3.14 Hana I Wa ‘Ia (Scandal) Page 3

Kono and Chin are at Serena’s VERY NICE apartment talking to her roommate. Kono’s been hanging around McGarrett too long again, because her idea of a good way to break the news to this woman that her roommate (and presumably, friend) has been murdered is to show her a picture of her roommate (and presumably, friend) half-naked on a bed with dead staring eyes and purple bruising all around her neck, accompanied by some serious attitude. I really really hate it when Show does this because quite frankly, it makes the team look like d/cks. And I don’t like that because it makes me not like them. OK, Serena’s roommate is a prostitute as well, but does that mean she doesn’t deserve to be treated with any courtesy or consideration at all? If she and Serena actually were students, would Chin and Kono still be treating her like this, or would they be breaking the news kindly and then gently asking her if she knew anything that might help? We see this time and time again on Show, in fact, we’re going to be seeing it again before this episode is up. If you’re not a perfect, law-abiding, whiter-than-white, never f/cked up anything in your entire life kind of person then Five-0 (who between them have broken quite a few laws in their time, up to and including executing an unarmed man) will treat you like they just scraped you off their shoes – and even if you are that kind of person, if there’s the tiniest piece of circumstantial evidence that suggests you might have committed the crime they’re investigating, they will STILL treat you like they just scraped you off their shoes. Apologies for the ranting, but Show’s weird sense of morality really gets on my t!ts sometimes.

Anyway, the roommate tells them that Serena got her clients over the internet, but the “you insensitive jerks” is implied. They take Serena’s laptop and leave, but soon realise that they’re being tailed by a black SUV. I’m too pissed off with them to care.

Back at HQ, McG is just getting off the phone with Max and tells Danny that Serena’s time of death was between 11 and 12 the night before. I have to rewind this three times because right after that he says ‘s/xual intercourse’ and everything that he said previously goes clean out of my head. Well, maybe ‘clean’ is the wrong word. The camera didn’t even cut away from his face before he said it either. Show, stop being such a TEASE (don’t stop).

So Max is putting a rush order on the analysis of DNA found on Serena’s body, except he isn’t because Danny just came from the lab and they’re under orders from the Gov not to rush the testing. Ooh, Governor, I don’t think you wanted to do that.

Chin and Kono are still being tailed. They slam on the brakes and jump out to confront the driver, who does a quick U-turn and hightails it out of there, but not before Chin and Kono have both noticed that the car has Government plates.

Now for what I think might be one of my favourite scenes of the show, ever, because it is just so so beautifully put together. McG storms into the Gov’s office looking like someone just told him his mother faked her own death (or something), where the Gov is in a meeting. The Gov gives McG a look to say ‘you’re in trouble now, boy’ and asks the others to leave. Sh/t is gonna go DOWN, y’all (do you like my American accent? I’m not so sure of it myself).

Once they’re alone, the Gov starts trying to lay into McG, but McG isn’t having any of it. Every avenue of attack the Gov tries to go down is blocked, because McG’s in the right and he knows it. The Gov keeps trying to impose his authority right up until McG lays it all out for him, the Government SUV, the lab, the dead hooker, all of it, and then asks the Gov if the DNA from the victim is his – and then the whole tenor of the conversation changes. The Gov knows he’s beaten. He holds eye contact for just a second or two, and then turns away, conceding defeat.

McG doesn’t rub his nose in it, though. He immediately switches to conciliatory ‘we’re on the same side, help me out here’ mode and hands the power straight back to the Gov. Masterful. The Gov tells him that the DNA likely belongs to Congressman Freed, and the scandal could ruin a good man’s life. McG, and all the rest of us, are thinking “well, if he’s killed someone he’s not a very good man, is he, and certainly shouldn’t be in public office” but the Gov says that the Congressman is a Medal of Honor recipient and his friend, and that they served together and McG, of all people, knows what that means. Of course, McG knows nothing of the sort, because the last time someone who was a friend and someone he served with turned up it was Bullfrog, so he is understandably sceptical (we, however, know from this point that the Congressman is innocent because – even without Wo Fat’s involvement – there is no way that Show, with its deep respect for the military, is going to turn a Medal of Honor recipient into a murderer of prostitutes, and quite rightly too).

The Gov has been sitting down up until this point, but now he stands up and adds that the Congressman is also a devoted single father, so they have to be very sure that he’s guilty before they destroy his life. Here comes the pivotal moment: McG – as if it’s breaking his heart to do it which, given that the Congressman is a Medal of Honor recipient, it probably is – asks if the Gov believes that the Congressman could have done it and the Gov – looking equally devastated – replies “I don’t know” and now they’ve gone from locking horns to mutual sympathy in the space of three minutes, because look at these faces! THESE FACES!!!!!



Ugh, I just can’t even. This scene is perfection, everything, the writing, the performances, the chemistry, the direction, everything. Just – PERFECTION. The FACES!! The FEEEELS!!! Show, I love it when you do this to me.

Happy sigh.



  1. Not only were Kono and Chin being tailed by the black SUV, the little blue car was following them the whole way too!

    I also find it incredibly insensitive when any of the team just shove a pic of a dead person at someone without any warning. They do it all.the.time.

    The scene with angry McG…as you said, perfection.

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      I often wonder about the flashing around the dead body picture thing. Having never been a victim/suspect/witness to a crime – I haven’t experienced being question in such a manner, but I would certainly hope that the Policia would find a normal, non dead snapshot or even a drivers license photo to show people..

      “Have you seen this person?” (shows super dead body photo)
      “Um… maybe… but her neck wasn’t all purple and she didn’t have that hole in her forehead”

      1. Or just throws up on them, because there’s a good chance that’s what I’d do if someone showed me a pic like that without warning.

        (I was once flicking through a book about sharks in a shop and came across a pic of a really nasty bite to someone’s leg and nearly fainted on the spot. Not my finest hour.)

        (I don’t even know why I was flicking through a book about sharks anyway.)

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          I don’t know what I would do if someone showed me a pic like that, but it wouldn’t be good, that I know!!

      2. I had that happen to me once, the police were trying to ID a jane doe that was dumped by the train station. Coppers have no tact, or they loose it quick.

        1. I have a degree in criminal justice, I’ve seen some insane pictures from crime scenes and I did the morgue autopsy visit……which I have blocked from my memory with much liquor.

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            OMG!! More liquor! Quick!

          2. I’ve also been present at an autopsy. After the initial grossness, it was quite interesting. Although it was an entire year before I ate meat again. 😄

            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              Ick. They used to have this show on TV called “The Surgery” or something. NotMcG was ENTHRALLED by it until I finally told him that if he wanted to keep watching that show I would never be able to cook chicken again (HA! Chicken!)

      3. “Have you seen this person?” (shows super dead body photo)
        “Um… maybe… but her neck wasn’t all purple and she didn’t have that hole in her forehead”

        Kimmer FTW!!!!!!

      4. Lol! It was a bit harsh to do that to her flatmate.

    2. I really appreciate the sensitivity that Alicia and you have expressed about the teams being total DH’s about murder victims because unfortunately my beloved daughterin laws aunties sister in law was murdered 10 days ago and I attended her funeral service yesterday. A sweet loving little lady in her early fifties who was a brilliant nurse and a devoted mum.much loved by her fanily and friends. Her bastard of a husband killed her and is now in custody. The picture you are discussing made me really upset and made me think of thing I did not want to think about. The police were very gentle when telling “TitaBaby’s” Daughter that her mother had been killed maybe TPTB on Hawaii 5-0 should talk to some REAL officers. Some times real life can be far more tragic than a TV show no matter how loved that show is. I know Alex would not deliberately hurt anybody and would hate to think his show did but sometimes real life can be just TOO real. Thank you for “Listening”

      1. I’m so sorry for your loss, PN *hugs*

        1. Thank you Alicia . HUg back

  2. that scene with the governor? awesome. AOL rocked it, the camera people and other technicians rocked it and know who else did? richard t. jones. i love this governor. when he said, “i don’t know” he managed to make his eyes say, “and i am losing faith in everything i believe right this very minute.” so good.

    1. He was amazing in that scene, and in the whole ep! I hope he’s going to be around a bit more now.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Loved this scene. Loved the governor. Loved McG. Loved McG’s faaaaace.
        Yup. Lots to love.

        1. Yup. Lots to love indeed.

  3. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I agree that the scene between Steve and the Governor was brilliant!! So like McG to not give a fk and burst in like that and then the exchange between them…first anger and indignation to caring and concern!! LOVED.IT!!! And love the actor who plays the Governor…he is amazing…does anyone know his name?

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      Uhhh…thanks girlsage for his name…I posted my comment before reading yours!!!

  4. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I was also put off by Kono’s hostility towards the roommate…why so judgey Kono?…after all you are a cop that is sleeping with a Yakuza boss…at least she’s getting paid to sleep with untrustworthy men!!!

    1. ^^^^ yes, this!

      1. Agreed. And a Yakuza boss that likes candles to boot. And is shifty enough that Kono feels the need to clone his phone.

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      The judgement, especially from Kono, was completely unwarranted. But then looking back, Kono is kind of judgemental. See how she treated Malia even after Chin took her back.

      1. She WAS judgy, wasn’t she? I’d forgotten that.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Yup. Even after she and Chin had made peace.

  5. Yeah this was probably one of the greatest dramatic scenes this show has ever done.

      1. It was soooooooooooo enthralling in retrospect I’m really happy Show got to put on it’s big boy (big girl?) panties and act all grown up. That is why Show is the best. It’s capable of the full spectrum & I love every bit of it.


        1. We’ve certainly been treated to the full spectrum this season so far. Even just this week, really, with one episode so big and loud (and very orange) and action-packed and then this one, with Show ‘acting all grown up’ and doing a fab job of tackling a really serious issue. And we still had plenty of action, humour, faaaaaces and bromance. Bravo, Show!

  6. Love the scene between the governor and steve great lines exchanged. I agree with your rant. Max is missing again. Stunt driver of SUV was very good. More close ups of faces.

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I miss Max.

  7. Alicia – loving your recap! Spot on! I am law abiding and whiter than white but even from my lofty perfect spot I can see that people should all be treated better – and I have thought that many times – they just put the dead body pic under someone’s nose. Even if they want a reaction to judge whether the person is a suspect or not – that is crude. I remember they did when all they wanted was to know if the dress tag could be tracked by the lady who sold it. Certianly, the dress shop lady was not a suspect, and they could have said something to introduce the idea of what she would be seeing first. #endofrant
    Yes – great scene between McG and the Gov.

    1. I’d forgotten about that one!

      Of course you’re perfect. How could you not be? {{{airhearts}}}

  8. Alicia, love that you went there in terms of Show’s heavy-handedness and ‘weird sense of morality’. I’m with you on that one. Seems to be their MO lately. It makes me not like them too and I don’t like not liking them. Not. One. Bit.

    1. ACA. I am beginning to think that these boys must be so pretty and so funny that it clouds my judgement about things that usually p!ss me off. You know, like sexism.

      1. ACA to your ACA! Because I love Show so much, I want to love everything about it all the time and I guess my expectations are a bit high at times. Still and all, some things I find hard to overlook despite the blinding light that all the pretty creates 🙂

      2. It’s got worse this season, that’s why I’m noticing it more. In the multiple endings ep they ignored the TA (who was potentially two-thirds innocent, and as it turned out from the voting, 100% innocent) when he said he thought his ribs were broken. They interrupted an exam which might have meant squat to them but was very important to the students who didn’t need to be distracted by two shouty people dragging one of their number out of the room for mysterious reasons (this only applies to the ones who weren’t cheating, obvi). The professor wasn’t going to get any more dead, could they not have waited until the end? So inconsiderate!

        Then in the last ep when they both punched Paul Delano… I like them being hotheaded but not to the point of uncontrollable violence. They just seem so aggressive now. All smash and no panache *shakes head sadly*

        1. Anonymous · · Reply

          I loved the Delano smackdown!!
          He’s a Delano, his goon just pulled a gun on them and is dead…..he’s got Chin! He must get beat. Some people just deserve a beating. Especially on TV.

        2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

          I might be displaying my own sense of morality here but I just think the level of aggression of late in terms of treatment of suspects doesn’t always seem necessary to me. It just sometimes seems overly heavy-handed given that at that point, these suspects are nothing more than that. However I have never worked in law enforcement so I’m probably not in a position to comment anyway 🙂

          I like the hotheadedness too but in earlier episodes, there was a kind of humour to it, the ‘panache’ that Alicia mentioned (usually in the form of Danny’s reaction to what McG was up to!). The McG tactics like the shark tank and dangling the suspect off the roof were not acts of a pacifist, granted, but I think having humour somehow deflected from the aggression. I guess Show has always had a ‘cartoon violence’ thing going on which I am OK with but it just seems a bit much lately.

  9. Yeah, I didn’t mind that, it’s all a bit cartoon violence.

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