3.14 Hana I Wa ‘Ia (Scandal) Page 4

Now we’re at the Congressman’s office with McG and Danny, talking to the guy from the bar who tells them that the Congressman is super-busy today and despite Danny’s assertion that these people lie for a living, he is a TERRIBLE liar. He tells them that there’s no way, no how, nuh-uh, because the Congressman is a wonderful man and that if there were more men like him in the world – and here Danny interrupts him to say “there’d be a chicken in every pot and a dead ho in every bed, right?”

…wait for it…

According to Frank Delano’s campaign team, if there were more men like Frank Delano in the world, there’d be TWO chickens in every oven and a dead wife on every kitchen rug.

LOOK THIS IS NOT MY FAULT, OK???? I promised there would be always be a chicken joke and Danny said ‘chicken’ WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO????

Eventually the campaign guy ‘fesses up that he doesn’t even know where the Congressman is, but that he’s probably with his campaign manager who never turned up today either. McG and Danny reckon that this is a safe bet because they must be planning an alibi, but we know better because we know that Amy has been shot by Wo Fat. Or we think we do. I love it when Show does misdirection well.

While McG and Danny are on the phone to Chin congratulating themselves on this marvellous piece of deduction, Kono tells them that the lab have finally identified the DNA and it’s not the Congressman at all, it’s an English teacher who’s in town for a convention (is it a bit scary to anyone else that US state schools take DNA samples for background checks? Jeepers). So here we are with the second example of objectionable behaviour in this ep: they arrest him, throw him in the blue room and start questioning him about the Congressman’s whereabouts. All they know at this point is that he had s/x with a prostitute and they’ve managed to extrapolate this to mean that he was at the party at the mansion and killed the girl there. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to them to wonder how a nobody from out of town would have ended up at a rich person’s party. But he was cheating on his wife (which is somehow different from a married woman having an affair with her ex-husband and possibly getting pregnant by him, obvi) so he deserves it, right? And Serena, who has received not a moment’s sympathy since they found out she was a prostitute, whose half-naked death photo is being waved around as if it isn’t completely undignified, well she was only a h00ker, so who cares about her? Please sort this out, Show. It’s making you look bad.


On the other hand, I will never object to these being in the blue room.


This is McG’s “you had s*x in the bathroom of a BAR??” face.


I don’t know what this face is, besides blue and beautiful.

Of course, the teacher is innocent (of murder, anyway. He did pay for s/x which… I don’t know, is that illegal in the US? It isn’t here). Serena left the bar – alive – long before he did. I hope they apologised, you know, off screen. So Plan B turned out to be a bust, so we’re back to Plan A, viz: The Congressman did it.

In a perplexing turn of events, Amy the campaign manager has just arrived at the office, to a communal ‘whaaaaaaa?’ from the audience, who are pretty sure she’s fish food by now. But not so! She’s at the office with the Congressman’s rival, who is named Brad Powers and was supposed to meet the Congressman the night before but he didn’t show up. He blusters a bit and then leaves, and then McG and Danny go to talk to Amy, who also blusters a bit but then tells them that she picked Serena up from the bar where she met the teacher and dropped her off at the mansion, because the Congressman is a lonely, lonely man. She’s also the one who went to the Gov for help. She says that she picked Serena up at 9 or 9.15, which is obviously rubbish because Serena was still at the bar with the teacher and didn’t leave until 10, but she isn’t being arrested because she’s their best bet to find the Congressman.



  1. CHICKEN JOKES!!!! ❤

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      I swear to God if the do the chicken dance sometime this season I WILL DIE

      1. Nance1031 · · Reply


      2. I had to google that, we call it The Birdie Song. Do you have lyrics too?

        1. I don’t wanna be a chicken / I don’t wanna be a duck / I just wanna shake my butt At least that’s how I’ve always ….. heard it performed. 😉


          1. Ours goes ‘with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and shake your a/s’. So not too dissimilar then!

            1. That is hilarious to me!!!!  American children aren’t allowed to say a/s in public. 😉


              1. Actually, thinking about it, it might have been ‘b-u-m’ to begin with. And of course, we would have said ar*e, not a/s. It’s been a long day…

                1. heymomo · · Reply

                  THERE ARE WORDS? Other than “na na na na na na na”?
                  mind. blown.

      3. Shush they’ll hear you!! When Chin marries the nurse we will now have 20 seconds of the chicken dance at the reception!!

  2. u.s. teacher here: no, they don’t take dna. fingerprints, yes. dna, no. (all they needed to do was have him be a bone marrow donor or some sh/t like that. sheesh.)

    1. ACA with Sage, my fingerprints are on record twice, once for teaching, once to sell insurance… both roles best filled by people without criminal records and watched for any future criminal involvement. But yeah, my DNA is not on file with anyone, anywhere, unless the blood bank shares info with Homeland Security, which, who knows, they might. But I’ve never voluntarily turned over a sample.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        I don’t think they take your fingerprints if you’re a teacher here… I’m going to ask my teacher friend!!

        1. Not here either.

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            Here you just have to have a police check right?

              1. Just a criminal records check here as well.

  3. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    All I could think about during the blue room scene…okay other than fk Alex is so beautiful…was that the guy who played the teacher was in the BC episode of ML…and counting in my head how many guest actors on Show have shared screentime with Alex on other shows/movies. I think the teacher brings the number to 6.

  4. Must be about that by now! Josh from ML, Daniel Henney… argh, drawn a blank. Who else?

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      Tierny Taylor from ML Click…Coraline’s bff…and Ben(?) from The Invisible.

      1. Ah, I haven’t seen The Invisible. I didn’t realise Tierney Taylor had been in it.

        1. The missing kid from The Invisible is on Shameless with the little spelling bee boy from 3R’s ep 1, the kid that had pica.

          1. This is worse than Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

      2. Are you all forgetting Josh? or whatever Beth’s BF’s name was…it is late

  5. Chicken jokes funny 🙂 🙂
    The trick from Lime, Ohio always wanted to have s/x in a bathroom in a bar. I guess he can take that off his bucket list. Steve seem suprise about Mr. Ohio (trick) have s/x in the bar. I guess Steve is limited on places for s/xual encounter.

    1. (The original caption for the ‘I don’t know what this face is’ pic was ‘I’m far too straight-laced to have ever thought of doing that’ 🙂 )

      1. Steve may be, but A was probably thinking “really, that’s what you’ve always wanted to do? I’ve done that so many times I can’t remember” when he read the script.

  6. Ok, I ranted too soon on page 1 about being confused by the *shooting* at the opening, but at least I know it wasn’t me and my goldfish memory. also – really show? judging the man hooking up on vacation but giving Danny a pass on the ongoing affair? ick all bad *runs off to shower*

    1. ‘Ick all bad’ <—- EXACTLY!!

  7. heymomo · · Reply


    1. Those chickens will be with us forever.

      1. I lol’d at the mention of chicken again!

        1. As soon as the word left his mouth I giggled so loud I had to go back to hear what the second half of what he said was!

  8. I totes freaked out at the heavy-handed treatment of the English teacher. And not just because I used to be one!

    “Please sort this out, Show. It’s making you look bad.” Exactly!

    1. I’m so glad this is not just me…

  9. Just me of McG looked exhausted in the last picture? look under his eyes.

    1. I think this epi was made when Lion was a very NEW Newborn —ERGO !!!

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