3.18 – Na Ki’i (Dolls) – Page 3

Steve asks Cath to get him a roster with the Diamond Dolls real names, then receives a phone call telling him that Doris is at the hospital.

dr who

Did Steve really say Dr Who?

It’s clear that Steve doesn’t believe Doris’s simple burglary story, and insists that she comes to stay with him for a few days. I think Doris is starting to realize that she’s going to have to give him some explanations soon.  Steve goes to Doris’s house and is joined there by Cath.  He tells Cath how he doesn’t believe Doris and that she’s lying to him again.  Cath confesses her part in the secret about Mangosta that she and Doris are keeping from Steve.  He asks her to leave.  This scene is so sad.  Both Alex and Michelle act it out perfectly.  I’m just so pleased that this didn’t happen ‘off camera.’

secret collage

Cath continues her undercover work and sneaks into Coach’s office where she downloads a bunch of stuff onto a USB.  She’s interrupted by Crimson, and pretends she was looking for a knee brace.  Crimson is suspicious and after Cath leaves, Coach sees Crimson also leaving his office.  He checks his computer and thinks that she has been snooping.

It’s derby final time, and Coach asks one of the South Shore Sirens to hit Crimson hard.  Her arm is injured and Coach won’t let her play.  Meanwhile, Chin has downloaded the info that Cath sent through from Coach’s computer.  It’s loaded with pictures of drugged women in their underwear.  Turns out Coach is an ex-con who has done time for producing and distributing p0rnography on the mainland.

The team deduce that Dicey discovered what Coach was doing, and was injected with GHB, thinking it was cortisone for her injured shoulder.  Steve calls Cath, who’s not answering.  Steve and Danny arrive at the rec centre, and can’t see Cath or Coach anywhere.


Crimson begs Coach to let her play, and finally agrees to a shot of cortisone. Coach sends her to his office, where he meets her and knocks her out cold by punching her in the face.

When she comes to, he questions her about what she knows, before telling her that what he’s about to do to her won’t take as long as Dicey.  Cath bursts into the office and shoots Coach.  Steve and Danny hear the shot (how they heard it above all the cheering is beyond me) and get there to find Coach wounded.  They untie Crimson and Steve and Cath share a long glance. All.the.feelings!

Now we’re at Dana’s funeral.  Crimson gives a lovely eulogy and Sugar Stix is there too.

After the funeral, Steve is back at home.  Mom is out of hospital and he confronts her about her lies. FINALLY.



  1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    “This scene is so sad. Both Alex and Michelle act it out perfectly.”…well said Westy and SO TRUE!! This scene could have been ruined with a lot of crying (her) and yelling (him)…instead their reactions were understated and subdued…making their pain more palpable and heartbreaking.

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply


  2. buttercup · · Reply

    I can only join you! This scene between Steve and Cath was truely well played, the crying and yelling would have ruined it totally! (agree canadagirl66) Their faces speak more than words could!
    What is meant by “I’m just so pleased that this didn’t happen ‘off camera.’”? Love your post TY very much!

    1. ACA!! So many more feeeeelings than if McG had lost his temper.

      ‘Off camera’ just means when things happen that we want to see but they’re not shown in an episode. It’s from the end of Kono’s undercover arc, when Atplenkov was asked on twitter why we hadn’t seen the team being properly reunited (because McG punching Fryer and then saying ‘let’s go home’ didn’t really count) and he said something like ‘you just have to assume these things happen off-camera’. So Chin grieved for Malia off-camera, McG and Danny found out Kono was dating Adam off-camera, that sort of thing. 🙂

      1. And McG dealt with his North Korean PTSD completely off camera. We only got one reference when he was talking to Joe White, and that.was.it.

        1. ACA! Lost opportunity. Again.

        2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          Ah, but we are going to get Steve telling Mom about that, according to AtPLenkov, so maybe that will be an equally awesome scene. *crossesfingers*

          1. Ooh, I didn’t know that! That should be interesting. I’m still surprised that Joe hadn’t told her though.

          2. Are we? Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The way they are making mom so manipulative and callous — are we supposed to care what happens to her? Is her only redeeming quality at this point that Steve is her son?

    1. I’m trying to come up with something else good about her… still trying…

      It’s brave of Show to write her SO unsympathetically, but I don’t really… get it.

      1. Are the writers building up to her being killed off or disappearing again and since she’s been written as so unlikeable, we won’t care (other than for McG and his ongoing heartbreak)? Christine has done an amazing job though, it’s just that I don’t like the way the character has been written.

        1. I guess it’ll be that she can’t stay because she isn’t safe now that information about her entire career is in the hands of mysterious persons. I hope they don’t kill her off, because poor Steve! And also I don’t want to see him deal with it off-camera (If that makes sense).

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            At this point I hope Doris just goes away, back into hiding, rides off into the sunset, whatever. Although I doubt TPTB will settle for anything less than an explosion. They do like to end seasons by blowing things up.

            1. ACA Momo. I fear an explosion (a real one this time?) but would prefer her to ride off into the sunset. And never come back.

    2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      At this point I am almost hoping we find out that they found infant Steve in a basket amongst the reeds, because even her being his mother isn’t a redeeming quality for me!

      1. marnov2205 · · Reply

        Does Doris’s being a fictional character redeem her 😉 ? J/k. I rather admire Steve’s sense of family loyalty, though. As if he felt it was his duty to get along with Doris, perhaps a commitment to his team/ohana he learned in the Seals – no man stays behind.

        1. I think Christine is amazing in the role but the character herself is hard to stomach, fictional or otherwise. There has to be a good reason why she’s been portrayed this way.

          When it all comes down to it, Doris is still McG’s mother which is why it must be so hard for him to deal with her behaviour.

    3. I personally wouldn’t care if someone blew up her car for realz this time. Except McG would be sad. But I fear whatever happens is going to result in sadness for him. The bonus is that we may get some more ’emotional’ scenes for Alex to work his magic.

  4. Oh, the feelings. Borth and AOL killed it, but it begs the question, why are they writing Doris so awfully, when they have another acting titan to play her?

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      This scene is so sad. Both Alex and Michelle act it out perfectly.
      Knocked it out of the park. Loved all the Steve/Cath interactions this ep.

      1. Knocked it for SIX, Momo!

        1. More fitting for a site run by two Aussies and a Brit, after all 😉

          1. You said it!

    2. They missed the boat with Christine. They really did. She tried. She’s been AWESOME at what they’ve asked her to do…..they’ve just asked her to do the wrong stuff. Well, I don’t have a problem with anything she’s done…just that they haven’t balanced it out with some reason to like her. That one scene hugging MaryAnn does not make up for all this. 😦

      “Alex and Michelle act it out perfectly” – TRUE. STORY! Michelle really impressed me. Can’t believe they found an actress that can match Alex’s ability to have a conversation with his face. There was one sentence uttered but an entire conversation was held. *love*

      1. “That one scene hugging MaryAnn does not make up for all this.” This, exactly. Christine’s been amazing but her character is totally lacking in empathy and that makes it impossible to have empathy for her.

  5. heymomo · · Reply

    Did Steve really say Dr Who?
    YES HE DID!!! LOL!!

    1. I missed that! Awesome!

  6. Show needs to get credit where credit it due….they really nail these scenes. The heartbreak is palpable….Steve’s worry, Steve’s emo, Steve’s FACE.
    btw – Steve is looking exceptionally fine……his face hurts my lady parts.

    1. “Show needs to give credit where credit it due….” – YES! Yes they do. But they don’t. Sad.

      They are sooooo freakin lucky they got Alex to play McG. They don’t even realize how lucky they are.

      1. ACA. Those scenes, as well written as they were, might not have had such an impact with another actor.

      2. They need to give him more opportunities like this to show what he can do as well.

    2. “his face hurts my lady parts”… well, honey, make him shave first next time 😉

      1. Kimphin1 · · Reply


      2. heymomo · · Reply


      3. AnnieOakley · · Reply

        “make him shave next time” — OMG!!! Alicia FTW!!!

        That black shirt and pants made made my panties fling themselves against the tv screen!

        1. marnov2205 · · Reply

          Re: AnnieOakley – You mean you still have some panties left to fling at the man’s face? I’m curious cause since H50 I’ve been involuntarily going panties-less. No way to keep the b@stards from eloping to Hawaii. Tricks & Tips?

      4. marnov2205 · · Reply

        ^^^ Your exchange, ladies, is PRICELESS! ^^^

  7. AS they say in the Royal Shakespeare Company “PERFECTLY PLAYED”!!! Well done Alex and Michelle

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