3.16 Kekoa (The Warrior) – Page 2

The next scene has Mick following Doris at the supermarket.  So even Super Duper Secret Spies have to buy groceries, I guess.  In between torturing people and digging up secret microfiche, that is.  Mick is hilarious as he’s woeful at being inconspicuous.  It’s OK, Mick, your plan worked and you’ve got a lunch date although you do realise that Doris is totes on to you, right?  (As an aside, I was sooo waiting for Mick to turn up in a heavy coat and sniff to pick up Doris’s scent.  Didn’t happen. Never mind.)

Thankfully we are now back to the COTW, Chin and Kono are interviewing Thomas’s daughter, Maggie.  She has no idea who would want to murder her father or why he would have been carrying a gun.  We find out that Thomas was a stand-up guy with no enemies.  He received a HPD commendation for apprehending a potential fish thief and Chin thinks the murder could be about payback.

Meanwhile, McG and Danny catch up with Kamekona.  Danny finds a gun (of Navarone!) in Kamekona’s possession and hilariously, when he tries to cuff him, he realises the cuffs won’t fit and asks for a bike chain.  Poor Kamekona!  We’re still on the revenge line of thinking here as Kamekona thinks the brother of the fish thief, Eddie, might be out for revenge.  This would explain why Thomas asked his cousin for a gun for protection, because he’d seen Eddie hanging around the fish market.


This scene is terrific, beautiful mountains in the background aside.  Steve and Danny are ‘gentle’ with Kamekona, giving him the benefit of the doubt as he’s their mate and they don’t want to see him back in jail.  And they love his sense of duty to his ohana.  They make it clear he’s still in trouble (he’s on ‘shrimp truck lockdown’!) but they’re willing to follow through on Kamekona’s suspicions.  Kamekona’s puppy dog face is totes adorbs.


So Kamekona is off citizen’s arrest duty so the real cops can check out Eddie’s house.  They find evidence on Eddie’s camera of his stalker activities at the fish market.  Then Eddie turns up on his pushie (Ozspeak for a bicycle) with a six pack of beer and when facing two H50 cops, decides to chuck the beer at them and take off on his bike.  As you would!  (Again there’s a pattern forming here as last time I recapped, a suspect tried to flee on a pink scooter!)  I love what comes next – McG takes out Eddie with a garden gnome.  A garden gnome!!!!  THIS is the McG I love.  And look at his serious faaaaaaace when he arrests Eddie:

steve garden gnome


Steve serious face

Eddie, who is very upset about losing his favourite gnome, is sent to the Blue Room but it seems he’s all about fish stealing and not murder.  Eddie’s off the hook (hehe) because Chin’s been detecting again and discovered that Maggie lied about her father’s whereabouts the night before.  Chin finds video footage from the fish market that shows he was kidnapped by perps matching the hens’ descriptions.  However, what happened to Thomas for the 5 hours between the kidnapping and the murder?  The plot thickens!

Oh, dear, we have to sit through Doris’s lunch date.  As much as I love Treat Williams, this scene is cringe worthy.  That’s it, just cringe worthy.

The cargument was classic McG and Danny stuff.  Danny, for obvious reasons, thinks McG is crazy for hiring a PI to find out what his mother is up to.  And he expects to find something sinister after like half a day of surveillance? Why can’t you just talk to her like a normal person would, says Danny.  Yeah, why not, McG?  And, ah, McG, your Super Duper Naval Intell Guy turned PI called Mick is no match for Super Duper Secret Spy Mom.  She’ll never see it coming?  Whatev.  (The whole Mom thing: Was this supposed to be funny because I thought it was silly?)

danny steve car 7danny steve car 8



  1. Pushie – I’ve never heard that one!

    1. me neither……….oh you Aussies and your lingo!

    2. I want McG to ride up on me with his pushie.

      1. FTW! Push it, push it real good!

      2. heymomo · · Reply


        1. “I want McG to ride up on me with his pushie.” *snorts*

          Push bike = pushie. Naturally.

          I make it a goal for each post to introduce new Oz lingo each time for you to comment on. It’s like Where’s Wally at Westy’s Champ Box!

          1. I guess. I’ve never heard them called push bikes either.

            1. Must be an Oz thing, then. I must admit that ‘pushie’ is a bit passé these days so I’m showing my age here.

              1. But why “pushie” ? Who’s pushing you? Shouldn’t is be “peddler”?

                1. Dunno, just think it means push power (your legs) rather than motorized power, if that makes sense.

                  Check out this link – the pushbike even has it’s own song:

  2. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    It made perfect sense to me that Steve hired a PI to surveill momma McG…I think he is just so desperate to find out what she is hiding and he knows that there is no point in asking her cause she is a LLWL!!
    He should have known though that she would charm the pants off of Mick (wasn’t that her specialty back in her spy days?) and find out who he really was!!

    1. And if she couldn’t charm it out of him, she’d just have run a background check on him. I mean, come on, this is Doris we’re talking about…

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        All she had to do was google him when he left the table at lunch.
        Mick may have written the book on surveillance, but it wasn’t a bestseller.

      2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        I wonder if part of him knew his plan wouldn’t work but this way his mom knows that he doesn’t fully trust her?

        1. Possibly, that’s an interesting thought. It was funny though, because Mick was supposed to be a super duper PI and he didn’t do a very good job of it. I guess in a way it just made the audience wonder even more so what she is up to. I just hope we don’t end up with a repeat of the Shelburne style of dragging things out.

    2. Exactly CG!! I thought to myself, Danny has MET her hasn’t he?? I mean, McG has asked her a number of things and she’s lied to him every time. This is a lose/lose situation for McG really. Nice that Danny had his back. (not) I think it was just an excuse for a cargument. When they happen believably I like them but not when they’re like this, just a cargument for cargument’s sake.

      1. I dunno, it didn’t quite work for me. We haven’t seen that much of McG trying to figure out what Mom’s been up to. I was OK with the PI idea but I just wish Mick had done some actual PIing and we’d been given some more clues. I love Treat but I’m not that bothered about seeing Mom on a date. I think I’m a bit Buster-obsessed and I just want answers :).

      2. Ess, I am so interested in people’s different reactions to things on Show. I didn’t get the same vibe as you from the cargument. I liked it and thought it was reminiscent of carguments of old. I figured Danny had to find out at some stage what McG was up to and a cargument is as good a place as any to discuss it. I think Danny just has a kind of WTF? reaction to McGarrett family dramas, just like in the Headless Horseman ep after Mom showed up out of the blue and started cooking eggs.

  3. That screencap of Danny trying to handcuff Kamekona is not low enough, they missed the best part, …. Danno’s lovely round bottom *off to do one myself* 😉

  4. I am actually impressed Kamekona can touch his hands behind his back.

    1. but you couldn’t cuff him……and he certainly couldn’t do the Jersey Slip.

  5. Slightly mesmerised by the second gif…

  6. Off the hook! *groan*

    The lunch date WAS cringeworthy. I would much have preferred to see the dinner date. 🙂

    1. ACA!!!! Alicia, I was totes worried about writing this part of the recap lest you all think I am completely dim. I’m going to be honest and say I couldn’t quite work out when Doris figured out what Mick was up to and how much of what he was doing was part of his plan and how much was being charmed by Doris.

      Thoughts anyone? (Or just come right out and tell me I AM dim.)

  7. I thought the handcuff thing was groan worthy. Danny’s fat jokes always annoy me. The tire chain comment wasn’t needed. Not on a show that has nothing but size 0 women.

    I did like the lunch date though. I thought we got to see Doris let her hair down a little and it was a welcome and needed moment. nah, it won’t last but it was good to see her a little light hearted and know somewhere under that tough exterior is a real woman.

    1. Agree the chain comment wasn’t really necessary. I just took that scene to mean Danny was referring to Kamekona’s hands being so huge. Which they are.

      As for Mom, I reckon I’ll be fine with her being portrayed in lighthearted moments in next season or beyond, should she still be around. I want the Grand Resurface to be dealt with first so I know why she left and why she’s back. I just think it’s a bit soon.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Considering how many eps she’s been around for now, we really haven’t learnt any more. Hopefully we start over the next few episodes.

        1. Hopefully yes :).

  8. what is a tire chain?

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      Snow chains. They don’t have them in Hawaii.

      1. OK, note to self: Do not write recap at midnight after being up at 5am and at work all day.

        I remembered it as a ‘bike chain’. Must have had pushie on the brain.

        1. I thought he said bike chain also

          1. Did you? Whew *wipes forehead*.

            1. heymomo · · Reply

              Now I need to rewatch and see what was said. In the meanwhile, everyone has learned what tire chains are 🙂

              1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply


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