3.13 Olelo Ho’opa’i Make (Death Sentence) – Page 2

CHIN, DO NOT TRUST THE GUARD!!! And lo and behold, he’s locked Chin in the laundry room with Kaleo. Who appears to have been working out and has MUCH better hair now. (Chin’s hair is also much improved, although we can add him to the list of ‘people who do not look good in orange’).Chin and Kaleo have a big old rough-and-tumble and Kaleo is getting the better of it, until the day is saved by SANG MIN!!!!! I love this character more and more. When Chin tells him that he didn’t do anything to end up in Halawa and Sang Min replies “Yeah, that’s what we all say” I actually clap with delight. So much love!

Sang Min’s helping him because he owes Five-0 for bringing him back to the island – never mind that that was in return for something else because I like that he has SOME sense of honour despite being really quite a despicable person – and then punches Chin in the face because “the first time we met you hit me across the face with an ashtray”. And look at this beautiful smile:


Makes you really appreciate what Will Yun Lee puts his face through for our entertainment, doesn’t it?

Oh this IS maximum security. How does that work then? I thought it would be a bit more, you know – secure. Sang Min’s plan is to start a fire so that when the first responders arrive Chin can tell them who he is and Sang Min The Science Guy could give McG a run for his money! He’s starting a fire using AA batteries and the paper from a cigarette packet. Awesome! (and a bit worrying.)

Here is a completely gratuitous screencap:


Chin’s grief counsellor has turned up at HQ because she’s worried about him. Steve and Danny didn’t even know he was seeing a grief counsellor, but that’s probably because they didn’t ask (space, you know) and Chin didn’t tell them because he didn’t want them to see his grief as a sign of weakness. What a crock of sh/t. They didn’t know because Show forgot that Chin’s wife was murdered in the premiere and is now frantically backpedalling to try and make it look as if they meant to ignore it all along. Massive fail, Show.

Chin’s therapist tells them that he didn’t show up for an appointment today after calling last night to confirm, which completely contradicts the text he sent to McG. So Baldwin knew when and where Chin’s first date was but hasn’t managed to find out his appointments schedule. Riiiiiiight. Kono then tells them that Chin isn’t at the North Shore and his cell is at his house. Show redeems itself slightly by heroically resisting the urge for an epic clarica here. That must have hurt.

At Chin’s house, the back door is open, the alarm is disconnected and the car, bike, keys, phone and wallet are there but Chin is not. I do like a v-neck on McG, Show. More v-necks for McG please.


The kidnappers broke in at about 10.30, waaaay before Chin supposedly texted McG. The plot thickens! (Well, actually it doesn’t. I just like saying that.)

These screencaps have no relevance to anything.



Back at Halawa, things are going well or badly, depending on who you are. Chin is looking rather lovely, just like McG does when he’s a bit roughed up:



Unfortunately, Sang Min’s brilliant plan has resulted in a full on riot. He didn’t predict that (gold star for anyone who gets this reference). The security guards are not very attentive because even though this started in the yard and they have about a gazillion screens, they don’t notice until the inmates are already at the door. Which isn’t locked. Good God. Kaleo gets on the PA and tells the inmates that there’s a cop in the prison. No-one responds ‘besides you, you mean?’ but then I guess they’re kind of busy.

Fong has analysed some DNA taken from Chin’s cellphone (to find out who used it to text McG) and according to CODIS – which is the Combined DNA Index System, the FBI’s DNA database – it belonged to Frank Delano who is, as we all know, DEAD, but a further search picks up a familial match and hello Baldwin#wtfka, aka Paul Delano.

There’s a sweet moment here where Kono and McG are concerned about Chin. It would have been sweeter about seven episodes ago, but you can’t have everything.


  1. Soooo much orange in this ep.

  2. I am so glad I didn’t watch this with my bro-in-law, who is a guard. I think the security was for shit!

    I also don’t think his counselor would come to his team because he missed one appointment. But I overlook that and thank the stars that TPTB did not make his grief counselor the love interest. I don’t trust show!

    1. Oh God no! Don’t even think it!

  3. Even Chin face is on the orange side..make-up.?
    Kono on the case will expdited the missing of Chin, because the team never ask about her or how she was doing after being arrested season one into season two.
    Is the PTB trying to hook up Chin with the nurse from the prison?

    1. Agreed, E. Chin has actually gotten more play on Malia’s death than just about anyone with their tragedies or issues. He got parts of 2 episodes at the beginning of the season and this one and one comment around epi 6. That’s more than Kono got, that’s more than McG got after being tortured and more than Danny’s custody with Gracie. Chin also got the engagement, the tux fitting and the wedding. I’d say this plot line has gotten more play than most.

      1. True that. My comments about Chin’s emotional distress not really being dealt with extend to Kono, Danny and McG, too 🙂

  4. LOVED the shout out to the ashtray from the Pilot!!! That was EXCELLENT.

    But I was screaming at the screen when Danny & McG were all “Therapy, what??” SERIOUSLY? Why would they assume he was NOT seeing a counselor? I was furious with them.

    And yes, I had the same reaction as you….
    Kaleo: There’s a cop in here!
    Me: YEAH, YOU.

    Lol, this ep.

    1. And Kaleo talking about Chin betraying him because he was a cop! Um, Kaleo, you killed Mekha and burned his body so you could keep taking kickbacks from criminals!

      This is why I’m wondering whether he’s a psychopath. He doesn’t seem to think that the rules apply to him. Alternatively, I might be giving Show too much credit by assuming it’s put this much thought into it, instead of just forgetting its own history like usual.

      1. Anonymous · · Reply

        I get that Kaleo was used in this ep because he is a familiar character and had a reason to hate Chin but the whole way through the prison scenes, I just kept wishing the bad dude was a garden variety crim that Chin had put away. Double standards, eh, Kaleo! Agree with Steph, too, every time Kaleo said the word ‘cop’, I shouted “that’s you, mate” at my computer!

        1. Andrea, where is your name???

          1. I have no idea. I did what I normally do when I post but somehow I ended up as Anonymous. Guess it’s just Word Press being a koala. Or trying to tell me something?

      2. Well, he’s a psychopath yes, but I’m pretty sure Show covered it’s butt by insinuating that Delano’s dirty cop network protected him in prison. So the “revenge” against Chin was really just his quid pro quo for that protection. Of course Kaleo really has no reason to be fussed with Chin specifically, just Five-0 generally. And Sang Min, who did, in person, confirm Kaleo was the mole.

        What bugs me is that someone got Wo Fat into Halawa so he could kill Hesse in 2.1 but it appears Delano & Wo Fat didn’t meet until 3.1. 😐 If it wasn’t Delano’s gang, then who? Or are we supposed to believe WF spirited himself in there like the magical creature he is?

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      *raises hand* Also furious over here.
      If I was Chin’s boss, I would have insisted that he talk to someone professional.

      1. Like Steve’s boss insisted for him? oh wait…

    3. Anonymous · · Reply

      ACA Steph. Poor showing on the writers’ part to bring all this up now. What’s been going on for the past 10 episodes or so? Mind you, it’s consistent with Show not dealing with other major events in the main characters’ lives.

      Also agree with Rainy about the counselor and the one missed appointment. That was weak – I supposed it served the purpose of letting us all know that Chin is seeking help but other than that, I reckon the writers could have come up with a better way for the team to figure that Chin wasn’t really taking time out.

      1. I think it’s actually worse than that – while looking through a list of eps on Wikipedia I noticed that this ep’s production code is 315, which I believe means that originally it was planned to be another TWO episodes before this was addressed. Two-thirds of a season with barely a mention. Jeepers.

    4. ACA, to all of this; I, too, rather enjoyed the ashtray reminder.

      It is so frustrating to watch the way Show deals (doesn’t deal?) with Malia’s death. Of course he is seeing a counselor. Of course he needs support AND of course his boss at his highly stressful job would help him get it. I mean doesn’t everyone know which weekends Danno has Gracie? And didn’t Kono know the anniversary of his first date with Malia? It would follow that they know he’s in therapy. I’m just saying they know a lot of the personal details of the rest of the ohana. Ugh. Show can be so awful (and by awful, I mean inconsistent) sometimes.

  5. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

    Am I the only one who assumed Kaleo was long dead after ending up in general pop at the prison? Sure sounded like the other cons were gunning for him right from the start. Very surprised to see him again.

    Thanks for the “non-relevant” screencaps of Alex & Scott. Beautiful!

    1. I also thought they meant to imply he was going to get killed. But he made a comment about only being alive because of Delano, so I guess he protected him.

      1. Anonymous · · Reply

        That’s some serious protection! I’d love to know how Delano pulled that off. A dirty cop in maximum security is still alive and seems to be running the show. Mind you, I think it was a little light on the maximum in there 🙂

        1. Yeah, didn’t make sense to me either. Or, apparently, anyone.

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            Lets pretend Delano some how protected him, what about after he died? Who looked out for Kaleo then?

            1. Maybe Paul Delano had influence in the prison, if he’s some kind of crime boss?

              1. That’s what I thought but who knows?

              2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                Hawaii Corrections needs to do a better job of who they let prisoners interact with from the outside world…

                Sent from my iPhone

    2. I will replace these with high-def caps from bookemdanno.net but I couldn’t get them to open earlier. This one does not really do the eyelashes justice. (Andrea, I will get you the one with the kissy mouth as well!)

  6. Kaiser Chiefs! I got it! Well played, Alicia, well played.


      1. i can’t remember what happened yesterday, nor the timelines of my favorite shows, but i have elephant memory for random factoids. blessing? curse? hard to say.

  7. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “I do like a v-neck on McG, Show. More v-necks for McG please”
    I misread that as don’t like. And then I almost said, we can’t be friends anymore. 😉

    1. Never! 😉

      1. The V neck almost made up for the color. Almost.

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