3.14 Hana I Wa ‘Ia (Scandal) Page 2

The judge makes the EXCELLENT POINT that Danny was recently shot while in the presence of his daughter (although in fairness, that wasn’t really his job’s fault). And then McG’s phone rings. Does no-one on this island know how to turn off a phone, for pity’s sake? So McG – who knows he’s on a schedule here because it’s the Governor – stands up and, at something akin to the speed of sound, rattles off a list of ‘why Danny is so awesome’ which includes the words “he’s actually the kind of father we all wish we had. Especially me, because you know, Danny would never do what my dad did, which was to send me away after my mom was killed, except she wasn’t really, but that’s not important right now. What’s important is that I have to take this call. Laters!” and off he goes (I may have paraphrased the subtext a bit there).

In Governor Denning’s office, McG is looking at a picture of a dead woman who was found in a mansion in Kahala. The Gov wants McG to investigate this on the sly because the house is owned by some friends of his who are trekking in Nepal (like you do). What a lovely thing it must be to have power to abuse. Politicians. Pah.

At HQ, Danny is utterly LESS THAN ENTHRALLED about solving a case for the Gov off the books, so to speak, and also seems to be getting undressed as they walk down the corridor. Unfortunately he only gets as far as undoing his shirt cuffs. Damn.


At one point in this conversation he tries to explain to McG the principle of an exchange of favours, which seems hilarious but let’s not forget that this ep was supposed to air before 3.11, so McG hasn’t had his tux dinner epiphany yet. Danny’s list of suggested rewards for solving this case for the Governor are five days’ paid vacation and tickets to Monster Truck Jam. McG, missing the point more spectacularly than he has ever managed before, says ‘Monster Truck Jam isn’t in town’.

Oh for God’s sake, McG. Stop being so LITERAL. And so… dressed.

Later in this conversation Danny says the word ‘blindfolded’ and my brain does something Very Bad involving his tie.

But then he says that McG is like one of those toy soldiers and he’s going to get him a drum for Christmas while marching on the spot beating an invisible drum and all bets are off because I LOVE it when Scott Caan does something like this. It reminds me of ‘Walk up steps. Like a human’ and gives me ALL the warm fuzzies. LOVE.

I know that not everyone will like this reference to how Lori left, but I do. She wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but she was there quite a while and it’s nice to see that she isn’t forgotten. McG says that this was because they butted heads with the Governor and he doesn’t want to see what the Governor would do for an encore (Shuffle Off To Buffalo from 42nd Street, I’m guessing).

Around ESS, Chin is confirming that the house owners are indeed in Nepal, there are no signs of forced entry, the caretaker has an airtight alibi and the victim looks as if she was strangled. Danny here says that maybe it was a crime of passion, that they were having s/x and it got a little rough and out of control, which is disturbing in two ways because a) the level of ‘out of control’ that a s/x game would have to achieve for one of the participants to end up dead is OFF THE SCALE, not the casual ‘oopsie’ that Danny seems to think it is, and b) you would expect a cop to know what the term ‘crime of passion’ means, because it’s not that. But whatever.

Kono’s found out the victim’s name – Serena Andrews – and also that she was previously cited for solicitation. There’s a small moment of ‘oh f/ck’, articulated by Chin as ‘Houston, we have a problem’ but you could tell that what he actually wanted to say was ‘oh f/ck’, because their boss has asked them to investigate the murder of a prostitute at his rich friend’s house. A ‘problem’? I’ll say.


I should say ‘this is McG’s problem face’ but – no. No problem with this face AT ALL.



  1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I liked the reference to Lori as well and thought good one Show. I never had an issue with her (other than having to suffer through watching her run, that is) and I appreciated her humour & sarcasm. I also liked the scenes where Lori and Kono worked together.
    Before I get hate mail, let me just say that I did not enjoy her quasi-romantic scenes with Steve…just no chemistry there!
    Okay, I digressed a lot….sorry…back to the pretty…I loved watching Steve walk down the hallway…I just wish he had his pants in his hand instead of the file folder!!!

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I, we, would never send you hate mail. 🙂

  2. “Later in this conversation Danny says the word ‘blindfolded’ and my brain does something Very Bad involving his tie.”

    1. ACA, you’ve still got a bit of a residual thing for Danny, haven’t you?

      1. seriously, when he’s got shoulders like that, can you blame me? plus, he’s a smarta$$, which i love.

        1. I was a Danno girl to begin with. First love, never really forgotten *sigh*

  3. Shameless self-promotion time!!! Ah, Sardonic convos!!

    Suffle off to Buffalo!! Remember when I drew Crumpet dancing on Special K’s grave?

    And then we started talking about Star Trek TNG and more awesome stuff happened?

    Also I LOLed when the Trek through Nepal ended up being legit. I totally thought that was the boldest piece of BS the Gov had dropped on McG and was truly shocked when it ended up being truthsies.

    1. And let’s not forget this awesomeness that also resulted from that convo!

      I was surprised when the Nepal trek turned out to be true as well, because it totally sounded like he’d made it up on the spur of the moment! “Um yeah… they’re, uh… trekking in um…Nepal! Yeah, Nepal. Trekking. No, really…”

      1. I want to do more Star Trek but the “to do” list is so very very long at this point…..!


        1. Tell.me.about.it!

      2. And me. Also happy FUCUP memories.

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      *wipes tear* early SJ2 artwork… so much LOVE!

      1. The early stuff was pretty rough, eh???????


        1. Oh but look, further down on the page, there’s your robot! Hiiiii robot!

          1. *sniff* avis of days gone by!!

            1. Happy days *sniff*

  4. Max has been out of the picture lately. Fong is ask and answers question for H50

  5. Shot in the presence of his daugher!! What about being in the laser eye of a bomb with a countdown clock going?? Hey, it’s a dangerous job and thank goodness there are men who will do it! (and women —no offense to Kono etc) Yes – where is Max? Maybe standing in line at the bank waiting for his fav. teller to get out of the hospital.

  6. heymomo · · Reply

    I’m guessing McG is a Monster Truck fan since he knows they aren’t in town. I wonder if that’s his idea of a fun date with Cath?

    1. I wonder if that’s a local joke because the thing about Monster Truck rallies is that TICKETS ARE STILL JUST FIVE BUCKS! and if you had to put your monster trucks on a cargo ship, you probably couldn’t have a family-affordable event…. maybe there are no monster truck rallies in Hawaii????? At least not as we know them here in the lower 48.


  7. I can watch the gif of him strutting down the hallway ALL. DAY. LONG.

    1. I could watch Danno getting undressed ALL. DAY. LONG.

  8. Was that the first time Lori’s name has been mentioned this season? Since she left even? I was OK with it too although I must admit to a sharp intake of breath when her name was brought up.

    People DO actually go trekking in Nepal? Go figure.

    Danny’s misuse of ‘crime of passion’ was hilarious. Guess he missed that part of cop training.

    “…because I LOVE it when Scott Caan does something like this. It reminds me of ‘Walk up steps. Like a human’ and gives me ALL the warm fuzzies. LOVE.” Of course you knew I’d like that bit! Ah, the memories. I am glad I could get my fix this week, though.

  9. annieoakley · · Reply

    Did anybody else find it sort of weird that McG changed into his cargos and t-shirt before he went to see the governor? I thought when the Gov calls you drop everything and run right over to see him, not stop by your house on the other side of town and change into your comfy clothes.
    At least they could of let us watch him change his pants!

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