3.17 – Pa’ani (The Game) – Page 3

At the football to talk to Foster, McG’s back in the green shirt. Continuity, have you been drinking? And can you stop sharing with the writers please, because McG just told Danny to stop stalking Peyton Manning and we all know how Show feels about stalkers, don’t we?

McG’s being v polite to Foster, but then the guy IS bigger than him AND he has more tattoos so McG’s a bit out of his comfort zone. Foster doesn’t know anything, so Danny takes the opportunity to ask him why he ruined Danny’s chances of winning his Fantasy Football league. So cute that Danny has a Fantasy Football team! So not cute that he’s actually trying to have this conversation! This scene ends in a draw, with McG noticing that Foster has a knuckleduster that might yield some DNA from the guy that he hit.

Just so you know, I usually have WAY more tattoos than this.

Just so you know, I usually have WAY more tattoos than this.

I like Foster. He was pretty good.

In the ensuing cargument, McG says that it’s easy to criticise from your couch, but actually, McG, I’m sitting on a chair. That doesn’t make it harder though. Your writers are making you act like a jerk sometimes. See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

JK: You certainly made that look easy Gecko!

Alicia: Hey, who are you calling an easy Gecko? ;-). Kono’s found several pictures of Holly in HPD’s database, along with a gazillion aliases, so they’re not closer to finding her, BUT the DNA on the ring has identified the guy she was with as an ex-military criminal named Cross who just got out of jail for trying to blackmail a judge. McG says that his military background means he has the necessary skill set to pull off the shooting, but come on, he shot the guy in the back of the head with a handgun. *I* probably have the skill set to pull that off. (I typed that bit sitting on the floor. It’s actually not very easy to criticise when you’re sitting on the floor, as it turns out. The angle’s all wrong for reaching the keyboard.)


They’ve got Cross in the blue room now, which is really bringing out the purple in his black eye. He drops himself in it by mentioning the victim by name when they haven’t told him what the guy’s name is and then says he’s in the intelligence business! Show!! Stop making me giggle like this!! He didn’t kill the guy, he was just hired to steal corporate secrets; Holly was supposed to give him a flash drive at the pool but she got scared because she’d heard that Davis had been killed and Foster stepped in and clocked him before he could talk her down. I’m really having to try hard not to like this guy because the actor is v funny in a v dry way. “I suppose I have violated one or two conditions of my parole…” and “she mostly focused on my glutes but I’m guessing she’ll remember my face”. Heh heh. But anyway, he didn’t kill Davis – and the laptop Holly took the information from was stolen by someone else after she left the room. The plot thickens again! (I am really enjoying this COTW, by the way. I typed that while standing up. FYI? Really easy to praise while standing up.)

JK: It’s ‘cause the blood is flowing more freely. Increased oxygen levels. It’s just science.

Alicia: excellent McNerd! The team are in a huddle around ESS and Chin knows what Cross’s employers were after – a billion dollar mobile chipset (yeah, I have no idea what that is, so I had to look it up to find out if it’s hyphenated. I still don’t have a very good idea of what it is.). Then! then! Danny comes in saying they’ve got an address for Holly and tries to swoosh the info from his phone to ESS, but it doesn’t work!! And he has to get Kono to do it for him!!


And then Danny’s day doesn’t get any better because they’re going to miss the start of the game if they don’t get a shimmy on. Oh dear, McG was supposed to be hanging out with Cath beforehand, wasn’t he? She doesn’t seem to be too put out about this though, presumably because she’s mentally scanning her list of Ways To Get Steve To Make Up For Being A TERRIBLE Boyfriend. I think she’s got to about #15 now. At least.



  1. I totally missed the shirt continuity. Definitely have to rewatch now.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    “she’s mentally scanning her list of Ways To Get Steve To Make Up For Being A TERRIBLE Boyfriend”, Cath needs ammo for that Doris secret she is keeping from Steve…. (Pee again here)

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      Silly wordpress is making you anonymous!! It’s done that to me too 🙂

  3. “Just so you know, I usually have WAY more tattoos than this.” — Bwahahaha! Defensive McG.

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      ^^^This^^^^ deserves another BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  4. “In the ensuing cargument, McG says that it’s easy to criticise from your couch, but actually, McG, I’m sitting on a chair. That doesn’t make it harder though. Your writers are making you act like a jerk sometimes. See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

    They’ll be here all night, folks!

  5. Oh, Danno. “Goofy thumbs” strike again.

    1. Technology is Danny’s Wo Fat.

      1. That and making questionable decisions regarding his ex-wife.

    2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      I thought that bit was hilarious. Just like the Techno Girl scene from 3.7.

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        I mean 3.10. Duh.

        1. (Two of these pages were titled ‘1.17’ until about thirty seconds before posting. Not quite sure how that happened.)

  6. heymomo · · Reply

    I’ve gotten all turned around with my criticizing, judging and praising… which one do I do from the floor?

    1. Praise standing up, criticise sitting down. Don’t do anything from the floor, it’s v uncomfortable. 🙂

  7. heymomo · · Reply

    Somewhere around here I lost the plot when watching, so thank you JK and EasyGecko for clarica-ing the COTW for me. I’m back on track now. (although still on the floor)

    1. LOL, you can get up now!

  8. I had Steve’s back 1000% in the Fantasy Football vs actually PLAYING football argument. So silly Danny tried to make playing FF as hard as playing real football. I literally LOL’d!! That said, I appreciated the cargument. I thought was funny. I don’t’ get why it makes Steve a jerk though. He was standing up for something he’s actually DONE. I think if roles were reversed most people would be upset and defensive too.

    I can’t wait for Not McG to watch this scene.

    1. I thought McG was obviously totally right about real vs fantasy football.

      I thought the joke about hunting Danny being no competition fell flat and sounded kind of mean. I’m not sure it had to come off that way, but with the writing/acting/directing/editing, it did. I think it was because of Danny not reacting really at all. It was just another of many moments in this ep that just didn’t quite come together.

      1. I guess it’s hard for me to gauge when Steve is being mean to Danny. Danny blames Steve for everything and it’s supposed to be funny (its NOT) and he rarely says anything in return so when he does get the chance, I just think, “FINALLY!’ However I still don’t think this was mean…fact is in a tactical sitch like this, he wouldn’t be much of a competition to a Navy SEAL, but agree it did fall a little flat.

        1. Oh yeah, it was totally true. Cops are not SEALs.

        2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          They should have finished the debate with, but we both like watching football so everybody wins. 🙂

    2. No, that was in reference to the earlier scene with the CEO when they were ALL being jerks. I agreed with him in this scene, there is SOME skill involved in FF but it’s nothing like actually playing or running a team. For Danny to say it’s as hard as actually playing was a bit like the paintballing execs saying they know what it’s like to be McG. It’s nothing like!

  9. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

    I liked Cross too. I know I probably wasn’t supposed to but I did anyway :).

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