3.15 Hookman Page 2

Kono goes to visit Charlie Fong who points out the neat way the killer writes his letter “O.” (Wait, what, the O? But what a coincidence! That’s the letter we just saw carved!) However, he proceeds to say it’s basically useless information unless the killer has written ransom notes before. Or perhaps etched them in stone like a caveman, or Moses. Kono then rambles on about the bullet casing, impressing us with her knowledge of firearms that she learned where exactly? Oh right, her sniper extra credit course at the academy. Just a couple of hours in the evening in fall semester, back in ’07. I think she got a B+? Anyway, she leaves, Charlie reaching out after her, whispering softly, “I don’t even own any duct tape…” and hoping all that “O” talk wasn’t too obvious.


The killer is lurking in a dirty alleyway where he meets up with a new friend and gives him a quick automatic weapons tutorial. So easy! Like five easy steps easy which I swear to god the more I think about it the more terrifying that is! It is so easy even a moron could do it – and a moron our new friend here clearly is.

Steve’s eyelashes are working overtime as he and Danny talk about how great a guy Keoki was and how time is so fleeting and FEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS. Steve’s grade school BFF Chelsea is dead at age 32 of breast cancer and MOAR FEELS OMG. MY. EMOTIONSSSSSSS. Across town, Cath starts making room in her jewelry box and checking her calendar for free Saturdays in June! Danny nicely and rationally tries to talk Steve out of his emo and then the phone rings and it must have startled Nice Danny and Emo Steve or something because those guys are MIA for most of the rest of the episode to be replaced by not-so-nice Danny and kind-of-a-jerkface Steve. Thanks a lot, Kono.



Our Dumb Friend is shooting at all the old HPD coppers as the Five-0s arrive. Inexplicably, Steve wants to talk to Our Dumb Friend who now is not only criminally in possession of the scariest gun ever but also high as a kite. Not that I think talking is a bad idea ever, but Steve never really says why he thinks talking will work this time when he never has before – and then when it doesn’t work he goes and does his own thing without telling anyone what to expect and Danny doesn’t seem to approve of either method so what is really happening here?

Though the way Steve throws down the bullhorn like it’s failed him in some way is actually pretty hilarious.

This would really be a better .gif.

This would really be a better .gif.

The shootout comes to an end but sadly, Officer Ookala has been hit. And oh crap, his name begins with an “O” doesn’t it?!?!?



  1. I thought this was odd: the guy lived down the road but they haven’t seen each other in the two and a half years McG’s been back? Didn’t Keoki go to the funeral? Didn’t he try to make contact with the son of his murdered friend, who was now pretty much doing the same job as him? Did they never run into each other at work?

    The eyelashes, though, were epic in that scene, so I might have missed something important.

    1. That seemed weird, but I’m guessing it’s because he didn’t live down the road anymore.

      And apparently Papa McG wasn’t the only cop affording to live in that neighborhood …

      1. ^^^ this might be what I missed while the eyelashes were singing their siren song to me. I took it to mean that he still lived there.

      2. the family could have had a lease hold on the property, doesn’t actually mean they own the property, just the house (weird Hawaiian property laws)…….Steve’s house may be on the ocean but he doesn’t even have a proper staircase to the room where all the magic happens….oh wait, there’s the couch for that too!

  2. I know, it didn’t really ring true that they hadn’t seen each other but I liked the feeeeeels. I guess that’s what happens when you try to recreate an episode, but have to change bits. Who says the original Kono was a ballistics expert? I can’t remember. Didn’t really ring true for our Kono.

    1. It just seemed a bit – six months, yeah, that goes by fast, but if you haven’t seen someone who lives down the road in two and a half YEARS, you’ve kind of lost emo privileges when they cark it.

      1. ACA Alicia. It didn’t quite ring true for me.

      2. At least we got misty eyed Steve because of this. They were really nice, although I admit I did not quite get emo Steve…

        1. Thinking about it though, there’s a lot of guilt in there for not making the time to see Keoki (because whatever Danny says about being busy, he’s not THAT busy. He’s watched The Notebook twice recently, after all), and he’s lost a part of his past that he’ll never get back, the chance to talk about his childhood friend who died only just over a year before his father did, and there’s probably some guilt in there as well, because he hadn’t seen her for so long and didn’t make it back for her funeral. I retract the ‘lost emo privileges’ comment 🙂

          1. I take your point, Alicia :). Sometimes though I feel a bit ‘blindsided’, if that’s the right word, by character moments because they are a bit hit and miss and so much is left unexplored or it happens ‘off camera’. If the writers want us to be really invested in these characters and provide us with a more character driven show, then I personally think they need to delve a bit deeper. There is always so much going on in an episode, which is what is good about Show, but that can also mean some of the more serious character moments are a bit lost. Am I making any sense at all?

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              You make perfect sense. 🙂

              Sent from my iPhone

            2. That’s the risk of trying to blend the action and character. I agree they don’t always do it smoothly. And I really think it can be done better.

              1. like for the love of God someone explain Kono and her sniper skills!!!!!???????

            3. You are making sense Andrea but you have to realize it’s not just the writers. Part of TPTB are CBS suits who are not big on character shows. I actually think H50 has done a good job in giving us more each season for character bits. This is fairly new ground for CBS procedural gurus. I remember them saying in S1 that it was a constant struggle with CBS to try to bring more character stuff into show. So it’s not just the writing…we’re probably lucky to get what we get. Though I agree, More, more, more would be pretty awesome.

              1. Ess, thanks for responding to my comment. I suppose I mean TPTB and the writers when I say writers. The whole network thing is a bit lost on me as it doesn’t quite work that way here. Anyway, I think sometimes there’s an inconsistency in the character writing and things sort of come out of left field in a way because there’s hardly been a mention of them previously. I’ve said it numerous times, I think Show is trying to do too much and it doesn’t always work with all the various elements. I get what you are saying, Ess, and it probably explains why I sometimes think Show suffers a bit from an identity crisis.

      3. ACA, again. It rang a little hollow. (One of the downsides of trying to do a remake is that it might not resonate with what we know already. they had to cram some stuff in there to make it like the original, perhaps?)

      4. Maybe, as old Ben Kenonbi’s daughter died it might be the kind of visit Steve might put off due to the difficulty with the feelings.

    2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      I don’t know if the original Kono was a ballistics expert, but I do know that the original Kono was dead by the time this aired in 1973. A new character “Ben Kokua” was in this episode (played by Mamo – Al Harrington!)

      1. Good McNerding there.

      2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Epic McNerd.

  3. Love the duct tape and O reference, JK!

    I dunno, I kind of get the whole not making contact thing with Keoki in the time he’s been back. I’m bad for that too.

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      I agree…if you don’t say anything the first few times you run into someone then it gets WAY awkward to say something later. Show makes me think I should say something anyway. Thank you Show.

    2. yeah but if Keoki was still a cop, how come Steve no run into him at a crime scene or at the station?

    3. I agree Westy. I think worrying about Keoki and the time passing thing is kind of a scooter. If we think about it, there are probably many people in our own lives that could fit the same bill for us.

      For me I was just happy that we actually had Steve talking about someone he knew in the past…you know that wasn’t trying to kill him. It was nice to hear Steve go down that memory lane. the payoff was grand. 🙂

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Steve had nice normal caring friends! Yay Steve.

  4. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    It was so sad to see Steve break down…those tears….awwww…poor Steve…I shed a few of my own for him…SO.MANY.FEELS!!!
    And THOSE.EYELASHES…holy hell…they should have been listed in the credits!!!

    1. His eyelashes… those Moths on his Eyeballs as Paula calls them…. they are their own creatures… that is for certain!

      1. I truly wonder is makeup curls them? I really do!

        1. I wonder if they ever play with them and put on a bit of mascara, just for fun in the make-up trailer 🙂

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Alex really shone in those scenes. Even if it didn’t make sense I’m glad it happened just so we could see it.

      1. Ok but it would have been so much better if they had made sense, you know….

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Hmmm. For me personally, it made sense. I know a lot of others don’t see it this way but I understand time getting away from us, especially with Steve a lot has happened to him. I think this means I was able to enjoy the episode a lot more then some others. If twitter etc is anything to go by.

  5. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    Sorry…still more to say…I LOVED the entire bull horn scene…I thought it was fkng hilarious!!! “Maybe he didn’t hear me”…”You want to get shot, I’ll shoot you”… and the way Steve tossed the bullhorn… like damn you bullhorn…I tried it your way now I’m gonna do it my way!!!…..Bwahahahaha
    This is how Show differs from original…it includes a little comedy to relieve tension…and it does it BRILLIANTLY!!!

    1. The bullhorn throw was so funny! I must do the gif and see if it captures the comedy.

      1. It will!!! Please do it!!

      2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

        OMG I don’t know what is more funny – Throwing the bullhorn because it failed its mission or Steph’s caption that it would work better as a .gif!

        1. It is an awesome gif, like a petulant child he tosses that away like a broken toy.
          Eddie Murphy’s bro looks just like him!!

    2. I loved the bullhorn–Pissy!Steve. And Danno’s comment(s) during this scene were nice throwbacks to the first season.

    3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I loved the bullhorn throw. Steve is really 7. 😉

    4. The bullhorn is brilliant on so many levels!! #1 that they actually used it!! I was all all WTF this HAD to be int he original because….WTF?? LMAO!! (please, OH PLEASE) let there be gag reel of this because you know Alex did not stick to script for the first dozen takes….
      #2 (what was I talking about??) The throwing down was hilarious.

      (a href=”http://northlucas.tumblr.com/post/42401940020″ target=”_blank”>The throwing of the bullhorn was perfection

        1. That’s a dangerous gif. I can’t stop watching it and laughing.

        2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          I snorted. Literally. Lol.

      1. Hee hee, Alex pass up the chance to goof off … on a bullhorn? I think not! If he said fuck over the bullhorn, I will scream HELL YES and jump him.

        Maybe even throwing the bullhorn like that was ad lib, hee hee.

        I just noticed, cop on the far right really isn’t under cover of the wall, being so far away from it. But we’ve already established (lack of) eligibility criteria for Honolulu copping.

  6. “…because those guys are MIA for most of the rest of the episode to be replaced by not-so-nice Danny and kind-of-a-jerkface Steve.”

    Exactly how I felt! So glad you went there, Steph *hugs*.

  7. heymomo · · Reply

    I think Kono got an A in the actual sniping part of the course.
    Fong! Doesn’t have duct tape! Oh, FONG!! *air hearts*
    I had a really difficult time following the EMOgument because of those eyelashes.
    Steve and the bullhorn was PRICELESS!!

  8. OMG, that last pic, McG looks like he’s leading some funky line dance, and Danno is saying no way babe …

    1. OMG he does! I blame the white pants, they’re making him think he’s in One Direction! One Direction

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Sheila said the exact same thing. If she wasn’t moving I’d revoke her show watching privileges. 😉

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            It was the first negative comment I’d heard about the white pants lol I didn’t know how to take it.

      2. heymomo · · Reply


      3. I don’t listen to One Direction so they’re wearing Steve’s pants IMO. 😉

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          My cousin is in love with this band. As such, I’ve heard more than my fair share.

  9. cvc-eve · · Reply

    I can see how times flies and people wish they had made an effort to keep up, so that part was not really a problem for me but this was another convo that seemed ‘stuck in there’ as if to say , Hey it’s a modern remake!”

    1. It would have made more sense if he’d said that he saw Keoki at the funeral (where they exchanged condolences) and meant to get in touch after that but never got around to it. Or that he’d seen him at work a couple of times but always been too busy to have a proper chat.

      1. I have been thinking the same thing today, after digesting all the comments about this aspect of the episode. I think that’s what bothers me a bit about some of the writing lately – the writers just need to tighten things up a bit. I don’t think that convo would have even registered with me as a WTF? moment if McG had just said some of the things you suggested, Alicia. It would have made way more sense.

  10. I loved the line where Danny told Steve to show SWAT the profesional courtesy to come and do their job…..not that it helped to stop Steve.

    1. I loved that line too! It also occurred to me that it was damn lucky for Steve that Ookala – or anyone else, for that matter – wasn’t shot by Our Dumb Friend because it would have been completely and utterly Steve’s fault if he had been.

      1. LOL! Then we could see Danny’s “I told you so” face. And the ensuing arm waving and “what’s the matter with you?” convo.

        1. And the ensuing disciplinary hearing.

            1. ACA!!! ^^^^^ If he was a real copper he would have been knee deep in da poop.

              1. If they were real cops they’d all be in jail.

    2. I thought that line of argument was ridiculous. Like it was just another thing they gave danny to piss and moan about because it’s not like Danny follows proper police procedure all the time either. Not when it doesn’t suit him. They all do and i actually welcomed crazy Steve back into the H50 limelight. He’s been gone too long.

  11. “Anyway, she leaves, Charlie reaching out after her, whispering softly, “I don’t even own any duct tape…” and hoping all that “O” talk wasn’t too obvious.”
    JK FTW!!!!

    I was shouting at the screen, “Dump Adam. This is the guy for you, Kono!”

  12. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    It’s a good thing that Curt Stoner didn’t start the killing spree with Duke Lukela and then McGarrett – or they may never have solved the crime!

    1. Noooooooo I don’t even want to think about it! Duke being shot, that is. 😦

    2. Peter Weller was really good I thought.

  13. I’m currently using my mouse and pointer to rub his chin dimple….just thought you should know.

  14. “Anyway, she leaves, Charlie reaching out after her, whispering softly, “I don’t even own any duct tape…” and hoping all that “O” talk wasn’t too obvious.” – LOL. I have a feeling that even in the series finale we will be referring to the duct tape.

    1. The duct tape, chickens & boulders to the face… they will never die.


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