H50 is more than just McGarrett: Steve and Danny’s loved ones

This week’s post will feature the introduction of Steve and Danny’s loved ones – Grace and Gabby and Cath and Mary.  Of these characters, of course Cath is now part of the main cast but I sure hope we continue to see plenty of the other characters as Show progresses through to the end of S3 and beyond.

Starting with Danny, we all know how he feels about his daughter, Grace.  Grace is pretty cute and right from the get go the audience could see how much family means to Danny.  He’s been embroiled in a custody battle for Grace with his ex-wife, Rachel pretty much since the beginning of Show.  Personally I’d like to see things move on a bit in the father-daughter relationship – something like we saw in 3.10, the Aloha Girls episode, where Danny and Grace were in a different situation to the usual and Grace had more to do than just be cute.  Perhaps now that Grace is a bit older and custody issues have been resolved, we might see this happen.

Anyway, back to the first time we saw Grace.  This was in the pilot:

Grace pilot

Cute, right?

This is Grace, in 3.10, the last time we saw her this season.  She’s really grown up since the pilot episode was filmed:

Grace 3.10 tent

This is camping, Danno style

The writers introduced a girlfriend for Danny in S2 although we haven’t seen very much of this relationship yet.  Danny first met Dr Gabby Asano in episode 2.4 when he and Steve were investigating the death of diver, Blake Spencer.  It was fun to see Danny being awkward around Gabby :).



Autumn Reeser, who plays Gabby, was largely unavailable last year due to her role in The Last Resort but since that show has not been renewed, I hope we see her back on H50.  It would be nice to see Danny in a relationship so we can move on from the family dramas he has been experiencing so far.  Gabby has only featured in two other episodes besides 2.4 and we’ll have a look at those in a future post.

And now to McG’s sister, Mary.  Mary first came to us in episode 1.4, when the team was after an escaped con (played by Balthazar Getty) who was determined to reclaim money from his former partner after discovering he was in Hawaii.  The siblings had not seen each other for some time and their reunion was a little unusual as McG had to get Mary out of trouble for disarming a smoke alarm during her flight.  McG has his best ‘I’m-not-impressed’ face on, because of the ruckus she caused on the plane and her no-show at McDad’s funeral:

Mary 1.4 airport

My sister did what?

After the airport drama, McG is forced to take Mary with him to the crime scene.  Hilariously, he asks her to stay in the car like she’s a dog and she’s spunky enough to ‘woof’ back at him.  She might be a bit of a flake, but Mary rocks and she’s a nice contrast to her Super SEAL brother.  Oh, and this scene gives us our first ever ‘aneurysm face’ exchange between Steve and Danny.

Aneurysm face!

Aneurysm face!

Fortunately, Danny convinces McG that he can’t just leave his sister in the car so an HPD officer is sent to escort Mary back to HQ.  Later Kamekona comes over to ‘babysit’ her while McG works on the case:

Mary and KK 1.4

Checking in each other out! Look at those faaaaces!

Mary’s kinda cool with this but even still, she gets away from Kamekona and heads to her father’s grave to try to ‘connect’ with him after all these years:

McG and Mary at grave 1.4

McG looking hot in shades – check, McG looking hot without shades – check, McG emo – check, McG adorable faaaaaces – check

The final scene in this episode is a nice piece of McG emo and both actors did a fab job with the material.  The brother-sister bond is strong despite the lack of contact over the years and McG tries to convince Mary that their Dad did really love them even though he wasn’t around much after McMom (fake) died.

Mary’s introduction to the audience was nicely done – it gave us something of a glimpse into the relationship between McG and Mary and it whet our appetite for more McGarrett family drama to come.  Mary’s such a lovable flake and a bit of a bad ass in her own way!

Taryn Manning has great chemistry with Alex in the sister role and her scenes gave us so many wonderful McG faaaaaaaces so we have to thank her for that :).

And there was also this:

McG changes his shirt 1.4

The brother-sister bond is still there. Sigh…

We couldn’t have a post about McG’s loved ones without featuring Cath.  We first met Cath in the same episode in which Mary was introduced, 1.4.  It was a small scene but it spoke volumes about the relationship between McG and Cath.  And it gave us this hilarious image of McG’s face on Cath’s phone:

McG on Cath's phone

Now who could say no to that face?

In what has become a key part of the McRoll relationship, McG asks Cath for information.  She’s a Naval intelligence officer and at this point is stationed on the USS Enterprise in the Persian Gulf.  Even though McG is using his considerable charms to get Cath to locate the bad guy, she totes has his measure.  Remember this? Cath gives McG the information he needs and says “you’re like the good looking guy in high school who knows how cute he is and won’t take no for an answer.” They are adorbs together and this WAS a cute introduction scene.

Have a look at the Cath faaaaces in this scene:

So many Cath faaaaces!

So many Cath faaaaces!

McG is totes pleased with himself.  He’s a multi-tasker – asking Cath out on a date AND accessing a military satellite for the case.  Chin’s totes impressed, too.

Like I said, how could you say no to that face?

Like I said, how could you say no to that face?

So that is how we first met McG and Danny’s loved ones.  We hope you enjoyed yet another trip back to the beginning of season 1 to explore how we first met four fantastic recurring characters.  Tune in to see who we feature next week.

(Screen caps courtesy of bookemdanno.net, mycoven.com and screencaps at aithine.org)



  1. Well done! I was always wondering why did the cout out scene from Pilot (the funeral) short, because in some screencaps you can clearly see that Masy is standing right next to McG… well, probably was too much informations for the start od the show…

    1. Thank you, fellow Andrea.

  2. What we have with Steve and Mary is cute and they have kind of developed it nicely over the seasons, but I personally feel the could have used the character of Mary on a much stronger and solid basis.
    If they utilized her correctly, we could have had another solid female charater in the show with more regular appearances, without forcing a Lori on us. I would not have wanted her there on a permanent basis, but just a bit more of her….. and better used.
    Michelle herself is such a wonderful addition to the cast (as actor and as person interacting with fans)…..I really wish they use her better in future!
    Gabby is a nice idea…..but I wonder if they really thought her character through. It is as if they just added her to have her, without really thinking how to use her (I also like Autumn as a actor and think she can bring a lot of warmth)
    They definitely used Gracie a lot better in the first and 3rd season. Season two for her character was a bit dissapointing.

    1. Little Grace is a bit overrated, I would swap her for Lucy any time 😉 any girl that appreciates Steve should be made to a regular.
      Also agree that sister Mary would be welcome more often. The scenes with Steve and sis bring out a different feel. Kind of weird that they have managed to avoid the family reunion so completely and we are over half way through this season…
      And Danny needs a lady friend, he seems more likeable with a love interest 🙂

      1. ACA Paula and FOYeur. I really like Mary and she brings something different to Show – she’s so unpredictable but I’ve enjoyed every episode that she’s been in and I really wish we could see more of her. Perhaps as the Mom storyline unfolds we might. (Agree Paula that I thought there’d be more McGarrett family drama this season by now.) ACA with your comments about Gabby and given the way Danny has been written lately, we could sure use an Autumn injection! I’m also waiting to see what the writers do with Cath – not quite sure that they know WHAT to do with her, really. Also think poor Grace was a bit overshadowed in the Aloha Girls’ ep by the Amazing Lucy and Techno Girl. I hope we see more father-daughter interactions though, now that the custody issue seems to be settled.

        1. I’d love to see Gabby again. We need more adorable Danny.

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            Agreed! More Gabby!
            I also liked both Cath and Gabby interacting with Monkey.

          2. yup…more father/daughter moments will soften danny up a little bit. and gabby is good, too. i love his little awkward self around her. plus, in a show with slightly *ahem* melodramatic family plot twists, danny’s nervousness after the divorce (and the affair that shall not be named) rings really true to me.

        2. I love Cath, but you are right, they don’t know what to do with her. She is in serious kinda-girlfriend limbo. It makes sense that they are finding her place in the scheme of things, since she is newly a regular and not an official member of 5-0. There is no excuse, however, for how they are writing Danny. He is, and I say this with great love, a whiny child a lot this season. Enough. Gabby might be just the ticket!

  3. vanduyn · · Reply

    Grace really has grown up. It’s nice to see her pics compared! I love the other characters also, wish they would use Taryn more also. But I must say in that epi while she’s helping Steve with his shirt the way he’s looking at her isn’t so brotherly? Or is it just me? LOL!
    Love this!! Thanks! 😀

    1. It is not just you……he can’t help it – he i always eye-s*xing everyone 😛

      1. heymomo · · Reply


    2. Thank you for visiting and commenting :). I agree that it would be nice to see more of Taryn. I liked her right from the start so it was fun to go back over her first episode for this post. Loved it when she woofed at McG!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this Thanks so much Can’t wait for the next one

    1. Thanks PN. So glad you are enjoying the posts. Thanks for the feedback – I’m all ready to go for the next post now *hugs*.

  5. No Rachel?!? <– come at me, bros.

    1. Hah! Don’t you worry, Steph, we’ll get Rachel in there somehow! (Just a heads up – I loved her in the triathlon ep. in S1, in the ‘surveillance scene’, so you can expect it to make an appearance some time soon.)

      1. Cool! Not that I am the hugest Rachel fan ever, but I think she qualifies as a “loved” one.

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          Rachel has had her good points. I liked her in 1.10 when Steve and Danny had to do the stakeout in Rachel’s house. 😉

  6. Totally enjoyed! Thank you

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