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This week’s recap is brought to you by @Andrea_Briz. Thanks to @neropatti, bookemdanno.net and acceptanceispending, itsofficerfriendly, immunity50 & grace-park on tumblr for pics and gifs.

The last time I wrote the recap for The Champ Box was episode 3.12, the ‘choose your own adventure’ one.  In the opening scene of that episode, we saw a group of fraternity boys engaging in a crazy drinking ritual.  This time, it’s a group of women out on a hen’s night at a strip club.  I sense a pattern emerging.

The stripper is a cowboy – eek!  The women are obviously having a good time but I’m more interested in the crime of the week.  Oh dear, not sure what that says about me.  So off they go in their car, singing away, until their party is crashed. Literally.  Two black-clad figures emerge from a vehicle and shoot some poor guy who’s lying in the boot – I mean trunk.  Did the bad guys not notice the screaming hens?

After we return from the credits, we find McG, looking gorgeous in a dark blue t-shirt and tan-coloured pants, eye s*xing some woman called Brittany.  Aloha indeed.


McG’s talking to a former Navy intell buddy turned PI about putting surveillance on Doris.  Hiring a PI to monitor your mother’s activities?  That McGarrett family, sheesh, have they not heard of dinner conversation?

steve mick 1

steve mick 2

steve mick 3

In a brilliant piece of H50 writing, the PI’s name is Mick.  Mick!!!!  Awesome.  And double awesome – he’s played by Treat Williams.  Treat Williams!!!  Hilariously, Mick says being on Doris 24/7 could include some nakedness.  I mean, nakedness on Doris’s part.  McG’s face says this is not a pleasant thought at all.  We hear you, mate.


McG is spared from any further nasty thoughts about Doris’s potential nakedness by the inevitable call about this week’s case.  Turns out our victim is Thomas Hoapili, aged 46, widowed with a 21 year old daughter.  He runs a local wholesale fish market.  Doesn’t sound too dangerous to me but this is Hawaii after all where the sun shines, the surf’s up and the crime rate is astronomically high for the size of the population.  Kind of like the sheep to person ratio in NZ where I grew up.

Right, Danny confirms Max’s confirmation that the cause of death was three gunshot wounds.  That’ll do it for sure.  McG thinks it was an execution.  In a shocking piece of news, via a video link Fong tells the team that the partial print pulled off the murder weapon belongs to Kamekona.  No way!

So McG and Danny question Kamekona.  Totally plot related, McG looks beautiful with the mountains in the background.  See what I mean?


Anyway, Kamekona is totes NOT the bad guy.  He tells the boys that he loved his cousin Thomas very much, that Thomas helped him get back on his feet when he was released from prison.  He explains his prints on the murder weapon – the shooters must have used Thomas’s gun to commit the murder, the gun Kamekona gave him for protection when he came to his cousin for help.  Danny’s not happy at all at the idea of Kamekona handing out illegal weapons and I start biting my lip at the thought of another gun control rant.  Whew, not this time.  Kamekona appeals to Steve’s understanding of the situation because, let’s not forget, when Steve was in deep doo doo at the end of S1, it was Kamekona to whom he turned for his weapons supply.

True to form, Danny’s not happy with Steve’s decision to let it drop for now with Kamekona and go sit in the car and wait.  Trust, Danny, trust.

This is Danny's WTF are you doing face

Turns out ‘goofy head’ had it right – Kamekona takes off shortly afterwards and he could be up to no good.  I’m totes chuckling at Kamekona belting along the road in his open-topped jeep. (Is it a jeep? I know nothing about cars.)  He’s so easy to spot!




  1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    A private eye named Mick….M.I.C.K…I LOVE it when Show is so clever!!!
    And I LOVE Treat Williams… he was so great..and he delivered some of the best lines!!!

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      I want to know who is responsible for calling the P.I. Mick. Is the writer a Moonlight fan? Who suggested it? I want to thank that person for being AWESOME.

  2. Hawaii:Crime as New Zealand: Sheep.

    Brilliant. 😆

  3. “That McGarrett family, sheesh, have they not heard of dinner conversation?” — Bwahahaha! Good one.

    1. Yeah, pretty tragic that McG has to hire a PI to find out what Doris is up to. Even if the PI is called Mick!

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Clearly not as good a PI as Mick St John. 😉

        1. No one’s as good a PI as Mick St John!

          1. AMEN SISTAH !!!!!!!!!!

  4. And I can say as a kiwi that the sheep comment is spot on! lol I LOVED the fact Mick was a PI ,,, hehe…..As soon as Steve said Mick? as he opened the door, I was all NO WAY!!! 😀 *Hi Moonlight fans xoxo from H5O*

    1. I knew you’d like the sheep comment!

  5. I know we are sick of the blue shirts, but, damn. Did he look gorgeous this episode, or what? I, for one, am grateful for the absence of white pants.

    And check out Danny’s p’dour in that scene. It looks more like a crest or tuft than his usual glory. The hair people got it under control for the rest of the episode, though.

    Leave it to me to be fixated on how the boys look. Focus, Sage, focus! There is a crime to solve.

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      I’m with you girl, Alex looked AMAZING in this ep. And I know that I don’t hide the fact that I am a worshiper of the white pants…but DAMN..I’ve missed those tan cargoes!! And if those didn’t get us all hot & bothered, they put him in shorts…S.H.O.R.T.S.

      1. The tan cargos are classic McG. They’re the BEST!! I don’t know why they fK with this look but if we can’t have the tan cargos, the white pants are the next best thing.

        1. Sage, Ess and CG, I’m with you on the tan cargos. As a card carrying member of #teamnowhitepants, I just about jumped out of my seat when I saw what Alex was wearing this week. You all know how much I love the blue, so the shirt was a no brainer for me.

          “damn. Did he look gorgeous this episode, or what” Yeah, baby!

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            So I think what we can conclude here is, ladies love the cargo pants! 🙂

    2. I hadn’t noticed the p’dour! That’s a proper quiff!

      I loved the tan pants *goes back for another look* oh yeah.

  6. vanduyn · · Reply

    Loves it!! Thanks! 😀

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. “There’s a good chance I’ll see your mother naked” – is perhaps one of the best lines from show ever!! And McG’s reaction was wonderful. lol.

    Mick, the P.I. = brilliant. I mean. Brilliant.

  8. I love the tan cargo’s, I would like them even more on the floor.
    I think the tan cargo’s peck at our fan girl hearts because they showcase the FOY accommodation walk to it’s fullest.

  9. LOOOOVE this Now on to page 2

  10. Nance1031 · · Reply

    Kamekona’s vehicle is an old Ford Bronco with top cut off.

    Loved Treat Williams in this episode. He was great in Chicago Fire last week too.

    1. Thanks, Nance. I am clueless when it comes to vehicles.

      I know he was on a serious mission in that scene, but I couldn’t help but giggle as he belted along with his determined face on – so visible from behind in that particular car and in a bright green shirt.

  11. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really know who Treat Williams is?

    1. Why does this not surprise me, Gracie? 😄

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        And yet no one wants to tell me? Do I have to wiki it??

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