts.

Gotta get there before they close.

The look of a determined shopper…

Steve stops for Kono’s present.  He’s really been wanting to get her this because he thinks her sense of style when purchasing footwear is sadly lacking.  And it’s rubbing off on Cath too. He really likes these, but he’s not sure how well Kono will be able to run in them. But they’re so sexy, he decides to buy some for Cath too.


Next up is something for Chin.  Steve thinks Chin wears Hawaiian shirts to death, and that he would look much better in some nice T-shirts.

chicken in a barrel

chicken magnet

chicken chicken whisperer

And maybe a nice recipe book for Chin too.  Now that Malia is gone, he has to cook for himself.  Steve knows Chin likes chicken.

chicken recipes

Whew, that’s two down.  Now something for Mom.  What do you get someone who left you when you were fifteen or sixteen, and explodes back into your life after all these years?  Steve thought of making Mom a scrapbook of all the big events she missed while she was fake dead, but couldn’t really be bothered. (What Steve doesn’t know is that Mom really needs a new one of these…maybe Cath can buy her one for Christmas.)


Next up on the list is Kamekona.  He’s been a good friend to Steve, and really looks up to and admires him, so what better than his own SEAL outfit?


Ah, Camokona…there can only be one SuperSEAL

Steve thought long and hard about Danny’s gift.  Maybe a tie?  But Danny seemed to have relaxed his dress code lately, and hardly ever wore them any more. He really wanted this present to be special.  Browsing through a bookstore, he came upon the perfect gifts for his BFF.


30 secs

Steve felt pleased with himself.  He knew this Christmas would be special, surrounded by his friends and Mom. He waited impatiently while Danny, who only had one person left to buy for, finished up his shopping.

Danny knew that Cath had serious problems when it came to Steve.  He was always asking her for favours and promising dinner in return.  Cath really needed to toughen up and take a stand.  (Although Steve had outdone himself turning up at the shrimp truck in a tux and whisking Cath off. But did they even make it to dinner in the end?)

Danny decided that Cath could use some self-help books to deal with Steve. He bought her a whole bunch.





And a little something for Cath’s stocking.


Steve and Danny gathered with their Ohana to celebrate Christmas.  Mom had to go visit some friends at the last minute, so couldn’t make the Christmas gathering. Cath called to say she’d be late because she was busy doing a favour for someone.


koala-icon xmas



  1. sure as hell getting a lot of mileage out of Chin’s chickens!!!

    Very cute Westy!

    Merry Christmas Australians!!

  2. Great xmas post Westy. Brilliant gift choices every single one 😀 I especially liked Steve´s choices for Danny´s gift 😉

  3. Aloha and merry Christmas to you too dear! Love You! xoxoxo
    (Sorry for not participating un the big wheel group… Did not feel like dragging you all down. )


    I totally need one of those.

    Westy ILU & Happy Christmas!!! This was brilliant & a great laugh.

    1. Also McG being responsible for the terrible booties makes me unreasonably gleeful. 😆

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      Steph you should get one!!! 🙂

  5. I actually don´t hate what Kono and Cath wear on their feet, they have looked pretty ok to me, but the choices you have up there, I would definitely go for C the brown rounded tip ones 🙂

    1. Wonderful gift choice for all of Steve friends. SISTH MARY he loves and gives all year around.

      …Aloha…enjoy…peace…Tis the season for random acts of kindness.

    2. agree on the choice of C in booties… I don’t get why they don’t wear Slippahs tho.

      Fun Christmas post! Great gift choices love the “you are not the boss of me,Steve!”

  6. OMG the chickens. I’m dying.

    And “You’re not the boss of me, Steve!” Priceless.

  7. great story, have a very lovely holidays…

  8. heymomo · · Reply

    LOL! Chickens! Shoes! Self help books!
    Merry Christmas Westy!
    Fabulous post 🙂

  9. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Gift ideas so grrrrreaatttt! Love the boots! It kinda freakin’ me out though, that you are posting on Christmas Day when it is only Christmas Eve here. Enjoy the holiday wherever and whenever you are.

  10. Westy, this is so funny and so clever. You are amazing.

    I love the Chicken Whisperer. Priceless!

    And the self help books for Cath – yeah, that’s what I reckon, too 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  11. I love the choice of self help books….oh yes….maybe everyone can need one :)))
    I would like to read “Why say no when when my hormones say go ?” That’s the question LOL
    You made me laugh on Christmas morning ! Great post ! Thanks and Merry Christmas to you !

  12. Very clever and oh so cute. Thank you Westy and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  13. Westy, once again you did not fail me with your humour!!
    Your fun way of looking at the world made my Christmas even “Merrier”
    …..Cath’s present for mom had me snorting like Tinks hyena on crack……

  14. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    I think my fav present is the making your point in 30 seconds or less for Danny. Bahaha!!

    Great job, Westy. Awesome.

  15. cute…

  16. The Chicken Whisperer!! DY.ING!!!!

    Love Cath’s self-help books! Love all of it!

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