Memorable Guest Performers: Julie in the Jungle

This week’s memorable guest performer post is from episode 1.16 ‘E Malama’ (‘to protect’).  Julie Masters, played Mariana Klaveno, is a key witness in a case against the leader of a major drug cartel, Aaron Brenner.  Julie has been placed in a federal witness protection program and is being kept hidden in a safe house in the jungle while she waits for her chance to testify against Brenner.  However, Brenner sends his men to try to silence her and they manage to track her down.  Julie escapes from the safe house and McGarrett and Chin must find her and escort her to the courthouse to testify.

I liked Julie from the get go.  She sure had some guts!  After the baddies turn up and kill the marshall who was protecting her, she manages to get away, using some pretty awesome McG-like skills.  When McG and Kono turn up later, they are totes impressed with Julie’s fighting qualities.  Kono says: “I really hope she’s alive ‘cos I want to meet her.”  ACA, Kono!

Julie uses stuff on hand to ward off the bad guys.  McG would be so proud!

Julie uses stuff on hand to fend off the bad guys. McG would be so proud!

McG and Chin later catch up with Julie in the jungle. Chin is tasked with the job of getting her safely back to the courthouse to testify while McG tracks down the bad guys.  Julie is one tough customer!

This is her tough face.

This is her I’m-scared-but-I-still-want-to-testify face.

One tough cookie!

She’s determined to help put away the head of a major drug cartel.  McG and Chin agree.  These are their determined faces.

In the end, despite enduring a harrowing ordeal, Julie makes it to the courthouse and the bad guy gets what is coming to him.

"I solemnly swear..."

“I solemnly swear…”

The COTW was fairly straightforward but I liked this episode because it was well put together, Julie was a terrific guest performer and McG, Chin and Kono were all part of the action.

(In this episode, Danny was tied up with dealing with Rachel’s car jacking incident.)

Julie was pretty awesome – she was determined to have her day in court despite the danger.  She had a tough time of it though….

Don't let her go, Chin!

Don’t let her go, Chin!

I had never heard of the actress who played Julie, Mariana Klaveno.  I looked her up on imdb and discovered that she has been a guest performer in a few notable shows, including Dexter and ER but is most known for her role as Lorena in True Blood.  I thought she delivered a terrific performance with a nice balance of vulnerability and grit.

‘E Malama’ also deserves mention for the BAMFness of McG, Chin and Kono:

Chin's cool motorbike riding skills were on display

Chin’s cool motorbike riding skills were on display

Kono figures out who was working with Brenner from within the legal team and she takes her down.

Kono figures out who was working with Brenner from within the legal team and she takes her down.

McG in camo being a BAMF!

McG in camo being a BAMF! Say no more!

McG talking Danny down AND being a BAMF - totes clever is our McG

McG talking Danny down AND being a BAMF – totes clever is our McG

We’re interested in your thoughts on this episode and on Julie as a guest performer.  Personally, this episode makes my list of favourites from season 1.

We hope you come back next week to check out our next featured guest performer.  Feel free to let us know if there is a guest performer you’d like us to celebrate in a future post :).

(Pics courtesy of and AoLRocks.)



  1. What a coincidence, I just watched this episode on TV, last night before bed 🙂 I can´t remember this Mariana from any other shows, still she looks a bit familiar. She did a good job, but not sure if her hiding place in the cave was the best possible.
    I kept laughing at Steve´s face paint again 😀

    1. Freaky, Paula! I had never seen Mariana before but I loved her in this ep.

      McG’s face paint never gets old. And the shot of McG, Chin and Julie in the truck. Those faaaaaaaaces!

  2. As much as I loved this episode…..I had just as many issues with how they decided to do it.
    The performance of the actress however, was one of the good points for me.
    A guest actress,100% part of the episode.

    1. Definitely a 100% as a guest performer for me.

      What didn’t you like about how the episode was done?

      1. Me and this episode and me wishing to remake started long before I even joined any fandom. I have redone the damn thing so many times in my head – I must ad this is the only H5-0 episode that I have ever thought to remake. And also not the whole episode. I actually think it was quite good!
        My issue with it was how they handled the issues of the urgency of the pursuit. Steve and Chin having a nice chat will in “hot pursuit” of very dangerous men hunting an innocent girl, just did not sit right with me.
        They could have solved such a lot of what I found wrong with just a few shots of them running and Steve doing the tracking at a fast pace and also being quiet, not giving your own position away…..
        Just small liitle bit they could have done to make Steve look more like a real SEAL that actually knew what he was doing and the seriousness of it all.
        To explain everything playing out in my head, would take a few pages ….
        But like I said I actually liked the episode and the theme of it very much. And they used the core four very well.
        And then on a lighter note, they of course missed a golden oppotunity to show Steve shirtless and pantsless…..because he changed his full gear, before the went into the bush. 😛

  3. Julie is one of my favourite guest characters, I just loved her. She seemed very real, the way she reacted to things was very authentic, if you know what I mean. She wasn’t completely helpless, she was smart, brave and determined and had a lot of inner strength, but she was still scared, they didn’t try to make her a tough guy. I want to watch this ep again now!

    Love their ‘determined’ faces!

    1. That’s exactly it, Alicia! Julie WAS real, I could totally get on board with her character. I liked that she wanted to do the right thing by testifying but was scared all the same. I so enjoyed watching the episode again for this post.

      1. It’s how you’d like to think you would act in that situation, isn’t it? Even though you suspect you’d be sitting in the cave crying “I’m just going to have to die because I’m too terrified to even breathe!” (assuming you even made it out of the safehouse to begin with) you’d like to think you would be up to the challenge like she was, because she was a very normal person, she didn’t really have any skills that other people don’t have. Did you get Derren Brown’s Apocalypse over there? Similar sort of thing.

      2. heymomo · · Reply

        She had to walk through the jungle without shoes! Julie earns bonus points for that alone!! Love their determined faces.
        Also, ACA, cammofaceSteve never gets old 🙂

  4. hunny_bee1 · · Reply

    This is one of my favourite episodes from Season 1. Julie was awesome; I too had never heard of Mariana Klaveno, but was thoroughly impressed by her performance here. McG in camouflage gear was just…beyond hot….bordering on “so sexy, it should be illegal”! Especially after he got all hot and sweaty in the jungle, not to mention the black face paint….ooooh yeaaah….I just wanted to……oops, sorry…what was I talking about?! =P
    Kono was also pretty BAMF, to say the least; her takedown of the cleaner at the courthouse was VERY cool indeed….I also loved the look McG gave her as she swept her hair off her face and walked away like it was no big deal……just amazing!
    Also, was it me, or did she and Chin exchange some rather “meaningful” looks during this episode?

    1. hunny_bee1 · · Reply

      …and by “she”, I meant Julie!

  5. This was an incredibly good episode Steve, Chin and Kono were totally in sync as team members and as BAMF’s. Julie was a great character and Mariana acted her heart out.No suprise to me having seen her in the Incredible role of Lorena in TRUE BLOOD. This lady can ACT!!!

  6. Is this the ep in which Kono spells out her name, hella slowly? For some reason, that scene comes back to me over and over. I love that she didn’t give a sh/t! She was really coming into her own BAMFiosity.

  7. […] Julie. We’ve gone into this in some detail already with this awesome post but some of it bears repeating. Julie is the person we like to think we could be – normal, no […]

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