We Love A Man In (Lots Of Different) Uniform(s) – Part 1

I did promise that I would do it with McGarrett very soon, and I decided to do it with McGarrett in uniform because… well, because.

Getting down and dirty in the pilot (oh, yes please):


Still in the pilot, but scrubbing up nicely *flail* *flail* *flail*:


1.02 – the scene that ripped out our heartstrings and tied them to the crossbar of the ‘H’ in ‘Hawaii Five-0’:


1.08 – “I know you.” <— this line killed me dead, but the dress blues brought me back to life:


2.01 – I know that technically this is not his uniform but it’s still a uniform and he still looks damn fine in it:


2.04 – I really wanted to to include a better-length shot of this uniform, but the way he’s standing just makes me laugh, so I didn’t:


2.16 – the camera’s focusing on these fugly curtains, I’m not quite sure why:


2.17 – pls note placement of fire extinguisher. Thx:


3.14 – are you recovered from this enough to talk about it yet? No, me neither:


This post is titled Part 1 because we have the (squee!!) flashback ep (Squeeee!!) coming up (SQUEEEEE!!!!!) and if I can’t get at least two more collages out of that, I’m going to be wanting some money back from somebody, that’s for damn sure.

Thanks to bookemdanno.net for squeencaps (<— SEE WHAT I DID THERE????)



  1. LOL Alicia you are on a roll (McRoll?). Excellent collages, I really loved them 🙂 Looking forward to more squeencaps 😉

  2. Just BEAUTIFUL.
    So much beautiful memories in this, Alicia!!
    Although I must admit 2:16 and 2:17 just makes me want to cry……and not cry in a good way at all 😦

    A job well done……!!
    Hope you get some good material for the follow up soon.

  3. Brilliant! My favourite is still the pilot followed closely by 1.8. Here’s hoping you have loads of great material for part 2 *waits with bated breath*.

  4. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    So much uniform. So very wonderful. And awesome. And epic. And amazeballs. 😉

    1. I thought you would enjoy it… 🙂

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        You know me so well. 🙂

  5. Well done! Some things belong in this world, and this post is one of them 🙂

  6. Second collage
    Second row
    first pic (the one on the left)

    Totally disgusting and gross. I mean really WHAT IS HIS FACE?!?!?!?

    1. He is a dork….and his face is ridiculously handsome.

      1. cvc-eve · · Reply

        Ridiculous and relentless!

    2. Soooo ugly! Alicia is a trooper for subjecting herself to the torture of having to look for all these pics. Because I’m so nice, I might volunteer for the next lot. It’s only fair!

      1. Westy, I love you FAR TOO MUCH to let you subject yourself to such horror. Really, I insist. I can’t allow you to throw yourself into the line of fire* like that. 😉

        (* I am just ALL about the puns at the moment!)

  7. I had to review this post quite a few time…*quite* a few time, but the dress blues win. God, he looks.ike heaven in 1.08. Heaven. Thanks, Alicia, for this.

    The Fucup known as POMMIENANA has gone officially AWOL. from this blog. We do however believe she MAY be found huddled in an icechest in Honolulu due to unbearable Heat and Sexual Frustration brought on by drooling and moaning over pictures posted by another member of the Fucup organization known only as ‘Alicia” who may also be AWOL or more likely MIA searching for more pictures of the reason for Pommienana “s disappearence.<Commander Steve Mc Garret in official {Various"} uniform
    ".Alicia "must be stopped immediatly or the ENTIRE group of Fucups and those of their ilk will be found flopping and flailing all over Waikiki and Oahu in a desperate attempt ti retunn to "Normal"

    1. Psssstttttt Pommienana…..It’s FUCUPS…….all CAPS…..and don’t hurt yourself flailing around inside that cooler!

      1. Thank you for putting me right LH I guess I really FUCUPPED!!!!

        1. heymomo · · Reply


  9. heymomo · · Reply


    1. heymomo · · Reply

      Oh, and these pics are ok too. #understatementofthecentury

    2. I have NO IDEA how I never thought of this before!

  10. I joke a lot about wanting this man to be pantsless…ok… and shirtless…ok…and nekkid…ok…it’s really no joke…I am v serious about that…..BUT DAMN…he looks so fkng fantastic in uniform it almost makes me wish that he was dressed like this all the time. Those dress blues and THAT.FACE in 1.08…SO.BEAUTIFUL…I can’t stand to look at him anymore *scrolls back up*

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