3.13 Olelo Ho’opa’i Make (Death Sentence) – Page 3

At Halawa, Chin and Sang Min have found a phone but the keys only work in A Block and the phone is not in A Block. There’s another phone but it’s back the way they came, past 200 inmates who are out for Chin’s blood. Chin says he will go alone because Sang Min has a child to think about. Sang Min makes a kind of ‘oh cr@p, I can’t let him do this, can I?’ face and follows him out of the door.

Here is Cath, using Homeland Security’s video surveillance program to find Delano. If only they had someone on the team from Homeland Security, McG wouldn’t need to ask her. Ah well *ducks and runs for cover*.

Chin and Sang Min are hiding behind a door while trying to get through another door, when two inmates turn up and they duck – but, hilariously, only about an inch, so they are still completely visible through the glass panel.

They will NEVER see us here!

They will NEVER see us here!

The inmates go into what turns out to be the infirmary, at which point we hear a woman scream – Sang Min tells Chin that there’s no time to be a hero, but this is Five-0 we’re talking about. There’s ALWAYS time to be a hero.

The bad guys are holding a woman – doctor? Nurse? – at scissor-point for the key to the drugs cupboard (I presume). Chin kicks their butts truly awesomely. Go Chin! Her name is Leilani and she says there’s a phone in Holdings (whatever that is) but before they even leave the room Sang Min turns up again and says that Holdings is a no-go. Leilani has a master key that can get them out if they can just get to C Block. Bit surprised she doesn’t have a phone though. You’d think the infirmary would have a phone.

Cath’s found Delano, two blocks from where Danny and McG are in the Camaro. What are the odds? A quick flashback to the beginning of the episode, and McG has got Delano’s cellphone and is calling one of the numbers. It’s Kaleo’s phone – the dodgy guard answers it and manages to tell McG exactly where Chin is without McG having to say a word. Twit.

For Justine.

For Justine.

Our Intrepid Trio have got to the door to C Block but once Leilani gets it open she goes through it and the dodgy guard slams it behind her before Chin and Sang Min can get there. These people are not so bright, hey? Sang Min has apparently decided that the game’s now up and gives Chin up.

Outside the prison are Duke Lukela (hi Duke!), a lot of Useless Coppers in riot gear and the governor of the prison, who tells McG that he is v sympathetic to Chin’s situation, but there’s a riot to deal with and he has a protocol, he’s not risking any more lives and Chin is on his own, end of story.

This man does not know McG AT ALL. Also he is wearing FAR TOO MUCH EYELINER.

McG, predictably, tells the rest of the team that they’re going in, right NOW. As he walks past them, the moobies nod, for emphasis.



Then this happens:


Kamekona didn’t actually start the rotors, you know. That’s just the helicopter breathing a massive sigh of relief.



    1. heymomo · · Reply


    2. Thank you to the ever wonderful Paula for making the nodding moobies gif for me ❤

      Westy, please don't hate me. It was TOO GOOD to pass up!

  1. Leilani is DAMN lucky. I about died when I heard a woman in the riot.

    Duke is EVERYWHERE. Super cop 🙂

    BAMF McG is back! Hot Damn! Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about 🙂

    1. ^^What she said^^

  2. *If only they had someone on the team from Homeland Security….*

    HIGH FIVE! 😆

    1. I so nearly didn’t put that line in. 😉

      1. Comedy = Pain + Time -Lenny Bruce

        1. Truth! I was about to say ‘except duct tape’ but then I remembered Bohemian Yaksody.

          1. All of my most painful H50 moments I have made comedy. Or if I haven’t, I could or I will. Truth.

  3. Sing Min the leader of the Jets, (as the music from West Side Story is play in the back ground) 🙂 . “a boy like that will kill your brother” 🙂
    Duke how did he run HPD before H50. Chin on his own and Kono was on her own what a cop. TPTB should do a stoyline on Duke.

  4. “…this is Five-0 we’re talking about. There’s ALWAYS time to be a hero.”

    Damn right there is!

    1. Nerida!! *waves frantically* helloooooo!

  5. “Kamekona didn’t actually start the rotors, you know. That’s just the helicopter breathing a massive sigh of relief.” LOL. I love that Big K has a helicopter that he doesn’t know how to fly. It is quintessential Show.

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      And just leaves it sitting around near his shrimp truck?!

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    “They will NEVER see us here!”


    Loved Sang Min in this ep. though. For the second week running.

    1. I loved Sang Min again, too. His face is awesome, so he fits right in with the other fellas. He started that fire like a BOSS and he was pretty sweet about his family. It’s just that. Well. He was a human trafficker. You know like human people sold into awful deeds. He wasn’t the naked hula guy, or a con man, but a human traficker. I am having a hard time letting him be redeemed.

      1. I know what you mean. I am not sure how to feel about it.

    2. Sang Min is proving to be one of the most interesting characters on the show. Is he good, is he bad, can he be redeemed or is he beyond redemption? I can’t wait to find out. Personally he’s more interesting than Wo Fat IMO.

      1. I love the exaggerated faces he makes, cracks me up.

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          I’m sad about the loss of the mullet though…

      2. Yeah, tend to agree. Ess. I suppose it’s because Sang Min is being portrayed as a ‘real person’, despite his crimes. Wo Fat is a villain and that is essentially it at this point, I guess. Perhaps once we learn more about the Mom/Shelburne storyline, we might understand him more.

      3. ACA with everything ESS said. But I’m going to miss the mullet…RIP Sang Ming’s Mullet.

        1. They gotta make a joke about the loss of the mullet on Show, don’t they? 🙂

        2. I’m going to miss the mullet too. lol But Will Yun Lee has to be happy to be free of it! 😉

          FYI – it was his idea for the mullet in the first place.

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            The mullet was his signature. 🙂

  7. I was strangely derailed by the lack of phone in the infirmary. Or, maybe a cell phone in her purse? Something. Even as they kept hunting for the phone, I was shouting at the intrepid three, “Go back! Check the infirmary. I am sure there’s a phone there.”

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