3.14 Hana I Wa ‘Ia (Scandal) Page 1

This week’s second recap brought to you, again, by @aliciagecko. I LOVED this ep, so the recap is, um, a bit long. Sorry about that.

Thanks, as always, to bookemdanno.net for screencaps. Mwah!

We’re in a bar with two VERY BUSY people who are working on an election campaign and having a drink after work to ‘decompress’. Even though he’s only just bought more drinks, the guy gets up and leaves, at which point the waitress brings over another drink for the woman which is from a gentleman at the bar. She takes it over to him (leaving the drink she already has almost untouched, really why did that guy bother to buy this round at all? What a waste of money and good alcohol) except he is NOT a gentleman at all because the next thing we know, she’s on top of a hill with a cable tie around her wrist, pleading with him not to kill her. But he does. Except he doesn’t. Oh look, you’ve seen the ep, you know what I mean. And he’s Wo Fat (I kind of wish we hadn’t known in advance that Mark Dacascos was in this ep, because I might not have recognised his voice otherwise). Oooh, this could be interesting.

After the credits we’re at the courtroom with Steve and Danny, but before we get into this, I just want to point out that two of the guest stars this week are named Stephanie and Alicia. Bet Alicia’s the dead h00ker. That would be just my luck.

Steve and Danny are waiting for Danny’s custody hearing. I cannot do justice to this scene except in picspam:







Danny has a statement he would like to read, except he wanted to read it to Rachel and she ISN’T THERE! At her daughter’s custody hearing?? So Danny has to wing it and that doesn’t go so well. It’s been a while since we’ve heard him say he hates Hawaii but I suppose there’s nothing like laying it on the line.


Who ARE all these people anyway?

Then Danny says that it may only be the two of them, but they’re a family. This is Steve’s ‘what am I, chopped liver?’ face:


I thought we were Ohana! *cry*

Poor baby. Let me make you feel better.



  1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I can’t remember a thing that was said in the courtroom scene cause my head (and my heart) exploded when Steve showed up in his dress blues!!! LOVED the bit between Steve ans Danny on the courthouse bench…so much pretty and so much wonderful!!!

    1. Strangely I heard every word in the courtroom, because Alex/Steve was reacting so well to every word said. 😀
      Those little face reactions of him were just great…..or maybe it was my imagination and I also actually did not hear a thing because he is so pretty!!

  2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    Trivia Tidbit!

    Larry Teng tweeted that the “Why are dress blues actually black” thing was a SC and AOL adlib. I love that so much!

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      OMG…LOVE that it was an adlib..makes that scene even more special…and I didn’t think that was possible!!!

    2. I love Larry….true love. I wanna hang out and watch him cook.

    3. Thanks Kim, I miss that tweet. It is good to know that some of the best little bits of dialogue come from them themselves.

  3. thank god you’re here, alicia. i LOVED this episode, too, and can’t wait to talk about it.

    those two sure know how to fill out a suit, no?

    PS–my love for danno knows know bounds, so i can’t believe i am going to say this, but his p’dour seemed a little flat to me.

    1. His formal p-dour usually is, poor thing. 😦

      1. hee!

        and also his new jersey one, as well.

      2. The formal p-dour looks great from the back though.

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          Don’t worry ladies, the p-dour will be all puffed up again from the wind as soon as he steps outside!!

          1. *snort* there was no happy medium for the p-dour in this ep, was there?

  4. Director did a lot of close ups of Steve. Steve look great close shave, hair, make up, dress blue. I would let him eat cracker in bed.

    1. My friends husbands nickname is “Cracker”.

      1. Why?

  5. Def. agree with the waste of the ’round’ on the $$ spend and the alcohol left behind. The great thing about having the memory of a gold fish, is that I completely forgot about the co-stars and didn’t recognize WoFat’s voice.
    Dress blues *sigh*
    Now, is it just me? but I thought someone was shot at the opening, so when the dead hooker showed up I was trying to figure out how the campaign worker in the bar was a hooker – and where was the gunshot wound? and then I thought, two people would be dead, so I kept waiting for the GSW victim to show up. But, of course, that didn’t happen – well – oops -I guess i did but not like I expected.

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      I was confused at first too…I thought the dead hooker and the campaign worker were the same person…and thought okay perhaps either prostitution or campaign work is not that lucrative so she had to take on both jobs!
      If only Show had just taken a grotesque pic of a blond or red-headed actress, all this confusion could have been avoided!!

      1. Me too. I was like “what the?”. Then I realized they were two different people. Duh.

        The actress who played the dead h00ker was named Alicia! Hah! I think Stephanie is an Australian actress. We’re taking over the world, I tell you 🙂

        Even though I’d seen the courthouse bench scene before, I still loved it. “Clip on”! “Walk the plank”! Sigh….

        The courtroom scene was really well done. I wondered why Rachel wasn’t there too.

        I love the way the Five 0s nearly always get phone calls for cases when they are in the middle of something important….

        1. I looked it up, Alicia was the roommate. Phew. Still a h00ker though, obvi. Stephanie was Amy the Campaign Manager.

          1. I was all excited but then I remembered she’s DEAD.

            1. But still… free booze #priorities

      2. Oh thank goodness it was not just me…..I usually notice things like these and I was also totally confused. I wonder if they wanted us to be and did it on purpose?

  6. Prostitution and politics seem to go pretty much hand in hand – selling yourself for $$$ – over and over – no thought about consequences – yep sounds right to me.

  7. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    I took it as Rachel was in the court room but Claire Van Der Boom was unavailable for the ep so rather then not address it/wait for the actress to be free, they just did it this way.

    1. And it did play nicely into the shared custody outcome that she didn’t turn up, so it worked out quite well, really.

      1. Never thought of it like that…..

  8. Great recapping, Alicia! Love the scene between the boys, so cute, Danny being so motherly over the tie.

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