3.17 – Pa’ani (The Game) – Page 4

At Holly’s – or rather, Lana’s – house, Lana is not home but her sister Beth is, along with an unsent email containing all the data Lana took from Davis’s laptop.


This is a totally relevant screencap.

Beth tells them that Lana found a buyer for the flash drive and that she’s gone to meet him. The email is her insurance in case things go wrong. McG replies “this is H50. Of course it’s going to go wrong” and of course he is right. Luckily Beth is so blindsided by how green his eyes look in that shirt that she tells them where Lana is meeting the buyer.


I would tell him anything he wanted to know. ANYTHING.

Meanwhile, Chin has found an email in the information from the laptop that basically says: the CEO did it, because the chipset was faulty and they could get back the money they’d invested in it from Davis’s life insurance policy. The CEO hasn’t been zipping around the world in his private jet like he said he was – he’s been in Hawaii the whole time BUT he didn’t know Cross’s employers were also going to take advantage of Davis being in Hawaii to steal the technology (although what a waste of effort, really, since it’s a dud anyway) so now he’s after Lana because she’s a loose end.

McG and Danny turn up just as Lana tells Cross about the email while he’s marching her away at gunpoint, and that if she doesn’t make a call in the next fifteen minutes everyone will know about the dud chipset and his company will be toast anyway. McG, topper that he is, has to beat Danny to the top of the escalators even though he’s actually running up the down escalator – flail! flail! – although if the CEO hadn’t thrown a bump-and-run into Danny’s path he totally would have won that one – and then McG LEAPS over the top of the up escalator and takes the CEO out. TOUCHDOWN!!!

But – ooh, no dancing in the end zone because his shoulder’s done something a bit strange which is making me shiver in not at all the way that McG’s shoulders usually do. The bad guys are arrested, McG is taken to hospital and awwww! Danny misses the game so he can go with him and gives his tickets to Kamekona’s cousin and Max. Max is wearing what I would call a football jersey, in an ironic way.


I am never going to let you forget this.

At the hospital, McG is having his shoulder put back and because I am a Trek geek, I hear Worf saying ‘Good. Good, you bore that well’ in my head. Although, what is this face???


I find that channelling The Fonz helps with the pain.

Danny is outside in the corridor watching on TV as someone scores a touchdown and look! There are Cath and Kono right there on the field! Well, what do you know, Cath’s tickets were better than McG’s. She’s SUCH a topper!

To make it up to Danny (well, sort of) McG has asked Cath for what may be the first non-work related favour yet, and the three of them are at the (sadly empty) football ground where she has arranged privileged access to the hallowed turf. McG’s over-the-top ‘isn’t this awesome!!!’ attitude is hilarious. Even he knows that this isn’t as good as being at the game but, bless him, he’s trying to sell it and then he realises he’s on a hiding to nothing and apologises in a really sweet way for Danny missing the game for him. And all without saying “you didn’t have to, you know”. Which, you know, Danny didn’t have to. But he did anyway. And McG didn’t have to arrange (well OK, ask Cath to arrange) for Danny to get to visit the stadium, but did anyway. Warm fuzzies!

Cath – the topper – got Peyton Manning to sign a football ‘To Danno’ which Danny really IS thrilled about and McG throws the ball (is this a good idea with a busted shoulder?) for Danny who – wow, he’s really fast! Awww, this is so cute! Look how happy he is!


JK: Look how fast he is! Like the Roadrunner! *meep meep!*

Alicia: And Wil E Coyote, I mean McG, needs a doctor because yeah, that wasn’t such a good idea. But look how happy Danny is! Totally worth it!!


Thanks everyone for joining us today, we hope you enjoyed the game as much as we did. We’ll see you next time!

JK: Aloha and out!



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Great recap Alicia 🙂 (and Steph) Loved the sarcasm. I totally missed the wardrobe continuity. I like how the show often ends with a funnier note 🙂 And if wp still thinks I am anonymous, I am not. Pee for Paula Neropatti.

    1. I also love it when an ep ends on a high note… Danny was having fun anyway! 😀 That was a lot more energy than I expected to see from him, like ever! that was very cute.

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        It was cute. Loved the ep ending like that.

    2. Koala wordpress! Thanks Paula 🙂

  2. Nice pic of the rear view 🙂

    1. It was completely relevant to… to… I’m sure I’ll think of something…

  3. Great recap, gals! I enjoyed your banter when the action on the field got a little slow. 😉

    1. Thanks Sage 🙂 glad you stopped by, as always!

  4. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I was so mesmerized (I know…I have a problem..don’t send help!) by McG running up the down escalator and then launching himself all BAMF like at the singer from TRAIN…that I didn’t notice what happened to McG’s arm until NotMcG said “that must have hurt”…and I was all “what? what?” and had to RW it…and thought…gee, I hope Justin didn’t break his arm! *cringe*
    LOVED the stadium scene!! How HOT was Alex…err..I mean Steve throwing that ball?!!!
    Great recap ladies! Sarcasm rules! Rah, Rah, Rah!!!

    1. We’re too similarly afflicted to send help!

  5. heymomo · · Reply

    Cath is such a topper! And the best girlfriend ever. Except for that secret keeping thing.

    1. ^^THIS!!^^ LOL!! I loved that she had the best tickets all along and didn’t tell them. HA!

      1. I thought she said where her seat were when she told him about them. But I’m probably remembering wrong. I tended to zone out during the many times they went on and on about football.

        1. I think she said she had “pretty good seats too” but never said where they were.

  6. heymomo · · Reply

    SUPER AWESOME AND FUN RECAP LADIES! You gave 110%, took it one game at a time, and knew that it is what it is.

    1. We’re just glad we didn’t let our supporters down!

  7. Danny’s “I’m never going to let you live this down” face. I totally thought that’s why he didn’t go to the game (because he could have and should have). It gives him something more to throw in McG’s face later on. 😦

    But it gave us a cute moment at the end. I like how Cath is really a good person to everyone. She even looked after Danny.

    Danny made me giggle running down the field, a) for his total joy and enthusiasm and when do we ever get that from Danny? and b) he looked so cute with his little legs running as fast as they could…like when you see Pee Wee football leagues and the 6 yr olds look like they’re running in FF’wd because their legs are so short. 🙂 Adorbs.

    1. It really is above and beyond for her to do that for her boyfriend’s friend.

    2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      I was giggling at Danny running like mad, too. Adorbs indeed.

    3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I loved that final scene with Danny. I mean he was just so happy. Wonderful.

    4. I didn’t see it as Danny having something to throw back in McG’s face later on at all. I saw it as a friend caring for a friend.

      1. ACA Grace. He WAS happy. The autographed ball was so cute. And I’ll always get a kick *groan* out of his excited running for the ball. He’s really fast too :).

        I couldn’t quite see why Danny didn’t go to the game as McG wasn’t that badly injured but I’m a bromance-aholic so I was OK with it from the friendship point of view. They’ve been a bit snippy with each other lately IMHO so I liked that they were back to ‘normal’. Actually I only picked up the ‘not much of a challenge’ line on the second watch as I was too busy laughing at Danny’s line about being hunted by McG. That really cracked me up.

      2. I think he did it because he cares about McG as well, but that face said ‘I’m voluntarily making a HUGE sacrifice for you here, and don’t you forget it’. A bit like my face when McGecko said he wanted to play cricket this year and I said he could even though it’s a huge pain in the a*se.

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          Cricket games can last days!!

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            Haha I love watching people’s faces when I explain that to them.

            1. heymomo · · Reply

              That’s one of the few things I know about cricket 🙂

              1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                Yup one of the few sports where you stop for lunch, tea, drinks and sleep.

                Sent from my iPhone

                1. And you can play for five days and still run out of time.

                  They play the 40-over version so it’s only Saturdays but it pretty much knocks out every weekend for the whole summer. Plus I will have to do a tea at some point which is also a massive pain in the a*se.

                  1. heymomo · · Reply

                    What? You have to do a tea? What kind of crazy rule is that? Shouldn’t you and the junior geckos just be hitting the amusement park every Saturday while he’s playing?

                    1. I KNOW!!! He gets to sit in the sun all day and then drink beer and I get to make sandwiches. HOW IS THAT FAIR????

                      I can’t take the junior geckos anywhere by myself, they just run off in different directions. Inspector Gadget was on to something, you know.

                    2. Hence my theory that the adults should always outnumber the children! LOL!

                    3. It gets better, Alicia. My kids hardly want to go anywhere with me these days. So they go from being stuck to you like glue to disappearing out the front door!

                    4. Infant_Sardonic · ·

                      What do you have to make? Does this mean you have to fed 22+ people?????

                  2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                    Oh the run out of time thing isn’t easy to explain lol I didn’t get that far the last time I explained the game to friends.

  8. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Good job on the recap girls. Very interesting way to go about it. 🙂 too funny.

    1. Thanks Infant 🙂

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