3.14 Hana I Wa ‘Ia (Scandal) Page 5

In Fong’s lab, a powder found on Serena’s clavicle has been identified as corn starch residue from surgical gloves. Kono, Chin and Fong jump through a couple of ‘how can we shoehorn this evidence into our existing hypothesis’ hoops before Chin says ‘unless he didn’t do it.’

Ya THINK???????

Back at HQ, Chin has found out that Amy was at the bar with her colleague before she went to the other bar where she met Serena, but left with an unknown male companion (who turned out to be not so much of a gentleman).


For Justine

Kono manages to get footage of her leaving the bar via an ATM camera and a dashboard camera from a passing patrol car (I like this very much) and guess who it is? Well, OK, you already knew. McG didn’t though.


How do you like THEM apples?

So now, they’ve got it all figured out. Brad Powers is in cahoots with Wo Fat, setting up the Congressman as a murderer so that Powers will end up as a Senator and Wo Fat will have a Senator in his pocket. Sneaky b@stard. There’s a lovely moment here where they all express sympathy for Serena, who may have been a prostitute but was still an innocent woman whose life was pointlessly and randomly sacrificed for the sake of evil men’s power games. Oh, except they don’t. That’s just me, then.

Speaking of Wo Fat, here he is, holding the Congressman captive in an old building presumably in the middle of nowhere and OMG, take a good long look at this guy McG, because THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!!!! Good Lord. It’s uncanny. He’s handcuffed to a chair but still mouthing off and threatening to beat the cr@p out of Wo Fat, just like McG did while hanging by his wrists from the ceiling. Wo Fat is being his usual snakey self; he wants the Congressman to sign a suicide note and when he refuses, Wo Fat threatens to kill his daughter who is a lot older than I expected. I suppose I was expecting her to be Monkey’s age but she looks to be in her twenties, hard to say exactly.

McG and Danny storm into Amy’s office and start asking her about Wo Fat and she gets very upset and scared, so she is obviously wearing a wire and – yep, there it is. That’s a very peculiar bra. Like she couldn’t decide between a nude one and a black lacy one, so went for one that was both. She crushes the microphone with her astonishingly high stilettos which I can’t help but think is an unwise thing to do if it was so important that she’s kept it on all day, and sure enough there’s a sniper in the building opposite and she gets shot in the head (in a really odd way. Diagonally? Anyone?). Maybe she would have been killed anyway, since Wo Fat would have known that McG and Danny were on to him by the way they were yelling “WHERE’S WO FAT????” the moment they entered the room.

McG and Danny run out of the building, GANGNAM STYLE!!


– and shoot the killer through the windscreen of his car as he tries to make his getaway, which is not as unfortunate as it sounds because Wo Fat is calling him on his cellphone and Danny gets Chin to trace the number right away.




    ok, so the “suicide” note I didn’t take to be an acutal “I’m going to kill myself now” suicide note but a political suicide note… probably admitting to killing Serena….. am I mistaken??

    1. I will never be able to look at that picture and not laugh. Apart from the first time I saw it, when I just looked at it in a WTF??? kind of way and then the words ‘Gangnam Style’ popped into my head and I nearly fell off my chair in hysterics.

      I think it WAS a confessional note rather than an ‘I’m about to top myself’ one, but Wo Fat was going to kill him afterwards so it would have been taken as a suicide note and the recap was getting a bit out of hand so I just kind of glossed over it… *sheepish look*

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      Alicia FTW!

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Lol it’s so awesome.

        1. I’m STILL laughing at it, a whole day later.

  2. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I thought the congressman’s aid was 1. v pretty and 2. v smart…unbuttoning her blouse in an attempt to get McG to remove his pants. Damn you Show for killing off such a clever girl!!

  3. CG66 – as I have told you before – I never DON’T love your posts. #doublenegative alert

  4. gangnam style… funny 🙂
    Mark Dacosca as WF is super great.

  5. Alicia, your screen capping abilities are second-to-none. Gangnam style McG FTW!!! He can live long and perspire and now he can gangnam style too. That McG!

    1. That’s one of bookemdanno’s. You can tell which ones are mine because they’re slightly wider (I never remember to resize them. Sigh). It was TOO GOOD not to use!

  6. I was waiting for the expression of sympathy for Serena’s sacrifice for evil men’s power games, too. Perhaps next time, hey?

    When Amy revealed she was wearing a wire, I totes didn’t expect her to rip it off and stomp on the microphone like that. Guess Danny and McG yelling WF’s name was the last straw for her….

  7. Oh I am LOLing at that last picture!! what a freaking screen cap! he looks like he’s about to do the hokey pokey.

  8. And thank you, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I am in face a boob girl.

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