Caption Crossover: Spies Like Us

Episode 1.6, and Kono’s surfing mentor has been murdered… goodness, this seems like a long time ago. I completely ruined the Big Reveal for McGecko by yelling ‘HERCULES!!!’ at a crucial moment after I had spent the whole ep saying ‘God, who is he?’ at random intervals. Poor McGecko. What he has to put up with.

(I made up for it by yelling ‘HERCULES!!!’ at another crucial moment a little later on. Except not really, because how off-putting would that be?)

Kono wants to be involved in the investigation but Chin tells her that she’s too close to it and should take the day off like he’s going to when Malia is killed. Or not.


In the very recent present, McG is taking this advice to heart and delegating something very Important and Personal, and also wearing some rather lovely tan pants. I was not a fan of the white pants but I do love these ones. I think it’s because they look caramel-y, and therefore edible. Like they’d just melt in your mouth. Mmmm sweet.

Oops. That was my outside voice, wasn’t it?

Anyway, McG is delegating. Not, admittedly, the best idea he’s ever had, but good Lord, the faces. The FACES!!!116a

(did I mention I love the pants?)

Course, it turns out that Mick the P.I. isn’t the one to do the job either.116b

Mom: 1, McG: 0. Heh.

Hey, who else wants to see Doris invite Mick over for dinner with McG and Cath? A secret agent, two Naval Intelligence officers and a Navy SEAL. It would just be one long awkward classified silence. Maybe they could talk about the weather. Or something.


Thanks to bookemdanno for screencaps.



  1. I just can’t get past those pants and those faces. They are blinding.

    1. Did I mention that I love the pants?

  2. I hope we see more of the PI …..just for more awkward moments.

  3. Amazing how we can dissect a simple pair of pants for months on end. oh yeah, and THAT FACE!!

  4. This CC gives me all the feelings. I’m imaginary hugging Kono & McG right now. Feeeeeeeeeeeelings.

    1. One long awkward classified moment. LOL!

      Love the tan cargos, but love the black ones even more.

      1. The tan ones need a black tee, not a blue one. They look even better in the top right pic (and I’ve just noticed that he didn’t shut the door behind him!) when the tee looks like it’s black.

        I think they’re more butterscotch than caramel. Butterscotch is my favourite (well, it is now, anyway…).

        1. Butterscotch. Mmmmmmm.

          “Course, it turns out that Mick the P.I. isn’t the one to do the job either.” ACA baby! Seriously, he what a terrible PI especially after McG had talked him up so much. I’d like to see more of the PI, too. Just doing PI things, you know?

    2. Yay! Feeeeeeeelings!

  5. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Let’s not focus on that fact that Kono wasn’t allowed to work on a case involving her mentor but Chin well actually when you look at how the Chin situation ended up, yes team maybe you should avoid working on personal cases. Just so, you know, unarmed bad guys don’t get killered.

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