I Have Far Too Much Time On My Hands (a Danny Williams Appreciation Post)

So in last Monday’s ep, Danny said – and I think most people’s reaction to this was pretty much ‘eh, what?’ – that he still hates Hawaii. Presumably he was saying this for the judge’s benefit because we know that this is not strictly true. There are lots of things Danny likes about Hawaii. Here are a few of them.

(It hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that this line was unfortunately timed but we are not going to go into that here. It’s been done to death and besides, it’s not the Sardonic way, which can be pretty much summed up ‘snarko ergo sum’: I snark, therefore I am. The last sentence is entirely for the purpose of being able to do this:

Thinking about it, that could be Danny's motto too.

Thinking about it, that could be Danny’s motto too.

Good times.)

Uhm… where was I? Oh yeah! Things Danny Williams Likes About Hawaii, here we go:

Communing with nature…

There are totally, like, plants and stuff in there.

There are totally, like, plants and stuff in there.

Anger management therapy…

And he's getting PAID to do this!

And he’s getting PAID to do this!

Getting to drive a KICK-A/S car…

...well, sometimes anyway.

…well, sometimes anyway.

Malasadas and coco puffs…

I wonder what a deep-fried KitKat would taste like?

Beautiful scenery…

Just behave yourself, OK?

Just behave yourself, OK?

Dry land…

(you're welcome)

(you’re welcome)

Lovely and interesting museums…

Can't... bear... so... much... cuteness... SENDHELP!

Can’t… bear… so… much… cuteness… SENDHELP!

And finally, no matter how much he might say otherwise: his family…




Well, I suppose it’s not like he was under oath or anything. 😉


Thanks to bookemdanno.net for screencaps. 



  1. Excellent! The new layout of photo collages look superb! Really wonderful. Now just one thing…do it with Steve the next time and my satisfaction would be 100% guaranteed 😉

    1. [makes a joke about doing it with Steve / her satsifaction here] 😆

      1. hee!

        she said “doing it.”

        1. I promise I will do it with McG very soon.

          1. Lucky Girl…doing it with McG soon 😉

  2. Bang up job, I loved it.

  3. I liked each one bette than the last!!

    Then I decided the first one was my favorite, go figure.

    You really have a flair for this, these look great!!!

    PS you can’t call your posts “I have far too much time on my hands” that’s the invisible subtitle OF ALL MY BLOG POSTS.

    1. AND ALL MINE.

      Stupid thing is, I actually DIDN’T have time for this, but you know what it’s like when an idea gets hold of you…

      I think the museums one is my favourite, just for the adorableness. #sigh

      1. The museum ones are good too but I think the malasadas sugar on his lips and his face looks pretty cute. But I am not jumping sides yet 😉

        1. you don’t actually have to take sides, you know. it could be argued that they are both lovely and fun as hell to watch/drool over. just sayin’ 😉

      2. heymomo · · Reply

        I for one, am happy you managed to squeeze some time in to do this. Adorbs!
        Now, what were we saying about doing it with Steve?

    2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      “PS you can’t call your posts “I have far too much time on my hands” that’s the invisible subtitle OF ALL MY BLOG POSTS.”

      I’m reading this during my lunch break and I think they can hear me giggling out in the reception area :). So true, though. But so much fun!

  4. vanduyn · · Reply

    I love it!!

  5. As a founding member of the Danny Williams Appreciation Society (which, by the way, holds its meetings immediately following the Steve McGarrett Ogling Association), I am grateful for your post. The pics are wonderful and I am so happy to see so much of his lovely smile.

    He does *too* like Hawaii.

    I love it! Thanks.

    1. I will have to keep the whole evening free for that then!

      Thanks everyone 🙂

  6. Yay some Danno love! THANK YOU! Love ♥ 😀

    1. OOH love your avatar to bits Caroline!! TOO CUTE!!!

      1. Thanks, it’s a pic of my t-shirt 😀 I wore it to a pulp culture expo where I met Mark Pellegrino (old friend of Scotts) He took a photo of it and texted it to Scott!!!!! Wohoooo Scotty has a pic of my boobs lol

  7. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

    This is fantastic, Alicia. Your collages are amazing. It’s hard to pick my favourite. I think I’ll have to go with the final one for all the feelings. Danny, you DO have a family in Hawaii, not just Grace :).

    Did someone say something about doing it with McG?

  8. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Oh I really liked this. Danny must love Hawaii. So many good reasons!

    My only complaint is now I want malasadas. Which I must type often on this phone as it just wrote it with predictive text. #addicted

  9. Well done! thank you!

  10. two lines that totally cracked me up at work ‘…well, sometimes anyway.’ about him driving his own car & ‘I wonder what a deep-fried KitKat would taste like?’ All the beautiful pics (especially the dry land ones lol) make me look like a stupid love-sick fool…so mission accomplished I’d say 😀

    Thank you so much for this. Loved it start to finish ♥

  11. I got totally lost after Paula’s first comment about doing it with Steve.
    Love this post, even though I am a McG girl all the way.

  12. I actually enjoyed this so much that I forgot to comment.
    It is really such a great tribute to Danny, Alicia.
    A job well done!!

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