3.15 Hookman Page 3

Max is on scene, confirming Steve & Danny’s hypothesis that Our Dumb Dead Friend’s wild shooting didn’t kill Ookala and Charlie arrives (yay, Charlie!) to help Max determine where the bullet came from. They trace the bullet back to the City’s Pension Board, where they find a conspiracy to kill off old police officers before they can retire and draw benefits. No, they trace it back up to a roof, with the magic of hairspray and lasers.


The Five-0s converse about the case as Steve is summoned to discuss it with the Governor, who apparently lives in fear of the State Bureau of Tourism. Forget the Yakuza, the Hawaii’s Chamber of Commerce is quite likely the scariest group in all the central Pacific. The Governor tells Steve not to make this case personal but our robo-assassin has other ideas….


BACK TO THE LAB! This time Steve has come a-courtin’ and Charlie again tries his handwriting/engraving pick up lines on Steve but all for naught as Danny arrives with an even better lead (Kono’s lead), and Steve literally runs away… BYE CHARLIE!

Now we’re with Plastic hands Man again and he’s walking sooooooo slowly the camera is skipping him ahead on our behalf. He’s setting up just across the street from the gun shop where Steve and Danny are investigating! Clever!


Now Danny is wandering around the gun shop as Steve makes small talk with the owner until they start having… quite a timely conversation. The Guns in America conversation that lots of real life people are actually really having right now. I’m just going to leave it at: I’m glad they went there, but I realize not everyone is. Not sure when this episode was filmed in relation to the latest / most tragic mass shootings here in the United States, but I’m not sure that matters.

Angry Danny and the store owner, Norm, go back and forth with Steve playing Switzerland. NOH8 Swiss people but that’s not necessarily a compliment here in ‘merica. Where you have the right to own big guns AND act like a big asshole. And you don’t have to like it but you have to live with it anyway. Or die with it anyway, if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. With the gun one, not the speech one. FREEDOM!

Aren’t you glad the English/Australian contingent that normally writes these things took the week off? I can feel Westy revoking my posting privileges as I type! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Anyway. Danny’s bleeding heart is ducking and weaving in and out of the sniper’s cross-hairs when a painter arrives, disturbing the attempted sniping. The painter is then sadly, ironically, choked to death by a man with no hands and really, I’m sorry, if prosthetic hands are actually strong enough to strangle someone… They probably shouldn’t make them that way. I will open your pickle jars forever, plastic hands man. But really, how about less torque on those babies? For serious.

Steve, Danny and Norm finish jabbering just in time to realize they’ve been set up and take cover. Instead of making a quiet get-away, or, I don’t know, taking a right out of the parking garage instead of a left, our Unnamed Killer instigates a car chase that is undoubtedly a million times more exciting than the one in the original episode. I also highly doubt the original episode’s car chase started with Steve and Danny buckling their seat belts. Neither, I’m guessing, did it feature a rather testy Danno chastising Steve for passing on the right. But in addition to all that, now is the time when Danny decides to draw the line in the sand re: his driving skills vis a vis Steve McGarrett’s. Seriously, this episode, what the heck?



  1. With my complete lack of insight into the gun debate, I’m just going to say that when the shop owner asked if Danny was off his meds or if he was always like that, I wanted to punch him in his self-satisfaction.

    Also, he reminded me very strongly of this guy:

    “Seriously, this episode, what the heck?”

    ^^^ EXACTLY

    1. LOL!!!!!!!!!! And yes, “seriously, this episode, what the heck?”. My feelings exactly.

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      Something tells me Alicia likes the SoCo man 😉

      1. I do, but not in that way #ew

    3. It’s sort of sweet how we can all watch this the world over and think “Seriously, this episode, what the heck?” (We are the world, we are the FUCUPS, we are the ones who urge on Alex, so let’s get pantsless….)

  2. I hope that robo man has good control of his hands at other times, he could have a nasty accident in the shower.
    I’m glad Danny went there too, although I realise I don’t get a say as a UK citizen.
    It did give me a shiver to see McG’s name on the bullet.

    1. Ouch! That could be unfortunate!

  3. I’m not even going to touch the gun debate. Steph, your lack of PC when talking about the irony of a man with no hands being able to strangle someone and break his neck is, well, exhilarating.

    1. I figure the 3 untouchable / sacred cow topics these days are guns, religion & the differently-abled… I probably got 2.25/3 in this recap… Thanks for the free hand blog mistress, you rock!

      1. Free HAND!!

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          Bwah ha ha!!

  4. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    Even as a Canadian, I know what a touchy subject gun control is in the U.S….so I commend Show for going THERE.
    As for the cargument I think that Danny nearly sh*ts himself every time Steve drives wildly….sigh…I wish he’d drive me wildly…sorry, I digress…so Danny chooses to release his anxiety in other ways…like insulting Steve’s driving skills. Which is nonsense anyway because we all know that Steve would be an AMAZING DRIVER…whether he’s going fast or going nice and slow!!

  5. I didn´t pay too much attention to point of views in gun shop, because Steve´s face as he listened to Danny pissing off the shop keeper stole my intention for the most part 🙂
    Liked the sparkling flag…in double LOL

    1. ” because Steve´s face as he listened to Danny pissing off the shop keeper stole my intention for the most part :)”
      ME TOO 🙂

  6. Loved that you thought it was a good idea for the OzBrit contingent to have this week off recapping! Hehe. You are right, not sure how I would have approached writing about that gun shop scene. I’m like Westy and am not going to go there re: the gun debate. However, I will say that the scene really jarred for me – not so much because of the issue but because it just seemed a bit misplaced. It may have worked on another show but I just didn’t think it worked here.

    1. cvc-eve · · Reply

      I will leave it alone too, except to agree that I was watching this with an eye and ear to it being pretty much a remake of the original, but with cell phones. So, I found the conversation to be out of place. Also, well, just, ack…. Never mind.

      LOVE THE FLAGS!!!!!!!!!!

      JK, your line, choked by a man with no hands, that is POETRY!!!! Very nice

      Hairspray and lasers, funnnny

      Loving your recap

  7. heymomo · · Reply

    Offscreen, Fong borrowed the hairspray from Danny.

    I am curious about when this ep was written/shot in relation to the shootings. I’m guessing that conversation didn’t happen in the original Hookman episode.

    1. This was filmed in the first 2 weeks of this year. 2-9 January 2013 if that helps at all. 🙂

      1. The Sandy Hook shooting that we are all alluding to was December 14, so I guess Plenkov was trying to assuage his guilt for glorifying violence with that conversation.

        1. The script would have to be completed way more than 2 weeks before shooting, especially with 2+ week of Christmas vacation in this particular case. If the dialogue was based on that, they would had to have scrapped the original scene and rewrote it, I think.

          1. Good point, Rainy. But I can’t help but think he tweaked it in light of the then-recent events, which might be why it feels so odd. It might not have had the reflection and rewriting that most scenes get.

  8. I think the show actually took a very nice opportunity the show that there are points to be made on both sides of the debate of the freedom to own a gun. And that even a cop carrying a gun, could be against guns being freely available.

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply


  9. Oh my Danny looks teeny tiny standing there by his lonesome……..not a good angle.

  10. Gun debate. It was stupid, misplaced and ill timed. Most of all, stupid. It’s not like they put it in there to have a decent debate on the two sides. It wasn’t there to increase understanding, they were there just yelling at each other. Basically a slice of exactly what happens in this country. It’s not fun when i watch it on the news, it’s not entertaining when it’s on my fun time shows.

    Plot wise, why the hell are you trying to piss off someone who is helping you? By all means, lets let more cops die while we have a gun debate. And does Steve run around in his spare time waving guns all around? Danny’s ‘guns and ammo’ jokes to Steve are getting old. Last I could tell, he only wore his during duty also.

    Lets go after the makers of the robotic arms too. Do they kill people or do the people with robotic arms kill people??

    I think abortion is up next, right?? religion, gun control…. abortion is next. can’t wait!

    This scene really took me out of the episode.

    1. ESS, I have to agree. I get that part of Danno’s character is that he’s a bit grumpy and contrary (in NJ we just call that charm…LOL), but sometimes SHOW pushes it too far and he goes from being the loveable crumudgeon to a complete jerk. I found it especially annoying in this scene because Danno is after all a cop who carries a gun and he’s tasked with investigating a crime. But he just came off as a jerk along for the ride trying to pick a fight rather than a professional trying to do his job and find the bad guy. This scene had me shaking my head.

      Steph…”choked to death by a man with no hands”…you have a gift for words. Great recap!

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