Memorable Guest Performers: Patty Duke

A new feature of The Champ Box this year will be our weekly post featuring notable guest performers.

Sometimes guest performances are phoned in, others are brilliantly executed to work alongside the main cast for a truly memorable episode.  We will be highlighting some of those memorable performances, both from well known actors and those not-so well known.  We have chosen to feature certain performances because the guest actor did a terrific job with the character (likeable or not), we felt connected to the particular guest characters, they were part of a well-written COTW, or they brought something special – no matter how small – to a show we love to celebrate.

Our first featured guest performer comes from episode 2.4, ‘Mea Makamae’ (treasure).  This episode’s COTW centred on a diver, Blake Spencer, who was murdered over unexpected treasure – a cache of Hawaii overprint notes from WW2 – even though his mission had been to find out what happened to his grandfather’s body. His treasure was not of the pirate kind but rather some closure for his family over the grandfather lost during WW2.

There were two acting heavyweights in this week’s episode.  One was Peter Fonda as the unscrupulous treasure hunter:

Peter Fonda

The other guest performer, and our feature of the post this week, was Patty Duke.  An acting legend, Patty Duke has won numerous awards, the most notable an Oscar for 1963’s The miracle worker.  This was actually her second Hawaii 50 appearance as she was a guest performer in an episode in the original series in 1973.

In this episode, Patty Duke played Blake’s mother, Sylvia.  She was in three scenes and she was brilliant in all of them.  Her character had Alzheimer’s Disease and in her confused mind, she thought Blake was a little boy on his way home from school.  Patty Duke played Sylvia just right – she was believable and sincere and I liked the feelings I got from her scenes.


And, as usual for Alex, when he is given good material and is in the company of talented actors, he shines even brighter.  I liked that we had the chance to see him flex his acting muscles in his scene with Patty Duke:

McG with PD

Of course there were women melting all over the planet when he smiled after Sylvia said he had “the look of someone who had served” and called her “ma’am”.  Sigh….

When Blake’s grandfather’s remains are finally uncovered, they received the send off they deserved but had been denied for so long.

2.4 coffin

2.4 ending

(Notice how I avoided including any pics of She who shall not be Named?  Clever me.)

This episode was also notable for some other key character moments:

Like Danno meeting Dr Gabby Asano for the first time and being all awkward around her (“coffee is a beverage, not a relationship”).

She's perfect for him if only for being the same height!

She’s perfect for him if only for being the same height!

And this:

Never gets old!

Never gets old!

And later, Cath’s departure:

McG and Cath departing

And for some McG BAMFness:

McG 2.4

McG shirtless (sort of, but I’ll forgive less of the shirtless for that faaaaaace!):

McG diving again

And McG in uniform:

McG in uniform

(Pics from and screen caps at

Tune in next week to see which guest performer we will be featuring.



  1. Really love this! And REALLY want to watch this ep again now! (but I have a feeling I will be saying that every week…)

    That pic of Alex flexing his acting muscles… *sigh* that was such a great scene.

    1. It was a great scene. Alex was terrific in it.

      I’m having lots of fun going back over old episodes to pick out the guest performers we will feature. #tripdownmemorylane

  2. Was Patty Duke also guest starring in the Halloween episode this season? Too lazy to check the credits, thought they look alike 🙂

    1. That was Lee Merriwether, aka Catwoman. There’s a definite resemblance though!

    2. LOL, Paula I think Alex blinds you to everything/ everybody else……

      1. I am crap with face recognition. One of these days I will post Kevin Costner gifs claiming they are Alex 😉

  3. Andrea, great choice for the first of these posts.
    Alex really does shine that little bit extra (if at all possible), when he acts with “acting royalty”

    1. Thanks FOYeur. I’ve always liked that episode and it’s pretty cool that Show had an actress of that calibre as a guest performer.

  4. This episode is actually a great example on using a guess actor (Patty Duke) very well, but also one of totally under-utilising (is that a word?) a guess star like Peter Fonda

    1. Think I need to go to bed….of course I mean Guest and not guess… Duh

    2. *cough* george takei *cough*

      1. True! That’s two guest stars now that could have been utilised a bit more. Still, nice to see them anyway albeit briefly.

        1. I think you are both missing my point just a bit. – In one episode they did it badly (Fonda) as well as using the another person better (Patty) … 🙂 Their are loads more that they did not use well in my opinion…. wonder if it has to do with payment of these people or if the writers are just plain lazy to do it better?

  5. I plum forgot about this episode, but patty duke was amazing. it is fair to say that she had a faaaaace, to. loved her. (what a great idea, westy,!)

    1. She did have all the faces, didn’t she? Glad the post made you remember the episode :).

  6. Now I wanna go back and watch the beginning of season 2…….like right now!

    When is the next new episode?

    1. Awesome. My work is done.

  7. Alex shined with Patty duke .And looks great in Uniform! loved that eppy.

    1. I think the dress blues will always be my favourite but I’ll take any kind of uniform, really.

  8. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “Of course there were women melting all over the planet when he smiled after Sylvia said he had ”the look of someone who had served” and called her ”ma’am”. Sigh….”

    I wasn’t one of those women. Not at all. Never….

    1. Actually, Gracie, I only included that bit for you. Really I did :).

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        For reals? 🙂

        Sent from my iPhone

    2. Me Either I S. NEVER NO!!! THUD!!!!

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