3.13 Olelo Ho’opa’i Make (Death Sentence) – Page 1

This week’s first recap (!!) is brought to you by @aliciagecko – which is to say, me – who now has posting privileges on the Champ Box. Mwahahahahaha!! Be afraid. 

Thanks to bookemdanno.net for a couple of the screencaps.


This is one of those ‘drop you in the middle of the action without explaining what’s going on but maybe we’ll get to that later’ opening scenes. I like these. So Baldwin#whothefckknowsanymore is being arrested and we can surmise that:

a) Chin is missing,

2) Baldwin#wtfka knows something about it, and

iii) It has something to do with Chin shooting Baldwin#theonebeforethisone in the premiere.

Hey, we’ve found Chin (do you like how I’m trying to make it sound as if I haven’t seen this twice already from the promo?)! He’s in bed, shirtless – hoo! as Amy would say – and handcuffed to the headboard. WHICH ONE OF YOU IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?????


So Chin wakes up and says “what is this? Who are you?” and because of my previous comment I go off on a slight tangent where the reply is “well, we’re FUCUPs and we’re so sorry, we accidentally kidnapped the wrong person, but while you’re here, would you mind…?” while Steph and MJ are at the back, crying because we didn’t accidentally kidnap Danny instead. C’est la vie.

(look, it’s 7.45am, OK?)

ANYWAY it’s Baldwin doing the talking, and this is some kind of revenge plot dressed up as “you’ve had this coming”. He has a wedding picture of Chin and Malia which gets Chin all riled up. If he really wanted to upset him he should have shown him a picture of the chickens. But no matter, because Baldwin’s goon jabs Chin with some knockout drops and it’s night night, Chin. FUCUPs have better ways of making you pass out that are much more fun. Just sayin.

Oh look, it’s Kono and Adam having a candlelit bubblebath (pretty sure that if I tried to get McGecko into a candlelit bubblebath he would laugh until he was sick). I’m just going to gloss right over this scene (because you guys know how I feel about this whole storyline). Adam takes a call from someone who isn’t supposed to be calling him on this number and then shuts the door so Kono can’t hear him talking, but he’s talking in Japanese so she wouldn’t have been able to understand him anyway. Oh, Adam, leaving the phone on the table so Kono can take a quick gander at the last number that called you? Not the smartest thing you ever did. So Adam can be pretty much summed up as follows:

1) vicious

ii) girly

c) stupid

Good thing he’s pretty, eh? #sarcasm

I almost didn’t include a cap of this scene but of course, it’s not Ian Anthony Dale’s fault that I hate this storyline as much I do, and he is doing a bang-up job with it (that came out wrong). Also these abs must have taken some work.



Kamekona hasn’t learned how to fly his helicopter yet, since it doesn’t appear to have moved. Hiiiii Cath!! Looking foxy in your uniform there. And McG dressed to match! Oh hang on, no, he just doesn’t have anything in his wardrobe that isn’t blue. Kamekona’s got some new innovative Spam burrito-type thing, which tastes about how you’d expect, from McG’s face:


But he’s eating with his mouth shut! Score!

Kono is – rollerblading? really? – to the table. Random. Chin isn’t there because he’s gone to the North Shore for the anniversary of his first date with Malia and McG says “If he wants some space, we give him some space” which is interesting because I kind of thought they’d been doing that anyway, by making no reference to his wife’s brutal murder since the funeral AT ALL. Obvi, Chin hasn’t done anything of the sort though. Unless Halawa is on the North Shore and he took Malia there for a romantic picnic in the exercise yard, that is, and frankly that seems unlikely.

So Baldwin used the anniversary of Chin and Malia’s first date (location-specific) to kidnap Chin without anyone noticing he was missing. How the hell did he find THAT out eight years after the fact?

I thought Sang Min was supposed to be in some kind of high-security part of the prison? Oh, whatever. Two of the inmates have already recognised Chin although the guard he goes to for help does not. Or does he? He looks shifty. I don’t trust him.

Oh, I love Charlie! Kono got him to trace the number she got from Adam’s phone and she’s asked him to clone it because it’s a burner. He’s just so… not Adam. In every respect except that he is also a total hottie. At least Kono is suspicious now. It’s a start.


  1. Does NO ONE know Japanese and can translate for us??? Pleaaaaase????

    McG makes that face abou the burrito … and then he eats more … Maybe the prop burrito was tasty and Alex had to change a poopy diaper instead of have breakfast.

    They did mention the wifey since her murder! They made jokes in one of the eps – can’t remember which one now.

    The guard was made as soon as he turned his back on Chin about 15 seconds after meeting him. He was totally obviously in on it.

    1. It was 3.06, the ep where Danny danced with Grace – Chin made a remark about Danny dancing at the wedding.

      Someone surely will post the translation somewhere! We’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  2. here you go, translation from Japanese:

    I won’t do such a thing.
    We didn’t agree to this.
    Where are you?
    I’ll meet you in 20.

    That’s from subtitles page I use to get some more sense from every eppy…

    1. Awesome! Thanks 🙂

      1. Ooh thanks Andrea! So do we think it was Michael then? Why would he not be allowed to call on that number though? #confused

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          Also confused. And if Adam and Michael are getting along, why would Adam be upset at his brother?
          And do these people not know to turn off their phones when it’s sexytime?!?!

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            I didn’t think it was Michael. Brother is supposed to be pretending he is a reformed bad boy not still running around causing trouble.

            1. V true. Maybe Adam doesn’t have such good control over the Yakuza as we’ve been led to believe?

              1. I didn’t think it was Michael either. As for Adam’s control over the Yakuza, this is a guy who likes candles, remember? And LOTS of them.

                1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

              2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                Maybe. Can’t imagine everyone is happy with the whole now you have to become good guys thing.

                Sent from my iPhone

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Thanks Andrea!

  3. Why they had to make it “anniversary of their first date” …so obscure! is beyond me. I guess since they one year anniversaries of their re-engagement and wedding passed without any mention… 😦

    1. I don’t know the date of the first date of ANYONE I know.

      1. ^^^ EXACTLY. If you asked me the date of MY first date with McGecko I’d have to work it out and get back to you.

        1. Too long ago now. And nowhere near as exciting as a nice hotel on the North Shore of Oahu!

    2. Anonymous · · Reply

      I just figured that to be something random (and totes unnecessary). That Baldwin number 2 would know that seems a bit out there. I know atplenkov is fond of off camera action but seriously, that Malia’s death hasn’t been dealt with properly is pretty slack, Show.

  4. Alicia.. somewhere I knew there would be a chicken joke …funny 🙂
    I can’t understand someone in my room, handcuff me, and not wake up.
    Chin sleeps sitting up?
    Adam is just sexy to me, and a refreshing role not seen on TV everyday.
    Kono might be in Love, but not stupid. She may not cook , but spoke Japanese.
    I draw the line at talking to Fong, and asking for a favor on the Q.T. I guess she didn’t know like the rest of the audience (fans of the world) how Fong might like her. She works with action characters, surf, and now roller skate without knee or elbow pads. 🙂 Kono likes men on the wild side. Adam..so do I. Really Really like Michael…be still my heart. 🙂

    1. There’s ALWAYS a chicken joke! 😉

      1. IKR. When McG, Danny and Kono went to Chin’s house, I couldn’t think of anything else but the chickens. And then I remembered that Chin was missing and it was serious. But I still thought of the chickens 🙂

    2. E, I like Michael much more than I like Adam. 🙂
      Adam was promising but they kind of made his character weak. Now that he’s got us guessing again, my interest is vaguely renewed.

  5. hunny_bee1 · · Reply

    Great job, Alicia! Re “I’m just going to gloss right over this scene (because you guys know how I feel about this whole storyline)” – if you mean you think Kono’s out of her mind to be in a relationship with Adam in the first place & was incredibly naive to believe it was going to work out, then I totally agree with you. I do wonder how someone as smart and as badass as she is, can simultaneously be so stupid (love is blind, right?). I really can’t wait to see what Michael did with her gun a few episodes ago & what the repercussions will be for her. Sadly, it seems she’ll have some very tough lessons ahead.
    Plus I still can’t believe Steve & Danny don’t know!

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      “Plus I still can’t believe Steve & Danny don’t know!”
      Oh good point!

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        They don’t know? Are we sure that conversation didn’t happen off screen? Post duct tape, when Kono talked Adam out of shooting, it was pretty obvious there was a connection there. I think they would have asked about it…

    2. She was out of her mind to start it in the first place but hey, it happens – where she was REALLY out of her mind was “yes Adam, duct taping is very bad behaviour *giggle*”. I still get cross just THINKING about that line. Grrr. Going to stop thinking about it now.

  6. Nance1031 · · Reply

    Great recap Alicia. The whole “hoo! as Amy would say ” cracked me up. I say that (in my head I hope) when I encounter any hotness.

    1. I love it when people get my random references!

  7. heymomo · · Reply

    hoo! bwah ha ha!!

  8. Yay, I got a shout out! I was actually thinking I wish it was Danny handcuffed to the bed…

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