Happy Birthday Westy!

Happy Birthday to our lovely, wonderful friend Westy!

Alicia’s note: For anyone who, like me, isn’t familiar with Australian Rules Football, Andrea has helpfully provided some explanation so you’ll know what on Earth is going on. (Although on the basis of that second pic down alone, I’m considering getting into it. Also, I have had this song stuck in my head for two weeks and now know it by heart, so I feel like I’ve made some kind of down payment on fandom already.)

The song, Up there Cazaly, is something of a football anthem in Australia.  And by football, we mean Australian Rules Football (as if there is any other kind, we hear Westy and Infant say!).  The song was first recorded in 1979 as part of the promotions for coverage of that season’s football matches although it was a football catchphrase long before then.

What IS a Cazaly?  It is a ‘who’ not a ‘what’, actually – Roy Cazaly.  Cazaly (1893-1963) is a legendary AFL player famous for his high marks.  A mark is a skill particular to AFL where a player catches the ball cleanly (controlling the ball) after it has travelled more than 15 metres without having hit the ground or touched another player’s hands.  Taking a mark rewards you with an unimpeded kick of the ball.  Now, if you are not a footy fan, you may be yawning by now but taking a mark is quite spectacular to watch, especially if players jump up really high, as they are prone to do.  In fact, there is an award each season for Mark of the Year.  So there you go.

Here’s an example:


Awesome, hey?

Also, and totally for our viewing pleasure, AFL players usually have rather nice guns 🙂


(See what we mean about the guns?  Apologies to Westy and Infant, though, for including a picture of a Collingwood player but the guns were too good to pass up.)

Roy Cazaly had a hugely successful playing career, beginning in 1909 with the St Kilda Football Club and then with South Melbourne, and later as a coach.  Cazaly honed his high mark skills by jumping up for a ball hanging from the roof of his garden shed.  His team mate at South Melbourne, ‘Skeeter’ Fleiter, began calling out ‘up there Cazaly’ during games and the crowds embraced the catchphrase.  It became an Australian idiom and troops in WW2 began using it as a way of fostering team spirit and gearing up to fight the enemy.

This is Cazaly taking a mark:


So Westy LOVES AFL.  The team she supports is the West Coast Eagles, three time AFL premiers:


(This is the WCE mascot.


Don’t get too excited.  It’s an eagle, not a chicken.)


Have a wonderful day, Westy! Love from Andrea and Alicia xxx


Thank you to the ever-wonderful @neropatti for the knife-throwing clip 🙂


(in case the embedded link isn’t working, which it isn’t for me for some reason *scratches head* here’s the other one – just take out the ‘.’ in ‘youtu.be’ 🙂 http://www.youtu.be.com/watch?v=fnUog6zY5YM)



  1. THANK YOU Westy for having a birthday! We also got a nice present!

    1. I love when ANY of us have a birthday. Presents for everyone!

  2. Happy Birthday Westy!!
    And great video Andrea and Alicia, you are clever.

    1. Thanks, MJ!

  3. Happy birthday Westy!

    And thank you Andrea and Alicia for this brilliant video. WOW!

    1. Thank you, Sam 😄

  4. Happy birthday Westy! Such a great video gift, for some reason -besides Alex- I think I am gonna start loving Australian Rules football!! Up there Cazaly!!!!

    1. Aussie Rules RULES! Thank you.

  5. That is awesome!!!!
    But………I kept watching for Rick Springfield to make an appearance!!!

    Happy Birthday Westy!!

    1. Poor Rick Springfield. Do you remember when Infant didn’t know who he was? I was ready to deport her myself. My son said to me yesterday that he didn’t realize Rick was Australian. But at least he knew who he was 😀

      1. Hehe. But Infant is an Infant so in all fairness, she’s a bit young to know about Rick. Jessie’s Girl was one of my favourite songs when I was *coughs* younger *coughs*.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Whattttt! You’re spreading lies! Lol I knew who he was. I love Jesse’s girl. I even know he was Apollo’s brother Zack in the original Battlestar Galactica. What I didn’t know was that he was Australian. 😀

  6. Oh my gosh. I just don’t know what to say. Ok, I do.

    The fact that you could take the GREATEST sport aaaand the GREATEST sporting song and tie it in with McG and H50 is beyond awesome. Sheer FUCUP ingenuity! And not just McG, but my FAVOURITE BAMF McG!

    I love this so much.

    (Your apology for including a Collingwood player in this vid is duly noted, however…..DO.NOT.LET.THIS.HAPPEN.AGAIN! 😄)

    Australian sport, including footy, is in disgrace at the moment after the release of an Australian Crime Commission report this week stating that drugs and the administration of illegal supplements to players and athletes is rife, so this particular birthday pressie was JUST what the doctor ordered!

    I’m pretty sure old Roy, if he felt he needed a little boost, just chugged down an extra coffee on game day.

    LOVE you girls! Thanks heaps for this most AWESOME gift. Is it sad that I’m more excited for this than any real life presents I have received?☺

    Go the mighty West Coast Eagles – AFL Premiers Season 2013!

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      The video is pretty amazing. So amazing that I forgive them for not seeking my counsel on the topic. I mean a Collingwood player and some Adelaide guy taking a mark over an Essendon player!? Girls you’re killing me. 😉 I do however love that they went to such effort to teach everyone a little bit more about the game we love. Which I still do despite everything that has happened this week and all the teasing (bullying) I’ve copped.

      I can safely say I won’t be able to hear this song without thinking of McG. Wonderfully put together girls.

      Even though it was a present for Westy, kinda wound up being one for me too. And also a little bit healing right Westy? Reminded me of what I love about the game despite all the BS that’s going on at the moment.

      Yay Team FUCUP.

      1. *hugs* I’m happy it made you feel better. Team FUCUP FTW!

        1. What Alicia said!

    2. It was Andrea’s brilliant idea! And I looked at the lyrics, got as far as ‘you can do whatever turns you on, get out and clear your mind’ and thought HELL YEAH!! McG can do BOTH AT THE SAME TIME, because he’s a multi-tasker, y’know 😉

      I’m so happy you liked it :-). It was lots of fun and I LOVE the song, it’s ridiculously catchy. Happy Birthday!

      1. Well, yes, but a real team effort and Alicia, you did an amazing job matching the lyrics to the McG clips. I’m still laughing at the skydiving one – perfect – and the fighting scenes. Awesome!

        Kudos to us seeing as we know next to nothing about footy! (Hence the Adelaide guy taking a mark over the Essendon player – sorry Infant!) I know marginally more than Alicia but only marginally, that’s for sure. Actually it was hilarious when I sent the lyrics to Alicia so we could start brainstorming ideas for McG clips – she asked me WHAT a Cazaly was. I’m still chuckling about that.

        I’m glad we’ve been able to spread the word about footy and what a Cazaly is (who, I mean), share a legendary Aussie anthem with you all AND watch lots of clips of McG being a BAMF. Winning!!!

        1. I’m trying to work out how asking “what’s a Cazaly?” could get me deported to Hawaii… sure there must be a way…

  7. Yay, you love the video! This was a huge LABOUR OF LOVE for both of us. Poor Alicia, as she said, she has the darn song stuck in her head now.

    Sooooooo happy that you like it. *Hugs*.

    I am constantly amazed at how we can take absolutely anything and match it to McG and Show. We ARE awesome, aren’t we?

    I was more excited about my bromance birthday gifts than the real life ones, too, so I’m with you on that one. I still go back to them when I need cheering up.

    And we promise NEVER again to include a pic of a Collingwood player. Just blinded by the awesome guns, I think.

    West Coast Eagles, oi oi oi!!!!

    (Yes, vid is very timely given the revelations this week about drugs in sport here in Australia. More to come on that front, I am sure, unfortunately.)

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Such a song to have stuck in your head! 😀

      Ugh it’s been easier to just not read the papers. Hello CNN.com. Not one mention there. 😉

  8. At long last I was able to watch the video.
    Alicia and Andrea – pure genius. As usual the visuals and the music/song is a perfect match.

    Just one question – is AFL, the same as MMA? 😉 = Because there seems to be a lot of fighting in the video 😀

    (Sorry Westy, I just had to make a silly joke :smile:)

  9. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Hope your birthday was terrific westy! The video is great and so full of total BAMF scenes! Wonderful wonderful job girls! And it’s always nice to learn something in the process.


    1. Glad you like it, Steph.

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Footy? Yah I know. 😉

      1. heee heeeeee…… 😀

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