H50 is more than just McGarrett: The team

OK, so we are all pretty much in agreement that, despite Hawaii 50 sporting an ensemble cast, McGarrett is the centre of the H50 universe.  As such, we have celebrated his um, talents on this blog since its inception just over a year ago.  However, as there ARE other characters in the show besides McGarrett, we thought it would be a nice idea to feature them.

Steve isn’t so sure about the whole ‘H50 is more than just McGarrett’ thing.  This was his face in his message to you all last week:

Just wanted to include this pic again, you know.  That faaaaace!

Just wanted to include this pic again, you know. That faaaaace!

But we’re going ahead anyway.

So each week we are going to shine the spotlight on other characters in the main cast, like these guys:

christmas kono chin danny guns

And this bloke:


And of course:


We’ll also take a look at some of the key recurring characters too.  Like these guys:

charliefongkamo top gun

So we begin by looking at how the team was introduced to the audience.  This serves the dual purpose of allowing us to relive some of the moments from the awesome pilot episode.  Like this, when McG is asked by the Governor to head up a new special taskforce:

I can never get enough of McG in uniform.  Sigh...

I can never get enough of McG in uniform. Sigh…

The first team member he ‘finds’ is Detective Danny Williams who has recently relocated to Hawaii from New Jersey to be closer to his daughter.  He’d already been assigned to investigate the murder of Steve’s father.

It wasn’t the best of starts – guns were drawn, heads were banged, egos were bruised, and then hey, presto, there is a team of two.

Not a great start!

Not a great start!

As many of you know, I LOVE the bromance on Show and I was taken in from the get-go by Steve and Danny.

Danny is shot and he's not happy.  Steve's all "what's your problem"?

Danny is shot and he’s not happy. Steve’s all “what’s your problem”?

I love it when Steve tells Danny that he doesn’t have to like him and Danny responds by punching Steve, saying: “You’re right. I don’t like you.”  Show, I really liked YOU, though.

We also had the first of many carguments.  The writers did a great job overall in the pilot of setting up the relationship between Steve and Danny and providing some nice insights into their characters:

The faaaaaces.  The feeeelings.

The faaaaaces. The feeeelings.

So McG has a team of two and next he enlists the help of Chin Ho Kelly, a disgraced HPD detective-turned gift shop worker.  We don’t learn much about Chin in the pilot other than that he once worked with Steve’s Dad.  Chin says he’s not a dirty cop and that’s good enough for Steve.  Chin, you’re in!

No more gift shop for you, Chin!

No more gift shop for you, Chin!

Chin proves to be useful right off the bat, obtaining intell from a local and looking rather fetching in an Hawaiian shirt.  (Our first look at Kamekona, too, but more on that in future posts :).)

Chin intell

And he’s handy later on in the episode, when he helps McG question Sang Min (although this came back to bite Chin on the butt recently).  Chin, you’ve got the arms-folded death stare down pat.  Well done you!


So now we have three members in the special task force.  Next to join the team was Kono, Chin’s cousin and the only female member.  In the original series, Kono was a male character.  Here he is:


I like that TPTB decided to make Kono a female in the reboot.  There’s equal opportunity pretty as a result I suppose but I am glad that we have a female team member just the same.  Interestingly, Grace Park was previously in a rebooted show, Battlestar Galactica, where her character, Boomer, was also originally male.

Kono is brought into the team at Chin’s suggestion, despite not yet having graduated from the police academy.  Not to worry, Kono can handle herself.  Rookie schmookie!

(Note to surfers of Hawaiian waters: Do not get in Kono’s way!)

Later in the episode, Kono is sent undercover to draw out Sang Min and his people smuggling operation.  This a pretty serious assignment and Chin worries about whether Kono is ready for it given her lack of experience.  There were some tense moments during Kono’s undercover debut when Sang Min discovers she is really a cop (in all caps, too – total shout out to Momo!).


But she passed her first assignment with flying colours!

Kono can definitely handle herself despite being new to the job.  You go, girl!

Kono can definitely handle herself despite being new to the job. You go, girl!

So now we have a team.  I really loved the final scene – our first taste of the Team Ohana 🙂

The first glimpse of the team at HQ after they've solved their case.

There was lots to love in the pilot.  Among other things, it is notable for the first ‘bookemdanno’ moment:


And for Danny’s faaaaaaace when Steve is driving like a maniac:

This is soooooo the shape of things to come

This is soooooo the shape of things to come!

 And for this; totally pertinent to the plot of course:
(OK, so I know this is 'H50 is more than just McGarrett' but...)

OK, so I know this is ‘H50 is more than just McGarrett’ but…

In future posts, we will feature particular team members – these will be in a sort of ‘best of’ style – to look at how the characters are presented to the audience, how they have developed over the seasons to date, and their relationship to and interactions with McGarrett.  We hope you will enjoy these posts and the opportunity to go back through the episodes to date and relive the best moments :).

(Pilot episode pics courtesy of bookemdanno, AoL Rocks and gifs from @neropatti.  Pic of the original Kono from http://hawaiifiveo.wikia.com/wiki/Kono_Kalakaua_(1968))



  1. Ok, these posts will be like a spinoff from “AOL intense study” kind of way… you’re doing great job, just keep it this way!!!

  2. I LOVED the pilot, still my favorite episode. Actually I think Steve and Danny’s first meeting is one of the best first meetings of characters of any show. That was just brilliant, and lay the land for so much more to come.

    Looking forward to your next posts.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence in the post 🙂 Sam, I think you are right – Steve and Danny’s first meeting is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The pilot was so good for so many reasons but especially for the way the team came together and for making me fall for Steve and Danny from the outset.

  3. vanduyn · · Reply

    I love this! Great idea!! 😀

  4. karioloughlin · · Reply

    this is totally AWESOME, mahalo for the flash back dive in the pilot, just can’t wait for the pre-pilot episode, Steve navy sealing? Oh my dear god, just love that 🙂 <3<3<3

    1. I’m trying not to think about that ep, just the idea of it sends me into a fangirl tailspin! I’m going to be a puddle on the floor by the time I’ve finished watching it. Might start out on the floor, actually, to save time 😉

      Andrea, this is fabulous! Loved your totally pertinent screencaps. Danny’s FAAAAAACE!!!

      Also, I will never say anything bad about Chin’s S3 hair EVER AGAIN.

      1. karioloughlin · · Reply

        hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i hear you sistah, i know exactly what you mean LOL, im planning on watching that epi sitting on the flood to save my head all the hits 😀

      2. Thanks! Yeah, there is an element of fangirl tailspin about the episode. Danny’s faaaaace in the car when Steve is driving wildly is a classic. And I’d forgotten about Chin’s hair and his gift shop costume. Hilarious.

  5. Thank you Andrea. I can already tell I am going to like this !!! A LOT.

  6. Sally Amelotti · · Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this and looking at the pictures. You did a great job with putting the team together. Can’t wait to read more keep up the good work.

    1. Excellent, PN and Sally. Thanks for reading and commenting; much appreciated. Keep tuning in for more posts like these 🙂

  7. Very fun to relive the episodes from other points of view! And we do like the VIEW!

  8. I think they made the pilot far to well…..they set expentations very high!! (Maybe to high?)
    Best introduction of any team on a TV series I have seen. They made you love and identify with all their characters right from the start.

    1. AMEN to that Sistah!!!!

  9. heymomo · · Reply

    Great post Andrea! I feel the need to point out the last pic, in which the onethatisntthegecko was FREE!

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      I’d hoped you like the shout out 🙂 Really, it’s all about us, you know.

      A freed gecko? Yesssssssss!!!!!!

  10. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Now I just want to watch the pilot again.

    Also, that time Steve took his shirt off outside his house in front of his new BFFITWWW, there was totally a plot related point to that. I just don’t know what it is exactly. 😉

    1. Totally plot related. As all removal of shirts/shirtless moments are.

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