Happy Birthday, Infant!

Happy Birthday to our resident McNerd and military/SEAL expert – @GLBali – aka Gracie – aka Infant.  Hope your day is totes awesome! Lots of love from Andrea and westy. x0x0

***Warning: you will need to set aside ten minutes to view Gracie’s birthday present. And be prepared…the story and the video -they’re full of ugly. We had to force ourselves to make this present for her – Gracie is lucky we love her heaps.  Because this – this was sheer hell.  BUT…we  love all our H50 fans so much, that we would endure this torture over and over and over again, if it makes them happy.  So.much.ugly 😉

SEAL motto

Gracie’s mother shook her gently. ‘Time to wake up, sweetheart’ she said softly in her daughter’s ear. Gracie groaned and attempted to bury herself further beneath the blankets. ‘But Muuuum, it’s still dark!’ she protested.

‘I know, honey – but you have to get up now. Remember what day it is?’ her mother said encouragingly as she left Gracie to get out of bed.

Gracie’s eyes shot open. Of course! Today was her birthday! But why the early start – she’d never had to get up this early before. She reached for her new iPhone and checked the time – 4.30! Mum and Dad must have something really special planned for today. Maybe a helicopter tour of one of the other islands?

Her family had been in Honolulu for a week, which was a pretty special birthday present in itself. Gracie threw back the blankets and headed for the bathroom. Emerging some ten minutes later, freshly showered, she dressed in shorts, T shirt and her favourite Converse and headed out to the living area of the suite they were staying in at the HHV.

Her parents and brother were seated at the dining room table. Gracie expected to see a big, brightly wrapped gift on the table, as in birthdays past, but there was nothing except for a large, official looking envelope.

Her mother placed a plate of toast spread thickly with Vegemite in front of Gracie. Whenever they travelled, her mother always packed a jar of the Australian staple. It was one food item Gracie could not live without.

While she ate, Gracie’s parents couldn’t stand the excitement any longer. ‘Go ahead, open the envelope!’ they urged. Wiping her hands on a napkin, she reached for the thick, white envelope. She liked the anticipation of trying to guess what was inside, and toyed with it, turning it this way and that until her parents shouted in unison ‘OPEN IT!’

Gracie giggled at their impatience and excitement, then tore open the seal. She lifted out what looked like an itinerary…so they were going on a trip somewhere! Further reading however, revealed that this was no helicopter ride to an outlying island. This –  this was possibly the BEST present she had ever received. EVER.

An invitation to Junior SEAL Boot Camp!

What more could a little girl like Gracie ask for?

final invite

Junior SEAL Boot Camp – not to be confused with S.ex Boot Camp, McG Style. That comes on Infant’s 29th birthday. Only we don’t think her parents will be signing her up for that one.

gracie and lucy

Infant and her new friend Monkey are excited to be attending Junior SEAL training camp.


Commander McGarrett looked around at the group of eager young girls sitting cross legged in front of him. He hoped the girls would enjoy his basic outline of SEAL training and perhaps there would be some future SEALs in this group.

The Commander gave them a little talk about catching wild boars, and a display of knife throwing skills before sending them off on a hike through the valley. Detective Williams would help him keep an eye on the girls – there was no chance any of them would get lost. Not on his watch!

danny aloha girls mcg campfire

The girls are eager to learn new things from Commander McGarrett. (Fast forward some years to S.ex Boot Camp McG Style – the girls will be just as eager. Oh yes.)

knife danny mcg aloha girls

They’re especially keen to learn how to throw a knife like that!


Gracie was starting to feel just a little bit scared. She had somehow managed to become separated from the rest of the girls while hiking, and now she was… lost! She was a tough little girl, and while she had no doubt that she would be found, she was disappointed with herself for letting Commander McGarrett down.  A little sob escaped her lips.

McG, who had realised Gracie was missing and had begun searching for her, heard the sound and breathed a sigh of relief.  He found her crouched beside some foliage.  His heart melted when he saw how upset she was.

Awww...Gracie is upset. McG comforts her.

Awww…Gracie is upset. McG comforts her.

‘Hey, Gracie – it’s ok, you’re safe now’ he said gently.  Gracie, who had expected him to be angry with her, sobbed even harder at his gentle tone.

‘I’m sorry’ she cried. ‘I’ll NEVER be a good SEAL!’ she wailed, her tears coming faster now.

‘Hey, hey, it’s ok Gracie’ McG said softly.  ‘I tell you what – how about I give you your very own personal SEAL training?’ he asked, hoping to dry her tears.  Gracie, who had managed to calm down a bit, gave him a beaming smile.

‘Really?’ she asked. ‘That would be TOTES awesome!’

McG offers to show Gracie just what it is that makes a good SEAL. A SuperSEAL even.

McG offers to show Gracie just what it is that makes a good SEAL. A SuperSEAL even.




    Gahhhhh, I will have to come back to enjoy your pressie later 😦

  2. Beautiful present 🙂 Happy birthday Grace

  3. Thanks Sue and Andrea. Quite possibly the best start to a day ever. 😀

    The story, you’re very observant to remember in real life I have a brother. So points for that. And the Vegemite haha so right, I do eat it every day.

    The video. SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! You included all my fav things, uniform McG, navy SEAL singlet McG, white singlet McG, Fix it McG, the list goes on.

    I really appreciate you putting this together. It makes me feel so special. So lovely and thoughtful. *hugs* I love it so. And you two!

    1. Yay you love the vid! It’s good, isn’t it? Westy did a fantastic job with it. I’m sort of to blame for the length as I found most of the pics (was Westy’s idea – clever clogs!) and I went a tad overboard. As I am prone to do. But really it’s all on McG for giving us so many awesome moments to choose from. Love the guns of all sizes – classic.

      1. Totes all McG’s fault. 😉

    2. You are special, Gracie! And I mean that in the nicest way 😉

  4. 😆 Some of those SEAL instructional skills were oddly specific!!! I’d really like to know if “Evading Sharks” is actually part of the curiculum!
    Great work you two, lots of fun & laughs in there! And Happy Birthday Gracie!

    1. We took some liberties with the curriculum. For reasons.

      1. For ugly reasons!

  5. Happy Birthday Grace. We all enjoyed your wonderful gift!!!

  6. Ok!! Awesome Job!! The “camouflage” made me snort and laugh REALLY LOUD!!
    And the double hitch made me *sigh* V V LOUD!!
    Happy Birthday Infant!

  7. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Great job girls! Happy birthday !

  8. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

    Hope you’re having (had) a great b’day, Infant. What a geat present!

  9. Finally got to watch it – McGarrett smile at the end, after Infant thanks him – SO PERFECT!

  10. heymomo · · Reply

    SO AMAZING!! I had fun guessing what clip or pic was going to be used for each skill 🙂

    1. We had fun, too, matching up pics/gifs to SEAL skills. Shame we had to look through so many to find the right ones, though.

  11. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    totes ugly! haha! Happy birthday Graziella! great job ladies – I don’t know how you possibly managed to get through all of the hideousness!

    1. Took a hit for the team. It was tough, but we made it through….

      1. We really are troopers.

        1. You poor guys! All that ugly to go through, and then make us suffer through it all 😉

  12. Once again, we all benefit from someones birthday
    Happy Birthday Infant!!

  13. Being a good shot! And GUNS OF ALL SIZES!!!!!! <— love!

    Love the story, so sweet!

    Happy Birthday Grace!

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

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