H50 is more than just McGarrett: Gone but not forgotten (part 1)

This week it’s the first post in our series highlighting the ‘gone but not forgotten’ characters in H50.  We’re going to feature Rachel and Malia as they fit nicely together in the one post as loved ones who are no longer part of the show. (Working on the assumption here that Rachel won’t be back in the near future, if at all. And that she WAS a loved one of Danny’s.)

Because I initially quite liked the character of Rachel, I am just going to feature my favourite episode that she was a part of –  1.10 Heihei (Race) aka The Triathalon Ep.  This was also the first time we actually clapped eyes on Rachel after only ever ‘seeing her’ as the woman on the other end of phone conversations with Danny about custody of Grace.

I was really excited about seeing Claire van der Boom in the show because she’s Australian (yay!) and I’d just finished watching her in a local police drama called Rush.  And her character’s name was Grace!  Here she is.

Grace Barry collage

Anyway, in episode 1.10 McG and Danny are on the trail of a gang of thieves who use triathlons to pull off elaborate heists.  In a convenient plot development, the house where the suspected thieves are staying is right next door to where Rachel lives with Step Stan and Grace.  How about that?

So McG and Danny turn up at Rachel’s doorstep and ask her if they can use her home for surveillance.  McG standing at the door with bags and bags of gear like a hotel porter is hilarious.  At first Rachel is not good with the idea of the boys spying on the neighbours from her bedroom window but eventually she lets them in.  But check out some of her faaaaaaces!

1.10 Rachel lets the boys in collage

Can you spot Rachel’s ‘are you freakin kidding me?’ face?

The next scene is brilliantly done.  The boys set up shop in Rachel’s bedroom and poor Danny is having a tough time of it.  McG is, for once, the calming influence here and you can tell that he is rather impressed by Rachel.  Rachel’s all class offering cups of tea while engaging in a battle of the snark with Danny.  She even threw in a  “bite me” in a posh British accent!   I liked Rachel here – she was more than a match for Danny and it seemed to me that they genuinely cared for each other.  Sometimes love isn’t enough to hold things together, you know?

1.10 surveilliance collage

Of course I can NEVER think of the above scene without also thinking of the season 1 gag reel and Alex being a total larrikin while filming:

Alex S1 gag reel

So the boys need to take a closer look at next door’s activities so Danny heads over to the house while no one is home.  Trouble is, someone is soon back home again and Danny is stuck in the house with two of the four triathlon thieves!  Here is where we know that Rachel still cares for Danny as she’s dead worried when she realizes what’s going on.  McG’s idea of a diversion to get Danny out of there involves explosive devices (of course!) but Rachel has a better idea. She runs outside and pretends to be tipsy and rams her car into next door’s front gate.  They two suspected baddies come running out to check out the commotion which means Danny can get the heck out of there.  She even manages to get the fingerprints of one of the baddies. Rachel does this so well that I’m thinking she could be part of the Five Ohs. Must be all those years as a cop’s wife.  You go, girl!

1.10 Rachel worried about Danny collage

There’s a nice little exchange between Rachel and Danny at the end of this scene and I think once again that they really do care for each other.  In between driving each other nuts, that is.

Then at the end of the episode, Danny is back at Rachel’s for some father-daughter time with Grace.  The final image we have is of Rachel looking at Danny from behind her curtain as he drives away.  This, after a brief interaction between the two of them makes me feel sad that their relationship didn’t work out.  Are objects in the mirror really closer than they appear?  (Thanks to Alicia for pointing this out to me :).)

1.10 closer than they appear collage

At this point I felt sure Show was setting up the relationship between Rachel and Danny to make the audience feel that they really should be together.  I expected this might happen in the future even though I get that she was married to someone else. I thought at least the writers would explore the idea of the ongoing connection between the two characters and how they dealt with that despite Rachel having moved on with Step Stan.  However, the development of this storyline in Show was not to my liking at all so I’d rather be left with happy memories of Rachel in this episode and thoughts of what might have been.  Sigh….

And now to Malia.  Malia was in seven episodes in total, beginning with 1.14 Ha Kane Hewa ‘Ole (‘An innocent man’), an episode already featured here at The Champ Box because of the Amazing Tzi Ma.  We come across Malia at the hospital.  Because she’s a doctor of course.  Chin and Kono are there to try to identify the victim in the boot of the car that Han Chi was driving (because they discovered that the victim was suffering from cancer).

Malia 1.14 collage

So there’s history between Malia and Chin and it seems that Chin called off their engagement after he was accused of being a dirty cop.  But they end up getting back to together again.  Awwww….

Malia collage

And then they get married.  Our first H50 wedding!

wedding collage

I have to say, the wedding was rather lovely

I found it a bit hard to be invested in the whole Malia storyline because well, Malia wasn’t a very interesting character to me and there was always a sense that her stay in Hawaii was to be short-lived (mostly I think because back then I was watching the episodes as they aired in Australia which was way behind the US so I already knew what was going to happen). By the end of season 2, Malia’s life is hanging in the balance and when we returned in season 3, Chin was dealing with her death (mostly off camera, mind you).

Malia death collage

What disappoints me most is that so far, the writers haven’t really explored how Chin might be dealing with his wife’s murder.  This is another lost opportunity, along with other major events in the characters’ lives that have been hitherto unexplored.  Malia is featured in this post as I’d like to think she is gone but not forgotten but perhaps equally as tragic as her death is that the fallout has been largely overlooked by the writers.

And then of course there were the chickens.  It will always be the chickens!


Come back to visit us again soon where we’ll feature some of the gone but not forgotten characters who have been part of the Shelburne storyline.

(Screen caps from screencaps at aithine.org and mycoven.  Gag reel gif created by neropatti.)



  1. Great post, Andrea!!

    I really liked Rachel in that first ep too. I remember turning to McGecko and saying “they’ll be back together by the end of the season”. And so they were! But not really in a GOOD way :-(. Their relationship was a lot more interesting and had so much more potential back then.

    It’s sad that the only thing I can really think of to say about Malia was ‘I liked her hair straight’, because as you say, she just wasn’t a very interesting character. And we ALL knew she was going to be killed off, you could see it coming a mile away.

    “and when we returned in season 3, Chin was dealing with her death (mostly off camera, mind you).”

    ^^^ Don’t get me STARTED!! 😀

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      poke! poke! getting you started! rant away!!

      I liked Rachel too. Triathlon ep was also my fave Rachel ep. She was cheeky and when Steve said “I like her”, I agreed with him!
      Poor Malia. We knew she was a goner from the get go.

      Great post Andrea! And I had to google “larrikin” 😉

      1. Thanks Alicia and Momo. I loved cheeky Rachel too, but didn’t like her quite as much (well, at least the ridiculous baby storyline anyway) in later eps. Triathlon ep was great, though!

        Poor Malia, there never was much hope for her, was there? At least she gave us the chicken legacy. Agree Alicia, her hair was much nicer straight (these things are important yanno?).

        Alicia, you can get started on the way the characters in Show are not given the chance to deal with the pretty serious stuff that happens to them. Go on, I know you want to!

        1. Not this early in the morning! Give me a bit of time to get warmed up *stretch* ;-).

  2. larrikan? what? is that even a word?

    also, it is a shame about how they dealt with rachel. of course, the affair was horrid, but also, she is such a b/tch. is that necessary? (sometimes, the show hates women….)

    and poor chin. see that: chin. malia is just a little side note to the chin storyline. sad. it would’ve been nice to get more of his backstory and to have her be a steady side character, like gracie monkey. also, and this has been beat to death, but they really–REALLY–need to deal with his grief. just sayin.’

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      I googled it Sage!!
      1) n. Australian: A person given to comical or outlandish behavior.
      2) n. Austral and NZ slang: a mischievous person

      1. I googled it, too and spent the day trying to work it into casual conversation. So far, no go. But soon a scamp will come my way and I will accuse him/her of being a larrikan!

        1. *waiting for the day when a ‘bogan’ crosses Sage’s path*

          1. Had to google that, too. Turns out, where I live, there are bogans everywhere! Though most of the terms we use to describe them are rather pejorative.

            Got any more for me?

            1. Drongo. 😄

              1. I love it! Also, I think maybe if I use it, my American friends will think I am pretentious, at best, and more likely, drongo.

                1. I am dying laughing here. I LOVE that you enjoy the Aussie slang. It’s my mission to include one word of Aussie slang in every post. It’s like Where’s Wally – you have to find it each time. Being a fangirl is totes educational! (Alex IS a larrikin, I reckon. Don’t you?)

                  And I so want you to give me an example of how you worked larrikin into your conversations today. What a hoot.

                  Also I want to add gallah to the list. See what you can do with that one!

                  (PS Thanks for stopping by. I agree with your comments – Rachel’s character, Malia’s lack of it, and the absence of Chin dealing with his grief. ACA!!!)

                  1. When NotGracie was trying to avoid brushing his teeth I said, “You are such a sweet little larrikan.” He just looked at me like it was normal and continued stalling bedtime.

                    And gullah is great, because it doesn’t sound all that bad, but I can use it when I am annoyed. I’m adding that to the list. (And actuallly, there is a language/dialect used by some African American members of small region South Carolina and Georgia called Gullah. So I might just sound learned when I throw that one out.)

                    Keep ’em coming!

  3. I read a blurb from the actress that plays Rachel, that she had known Alex in OZ, apparently he pulled up next to her on his motorcycle in Coogee Beach and introduced himself or something like that…..I interpreted it as he tried to pick her up. I’m assuming that she’s heterosexual, and since he’s Alex, in my mind that means they did the sexing. Note please that this all takes place in my mind and am no way saying it’s what actually happened. But I pretty positive that that is the only likely outcome when AFOL rolls up beside you on his motorcycle and introduces himself. Can I get an Amen Sista?

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      AMEN, SISTA!

      1. Seconded or thirded or whatever by me. Yay!

  4. They need to deal with Chin’s grief after they deal with McG’s PTSD from the North Korea episode. Don’t get ME started! So much potential there for Alex to show what he can do. Damn you, AtPlenkov!

    Nice post, Andrea. I liked Rachel, except for her dodgy English accent, and up until the end of S1. If the character is supposed to be a non-American, why couldn’t she just be an Aussie?? No need for Clair to fake an accent then.

    1. Thanks, mate! Damn you, atplenkov indeed.

      I have no idea why Rachel had to be British. She could quite easily have been Australian, you are right. I thought her accent was OK but will defer to someone who has a PROPER posh British accent. Alicia?

  5. AMEN, Justine! There really IS no other possible outcome to that scenario at all.

  6. Yay Rachel & Malia! Gone but not forgotten indeed.

    Thanks for doing this Andrea. I really do appreciate taking the time to consider characters that were so obviously “throw away” characters that we couldn’t even get fussed enough to care about that much OR off screen so much at crucial moments when they should actually be there (like Rachel at the custody trial… she’s off screen so much we may as well start calling her Burberry.)

    1. You are very welcome, Steph. I’d like to think that these characters are definitely not forgotten. I’m quite cranky with Show for what they did with Rachel. I liked her and thought her obvious connection to Danny could have been explored more rather than the silly baby storyline. Most of the time she was just ‘the evil woman’ at the end of the phone in bitter exchanges with Danny. But when we did see her, it seemed to me that she still loved Danny. Shame.

      1. I agree, the adultery + the baby storyline really didn’t work in Rachel’s favor at all. I can’t tell you how distraught I felt when we saw Rachel & Danny in bed together, it was like the floor fell out from under me, I remember that feeling so well, and it was terrible! and this was before the baby thing, so I didn’t even dislike Rachel! it was all about DANNY NOOOOO…..

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