3.12 – Kapu (Forbidden) Page 3

The TA is still sticking with his story that he’s just disgruntled over his heavy teaching load because of Cutler’s focus on research. The exam selling enterprise is a way for him to make money, to be rewarded for his hard work. So ethically that’s totes dodgy but does he have a strong enough motive to kill Cutler? Also, we don’t learn anything much about Cheater Kid so I don’t buy him as the murderer. Would a college student kill a professor over a cheating scam when said professor hadn’t really done much about it?

So it looks to me as if we are left with Patrick Roth as the killer, although at this stage we are not sure what his motive would be. In another scene that shows that Eric pretty much solved the case this week, he suggests to McG and Danny that they check out Cutler’s house. So far, there has been no indication of what Cutler was working on or why he was spending so much time in his lab. Eric’s suggestion that whatever he is working on might be hidden in his house is a darned good one. Thanks, Eric!

At Cutler’s house, McG and Danny encounter a noise that I can’t hear at all. Could you? Danny asks McG if he can hear it and McG snarkily replies, “yeah Danny, I hear it, I have ears.” Danny, quite rightly so IMHO, retorts with “it was a reasonable question.” I’m with you, Danny because, despite multiple rewinds of this scene, I can’t really discern the noise from the background music. (That’s OK, my kids tell me I am going deaf anyway.) McG then finds a secret hydroponic grow room which would usually suggest a drug enterprise. He picks up a leaf and opines that it isn’t marijuana. Danny says “I can see that.” I soooo wanted him to add “I have eyes.”



The next step is to take the sample leaf to Fong for analysis. Eric is totes impressed with the lab and Fong’s equipment (as we are!) and knows exactly what a particular machine is because of watching the Discovery Channel. That Discovery Channel! The sample turns out to be an extinct plant that means either (a) Cutler has a very rare specimen or (b) in a Jurassic Park-like manoeuvre, he has managed to bring it back from the dead.
Meanwhile, Kono goes to Sang Min’s hotel, only to find he has escaped. That naughty Sang Min!



  1. Sang Min human trafficker. I like his acting ability, not his career choice.

    1. Will Yun Lee is a terrific actor and a really cool guy it seems. Follow him on twitter and he’s an aces dude. Family man, respectful and lots of friends and shout-outs. Very grateful man.

      1. LOVE SANG MIN and Will Yun Lee Hope he is at Sunset on the Beach next year!!!~

      2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        He does an excellent job at making a character we are meant to dislike (consider why he is in jail) very likeable.

  2. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    Actually I did hear the faint buzzing sound….but then again my volume is turned way up and I sit REALLY close to my tv… to..umm…ensure maximum McG viewing pleasure!!!

    1. I´m pretty sure I heard a buzzing, but then again Steve sits on my lap every night. Couldn´t stand to watch him at the other end of the room, want him closer 🙂

    2. I heard it easily.

  3. “I have eyes!”
    Andrea_Briz FTW!

    1. He SO should have said that!!

      1. Perfect set up & missed opportunity!

        1. IKR. McG was so snarky in that scene. I know I said I couldn’t really hear the noise, but still and all. I wonder if Scott wanted to say “I have eyes.” I would have 🙂

          1. I figure snark is the language Danny understands. 😉

            1. Yep! Precisely why I was waiting for him to be snarky back 🙂

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      That would have been perfect!! LOL!!

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