3.13 Olelo Ho’opa’i Make (Death Sentence) – Page 4

Sang Min has brought Chin to Kaleo, whereupon Kaleo stabs Chin in exactly the same place Victor Hesse shanked McG. They should probably start printing a target on those jumpsuits, to make it easier. I suppose at least they’ll be able to compare battle scars later. Sang Min looks really shocked by this – I don’t think this was his plan at all. Kaleo has a really odd idea of what ‘turning on other cops’ means, since he killed Danny’s partner, but I guess he’s bonkers (psychopath? Do we think?) so that kind of fits. Sang Min stops Kaleo killing Chin by saying that Chin is his leverage and he might be able to buy himself a ticket out of there, which is utterly ludicrous, but again, Kaleo is bonkers, so he might fall for it. Unfortunately, however, Kaleo hasn’t forgotten that Sang Min was the one who dobbed him in in the first place. Oops.

Now we’re in the helicopter with LOTS of ammo and I note that the PDour is cunningly using some headphones as an Alice band to avoid a really bad hair day (Kono’s hair is attempting the same trick, but without so much success). There’s a lovely moment when they fly over HPD and Duke smiles in a ‘yeah, who didn’t see THAT coming?’ kind of way. I love how he’s just used to McG now. They storm the prison armed with what I assume to be rubber bullets and stun grenades. Inside, Chin and Kaleo are fighting as if one of them hasn’t just been stabbed, and eventually Chin manages to render Kaleo unconscious by wrapping his legs around Kaleo’s neck (pls see earlier paragraph re: FUCUP methodology).

Most of the inmates have been subdued by McG’s magic grenades (that came out wrong) and Chin’s first concern, bless him, is for Leilani. She’s in a cage (is this Holdings?) with a little padlock on it that McG smashes with his big gun (that one was kind of deliberate). She and Kono leave, but Chin wants to find Sang Min, and – OMG Show! I love you!! Sang Min has done a runner in an prison guard’s uniform, leaving behind only his prison jumpsuit and his MULLET!!!! SHOW!!! MWAH!!!!

As the helicopter flies back out of the prison, HPD have not moved AT ALL. It’s entirely possible that no-one but Duke has even noticed that Five-0 were there.

In the helicopter, Leilani gives Chin a really lovely smile, and there’s a lovely exchange of looks between Chin, Danny and Kono and – MCG!! LOOK WHERE YOU’RE GOING!!! EYES ON THE SKY!!!

At the hospital, Kamekona is trying to get Chin to approve of his breakfast burrito, which I would have though flew in the face of all medical advice. Chin misses a great opportunity for a gag about prison food. Shame. But never mind, because look:



Leilani arrives, and the others make a discreet exit. Chin thanks them because “I wouldn’t be here without you guys”. Awww. Of course, without them, he wouldn’t have been in the prison in the first place, he’d still be working in the gift shop and Malia wouldn’t be dead. But hey. McG says “we’re Ohana, brah”. You don’t want to know what my response was to that one. Suffice to say I would not tell McG to do that under any other circumstances.

Leilani thanks Chin for saving her life and we have a little emo moment where we all remember that he tried to save Malia but couldn’t. Sniff. Leilani gives him a nail file as a gift since she figured that he didn’t have one otherwise he would have used it (I laugh). I like her. I don’t suppose we’ll see her again because you’d think the negative associations of meeting someone after being kidnapped and thrown in jail with a lot of people who want to kill you by the brother of the man you shot in cold blood for murdering your wife would kind of put the nix on any romantic potential, but then this is Show so I suppose you never know.

Now we’re with Kono and Adam, enjoying a lovely romantic evening admiring the view. Kono’s trousers make her look like she’s auditioning for The Mummy. Adam looks shifty all over. Then Adam goes to get wine and Kono clones his phone. I think we can start looking out something to wear for the wedding, no?






  1. YAY love it! Welcome back Westy!

  2. I love it too! I wish I’d written this recap, it.is.awesome, Alicia!

  3. Alicia, great recap, you captured it well and loved all the funnies 😀
    Special mention, that pic for Justine – YEY! That has to be a B cup right 😉

    1. Hush, Paula! NO moobies! Moobies are NOT ALLOWED!

      1. I love the moobies!!!!!!!!
        I think that twitch they did at the end was like a secret signal between us. 😛

      2. I say it with love, btw his are bigger than mine and I am getting jellis 😉

    2. Thanks ladies 🙂

      B cup. Heh.

  4. My love for Duke’s look when the heli flew in was superseded only by my love for his look when the heli flew out 🙂

    I laughed out loud when McG wasn’t looking where he was flying!

    McG and Cath totally have an, “Aw, look, they’re going to fall in love too, just like us” moment. But, this feels way too early to me. I’m going to have to let it go, because Show isn’t gonna wait 🙂 I’ll just pretend it was longer.

    I really am starting to wonder if Adam is as clueless as he seems, or if he is stringing Kono along with this stuff on purpose.

    1. I had the horrible thought that Kono thinks it’s another woman, but – surely she doesn’t? He is definitely hiding something though, he looked shifty as anything in that final scene.

      1. I definitely got the vibe their relationship is heading for doom. But who knows, maybe show will surprise us with a positive side to Adam´s secret. He is too good looking to be let go and I love his onscreen presence.

    2. I agree, I loved to watch Duke´s “knowing” smile when he looked at the helicopter come and go 🙂 And I was also thinking that Steve should concentrate on flying and not on the back seat, dangerous!

      1. I suppose there’s not so much to hit up there as there is on the road (although Lord knows he has trouble enough keeping his eyes on that as well). But still.

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          ^^^THIS. 🙂

    3. heymomo · · Reply

      Rainy, get out of my head!!
      LOVE Duke and his crazy grin! Love McG not looking where he’s flying!
      Although I just appreciated the look between McG and Cath as him thinking “you’re looking mighty fine, woman”. I can’t event think about a new love interest for Chin yet.

      1. And then “Let’s go for coffee”?

  5. scottiedog · · Reply

    Love the re cap.Love this episode.Love Mr.Min.Love BAMF McG.LOVE BAMF Chin!

    1. Scottiedog!! Hiiii!!!

      Yes, BAMF Chin is awesome. We don’t see him nearly enough.

  6. really great recap, Alicia – but then again, I love all the recaps on this blog, no matter who’s writing… just one thing, you didn’t put a screencaps of Steve where he’s eyelashes are the best and his lips are puckered up – you know, for reasons…

    1. I missed the puckered lips, where about was it? Need to capture the pretties!

      1. I updated with the kissy pic! Page 2 🙂

  7. One of my most favourite moments of this episode was Duke’s grin! I clapped and squealed with glee 😀

    1. Me too, I loved that! Duke is the Five-0s biggest fanboy.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Duke needs to be around forever. 🙂

      2. “Duke is the Five-0s biggest fanboy.” – LOVE!!

  8. Alicia..great recap made me laugh….*on the place to stab on prisoner orange suit 🙂

    Sing Min great role, and he plays it well. I don’t know how well he looks without his mullet.

    Kono and Adam in the tub begining scene, watching the sunset at the ending of the scene. “what did you do today honey. cous was kidnapped, the team went to the prison by helicopter, shoot and beat prisoner, and rescue Chin”. What did you do?

    Editing of the riot, and direction weak. Not as bad as 3.12, but not on my top ten favor.
    I would like to see McG and Cath in the bath or bed one week, before the end of the season.

    1. OMG, Adam almost flashed us when he climbed out of the bathtub. I was screaming at my TV, “THAT SHOULD BE MCGARRETT FLASHING ME DAMMIT!”

      1. Having spent over a year in FUCUP company has taught me to perv, so I went and watched Adam getting out of the bath tub, frame by frame, and he was wearing skin-colored undies 😀 I think you can see a bit of the waist band in the living room above the towel too.
        But if it had been Steve, I would have captured what ever there wasn´t showing anyway 😉

        1. I saw the skin colored undies too.

  9. Cath… I guess she was on the Enterpraise. I thought it was dry dock. Does Cath have the equipment in a gift shop. : ) I thought when McG ask for a favor she was going to say sure honey.

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hehe, McG flies a helicopter the way he drives a car. Poor Danny. Guess he figured saving Chin’s life was worth risking his own by getting in a helicopter with McG.

    Awesome BAMF rescue of Chin and I thought DDK was awesome too. Pity that HPD just stood around while H50 swooped in for the rescue. Although Duke’s “that’s my boy” look kinda made up for it. Those 50ers, they totes make ordinary cops look, well, ordinary…

    1. I really thought Danny would have some smart ass comment about flying with him, to at least acknowledge that not one episode ago he declined to fly with McG.

      1. Me too! I don’t know what’s up with Show at the moment, but consistency is something that really needs to be worked on. And generally if Show is going to be more character-driven, then it needs to get the character stuff right.

        1. Right? Sheesh. It was only last week. If you can’t keep track, Show, start writing sh/t down. Or read the Champ Box. We’re paying pretty good attention. I’m just saying.

          1. Episodes have been aired out of order this season. I think you’re going to find little things like that happen.

            1. ahhh….thanks for that. it makes me inclined to cut show a little slack. i want to find a way to blame the victoria’s secret episode, but i suspect it was hurricane sandy that got them all out of order.

              1. yep. It was the postponement that threw them off. They had to air the VS episode on a specific date as well as 3.11 because it had a Christmas backdrop so other episodes got shuffled. This episode was actually filmed right after Lion was born because Larry tweeted a pic with him and Alex “in celebration of the new proud papa”. So it was filmed almost 3 months ago. I think it was the original 3.10 which the camping episode aired as 3.10.

                Did I confuse you? lol.

                1. heymomo · · Reply

                  I need a flowchart to follow that… Alicia!! Crayons!!

  11. Fantastic recap, Alicia. Thanks for all the funny! (And welcome back, BAMF Chin. Shame on you Show for not dealing with Malia grief.)

  12. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Great recap, Alicia. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sage and Infant! ❤

  13. heymomo · · Reply

    Fabu job on the recap Alicia!! *clapping*

  14. ESS..Christmas, Vs, and Alex son being born. Schedule change is one thing, but there has been constant errors in the plots of H50. I think fans have notice after checking back sites. Alex have true fans and will tell the PTB when they follow and not lead on the dance floor. We know from season one epi. one every detail of H50.

  15. Another great job, Alicia. SO glad we still have recaps. Bit too much orange fighting in this ep for me but loved Sang Min.

  16. Great recap Alicia!!! KUDOS and many thanks

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