3.16 Kekoa (The Warrior) – Page 3

OK, so back to the COTW.  Max explains to McG and Danny that Thomas had multiple injuries including defensive wounds that suggest a fight occurred before his death.  So what really went on?

Danny: "I knew that."  Steve" "No you didn't."
Danny: “I knew that.” Steve:  “No you didn’t.”

Now we have Kamekona engaging in some shrimp therapy and looking contemplative at the same time. It’s so nice to see Kamekona doing something interesting in this episode and he does the emo stuff really well. Kono asks him to show pics of the suspects around to see if he can come up with something.

KK shrimp therapy

Meanwhile, Chin’s doing more detecting and he discovers that Maggie lied about what her father was doing on the night of the murder.  With Kono, he confronts Maggie and she ends up in the Blue Room.  Kamekona comes in and convinces Maggie to help with the investigation instead of impeding it.  Kamekona, I really heart you in this episode.

kamekona hug

So it turns out Thomas is not a golfer but a master lua, an expert in a traditional Hawaiian style of martial arts that involves hand to hand combat.   Chin and Kono go to the Lua Training Camp to question Shane, who runs the training program, and to check out the students.


It’s a dead end but then they get a lucky break – Kamekona comes to their aid with the name of the female suspect.  His ‘people’ have come through! This leads the team to figure out that the whole thing centres on illegal fighting.

Poor Maggie is to be the next one headlining at The Fight Club and that’s when she discovers that Shane was behind the whole thing.  He wanted to sell out, make money out of using lua at The Fight Club.  She’s understandably very angry about this – it cost her father his life and denigrated an Hawaiian tradition.  I’m with you on that one, Maggie!

Suddenly Maggie is pushed into what looks like an empty swimming pool to fight the woman who was involved in her father’s murder.  The fight scene is pretty well choreographed but I can hardly watch it as I hear the sound of Maggie’s arm breaking and I am totally repulsed by the people standing on the sidelines cheering on.

kono fight1fight8

Just when it looks like Maggie has triumphed, Shane jumps into the not-swimming pool to take her on. But it’s OK, Five-Oh are coming to the rescue!  And McG does it in style.  Indiana Jones style to be precise.  The scene is awesome!



I love it when Danny rounds everyone up and tells them the ‘nice gentleman in the hats with the guns’ are going to escort them to jail!  I was back in love with Danny again in this episode after not liking him so much recently.  No need to make him nasty or whiny, writers, thank you very much.

Then there’s more Kamekona adorableness as he visits Maggie in hospital.  It’s all about ohana and I heart Kamekona even more after this scene.

KK and Maggie_2

OK, so now to the final scene in the episode.  Anything with Doris in it really makes me itchy and this is no exception.  I really liked this episode and the Doris Diaries didn’t spoil it for me but sheesh, her part in the episode was pointless and silly.  As the second half of Project Buster, I’ve been waiting all season to learn more about the whole Mom/Shelburne thing and this is what we get served up?  Really?  The only good thing about this scene is the collection of McG faaaaaces.  Poor McG, he can’t cope with the idea of his mother on a date let alone a date with the man he hired to put surveillance on her.



Then there’s McRoll.   Seriously, Doris needs to get her own place.  McG and Cath are McBusted again.  Poor Cath has to suffer the indignity of that plus having to help Doris with her outfit.  And it’s hilarious as Cath is so teeny tiny and she’s wearing an adorable outfit so she looks like a teenager!  (Just so you know, I am about Christine Lahti’s height so I see teeny tiny all around me all the time!)


I’ll leave you with this.  For reasons.

mcroll couch316-mcroll



  1. I have but one comment… what’s with the moving of Cath’s legs off to the side? Go in for the kill, man! =)

    1. Exactly! Why indeed, any other woman would have spread legs wide open in a flash, weird birthcontrol this one 😉

      1. maybe they were just playing silly before shooting, and Larry Teng saw them and used it… just like in Dirty dancing (my favorite movie, and I still think that Alex would be perfect for remake, but that’s for another time) – the scene where Baby giggles when he lays his hand over her armpit, that was their moment in changing room, but director saw them and used it for the movie… maybe that was wirh Steve and Cath, that’s why he pushed her legs aside…

        1. he can push my legs aside any day, as long as he follows threw with that pouncing move.

  2. Ah well, I love all things Doris, good and bad. She’s just fun to watch. And it’s really fun to watch her push McGarrett’s buttons 🙂

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      ^^^^what she said^^^^
      Steve is a man that usually gets what he wants and is in control…this thing with his mother…he can’t control… she holds all the cards and all the power…and it is KILLING him. Those dynamics of their relationship are fun to watch and it will be interesting to see what is in store for them when her secrets are finally revealed!!

      1. I do agree CG, it’s just that it seems too soon to me. Later, once there’s been some attempt at resolution to the disappearance/resurface thing, then I’ll be more OK with it. You may all think I am crazy, but I just think Doris doesn’t really have the ‘right’ to do this just now, when she’s turned up after 20 years and McG doesn’t know what’s going on.

    2. ACA^^^ I love to see how Doris shakes things up. I really like her addition to the show especially after this episode.

  3. It´s kind of funny that Doris was brought back, after being dead for 20 years, and now she is casually living with Steve like nothing´s happened. I don´t mind it, but thought they might make her more un-likeable so when they kill her off, we wouldn´t feel too bad for her. But this moment with mom going on a date with PI Mick and Steve´s faces were just great! They can bring back dead dad too, if this is what we get treated with 😉

    1. LOL, more unlikeable! They’ve made her really unlikeable as a person.

      1. I don´t think she is that horrible, I´ve been often positively surprised by her.

  4. Why does it say recap by Alicia if it is Andrea? I got confused…

    1. Andrea recapped until the small hours of the morning Oz time to get the recap up today, so I posted it for her 🙂 so she could get to sleep!

      May I request a ‘For She’s A Jolly Good Fellow’ for recapping above and beyond the call of duty?

      1. Yey! She is a Jolly Good Fellow 😀
        Thank you Andrea!

      2. For she’s a jolly good fe-ellooow, which nobody can deny!
        Thanks, Andrea!

      3. heymomo · · Reply


        1. Nance1031 · · Reply

          Virtual high fives for a great recap

          1. And so say all of us!!

            1. I’m slightly embarrassed by all the cheering but thank you all so much. I wish I’d had time to say more about the episode but posting it by Wednesday trumped that. At least you all had a break from my usual War and Peace-like efforts.

              1. I kept waiting for a 5th page, took me a while to realize the show/recap ended at page 4 😉

  5. Great recap, Andrea_Briz!

    I also loved Danny this episode (surprise, surprise) and was psyched when he got to be sarcastic and funny, without being irritating. I also love watching Steve go through “Mom things” that the rest of us went through when we were much younger; he really is a teenager sometimes. Summer Glau, and her stunt double, kicked a$$ during the fight scene, so all in all, I think my response to this episode is something like: TPTB, let Larry direct ’em all, OK?

    1. I loved Danny in this ep. 🙂

    2. Thanks, Sage. Not my best work (says me, the perfectionist) but Team Champ Box wanted to post it pronto so you could begin discussion.

      I loved Danny in this episode too and thought he was nicely toned down but still sarcastic. And I agree, not so irritating.

      Definitely a well directed episode. The fight scene was pretty incredible (even if the cheering from the Fight Club patrons made me uneasy). Actually it was so good, I was cringing – so realistic.

  6. I was kind of hoping Maggie would slap Kono’s cell phone out of her hand when Kono showed Maggie the photo of her dead father. A few broken cell phones on the blue room floor and maybe they will stop doing that. I get that the writers Five-0s sometimes need an ace up their sleeve to convince a reluctant witness/victim to help them, but this one particular tactic has been done and now overdone, and I’m tired of them traumatising victims or the friends/family of victims this way. NEXT!

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      Had to..b*tch wouldn’t talk!! Sorry..channeling unsympathetic Kono for a second there. Yeah…have to admit I thought showing the daughter a pic of her severely beaten father was a bit much. Apparently Kono focused too much of her HPD training on sharpshooting and not on how to communicate effectively with innocent victims!!

      1. LOL. Sometimes the Five 0s are a bit heavy handed. I get that they have pretty much carte blanche to kick butt but they could at least be, I don’t know, decent about it. Kono was so good with the autistic boy in 3.7. Maybe it’s the strain of her relationship with Adam that’s doing her head in. And dealing with all those candles.

    2. ^^^^ THIS

      I did think in the intro ‘I hope this guy doesn’t turn up dead, because the bride-to-be is running her hand over his abs, people get thrown into the blue room for that kind of behaviour’.

      1. I was glad Max went out of his way to make it clear that the gunshots (which only happened because the hens caused the car accident) only hastened his death. It’s not like the Fight Clubbers were taking him to the hospital. The hens only crime was DUI and… not marrying for love, I guess you could say.

        1. ” The hens only crime was DUI and… not marrying for love”. LMAO!

    3. Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes I think it’s needed. I’m on the fence here. They gave her a number of times to come clean but she kept refusing. Really, was the lua secret really worth hiding when your father was murdered??? If my dad was murdered I’d be telling them my life story and the story of everyone I ever knew…

      They had to do something. It’s a tough sitch.

      1. Couple thoughts… Yes they did need to do something. In this specific situation I thought bringing Kamekona in would have done it. Other times, it can be/has been necessary.
        The writers have been creative in the past with the team’s use of emotional manipulation/ leverage when they’re questioning criminals or suspects. I think the same creativity needs to be applied to their chats with the victims.
        Then I think their promotional deal with the windows phones probably means they (the phones) have to get a certain amount of screen time…. So I probably should just can it. 😉

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          Sadly, I think you’re right. Product placement does sometimes win over writing *cough*subway*cough*

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            To this day I can’t look at a Subway without thinking of show. Lol.

    4. What Steph said!

  7. I also love Doris’ impact on McG. She pushes his buttons like there is not tomorrow and they make for an inside look at him, kinda like we are watching a young McG. I love it all & the last couple of gifs are hilarious. Thanks for the recap, it was stellar : )

    1. Thanks, gracelou and thanks for stopping by.

  8. ” No need to make him (Danny) nasty or whiny, writers, thank you very much.” – A-men.

  9. I love that Kono borrowed Steves white pants!!! It’s great when friends can swap clothes like that.


    1. heymomo · · Reply


    2. IKR, I totally glossed over that. The white pants are infiltrating Five 0. Run for your lives, people!

      1. It’s like being back in high school again …

        1. Just as long as the white pants don’t become the Five 0 uniform. I want more of McG in the tan or black pants. Or no pants at all.

    3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      “I love that Kono borrowed Steves white pants.”
      I said that to Ess too. Except I think I threw in a bi/ch stole my look. 😉

    4. I still haven’t watched either! Damn you, real life.

  10. I keep going back to the gif’s and how he goes right for her neck {{shudder}}

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      Old vampire habits die hard.

      1. GOOD ONE !!!!!!LOL

      2. He probably sniffed her too.

    2. That was my favorite moment from so 1, when Cath was vibrating in bed and Steve kept biting on her neck…just too darn sexy!

  11. Cath knows how to push McG’s buttons! (and everything else) The Foxhole Fantasy must be a great uh…fantasy! Thanks for the fun review!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, SueB.

  12. Just going to say one thing: Doris, get your own place!

    As much as I think the Mom-ness in this episode was a bit pointless when I want to know what’s really going on with her, I did get a huge kick out of the McG faaaaaaces. Alex, you are my hero!

    1. I finally watched it!

      While I agree that the whole Mom storyline needs to ramp up a bit, I did not mind the final scenes because of McG’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaces. So.many.adorable.faces.

      Loved when he shot Shane in the leg. Off to watch the latest ep now.

      1. Westy, you finally got to watch it. Yay!

        Agree about the faaaaaaces. Faaaaaces 1, Mom 0. Sorry, just want more out of the Mom storyline than what we’ve been getting so far. But who knows what’s around the corner…..

  13. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    I liked Cath’s outfit. But does this mean when I hit my 30s I can’t wear short shorts and converse (looking) shoes anymore??

    1. buttercup · · Reply

      I’m just about 40 and still wearing my converse with pride, because I love them so much! I can’t wear shorts but tight jeans are fine with me (liked the Summer Glau outfit)!

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