3.14 Hana I Wa ‘Ia (Scandal) Page 6

Back at Wo Fat’s hideout, he’s given up trying to get through to his goon but as he goes back to the main room to tell the Congressman of the change of plan he’s in for a surprise because McGFlashForward has managed to escape by using a part of the pen to pick the lock on the handcuffs and is nowhere to be seen. Awe.Some. Wo Fat finds a guy – who he shoots – on a ATV and speeds off in pursuit. He catches up with the Congressman in no time and shoots him in the shoulder (he’s an even worse shot than Mom, there’s no way he should have missed at that range); the Congressman (I’m really wishing I’d just decided to call him Chris in the first place, it’s a pain typing that out every time) tries to get away but comes to a sheer bluff and just as it looks as if his chicken is cooked, his younger self arrives in a helicopter to save the day!!! And never mind that they should have been able to hear the helicopter because this is just AWESOME!!!! Danny’s firing at will and is just STANDING ON THE LANDING SKID, NOT HOLDING ON TO ANYTHING and OK, he’s got a tether wire, but still, what a BAMF, McG’s handling his cyclic stick like a BOSS (you’re welcome, and thank you Andr3a) and holy hell, the music is A-MAZ-ING. Seriously, if you didn’t notice it, go back and watch again. It’s superb.




Wo Fat manages to land one shot, which hits the Congressman as he’s climbing into the helicopter, which means that McG has to leave Wo Fat as unfinished business AGAIN because they need to get to a hospital right away, and Wo Fat is not ANY MORE PLEASED about this than he is.



Back at HQ, McG reports that the Congressman will be fine, there was only soft tissue damage, Wo Fat has so far evaded capture, but his cellphone was recovered and from the call log it’s evident that he was indeed in cahoots with Brad Powers. Powers is arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. Show is apparently a Democrat.

Ah, the end of a long day. McG is brooding in the general direction of the sea and biting his lip in a very alluring way. Danny tells him to please stop – NO!! DON’T STOP!! – and that they had no choice but to let Wo Fat go and they will find him. Well, obvi they will, but probably not for about three more seasons AT LEAST.


But who can brood about that when GOVERNOR DENNING IS WEARING SHORTS AND AN ALOHA SHIRT??????? OMG, this is beyond awesome. Show, how can you manage to pack this much awesome into one episode??


The Gov has come by to celebrate Powers cracking under questioning, and also to apologise to McG for not trusting him. I love this scene. I love that over the course of this episode they’ve gone from being adversaries who have to work together but don’t have to like it to being in a place where the Gov can come over to McG’s house in casual clothes, with beer. I love that McG has not only said that he respects the Gov and his office, but has shown it as well, by how he’s handled this situation – but at the same time, he’s established that he’s no pushover and that respect and trust have to go both ways. It was just so perfectly handled. Well done, Show, WELL DONE.

Danny’s been on the phone all this time and I think we can all guess why – the judge ruled in Danny’s favour and granted shared custody, so Monkey won’t be leaving Hawaii. I think this calls for a hug, don’t you?


(and of course this means that Danny won’t be leaving the island either)

Also that McG’s behaviour in court was completely unacceptable, but that’s no surprise to anyone but McG. Bless. I love the Gov’s face here. He can laugh about it now:


This would not have been funny yesterday.

The episode ends with a toast to Hawaii. The ‘Five-0’ is silent. Here’s to you, Show. Bravo.




  1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    Great recap Alicia! Funny how we can pick up onthe same things…. #Borg

    1. Thanks Kim! Swear to God I did not look at one single comment about this ep, no blogs, not even my twitter feed, before I watched and recapped it. #hivemind

  2. The whole helicopter scene was magnificent. But is Danny really that bad a shot?? With a big arsed gun like that?? He didn’t even nick Wo Fat.

    Love the Gov in his casual clothes!

    This episode was excellent. A good COTW, a not-blue shirt on McG who was looking extra fine, and Wo Fat.

    Great recap!

    1. Danny’s not a bad shot, Wo Fat has a magical bullet-deflecting force field. McG also kind of has one, which is why Wo Fat couldn’t shoot them either!

      Mr JK said McG should have landed the helo on Wo Fat’s head. Would have taken 15 seconds. THE END! 😉

      1. Mr JK FTW!!!!

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Call of the day.

      2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        “Raise the shields!”

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      McG was flying the helicopter like he drives the Camaro – he was all over the road… I mean air. Danno was bounced all around, and couldn’t get a good shot. Which is also why when we went back in time two episodes ago, Danno revealed he didn’t like to fly with McG.
      Thankfully McG’s shaky flying also prevented WoFat from getting a good shot at the helo.
      aaaand… scene!

      1. That is exactly right!!!!!! Helicopters are EXTREMELY bouncy!!! With McG holding the stick…. yeah…. you’re welcome! (Thank YOU, Momo)


      2. I dunno. As bad a shot as I’m sure I am, with the same amount of ammo Danny shot at WF, I’m pretty sure I would have nicked him. Despite McG’s bouncy flying!

        1. I can see now why Danny says he doesn’t like flying in a helicopter with McG. Everyone’s a critic!


          1. I would never tell McG that he was bouncing too much #justsayin

            1. Just make sure you’re able to uh… hit the target, so to speak, before the bouncing starts. 😉

        2. I could see him missing after that many shots if he had been holding onto something and shooting from the hip….but he wasn’t, he was using the site. 40 hours at the range for you Det. Williams. Wo Fat shoots like his mom……(ducks and runs!)

          1. Run faster, Justine!

  3. Nance1031 · · Reply

    Great recap Alicia! This was probably my second favourite episode of the year-The Aloha Girls will always be #1 with a bullet (to Danny’s shoulder) .

    Long live the chicken jokes! Awesome job as always 🙂

    1. I managed TWO chicken jokes this time! Which seems kind of appropriate really. 😉

  4. Another great recap Alicia, you are working over time! So glad show provided material for another chicken joke…those never get old 😀 I think I skipped some scenes with this episode rushing my gifs post, but I agree this was another great episode to watch. Though I preferred the story in 313 but this one had so many lovely moments for my gifs…still lots to work on 🙂
    And I totally forgot to post the angry Steve rushing into Gov´s office…must do those soon….

    1. Yay for more gifs!

  5. great recap, alicia! this episode was so good and your recap was the perfect companion.

    props are in order for the wardrobe department. governor denning in casual clothes, awesome. both boys in suit, fabulous. chin NOT in an aloha shirt, hawt. danny’s socks on the helicopter–perfect!

    (and, if they had been able to air the episodes in order, the whole i’m-not-going-to-ride-in-a-helicopter-with-you thing would have made so, so much more sense.)

    yay, show! now to work on being a bit more sensitive…especially to the womenfolk.

    1. Wardrobe excelled themselves this week. I love Chin in that dark red too.

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Well, they had to make up for Kono’s pants last week.

      2. I hate those Hawaiian shirts! Chin looks so much better in plain tees.

        1. Kaycee actually tweeted a shout out to Danny’s socks on instagram.

  6. Thanks to everyone, I really loved recapping this one, it was such a fantastic ep. Bit exhausted now though! Luckily I get a few weeks off recapping now to recover :-).

    1. Yeah you’re all subject to my nonsense next time!  you all have 2 weeks to desensitize yourselves to double amputee jokes. 😉

      I’m KIDDING!!!!!!!!!

      Kind of.

        1. you guys know why the episode is called HOOKMAN right….?

          he is NOT in fact a male h00ker…..

  7. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    The helicopter scene was AMAZING!! I do wish Danny had at least nicked Wo Fat though. I think that would have made the scene even that much more believable. It was probably KILLING Steve that he wasn’t able to fire at Wo Fat and wishing that Danny could take over the controls!!
    LOVED Danny’s/Scott’s socks!!!
    LOVED EVERYTHING about the final scene!!!…When I saw what the Governor was wearing I was like finally someone is dressing like they are off work and living in Hawaii!! I thought the conversation between Steve and Gov.Denning was brilliant…Alex really shines in the company of other great actors!!!…and I just have so many feels about the exchange between Danny and Steve ..the cracking of Danny’s voice…the look on Steve’s face when he said “Grace”…Steve jumping out of his chair (loved the clap) to hug Danny…so wonderful that I shed a few tears…bravo Alex and Scott, bravo!!
    And BRAVO to Larry Teng!! He is a fantastic director. There really is a whole different look and feel to his episodes!!
    Thanks for the great recap Alicia and for bringing us so much enjoyment!!

    1. Thannks CG :-). Did you notice the fist-clench after the clap as well ? #love

    2. If only the boys had shorts on instead of pants. Just imagine seeing Steve´s legs un covered…Why didn´t he have time to change this time? I mean he got out of the dress whoo hoos (thanks to pommienana for this lovely term 🙂 ) in a flash to get to the gov´s office.

      1. He must be like Superman, ducks into a pay phone booth and Woosh, one second later is in his civvies.


        1. We need a bunch of FUCUPS in that pay phone booth to steal McG’s clothes!

  8. Casual clothes???? McG was casual in khakis – the Gov was in resort wear! (whatever that is) I was ROFL-ing at his clothes – only because they were so different from the suit we saw earlier. and yes it is completely appropriate for someone in Hawaii to wear that in their off hours. Great jovb Alicia!

  9. I meant ‘job’.

  10. Alicia…Bravo..Great Great recap Funny Funny 🙂 🙂
    R. Denny as Governor was great, Danny Standing up in a heilcopper shooting a gun un believable. Steve looked super this week.
    Larry did a lot of close up this week of Steve and other men, but not to many of Kono. Overall the direction was super. Editing , writing, and stunt drivers was above par. Actors were great.

    Again they killed women.

    1. sorry.. Governor s/b R. Jones.
      Danny had a clip with at lease 100 bullets. He killed tree and bushes.
      Ethan couldn’t open his handcuffs with a paper clip, but Freed open his with the inside of a pen !!!! amazing.

      Comcast on Demand ran the 1/21 show fast on the open credit. than cut the part of the governor and steve. also cut the part with Danny getting the news about Grace. The hug between Danny and Steve. I e-mail Comcast and CBS. Not sure this will bring back the scene.

      The subway scene when Kono, Steve saw Kamo eating subs was taken out of the DVD final scene.

      Remember the scene of Chin in the car with Kono and he talking about the size of heads. the big one on top……strange conversation.

      1. “He killed trees and bushes” love it!! He did hit the ATV once, I think. #winning

        That’s so odd that they would cut those scenes out. The Subway commercial wasn’t shown here but that because of product placement rules. I suppose Subway didn’t pay for it to be on the DVD so it wasn’t included there either.

        The big head on top… hmmm, how to explain this… he means that maybe the men were thinking with something that’s in their trousers rather than on their necks. Oh dear, that’s still not very delicate is it??? There was a v similar line in Moonlight when Josef tells Beth that when it comes to Coraline, Mick doesn’t think with his ‘big head’. 😉

        1. Thanks…understood the comment, but this is a comment he wanted with Kono?

  11. heymomo · · Reply



  12. Awesome recap, Alicia, but I think this page is my favourite. So much to love!

    (1) McGFlashForward FTW!!
    (2) Screen caps of the awesome helicopter bit. (Ok, I’m going to gloss over the whole ‘bad shot’ thing because being a bad shot is necessary for particular plot developments sometimes, you know? :))
    (3) Wo Fat’s none-too-pleased face. Loved. It.
    (4) McG brooding and biting his lip in an alluring way. And totally pertinent to the story!!!
    (5) The interaction between Gov Denning and McG and the Aloha shirt. More of the Gov, please, writers. I loved that we were reminded of the importance of the task force and its connection to the office of the Governor. Yay, Show!
    (6) The hug/toast to Hawaii. #nuffsaid

    1. The lip-biting was TOTALLY pertinent. 😉

  13. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Great recap Alicia. Well done. 🙂

    1. Thanks Grace 🙂

  14. Great ep, great recap, Alicia.
    Is it just me or did that not look like McG’s house? I wondered if it was Danny’s but thought it was a bit to close to the sea.
    I want the governor’s shirt and I will track him down and buy it off him when I go.

  15. I don’t think they have actually used that house to film since season 1…..but you can book your wedding reception there!

    Great recap Alicia, all of your recaps must contain a reference to chickens hence forth…..forth with….stat…..stand down….whatever. you know what I mean.

    1. I’ve sat in the chair where Steveis sitting and stood on the balcony behind. The tour of the house is awesome and the people who own it {and still liver there} are lovely.

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