3.18 – Na Ki’i (Dolls) – Page 2

The team interviews Dicey’s fellow rollers and their coach.  Coach can’t tell Steve much about Dicey, then excuses himself because he has try-outs to organize for her replacement.  They’re skating in the finals the next day and he doesn’t have a back-up jammer. (Can they just bring in anyone for a final?  I thought you would have to use someone who had at least qualified by playing for the team previously – maybe things are different Down Under.)

Danny comes back and tells Steve he didn’t get much from either Crimson Bride or Ivana Kiss.  Steve’s look when he repeats Ivana’s name to Danny is priceless. Those McDanno shippers who left when Doris was going to have lunch with her future daughter-in-law?  They’re back.

rd collage

Danny thinks interrogating the girls might backfire on them. Steve decides they need somebody on the inside, somebody  the girls might open up to so the Five-0s  can find out some more about Dana and what was going on with her.

Cue Cath!  I wondered why Kono wasn’t going undercover – especially given that she randomly skated up to the shrimp truck a few episodes ago – but the fact that she had been to the rec centre earlier for interviews precluded her from going u/c.  And some of us have been complaining that Cath needs ‘something to do’ other than McRoll around on the sofa with Steve, so this is it!  And this could quite possibly be the.biggest.favour.ever that Steve has asked her to do.  Seriously, infiltrating a roller derby team to skate in a final, when you’ve never roller-derbied before…that’s pretty big. I foresee lots of McSex in Cath’s future.

cath collage

318-rd1 318-rd2318-rd-l318-rd-r318-story-l318-story-r318-huh1

Cath isn’t too impressed with the idea – even though Steve has cleared it with her CO. Despite her protestations, the team gang up on her, especially after Steve mentions that she used to ice skate. He knows this because her dad has shown him pictures of Cath in her tutus and leotards.  Cath is still strongly resisting the idea as she knows nothing about roller derby, so Danny McNerds the rules in an hilarious scene.  Turns out his mother used to be a big fan of RD.  Cath is unimpressed when she realizes that as a jammer, the opposing team’s blockers are basically out to kill her.

Cath, aka Alice Trooper, tries out for the team, but comes in second.  I dislike Steve’s reaction when she tells him.  Even though she didn’t make the team, she’s all excited because she knows she did well, but Steve is so focused on getting her undercover, he’s not even listening. He gets the coach’s first pick brought in for unpaid parking fines and so Cath is called up to join the Diamond Dolls.

alice trooper collage

Ok, when did Mom move out from the McGarrett residence?  She comes home to her own place, and disturbs a man wearing a ski mask who is stealing a black box from a safe in the wall. Doris gives him a run for his money, (which is way too fast for me to screen cap successfully) but he manages to escape with the box.

burglar collage

Cath/Alice rocks up for training, and bonds a little with Crimson Bride.  A shady looking character is giving Crimson a hard time.  She tells Cath he’s bad news.  Cath is able to sneakily get his picture and sends it through to HQ.  His name is Ted Landry, a low rent bookie.  He’s either worried about the bets now that Dicey is dead, or he had motive to kill her to avoid paying out.  Steve and Danny track him down at a shopping mall.  Why didn’t they sneak up on him, instead of yelling out his name?  Landry takes off (you would think they’d learn by now that running from McG is futile) and after an awesome tackle by McG, ends up in the drink.

Ted is taken to the blue room (painted by Max) and although he has an alibi for the time when Dicey was killed, he admits that he offered her cash to throw the game, which she refused.

Cath is still training, and injures her knee.  Crimson tells her to expect it to be rough, as the South Shore Sirens are a tough team, especially Sugar Stix, who has so far broken Dicey’s ribs, fingers and wrist.  Nothing sweet about her, says Crimson – she goes on to say that there was an intense rivalry between the two rollers. Cath relays this information to Chin, figuring Sugar may have had motive to kill Dicey.

Sugar’s real name is Dr. Sharon Morgan, a pediatrician, whose son is enrolled at Dana’s school.  Steve and Danny go to visit her at work, interrupting a consultation.

sugar stix

whats sugars beef

What’s Sugar’s beef with Dicey?

cant wait

We can’t wait.

She denies having any involvement in Dana’s murder, as she would.  She tells them to look closer at Dana’s team mates, as Coach put her on a pedestal and there was some jealousy there.  So much that Dana was considering leaving the team at the end of the season.



  1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    He doesn’t say leotards, he say UNITARDS, which – for some reason makes me giggle. At lot.

    1. That just makes me thinks of Blades of Glory! Now I’m giggling too…

  2. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    “What’s Suger’s beef with Dicey?”. Huh…am I missing something. I think that was supposed to be funny…but I didn’t get it. Anyone?
    I thought Dr. Sugar looked a lot like Ellen Barkin. I didn’t hear a thing she said though cuz McG was leaning on the door frame, holding out his badge on a chain (yay!) and looking v v pretty!!!

    1. I think it was just that he was referring to them by their roller derby names instead of their real names. I loved McG and Chin’s reactions to it, and Danny’s ‘yes, I said it, I meant to say it, can we move on?’ And Danny’s McNerding about roller derby was just AWESOME!!! I mean, someone had to do it because most of us don’t have the first clue about roller derby, but for it to be Danny was just inspired.

      As an aside, it sounded really weird to me when anyone said ‘derby’ because we pronounce it ‘darby’.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        You KNOW I just said that out loud.

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          *I did too!*

          1. You guys crack me up! Did it sound weird?

            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              Well, on its own, no… but if I think about the spelling of it, yes. Make sense?

              All I can think of is Terrence Trent Darby now.

              1. Oh, now all I can think of is him as well.

      2. Danny McNerding on roller derby will never not be 100% awesomesauce!!

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          That was so great. SO GREAT. All of their faces when he gets going!!! I could barely hear the whole thing I was laughing so much.

          And then Steve with the “I’m sorry…. I didn’t realize you were such a big fan” comment. hysterical. And Chin’s giggle…. excellent scene.

    2. I believe Dr Sugar was played a stunt woman from NZ. She does look a lot like Ellen Barkin :).

  3. you did a very good job on screencaps, but if you want more precize, use DVD video soft set of programs. you can set it for making screencaps of every frame from episode (which is about 50.000 images after it’s done), and you’ll have what you need without clicking all the time on one scene. now, looking through all those images to find what you need – it’s another story, I’ve been there…

    1. Um, thank you Andrea. What you just said totally went right over the top of my head because I am probably the most technically challenged person ever. I’m lucky to get a screencap at all! But I will look into it as soon as I figure out what you said 😄 did I say how computer challenged I am?

  4. Christine Lahti was awesome in the fight scene! When Doris opened the door and saw the balaclava guy and just picked up the nearest random ornament and wanged it at his head I cheered! Then I remembered that I hate Doris and I calmed down a bit, but still – it was a great scene.

    1. Doris WAS awesome in the fight scene. The mother of the great warrior McGarrett! I was like you, though, and had to restrain myself from being too in awe as it’s Doris we are talking about.

      1. Fire-breathing dragon, or something, wasn’t it? (Kamekona in the premiere, I mean.)

        1. Something like that. I liked that scene from the S3 opener 🙂

    2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      I wonder how difficult it is to get a ski mask/balaclava in Hawaii?

      Perps must have to remember to bring their own from the mainland.

      1. ^^^ excellent point!

        1. Boots and over shirts seem to be in plentiful supply so why not ski masks?

  5. At one point during this episode, Mr JK turned to me & said that he hoped none of our roller derby friends watched this show. Like somehow people who are kindergarten teachers and pediatricians flip a switch and turn into thugs who mouth off to the cops and won’t reveal their real names when asked.

    1. This!! I kept telling Not McG that We have never met roller derby babes who were not wonderfully kind and singing their roller derby-ness from the rafters. (Also, Show, we have never met a roller derby team that wasn’t chockablock full of lesbians. Here was a chance to include actual gay people in a story without it being “the point.”)

      1. Agree! When I realised the kindy teacher thing vs roller derby, it made me groan a bit. Like kindy teachers can’t also be into roller derby? Women play rugby in Oz :).

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          Honestly – yeah it was a ridiculous point… the whole secretive thing….

          1. Yeah, it was. But I was glad the bruises weren’t caused by the boyfriend, if that makes sense. And at least they didn’t go all out with their stereotyping and have Dicey as a librarian who wears glasses and sensible shoes.

      2. It was a missed opportunity for sure.

      3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        You guys know people who actually do roller derby? That’s cool.

    2. You have roller derby friends??? #awesome

  6. I have been ‘out” a a Danno girl for some time, but he was so freakin’ awesome this episode. I loved it when he McNerded about roller darby (see what I did there?) and when he was rather nonplussed about it. I also loved the scene with Cath and the rest of the Ohana. That light and fun banter is what I watch for. More more more!

    1. I see what you did there :-). I loved that scene! It was just so unexpected. Kono would be the obvious choice to McNerd about it especially after the rollerblading a few eps back, but – nope! It’s Danny! And McG’s double take was EPIC.

    2. It was a perfect scene all the way around. Danny unexpectedly McNerding, the cousins giggling, STEVE giggling, Cath being all business going, “can we focus here??” as she’s still trying to figure out her spandex shorts with the stars on them. LMAO!! One of my fave ohana scenes ever.

      1. Me too. It reminded me of the pilot when they sat around together in the not yet finished office and laughed. I really do want more of this!

      2. The way she was looking at the shorts just cracked me up. Like she couldn’t believe McG was seriously suggesting she wear them in public (in private, though, completely different, obvi 😉 ).

    3. I’m glad Danny had a good ep as he’s not had much of a chance to shine lately.

  7. heymomo · · Reply

    because her dad has shown him pictures of Cath in her tutus and leotards…” forget the tutus and leotards, let’s focus on the fact that Steve has met Cath’s parents!!

    1. And dad liked him enough to show him the pictures of his daughter in her dance outfits!! DAD!! Not Mom!! If you get Daddy’s seal of approval <<—see what I did there?? You're in like flynn!

      1. Me too! I was surprised how casually they inserted backstory to indicate they were more than just friends with benefits.

        1. I’m honestly surprised they had to prove it.

          Some people had to be convinced they were more than FWB.

          Some of us knew it all along…

          1. It truly was one of my fave scenes ever!

          2. Kimphin1 · · Reply



      2. “In like Flynn”. I see what you did there :). Errol Flynn was an Australian actor, a known ladies’ man, after whom the phrase was coined. I tell you, when can get an Oz cultural reference in every time!

  8. I have one question…..why is every woman in the world with a pulse not talking about how absolutely beautiful this man is? He needs a major movie role opposite a real actress, not J. Lo……he needs to be the next calvin klein model, and I’m not saying this for purely selfish reasons. okay so maybe I am……whatever.
    Poor Cath……she will do anything for this man and lucky for her she’s at the HEAD of the LINE.
    How exactly does he get clearance from her superiors for undercover roller derby work?

    1. Justine, I watched this scene a couple of times (Danny McNerding!) and each time I wondered why Cath could just leave base and join the hunt. It wouldn’t take much to indicate that she has bosses, just a, “Hang on, lemme check with my Captain,” or some such sh/t.

      1. Cath has the best job ever! Endless leave, the ability to go and play with the Five Ohs at any time….

    2. I would have loved to have heard that conversation, when Steve called up Cath’s CO to ask if she could go undercover as a roller derby girl. I mean, how would you even go about bringing that up??

      1. Guess if the CO was a woman McG could have eyes*xted her into agreeing…..

      2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

        The whole calling the CO for approval… well, its a stretch, but when I worked for a City around here, the whole friggin Police Department went under a Federal Investigation (6 officers ended up in federal prison … a very chamber of commerce moment for the City) and so many of the officers got suspended while the investigation was going on that we had to get help from the ANG and Army reserve base nearby. So, I guess it cooouuuuuld happen (thoguh unlikely, LOL- seriously that was a stretch)

    3. FOYeur · · Reply

      Steve is stiil a officer in the Navy. He knows people and he has the Gov’s immunity and means…..and he is cute. Who can refuse him?

    4. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I wonder how that conversation with the CO went. Yeah we need her to go undercover as a roller derby player. 🙂

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