3.18 – Na Ki’i (Dolls) – Page 4

It’s me, Andrea_Briz!  Westy’s computer’s being a koala so I am finishing off the recap.  I don’t have a roller derby name because, like Westy, I’d never even entertain the thought of strapping on a pair of roller skates partaking in a roller derby.  I’ll be the person who brings the oranges out at half time, all cut up in little segments and in a Tupperware container.

So I am left with the best bit to recap.  Thanks, Westy!  When I say best, I mean one heck of a performance from Alex.  I have to give props to Christine Lahti, too.  She’s an amazing actress and she’s doing a bang up job of making Doris thoroughly unlikeable.  (By the way, Westy, you were very restrained back there on page 1 with the “get over it” line.  I was totally ‘are you freakin’ kidding me?’ when Doris said that.)

As Westy said on the previous page, McG is finally confronting Doris about her lies.  He has his serious face on and he’s still in his black shirt and pants so he looks beautiful and serious at the same time.  Doris is reading a magazine and sipping on a cup of tea as if nothing has happened in the past 24 hours.  Her air of nonchalance is making me tetchy.  McG is so frustrated at being lied to but he tries to keep a lid on things.  The tension is palpable and both actors knock it out of the park in this scene.  McG drops the name Mangosta into the conversation.  Doris, you are so busted!  He’s angry at her for bringing Cath into the situation and messing up their relationship.  Then he really struggles to keep it in when Doris finally fesses up about the microfiche (remember this, from way back at the start of the season?) and tells him it has been hidden under the floorboards all this time.  In the family home!  Doris bangs on about keeping the family safe (which we are all tired of hearing, Doris) but McG’s not buying it and neither am I.

So McG storms out, leaving Doris to contemplate her actions.  Or not.  He finds Cath contemplating HER actions while taking in the beauty that is Hawaii.  And standing on rocks in really high heels, another thing I couldn’t do.  And then she sees the beauty that is McG.  She apologises for lying to him and they make up.  I sigh because we are finally getting to see the ‘adult’ side of their relationship and this scene allows both actors to show us their acting chops.  All the feelings! Cath is really upset and Alex is giving us one of his incredible faaaaaaces again – has he really forgiven her and where to from here?




We cut back to Doris who’s on the phone to a Mysterious Voice I presume is her CIA contact.  Mysterious Voice expresses some surprise at hearing from Doris again (just like McG, who was REALLY surprised to hear from her again).  Does this mean that Doris has spent the past 20 years enjoying the sushi and sake in Japan and has been on an extended spy leave of absence?  I think not.  Mysterious Voice asks Doris if she is safe and she replies “not for long.”  The plot thickens!



  1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I watched the last 6 minutes of Show at least 10 times…and I was in AWE each time…and not just because Alex looked so handsome and beautiful and sexy in that black shirt and pants…but because he was SO DAMN GOOD!! I LOVE it when Show gives this man a chance to show what he is capable of!!
    And bravo to Christine Lahti!! She acted the hell out of that scene and played so well off of Alex. Those two must love acting together… and it shows!!
    And then the scene on the beach….so much emotion from those two. Michelle was so great…I could actually feel her pain…and well…what can you say about Alex..except that he said a thousand words with his face…WITH.HIS.FACE!!!
    I LOVE Show for finally letting us see the deep love Steve and Catherine have for each other and the vulnerability that comes with that!!
    LOVED this ep. Thanks for the great recap!!

    1. I loved these two scenes SO MUCH. I loved the McG/Doris scene because FINALLY he isn’t letting her weasel out of it. He’s let her get away with lying to him for too long (presumably because he didn’t want to rock the boat) and she was never going to just fess up out of the blue. I hope we get more of him putting her on the spot. I noticed how she still would not bloody admit she was in the wrong.

      And then the scene with Cath, ugh, that just about knocked me flat. You could see how she was so worried that he wasn’t going to be able to forgive her (because she, more than anyone, would have known how he was feeling about the whole Mom sitch so from his point of view it was more of a betrayal than if it had been anyone else) and there wasn’t anything she could do to make amends, she could only apologise and hope it was enough. And then Steve with his FAAAAACE. I wonder if this is the first time their relationship has been tested this way, and if the prospect of losing her (even if he didn’t want to, but some things are dealbreakers in a relationship and you just can’t get past them however much it breaks your heart) has made him really admit to himself how much he needs her. It wasn’t that long ago that he was telling Danny she wasn’t his girlfriend, after all. The hug at the end was just…. they’re both so relieved that it’s not over and that it’s going to be OK. Alex and Michelle absolutely killed it in this scene, it’s one of my favourite scenes in Show, ever. Sniff.

      1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

        It certainly was one of the most deeply emotional scenes we have ever had in SHOW – AWESOME. Totally awesome scenes (both the Mom/Steve and the Cath/Steve ones)

        I think that Steve has finally realized that Mom is just not capable of truly feeling unconditional love for him or Mary, that she still, no matter what she says, is out to save her own hide. I think in the end of that scene with Doris, when he finds out about the microfilm and the danger that she put them all in then AND now, he gets a clarity about his “true” family and those who truly care about him – and he goes to make things right with Catherine.

        He obviously is capable of being open to forgiveness – up until now he has been pretty forgiving of Doris – so I think that he can forgive Catherine, especially now that he knows what Doris is truly capable of.

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          ^^ my last paragraph, I mean that he can see that Catherine was as manipulated by Doris as he has been. Doris in NO WAY was concerned about Steve being worried about her if he found out about Mangosta. She played on Catherine’s love and concern for Steve to keep a secret about Doris’ true nature. He sees that.

          Doris is underestimating Steve at every turn, and now that he has openly confronted her and flat-out told her he knows she’s been lying – I wonder if she will keep up her charade or do something different.

          1. marnov2205 · · Reply

            ^^^ ACA with all of you. Doris/Steve & Cath/Steve scenes were a challenging test of acting skills – and the outcome is beautiful and very emotional, top marks for the actors 🙂 What the writers do to poor Doris reminds me of what they did to GI Joe, whom I considered excellent in interaction with Steve, but all that he was given to do was to behave illogically – on one hand refusing to tell Steve anything, on the other hand dropping hints all the time. Good on me I don’t watch for the plot, really…

          2. I love everything about this comment. I guess he was hoping she wasn’t as bad as he thought and he was just being overly suspicious, but then with the lying about the burglary and finding out that she’d involved Cath in her deceit as well, he finally had to face up to the fact that she really is that manipulative.

            1. ACA. This episode was a huge turning point for him for sure.

        2. “It certainly was one of the most deeply emotional scenes we have ever had in SHOW – AWESOME. ” – Sometimes…ok, a lot of times…when show tries to get really emotional, I feel a bit manipulated. But this was felt…..(forgive the word use)…. ‘organic’. It wasn’t about WHERE they were, WHAT was happening around them, or even WHO was making it happen….the real emotion came from the feeeeeeeelings that these two people have for each other. What they said with their faces and their body language told the entire story.

      2. Taken on it’s own, I agree the final scene with McG & Cath was very sweet. I wish there were like, some words spoken, or whatever. Good thing Alex does have that face I guess.

        1. Totally agree, Steph. Show would be sunk without Alex’s face (in more ways than one :)). I just figured the lack of dialogue was leaving things open for more relationship stuff in future eps. Or off camera.

          1. I think this eps writer can’t write McG unless she makes him a certain way & this scene called for …the opposite. Wise of her then, really, to not give him anything to say.

            1. Serendipity at its finest there, I loved the lack of dialogue. It made it seem more raw.

              1. Agreed. He’d been through enough in the episode and the look was enough to say it all, as per uge. But watch this space, it’s not over yet…

        2. My first reaction was I wanted him to say something too. But now I think it was perfect that he DIDN’T say anything. He couldn’t say “i forgive you’ because it would probably be a lie at this moment.. His head had to be spinning with everything he’s just had thrust upon him and the realization he’d just come to. He was probably still a bit upset with her, and had a right to be….but he went to Cath because as much as he was hurting…..he knew she was hurting more….and she needed him and he wanted to comfort her. In comforting her, he found comfort for himself. Thus, the little extra snuggle at the end of the hug.

          1. Or alternatively, what Ess said!!

          2. I like your getting comfort from giving comfort idea. He’s known for a while that Doris is manipulative but he maybe hadn’t really faced up to it until she involved Cath. Once he’d had time to think about it a bit, he would have realised that it wasn’t really Cath’s fault and then he would have realised that he’d hurt her without meaning to when he told her to leave. That’s what Doris did, wasn’t it? She made them hurt each other to protect herself.

            I hate her, have I mentioned this recently? 😉

            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply


              Spot on what she did. The b/tch.

            2. marnov2205 · · Reply

              ^^^ ‘She made them hurt each other to protect herself.’ ^^^ Yes, great point. But maybe she achieved the very opposite. Ultimately she and Steve may get completely estranged, while Cath and Steve could get even closer to each other when they overcome the breach of trust. And I’m quite confident that they will overcome it.

              1. Excellent point! Agreed.

              2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

                ^^^I would be very happy if this happens!

  2. buttercup · · Reply

    I’m pretty glad, I wasn’t the only one watching the last minutes over and over again! I just couldn’t get enough Steve 😉 So many pretty faces and eyes, omg those watery eyes! … and for Doris, well, she’s his mother, can’t just dump her, can he 😉 !

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      Yeah, I wonder how THAT will show up in the Nielsen “Live + 7” ratings, LOL. I can see it now .. in the conference room that the Nielsen company…

      “I just can’t understand, sir. There were 12 million DVR watches in the 7 days after H50 aired, but they only watched the last 6 minutes…”

  3. Btw, there’s no challenge in comment bingo when it’s only the last five comments #justsayin

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      No, it really doesn’t give you the same feeling of accomplishment, does it? LOL.

      1. I’ve managed it twice in one day! Westy, we need to adjust this setting. 😉

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          I’m all over the comment bingo now 😉

        2. Adjusted. Though its too late for you now. I win!

          1. I win now 😉

            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              And now me.

  4. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    I love the funeral scene where Crimson is eulogizing Dana and she talks about how Dana always watched out for her and helped, even when Crimson didn’t know she needed help, because Dana always did what she thought was right. I love it because that is how Cath is for Steve – and I love how Cath looks over at Steve when Crimson is saying that… Show doesn’t get heavy into the analogies often, but this was GOOD. I wish for more of this… non-preachy analogy.

    1. This ^^^ – you nailed it!

    2. ^^^ What they said.

  5. Aww shucks, girls. I don’t have much more to say, except that Christine Lahti brought it–which means the writers finally gave her something to go on–and that Cath and McG’s final scene was beautiful. I love how underplayed it was, how McG forgave her, but also how in the one second he opened his eyes during the embrace, AOL conveyed that it wasn’t all perfect perfect. He still has issues, after all.

    1. “but also how in the one second he opened his eyes during the embrace, AOL conveyed that it wasn’t all perfect perfect.” <<—this. Like i just said in my other post (hadn't gotten this far yet). He never says It's ok, or I forgive you because he's still processing it. But he showed his commitment to her. To working on it together.

    2. I think it was important not to neatly tie up the trust issue and I have to give props to the writers for leaving the door open for more in the future. McG had a lot to process just then and it’s good to see him being allowed to take time for this. Let’s just hope there is more exploration of the fallout and it’s not forgotten, like some of the other major emo events in the main character’s lives.

  6. Oh! Sage ‘n’ Inferno, here, sad to think that we won’t be able to field our own roller darby team. We could be the slow team, and still have fun, you know?

    1. We’d have fun for about half an hour, probably, and then a communal trip to the ER. FUCUPs are a clumsy bunch, you know. Put all of us on rollerskates and it would be CARNAGE!

      Love your derby name! I’m Velvet Vixen.

  7. marnov2205 · · Reply

    And of course, Westy & Andrea, TY for the recap and the bonus of pics and gifs – it makes the reading easy on the eye 🙂 Your recap really helped me to catch up with the plot of this ep, for one thing, I often get distracted by eyecandy, and another thing, as a non-native user my understanding of spoken English is limited – I simply don’t have the ear 😦 TY!

    1. Thanks, so glad you are part of The Champ Box community :). And your English is brilliant, by the way.

  8. heymomo · · Reply

    I may just watch these gifs over and over again…

  9. I think Doris is a delusional sociopath. I mean really? She was keeping her family safe by keeping un-redacted files in the house….where they lived. Yeah……totally awesome idea….no wonder you had to fake your own death.

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      I think that 20 years ago was just the dress rehearsal for the real thing. 😉

  10. I forgot! Thanks Westy and Andrea for the recap. It was a great episode and another great recap!

  11. Welcome to buttercup and Marnov! Glad you enjoyed the recap, ladies. And it’s nice to see some ‘old’ faces here too. You know who you are 😉

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      Who you callin old?

    2. marnov2205 · · Reply

      Oh, TY for the warm welcome, both Andrea & Westy. *blushes* Trying to catch up, but you ladies are wayyy tooo smart. I truly envy your self-control and commitment to discipline that it takes to watch, notice & analyse the plot. Unlike some of us losers who sometimes happen to miss the COTW completely.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        I often miss the COTW so don’t worry about that!! LOL!

        1. And I probably spend TOO much time analyzing the plot when I should just sit back and enjoy the pretty 🙂 (Once an English teacher, always an English teacher. Sadly.)

  12. FOYeur · · Reply

    I apologize if I missed somebody already saying this, but……
    Am I the only one that sees Steve’s guilt in all this s/ht with Cath.
    For me he should be crawling on all fours begging her forgiveness for getting her involved with yet another favour when he asked her to find his mother in 302. That was the direct result of the CIA guy coming after her and getting her involved with the Mangosta thing….not that she should have kept it from him, but still he put her in harms way.
    I really hope his face at the end when he hugged her was about feeling his own guilt in he matter!!

    1. marnov2205 · · Reply

      FOYeur, I don’t think this subject has been brought up yet. I took it as a matter of fact that BOTH Steve and Cath screw up, as often happens to be the case… Eh, does it sound preachy?

    2. That’s a really good point, FOYeur. I had kind of forgotten that he was the one who got her mixed up in it in the first place. I wonder why the guy whose laptop she hacked never dropped her in it, since he knows who she is?

      I also realised – which I didn’t before – that he went over her head to ask her CO if she could do the undercover work before he ever mentioned it to her. That doesn’t seem quite right to me. I think in her position, I would have liked to be asked if I was willing to do it first, rather than being presented with a fait accompli.

      1. Good points, Alicia and FOYeur and I agree. I’ve never really been on board with the whole ‘favour doing’ thing and I’d like to see things develop beyond that. I didn’t really like McG’s reaction to Cath not making the team first up nor the way he went about getting Cath to do the undercover work. There’s something in his attitude sometimes that doesn’t sit quite right with me.

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          I had that reaction when I saw the promo clip – I thought to myself “Really, Steve? Go F yourself!” and hoped that the next move was Catherine lambasting him – but in seeing the whole episode I can somewhat see where that attitide is coming from – in point-stretchy parallels to my own relationship with NotMcG. See, my NotMcG expects a whole lot from me because he KNOWs what I am capable of – and calls me on it when he thinks I am not being all that I can be (whether that be sports or at work or, God forbid, my horrendous TV viewing habits) – on the surface that may seem cruel and judgemental, but I’m actually pretty flattered that he can see that in me. We actually laugh about it all the time because… darnit, sometimes a girl just wants to sit on the couch and look at the pretty!

          Steve had already run the analysis in his head and he had determined that yes, Catherine had the skills to be on the roller derby team – which was actually comedic in nature, because he really had no clue WHAT skill level it took, he just trusted that Cath could do it.

          I think that Steve gets very focused on what needs to get done – other people around him be damned (way back from the PILOT – telling Danny that HE was the backup and forging ahead into the trailer) and I suppose that anyone around him needs to accept that. We have seen this transpire more through the Danny/Steve relationship than anything in the Steve/Cath relationship – but I like to believe that it has happened ion theirs too.

          1. marnov2205 · · Reply

            Wow, Kim, your interpretation is both very clever and very plausible, I love it. The scene of Steve’s basically ignoring Cath in the HQ did not sit well with me either, but I assumed it was just the writers playing on the old line of Steve being a socially stunted Seal who doesn’t realise he’s being rude. I love how Cath took it, though, cause in her place I’d certainly be very hurt and probably mildly hysterical. She’s a strong character, a fine actress, and as I noticed in the last ep, she’s fnk beautiful. Unf. *girl envy*

            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              Total girl envy. And…disclaimer, I in no way claim that this is how our why it played out , but that’s how I envision it. He is socially stunted but usually not rude like that.

        2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          And, yeah. A week later and I am STILL writing TOMES about that damn episode. I need an intervention.

    3. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      That’s a really interesting point, FOYeur. I texted a friend while watching the scene where Cath finally tells Steve and I said ” For the first time EVER, I am really p.ssed off at Steve!” and .. I was upset because I wanted him to let her explain herself —- and my lovely friend talked me off of that ledge, LOL, but I think that my anger was rooted in the reason you stated —> Cath was put INTO that position because of Steve asking her to get involved. Now, that’s not to say the I am one of the people who believes that he is asking too many favors of her – because I see that as a “thing” that they do, and not her being completely used by him. But I do see him as being somewhat culpable because he put Catherine in Doris’s sights – when I think that Cath would like nothing better than to steer clear of Doris (can’t blame her there). I think that Steve does realize that he and Cath have been pawns in Doris’s games, and that is why he went to find Cath.

      1. FOYeur · · Reply

        Yes Kim, I also agree with you on the favors thing. I actually see it as a big compliment to her that he put so much trust in her, to ask her some difficult and risky things to do. But he must also realise that it can put her in difficult situations and in harms way. (espesially around Doris 😀 )
        For me they are definitely a great couple that “get” each other and what they want and need.
        I really do hope the writers can make something proper out of them without going soup opera or on to the normal route of messing it all up!

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          I totally agree. They need to move forward with the relationship – and please not be cliche and make it all go to sh.t NOR be all perfect

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