H50 is more than just McGarrett: The support crew

Last week we introduced the team at the heart of H50.  This week we’re going to introduce the support crew – the recurring characters who in some way assist the team with the crime of the week.  This is another trip back to season 1, to rediscover the first time each member of the the support team appeared in an episode.

We’ll kick off with Kamekona because he was introduced to the audience in the pilot and he has featured in around half of the episodes to date.  Kamekona is played by local actor Taylor Wily, also known as Teila Tuli and of Samoan descent, who was a champion sumo wrestler and mixed martial artist.

Here is how we first met Kamekona in the pilot.  Chin introduced him to Steve and Danny as his former confidential informant with ‘ties’ to the dodgy side of life in Hawaii. KK pilot

Chin is pretty sure Kamekona can give the team a name as a starting point in their investigation into people smuggling on the island.  This is how you ‘pay’ for information from Kamekona:

KK shave ice

Kamekona, we love you for making THIS happen!

Kamekona is a terrific addition to the show, I think.  He provides some great comedic moments and it’s nice to have a local as a recurring character as well as an Hawaiian actor with an ongoing role.  Sometimes he helps out the team with information and sometimes he’s just around for the lighter moments.  We’ll feature more of Kamekona in future posts.

The next member of the support crew to be introduced is Dr Max Bergman, the medical examiner.  We first met Max in episode 1.5 (Nalowale) when the team was called in by the Governor to investigate the disappearance of the daughter of the US Ambassador to the Phillippines after his other daughter is found murdered.  McG and Danny meet the Governor at the ME’s office to the sound of beautiful piano playing coming from the next room (by the way, it’s actually Masi Oka playing which I think is pretty cool).

This is McG’s WTF? face:

Is that Max

The Governor explains the Max is a ‘tactile thinker’ and music is part of ‘his process’, hence the piano in his office.  He’s possibly a savant, a genius, says the Governor.  McG and Danny are not so sure but the Governor tells them they just need to trust her on this one.

waiting for Max

Even the Governor has to wait for Max!

Max tells the Governor and McG and Danny what he has discovered about the body, that the cause of death was drowning but that there are defensive wounds and ligature marks which suggest homicide. Max 1.5_4

This is McG’s face as he listens to Max’s explanation.  Classic.

McG listening to Max

I thought Max was nicely played in his first episode, giving the audience some insight into his mannerisms and the way he interacts with people, setting his character up for some interesting times ahead.  I have grown to love Max and I think it’s great to have a quirky character in the show.  I can’t wait to feature his best moments in future posts.  Oh, and in his opening scene, he apologises for using a double negative so the English teacher in me loves him right off the bat :).

The final member of the support crew to be introduced is Charlie Fong, a HPD forensic scientist.  According to imdb, Fong’s first appearance was not until episode 1.22 (Ho’ohuli Na’au), where Rick Springfield’s fashion photographer character is murdered.  As Alicia said to me, it’s hard to believe that Fong didn’t join the show until late in season 1 as it seems like he’s been around from the very beginning!

Brian Yang, who plays Fong, was interviewed in 2011 and he had this to say about his character:  “I just take it episode to episode.  The writers do what they do and each episode is its own little journey.  I come in to help the team along when necessary.  It’s fun.  Each time, I get something different.  I guess for both the audience, and myself, we’re kept on our toes.  I was on the Warner Bros. lot not long ago and found out that the Charlie Fong character is actually based on a lab scientist who appeared on the original series!”    This nicely sums up his character, don’t you think?

Anyway, Fong’s first encounter with the team is with Kono, and this scene is really cute.  I love these two together. Fong gives Kono the good oil (that’s Ozspeak for the lowdown) on the explosion that killed Renny Sinclair.  He makes forensic science look very sexy!

Fong intro

They get to work together in this episode, collecting samples of gas for the investigation and following up on other forensic leads. Fong jokes with Kono throughout their time together about her failing to remember where they know each other from – adorable!

This is Fong’s ‘nope-you-guessed-wrong’ face:

guessed wrong

Finally, at the end of the episode, Kono finds out about her first meeting with Fong.  It turns out that Kono was Fong’s first kiss, at his cousin Kelly’s 10th birthday party.  He apologises for his braces cutting Kono’s lip although Kono remembers him as a pretty good kisser.  This scene could not get any more adorable if it tried:

How cute is this?

How cute is this?

Episode 1.22 was a terrific introduction to Fong as he had some serious screen time and he had great scenes with Kono.  According to imdb, he has only been in 17 episodes to date.  I sure hope we see more of him!

We hope you come back next week to check out our post on Danny and McG’s loved ones – Cath, Grace, Mary and Gabby.

(Source of quote from Brian Yang: http://www.blogher.com/busy-actor-brian-yang-air; screen caps from screencaps at aithine.org.)



  1. great post… do you plan on making a post about Wo Fat – cause that would be fantastic! With your recaps of best scenes we should have perfect “scrapbook” from the past…

    1. Good idea, Andrea!

      Great post, Andrea!

      This is going to get confusing 😄

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        I second both sentiments!

        1. Definitely a post on Wo Fat coming up!

  2. I love our recurrent cast 🙂
    And being a big Mark Dacascos fan I join Andrea in the request, surely Woo-fat will make a great next topic!
    Thank you

  3. Great post! I loved the little snippets of info about the actors too, really good to find out a little bit more about them. And that pic of McG and Danny in the t-shirts will never NOT crack me up!

    1. I just stumbled on that quote by Brian Yang by accident and thought it was a good one to include. He definitely deserves our attention as I think he’s really made something out of quite a minor role. I hope he features in more episodes in the future.

      And, yes, that scene with McG and Danny in the shave ice t-shirts is a classic. Never gets old. Did you notice Danny’s hair in that middle pic? I just had to include that one!

  4. I love Charlie Fong and Kono. Here’s hoping she gets rid of the duct-taper and sidles up to Charlie soon.

    One of the things I love about this post–and this show– is that it highlights so many great Asian American actors. In the US, I hear lots of BS about Asian men not being hot, but, hello? Have you seen these guys? Plus, Hawaii is the most racially diverse state in the US and I appreciate that Show remembers that in its casting decisions.

    Oh. That was not light and quippy. I’ll do better next time.

    1. Me too! I’d love to see Fong and Kono together :). That will give me an excuse to re-post the last collage with Fong’s adorable face – this is where it all began, I can say. Writers, I hope you are listening!

      Thanks for your comment about Asian American actors on Show. Good point! I like it when local actors have the chance to be guest performers, too, and I especially like the way Show highlights Hawaiian culture when it can. There’s so much it can do to showcase Hawaii – the scenery and the people and its historical significance.

      OK, that wasn’t light and quippy either….

  5. This is very well put together Andrea.
    It is interesting how they have build a support team up over the seasons.
    For me the greatest moment of Kamekona’s friendship, was in the S1 finale when he phoned Danny and told him that Steve came to get a gun……right there he told me he cared about them!! For me he became part of the Ohana at that moment.
    His other most hilarrious moment was in Epi 2:18 when it was reveal he is also “Papa Caan’s” snitch.

    1. Thanks FOYeur, that means a lot coming from you :). You’ve given me some great ideas for future posts about Kamekona. I love the line in 3.1 when he refers to Steve as “the great warrior McGarrett”. I think the writers have to be careful not to overdo his role on Show but I want him to stick around as he definitely adds value.

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      I agree with you FOYeur, the moment when Kamekona called Danny about McG and the guns was the clincher for me. Kame was no longer just an informant.

      1. Agreed. Will definitely feature that ep in future Kamekona posts. Watch this space!

  6. Max sure has come a long way since his intro! 😀

    1. He sure has, Steph. I love that the writers have retained what is unique about his character but have moved things along in terms of his relationship with the team. Can’t wait to feature the S2 opener – loved Max in that ep.

  7. One sad thing for me is that Steve missed out on the whole Max episode 2:20.
    For me that endeared me the most to Max……and i can just imagine with what great warmth Alex would have handled /treated him!!

  8. Most days I think TPTB really lucked out with the supporting cast, and the folks that pop up a few times a year. They have really created characters that we want to see more of, and get annoyed when we don’t get to. Personally I think Sang Min and Toast should alternate episodes. 12 ep’s a year of Sang Min, 12 of Toast. I will never tire of either.

    1. I agree J, some of the guest spots & recurring characters are just always amazingly good. Like I literally get happy every time some of these characters are on screen, for no other reason than they are just so good and entertaining, regardless of what’s going on in the plot… Oh and…. #FreeJohnnyD



  9. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Max! I finally stopped calling him Hiro and started calling him Max not too long ago. Go Max!

    Can’t believe Fong joined them that late in the game. Learn something new every day.

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