3.18 – Na Ki’i (Dolls) – Page 1

Hey, it’s Westy.  Seems like ages since I did a recap (or since I sweet-talked Alicia and Andrea into becoming my minions and doing all the hard work!)  In fact, it’s ages since we had a new episode to watch. As I know absolutely nothing about roller derby and have never watched Dog the Bounty Hunter –  ever –  there are probably going to be a lot of missed opportunities at humour, in-jokes and the like in this recap.  Did you pick a roller derby name?  Mine is ‘Whip It Westy.’  I don’t know if I’d be a jammer or a blocker – what do you call the person in a team who sits on the bench the whole time, or spends most of it on the floor? Maybe my RD name should be ‘Wipe the Floor Westy’, because I could wipe up the sweat puddles while I’m down there On The Floor <<<<that’s my sneaky JLo reference for all you Jenny-from-the-block h8ers!


Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman is trying to apprehend Russell. Maybe if Dog cut his hair and cut down on his accessories, he could move a little faster. He sends Beth and family to head Russell off, and finally, Dog slams him onto the hood of a car when WHAM! a young woman makes a less than elegant landing on the roof of the car. (This would have had a lot more impact for me – pun intended – if I hadn’t seen it in the promos.) So opens the COTW.

dog crash collage

Steve and Mom are having some nice family time on the lake. I guess the missing twenty years mean they have a lot of catching up to do. Mom mentions that she and Cath are having lunch, which is nice, although Steve looks less than impressed. Getting to know your future daughter-in-law is a good thing. McDanno shippers can bow out now. (No h8!) I love Steve’s sheepish face when Mom mentions Mick the PI following her around. Mom asks Steve ‘what kind of son hires a PI to keep tabs on his mother?’ Hey, I can answer that! One whose mother faked her death and abandoned her family for twenty years, that’s who, Doris! So….#suggit. (You knew that was coming!)

Steve said EXACTLY THE SAME THING I JUST DID! Well, not the suggit part, but the rest. He says he’s got issues, trust issues, and Mom tells him to get over it. WTF?? Seriously? That’s the best she can do? The casual way in which she says it is making me almost hate her right now. Whoever’s writing Doris’s character is making her more and more unlikeable.

1 318-canoe2 318-butt-wipe


Ok, ok. I hired a PI to follow you.

3 318-trust-issues

I got trust issues, Mom!


You and Cath are having lunch?

Steve gets a phone call to alert him to the latest case and heads off to the crime scene. Smooth Dog meets Dog. Duane tells Steve what he saw, and heads off to process Russell. And that’s it for Dog the Bounty Hunter.  Not that I’m sad, because he kind of creeps me out a little. Any man who would take longer than me to wash his hair…well…

Max informs the team that the victim, on first impression was a jumper, but his second impression (not the impression she left on the car roof) leads him to believe that she didn’t jump  as her tibia shot through her kneecaps (ewwww) which is consistent with someone trying to fight the fall. So we have a suspected  murder victim. There are also bruises on her body which are unrelated to her fall. Max cannot rule out homicide until a full autopsy is performed. Have we worked out why Steve is wearing his badge around his neck? Does the FOY leave no room any more in the lower regions?

dog meets dog

‘Hey, Dawg.’
‘sup, Dawg.’

Chin tells Steve that there was a bloody ticket stub in the victim’s pocket, which has been sent to Charlie Fong for analysis. Kono informs them that the girl’s name was Dana Moore, a kindergarten teacher. Dana was, by all accounts, a nice girl who had recently broken up with her boyfriend. Her phone shows that she received and ignored nine calls from him the previous evening.

crime scene collage

Steve and Danny head off to talk to John Hanson, Dana’s ex and probably the prime suspect at this moment. Hanson says he was not responsible for the bruises, and that Dana used clumsiness as an excuse for them. Apparently, Dana kept secrets from him, which was a major factor in their breakup. His reason for calling her so much the night before was too many drinks at a bar. He asked her to dinner – I guess that was one call of his she answered – but she said she was busy.

At the ME’s office, Max is pretending to be a makeup artist for a James Cameron movie. (Hey, maybe he can give the H50 makeup artists some tips on the right shade of orange to cover the gecko!) Danny asks him why he’s turning the victim into a member of the Blue Man Group . Am I the only person who’s never heard of these people?
Max McNerds about the blue dye called something beginning with a T which is very useful for identifying micro trauma to the skin. He suspects that Dana was injected with GHB as it was found in her bloodstream, but not in her stomach contents. Max identifies two marks on Dana’s back as the injection site. Self-injection would have been impossible so he concludes that Dana’s death was definitely no accident. He estimates the injection six to eight hours prior to Dana’s disorientation and plummet from the balcony.


Meanwhile, Chin calls and tells Steve and Danny that Hanson’s alibi checks out.  He also found out that one of Dana’s co-workers invited her to dinner, but Dana said she had other plans because she was getting back with her boyfriend and having dinner with him.

Charlie Fong has managed to see through all the blood on the ticket stub and discovered that it was for the parking lot at the Kapiolani Recreation Centre, stamped 6.45pm.  Steve says whatever happened to Dana started there.  Because we are too dumb to work that out for ourselves.

colour coord collage

I like how the colours McG and Danny are wearing match their surroundings. Pretty!

Steve and Danny head off to the rec centre, and discover that Dana, the mild mannered kindy teacher, moonlighted (see what I did there?) as Dicey Hot, Roller Derby Girl.

rec ctr collage



  1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    I haven’t even finished reading this page yet – “future daughter-in-law”!!!! I don’t know if I should wish for this and start wrapping Cath in head-to-toe Kevlar or just be happy that they *kissed* and made up!

    1. Do you suppose they still have the bomb disposal suit from 3.06?

      1. Imagine the wedding! Navy rations for the wedding breakfast, which McG would eat with gusto while making his groom’s speech, Kevlar and combat boots, skydiving into the reception….. The possibilities are endless!

        1. He has GOT to get his grody eating habits under control before the wedding.

          1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

            …and save them for the honeymoon!!! 😛

            1. LOL. I mean I really did laugh right out loud into my lunch!

            2. heymomo · · Reply

              CG66 FTW!! LOL!

            3. “…and save them for the honeymoon!!!” – FTW!!!! I haven’t heard Cath complainin…

        2. I am imagining this right now. It’s awesome. Cath in a desert cammo wedding dress. Cake in the shape of a tank. Engraved bullets as favours.

  2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    I’ve never seen an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter either, but now I am intrigued. I cracked up when Dog said “stay alive, copper” as he walked off… um, … thanks?

    You’ve never heard of Blue Man Group? Vegas, Westy, Vegas.

    I loved the “Back in 10 minutes” sign… 10 minutes from WHEN, exactly? LOL!

    1. I’d never heard of the Blue Man Group either. I was waiting for an Avatar joke….

      1. I’d heard of them! I don’t get them, but I’d heard of them!

      2. heymomo · · Reply

        Or a Smurf joke!!

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      I’m surprised that peeps haven’t heard of Blue Man Group too! I was going to say I guess it’s more a NYC thing, but yes, Vegas too 🙂

      1. I have heard of them, but that doesn’t mean I think of them ever…

        1. Well, I did google them to get the link, but I must confess that I didn’t actually read any of it, so I still don’t know what they do!

          1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

            Just, saw that they were blue and moved on, did you? LOL.

            I think that they are a comedy/musical entertainment group. They don’t speak. But they do play these really cool PVC pipes that they extend and shorten to make different sounds (just one of the things they do)

            1. I’m blue da ba dee da ba die… oh dammit. Well, it’s crowded out Sign Your Name at least.

              I am now assuming that the blue dye was a shout out, just FYI.

      2. paula · · Reply

        “Arrested Development”! Great sit com and they introduced the blue men group to me. Also I think I had heard of them in other shows too. They seem like an odd fun act to watch 🙂
        But I was expecting a smurf reference too.

      3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        I’ve heard of them…not that I could explain what they do exactly.

  3. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    Was momma McG annoying?? Couldn’t tell you what she said…WAAAAY too distracted by McG’s tight T-shirt and shorts and him wiping his hands on the back of said shorts!!!! Question for Show. Where were the bare legs?!!! Damn you Show if you’re gonna put him in shorts, LET US SEE THE LEGS! B@stards!!!

  4. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I suspect badge was on a chain because shirt was too long…but don’t care. LOVED that it was around his neck…LOVED that he kept touching it…HOT, HOT, HOT!!

    1. I think it was a shout-out to how Dog the Bounty Hunter wears his bounty hunter’s badge. I doubt we’ll see it on the chain again.

      1. canadagirl66 · · Reply


        1. double 😦 😦

      2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        But, but, but, it was so awesome.

  5. “his second impression (not the impression she left on the car roof)…”

    I feel bad for laughing at this, but HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    You know, they could just use the blue dye instead of the orange makeup, it wouldn’t look any less realistic #justsayin

    Moonlighted! I see what you did there!

    1. I laughed at the ‘impression’ line, too. Felt bad. Just for a bit, though :).

      1. marnov2205 · · Reply

        Now you made me feel bad for laughing at the “impression” line and not feeling bad about it then. Max is adorkable, anyway.

  6. ‘Hey, Dawg.’
    ‘ ‘Sup, Dawg’

    Hee hee!

  7. All I know……is he is beautiful…..and I hate Doris.
    How can he even call her Mom?
    I want to punch her in her face.
    20 years you….you…..you…..wench!!!
    come back acting like nothing happened.
    Doris totally gives me the URGHSSS!!

    1. He even said, “love you” to her… Poor little Steve. There’s still a little boy inside there happy to have his mommy home.

      1. And when you think of all that happened because of HER…Poppa’s death, Steve’s torture, the fractured relationship in that family BECAUSE she left….grrrr. I HATE her!

        1. Sorry Westy honey , YOU might hate her but Steve loves his “Mommy” I’m going to wait until her final apperance wuich I feel may not be very long from now {Doris is DOOMED}

        2. Me too, Westy. What’s she’s done is abhorrent to me and I really struggle with the way she has just waltzed back into McG’s life with no explanation, no remorse (it was all to keep you safe, are you serious?) and still packing a punch when it comes to lying. I think McG is really struggling with loving his mother because Doris IS his mother but the pain she has caused must be hard to bear. The ‘get over it’ line was the dizzy limit.

          1. Remember when we were working out Buster and we were all “there’ll be some Big Reveal at the end of the season that redeems her and makes what she did OK and understandable and excusable”? ‘Get over it’ killed that hope off, didn’t it?

            1. Think so. Shame. But then we wrote Buster before we got to know Doris…

      2. “There’s still a little boy inside there happy to have his mommy home” 😦 *sniff* 😦

  8. “Steve says whatever happened to Dana started there. Because we are too dumb to work that out for ourselves”

    Missed commenting on this. LMAO! Yeah, exactly what I thought when McG said it. Sheesh.

  9. FOYeur · · Reply

    I wonder why they don’t just paint Steve blue every episode. Then he doesn’t have to wear a shirt of the orange make-up? 😛
    And I have no problem with Steve loving his mother. It just shows what a wonderful man he is. The kind I would not mind having in my life. Cath is a lucky girl…..I just hope they do not kill Cath off!

    She is his mother who he loved dearly for the first 15 yrs of his life and that is it! He has seen the world that he worked in for the rest of his life after that and maybe that is why he understands her better than we do…….
    (I still am pissed that they brought mom back as a superspy….just saying)

  10. marnov2205 · · Reply

    Oh, don’t even mention killing Cath off or misled TPTB will see it and act on it! Let’s trade Doris for Cath. Considering the news of Christine Lahti’s joining Beverly Hills Cop, she is maybe quite likely the next to go. #Just my speculations.

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