H50 Rewind and Reboot: A Retro-spective

Here’s a little something while we wait for the redo of the original ‘Hookman’ episode.  No offence to Jack Lord fans, but I have to say he doesn’t even come close to our McG in the hotness or BAMF stakes.
I’d like to see the battle of the pompadours between JL and Danny.

That’s not a gun…………………………………………THAT’s a gun.



VS girls, circa 1968


I have to question JL’s fashion sense. Seriously. Even back then, this couldn’t have been a good look.


Whoever said ‘less is more’ clearly wasn’t referring to McG’s accessories. And how the heck did Jack Lord keep that shoulder holster on?


Evil then, road kill now.


Awwww..aren’t they cute?


Crash tackle


Call me, Steve!




Suits or shirts?




The contemplating face, with accessories


Once a BAMF, always a BAMF.


No shortage of bad guys, then and now!


Spot the difference


Paper? Who needs paper?

tilt right

Strong profile, different hair.


This is my favourite. Ah, technology. You’ve come a long, long way.

steve and cath

McGarrett always gets some lei action


Our Steve and Danny are winning!


The Back Up Plan


Wonder what Fong would think of the old methods?


Do you think we’ll ever see Steve and Danny in coats like that?


Pre requisite for McGarrett role: must look good holding gun on boat


Hey, Wo Fat’s seriously updated his wardrobe. Our Wo Fat is still a bad dude but mighty stylish, I must say.

chin kono collage

Kono looks a little different this time around.




And finally, for @H50BAMF….

too much blue collage

I have to credit bestforfilm.com for the text here. And I’m pretty sure @H50BAMF would disagree!

Here’s some side by sides of the original ‘Hookman’ and the new episode. Source: http://www.mjq.net/fiveo/Hookman/pix/then-and-now.htm

ea17d39dd020b2d540f023b4d16c9106 2d5b98050c5dd3843bf05fbbf8a873bc 09a6f4ead95fb05ee29ab9e7d1219e33 55eafb8dcd095b0e022709d7f2a684cc 3827aac30a68942dc407d3df5f1733c7 b77b1b6769516e44273d6690970ff019 d38a1fb249c489a32a8d89a7d499fd97


  1. It’s that they’re wearing Kevlar, right? That’s the difference you want us to spot, no? 😉

    This was awesome, but it is sadly no contest at all. 2013 FTW!


  2. Thanks for this. Old Hawaii Five-0? Rest in peace. And YEAH to the best reboot ever!

    Surely back then they were on top of their game, but to watch that outdated show today is pure torture. Not just H50, but all the old stuff. They do have a certain charm, and I have nothing bad to say about it back then, but today is a different time. And NO show would survive even half a season being so slooooooooow.

    It’s really hard to watch with all their unnatural postures and scenes.

    I LOVE the new version, I think it’s fun to watch. And you are certainly right, there is only ONE BAMF McGarrett, and that is for sure not JL.

    But keep in mind, who knows what we will say about today’s Five-0 in forty years? 😉

  3. Wow…..just wow!!! So glad I grew up (hehehehe) with this version…..Mr. Lord was no looker (no h8).

  4. This was fantastically put together Westy. Thank You for all your research and hard work.
    I never saw any of the “OLD’ series nor do I want to {NO OFFENSE}. Jack Lord was not a bad looking man for those days and in a “Tailors Dummy” {Manniquin} kind of way but OUR crew is young gorgeous and wonderful in every way

    1. ACA, Pommienana! I think JL used to do it for my mum, though. Eww, there’s a thought!

  5. heymomo · · Reply

    They really did wear a lot more ties back in the day in Hawaii… our McG could stand to put on a suit more often 🙂

    1. Would be fun if they made one episode in retro style. Just imagine the hair-cuts and wardrobe 😀 It would be hilarious! Please, anyone with PLenkov connection, suggest it to him 🙂

    2. …and then take it off. 😄

      That was in reply to Momo. Paula, I’d love to see the team try and solve a crime without all their techno stuff. Just like they did in the original.

  6. I know CBS is obsessed with using the term Reboot, but these photos make me think remake with Sparkle!

  7. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    The old show is a wonderful inspiration but new show is so much better. 🙂

    1. Couldn’t ACA more, Gracie!

  8. Westy, I love this! Such a fantastic idea with the Hookman reboot airing this week. I was a little young for the original although I have a vague recollection of the theme song and the Hawaiian shirts on our (I’m ashamed to admit) black and white tv. I don’t think there’d be too many shows that would stand up to scrutiny when compared to modern tv – what we thought was great then is not so now although it’s amazing to think of how far we have come. It’s quite funny seeing the comparison pics :).

    I remember reading comments on a particular forum when the new show first aired and there was quite a lot of criticism for Alex and his portrayal of McGarrett, mostly from people who loved the original. I could never understand that criticism as I don’t think JL is a patch on Alex (no disrespect intended). That goes for the show in general – it has a completely different feel to it even accounting for advances in tv production.

    1. I think a lot of old movies and TV shows are guilty of over acting. Everything was very DRAMATIC. I think I’m going to watch the original Hookman episode before watching this new one, to see how they compare. Although that would be a major spoiler. Maybe I’ll watch it after…

      1. Yeah, I think you’re right. It was kind of how things were done then, I guess – serious faces and serious background music :). I’d like to watch the original Hookman too, for comparison, but good idea to watch it after watching the new one.

  9. Brilliant!! I’m another one who never saw the original series and I have no desire to whatsoever. How were they not sweltering in those clothes? The suits must have been hot enough, but why are they wearing COATS????

    Also pretty sure we used to have JL’s natty floral shirt pattern, but in purple and as curtains.

    1. OH Alicia {GIGGLE} Naughty . Naughty but SO funny. HEE HEE HEE. Love it !!!

  10. Great post!! Love the pics comparisons. 😉 I wanted to watch the original before tomorrow night’s showing but won’t get the chance. Oh. Darn.

  11. There is such a lot of hard work in this Westy. Just great!!
    Just a bit of trivia about Jack Lord and his appeal…..All for Westy’s mom 🙂
    When he was cast in 007 (Dr No) as the American secret agent, he did such a great job, that he was replaced by a new actor playing the same character ‘Felix Leiter’ in the next movie. The reason for it was that they were scared that he overshowed /ourplayed Sean Connery. (That started a tradition that Felix should always be played by a new actor – well untill the latest Daniel Craig ones, where Felix was played by the same actor)
    I remember a while back I did watch it…..and I could totally see what they mean (And I must add with that I am a big Sean Connery fan)

  12. I now realize that what I am missing from my life is our Kono holding two guys in a headlock. Love it Westy!

    1. OUR Kono could easily do that!

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