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This week’s episode opens with a man dressed in black boarding a rather nice looking boat.  For a fleeting moment, I think it is McG.  But no, there’s portentous, Bourne-like music playing although it’s not Matt Damon, it’s Betrayed Husband busting his wife and best friend in bed together.  I feel sorry for this guy – wife, best friend, boat paid for by him and named after said wife – that would have to bite.  He lays it all out for Best Friend, about how he helped him when he was broke, and Best Friend repays him by pinching his wife.  I don’t like Best Friend at all!  So it looks like Best Friend is about to be murdered by Betrayed Husband but no, the COTW is actually about ANOTHER boat that’s just been blown up.  I so did not see that coming.

We cut to McG flying a helicopter and I’m really excited about this.

Look into my eyes...

Look into my eyes…

But it’s actually McG and Kamekona practising on a flight simulator game in McG’s lounge room! Awesome.  Kamekona’s doing OK on the simulator until Cath walks into the room in a bikini and he’s momentarily distracted.  I’m momentarily distracted by the gratuitousness of this scene.  Way to go Show – after giving us a tough, undercover Cath AND emo Cath last week, we get Bikini Cath this week.  And Kamekona’s checking her out.  Sheesh. Silver lining here though – McG’s eyes look beautiful in this scene and Alex shows us yet again how well he can do comedy.  “Altitude is my friend”, he tells Kamekona as he departs to investigate the COTW.  (By the way, he kisses Cath when he leaves and things look peachy between them.  Does this mean they dealt with the fallout from last week off camera?)

...keep looking...

…keep looking…

So now we’re into the COTW.  The team head to Haleiwa Harbour to interview the witnesses to the boat explosion.  It turns out to be a case of arson, the third of the month, and all involving a shark tour company.  Our first red herring (groan) is McG’s mention of local opposition to the shark tours on environmental grounds.  But this arson was the first one committed off shore and there’s no victim.  Kono, in an incredible piece of clarica, tells us that boat was found abandoned so the pilot must have jumped overboard before the explosion.  You think?  There’s a man sushi joke thrown in there which falls a little flat but I’m just enjoying the team working together and potential comedy from Danny (his fear of the water/sharks and all) so I will forgive.

For Justine.

For Justine.

The owner of the boat and the tour company, Craig Brant, is understandably cranky about losing a third boat and then he’s really worried because it looks like his brother, Jason, must have taken the boat out.  McG and Danny go searching for the shark cage that Jason would have been out collecting at the end of the day.

For Alicia.

For Alicia.

They’re standing on the bow of the coast guard’s boat looking for the shark cage and I’m so waiting for one of them to yell “I’m the king of the world.”  They find the cage with poor Jason inside it.

For reasons (mostly: who authorised these pants???)

For reasons (mostly: who authorised these pants???)

We cut to Max who tells the boys that Jason was murdered before he was put into the shark cage.  So if the shark tour protesters are behind the murder, it’s a rather extreme measure to make their point.



  1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    Poor Kamekona…so distracted by Cath …can’t say as I blame him…that girl ROCKED that bikini!! Usually I’m jealous that Michelle gets to McRoll around with Alex but last night I was jealous of that bod…dayum girl!!!
    I was happy to see that Catherine and Steve put the Doris drama behind them and that he has obviously forgiven her..I’m just upset with Show for missing a golden opportunity… McRoll makeup s*x…wtf Show!!!!

    1. Dropping this here & then running like hell: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TrueLoveIsBoring

      All you need to read is what fits in your browser window when it opens. Anyway, you all need to be familiar with TV tropes website & the immense time-sucking rabbit hole that it represents. No need to thank me. 😉


      1. Noooo, not TV Tropes! I have things to do today!!

        Well, that was interesting and a little worrying. I also clicked through to ‘Shipping Bed Death’, ‘Relationship Writing Fumble’ and ‘Now What?’, and hmmm…

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Shipping Bed Death?

          1. Sounds a bit alarming, doesn’t it? It just means that once a show has got a couple together, viewers can (unpredictably) sometimes lose interest in the pairing. I guess in this case it would be McG admitting out loud that he loves her (because ‘we had a good thing’ isn’t quite the same) and Cath moving in with him.


            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              Basically, that sight makes me feel like anything (and I mean ANYTHING – the links are endless) that I have ever liked about a show (any show, not just H50) is pure drivel and that I am a completely brainless dumba.s for liking it.

              I hate being made to feel like I am a twit.

              Also, I am hungry – which is negatively affecting my mood.

              1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

                site, not SIGHT.

                being hungry is also affecting my ability to SPELL. dammit.

                1. ohhhh good one, I’m gonna use that excuse from now on!
                  It wasn’t my feeble brain or the spell check on my phone,
                  it was my tummy was growly that made me spell all those words wrong!

              2. To all, on a similar note, I’m starting to find THIS site SLIGHTLY depressive. #mybad. I wonder if I watch the same show that you here analyse in such incredible depth and detail. Also, I wonder what’s wrong with me that I lack the skill, will, whatever, to engage in this intelligent serious discussion. Guess I must be hungry, too. Anyway, I’ll keep on reading your comments with utmost respect. Enlighten me 🙂

                1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

                  Sorry to all if I’ve made anyone feel that way – I try not to get too deep into show… because its.. SHOW!

                  Lets go eat Marnov! My treat. 😉

                  1. Not your fault, #notatall. Me stupid illiterate primitive cavewoman. #mybad. *I really should eat now* Look what it does to my typing. And, ehm, am I banned now from serious discussion? #justaskin

                    1. Kimphin1 · ·

                      Finale is coming! There will lots of serious discussion I think? We will need something to get us through the long hiatus.

                    2. Noooo, course not! We just like to overthink everything. 🙂

                      Hiatus, eek! Wonder what cliffhanger we’ll be speculating about all summer?

            2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              Ah yes. Totally agree. That does happen. Thanks for the link.

              1. I’m not sure it would here though… I think McG’s had so much else going on with Doris and Wo Fat and all that not-knowing-what’s-real-and-what’s-not (not to mention being betrayed by someone he trusts every now and then) that for him to have a stable relationship might balance it out a bit. Otherwise we’d just be sitting there wondering why the universe hates him.

                (but with, of course #nottoomuchkissing)

        2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          That being said, I found Alpha Couple, and Truth in Telelvision quite informative also.

          Its all in what you extrapolate.

          1. Not to mention Viewers Are Morons.

            The Truth in Television one was quite interesting, remember just after the Necklace of Fire ep, that actually happened in Australia? When the ep aired most viewers probably thought how unlikely that was to ever happen in real life, and yet… (unless of course they got the idea from the show, but that seems unlikely.)

  2. Titanic reference! Love it.

    Cath’s bikini scene made me cringe. Bikini and a skintight dress, really? Can’t think what to do with Cath? Take most of her clothes off and no one will care. They seem to be trying to turn her into Barbie (Surfer Girl Cath! Roller Girl Cath! Pool Hall Girl Cath!) and it’s getting a bit eyeroll-inducing (although my view of this may be slightly coloured because I am reading Living Dolls by Natasha Walter and it’s giving me the rage with EVERYTHING).

    1. *adds “Living Dolls” to the To Read list* 😀

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        *writes it down*

        1. I love you guys! Also add Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy, which is next on my list. It’s about women who conspire with raunch culture (or as Caitlin Moran would put it, ‘Vichy France with tits’).

          1. Vichy France with tits? I am so in!

            1. You MUST read Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman, it’s thought-provoking but also utterly hysterical. I love her quite a lot.

              1. Right, off to the library tomorrow on my way home from work. Pity they don’t do apple turnovers, though….

                1. LOL, dammit! They may not have it, actually, mine doesn’t (booo!). I’ve thought of donating my copy but I still need it!

                  1. I’ll see if I can get it on my Kindle then. Still getting used to it, I’m old school when it comes to books and there’s something about turning a page that isn’t quite the same on the Kindle. Such a dinosaur, I know 🙂

                    1. I’ve resisted the urge to get a Kindle but now there’s a lending library I may have to succumb.

                  2. do you have any reading suggestions for non-readers…..I, um, I’m asking for a friend.

                    1. I recommend Caitlin Moran’s book, it’s funny, highly accessible and FULL of swearing. Your ‘friend’ will love it!

                      The other two I’ve talked about are also good, Living Dolls gets a bit technical in the chapter debunking the myth that gender divisions in the workplace – men are better at analytical work, women are more suited to the caring professions – are the result of biological differences (brains wired differently/hormones – which is apparently rubbish, or as Caitlin Moran would put it, ‘some total f/cking bullsh/t’) but is otherwise very readable. Female Chauvinist Pigs is good until about halfway through and then it loses its way a bit (one of the main threads is that women participate in raunch culture because they only way they can feel empowered/express their sexuality is to be more like men, which I’m not 100% sure I agree with). But still, a worthwhile read.


                    2. hehehehehehehehehe! I read, I just read fiction.

        2. OMFG ‘Girls Gone Wild’ this is really a thing? I see that the company behind it has gone bankrupt. Excuse me while I totally fail to feel any sympathy.

    2. She has a banging body, McG lives by the beach, Cath stays with him. I didn´t think this scene was that forced (or cringe worthy). I think she was put there to show us their relationship is strong, and last episode´s drama is forgiven (hopefully these words won´t come back to bite me later 😉 )

      1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

        I agree Paula. It was to show that the relationship was still on.

        1. I agree. I am pretty sure that’s why it was included. And, in that light, it was lovely to see them.

          1. I agree as well, I don’t object to her being there at all and it would have been odd if they hadn’t made some reference to the way the previous ep ended so we knew where their relationship was at now. If she’d been a little more dressed and Kamekona had been distracted by saying hello to her because it’s not polite to ignore a lady (and her following line had been exactly the same) it would have been a nice little interaction, but instead it just seemed a bit sleazy.

  3. I’m okay that Cath was wearing that bikini. For a change someone on Show is dressing like they live in Hawaii and since McG lives right on the ocean it makes sense that she is riding the waves in her downtime (it would make more sense if she was riding something else…but I guess surfing is good excercise too) Also, perhaps Show is trying to be an equal opportunity show…week after week millions of women Mcdrool and Mcperv…so it’s only fair that the male population get a little taste of The Pretty now and then.

  4. I agree CG. Catherine knocked that bikini out of the Ballpark and the look of pride on Steve’s face was adorable.”:That’s my woman and isn’t she gorgeous etc”‘ Equal time Ladies fair is fair!!!

    1. “and the look of pride on Steve’s face was adorable.”:That’s my woman and isn’t she gorgeous etc”

      I LOVED the way that Steve looked at Catherine when she walked into that room….you described it PERFECTLY pommienana!!!

  5. As with most issues of representation, it is not the depiction but the context. I agree that Cath probably would be in the ocean in a bikini, though she was surfing, so likely a rashguard as well. But all in all, normal. So, OK, on first pass that’s alright. But. This is a show with a fairly dismal record on women, in general, and in that context, her bikini shot, and Kame’s ogling, was really gratuitous. She had no other role on this episode and often, in many other ways, she is either eye candy (hot pants roller blading, wind in her hair baddassery, stupid-STUPID!–little booties, etc.) or there to do McG’s bidding.

    (I know, I know, we would all do his bidding, too.)

    I actually have a little faith in Show, though. They resurrected Kono from always going undercover in skimpy outfits, and now she is generally just a BAMF (I mean did you see her drop a container on a drug dealer?). The issue, I think, is that Cath’s role is not always clear. Girlfriend? Member of Five-0? Favour doer? Once they flesh it out, she will be fine.

    1. ACA!! She did look beautiful in the bikini, of course she did, but her only role in this episode was ‘look beautiful in a bikini to be leered at by Kamekona’, just as her only role this season has been ‘look hot and do whatever McG wants’, as you say.

      That’s a good point about Kono, I will keep hoping they come up with something better for Cath as well.

      1. ACA to your ACA, Sage and Alicia! No problem with the bikini as such – it is Hawaii after all – but it was the context, as Sage said, that I HAD a problem with and it was all so unnecessary. As I said in my summary, I would rather have Cath absent from the episode that paraded around like that. But perhaps there IS hope – Sage, awesome point re Kono. Let’s hope things improve for the women on Show!

  6. IMO I think Show has portrayed Catherine in a positive light more often than not. They’ve shown her to be…. an accomplished, smart woman with a decorated career in Naval Intelligence….a caring person to Steve’s friends and family (Grace, Danny, Doris)…..a courageous bad a$$ who’s willing to put herself at risk to help others…and a loving and loyal gf to the man she loves. It doesn’t bother me in the least that she does favors for her man either. It what woman do…in RL…. all the time.
    Since I clamour for gratuitous shirtlessness (and pantslessness) scenes of McG all the time, personally, it would be hypocritical of me to say that I thought it was wrong for another gorgeous and sexy actor on Show to be less than fully dressed…no matter what their gender.

    1. Yes, I’ve struggled with the ‘hypocrisy’ angle as well! But then I thought about it and it’s not comparable. I like looking at beautiful people regardless of gender so I have absolutely no problem with anyone being shown scantily-clad (so long as they’re comfortable with it), it’s when it’s done differently for women than for men that I have a problem with it. If you calculated the percentage of screen time McG has had this season where he has NOT been dressed in loose-fitting clothing from head to toe it would be tiny. The percentage of screen time Cath has spent in barely-there or tight-fitting clothing would be almost all of it. This book I’m reading at the moment is about the sexualisation of women and how we are bombarded with the idea that, no matter how good you are at your job, your primary function is to be sexually attractive and Cath’s role on the show is a glaring example of this. Yes, she’s a Navy officer, but we’ve only seen her do her actual job once this season, if memory serves. She’s only been in uniform twice in nineteen episodes and for the majority of that she was holding a pair of hotpants.

      Of course, people would argue that Cath is a confident, sexy woman who wears skimpy clothing because she is comfortable with herself as a sexual being etc etc, but this is missing the point. Depicting Cath as someone of extraordinary intelligence who obeys the media’s idea of how a woman should be does not make her look strong, it makes her look like a sheep. That’s not strength. Strength is saying ‘this is who I am, deal with it’. Instead she conforms, and conforming is a compromise, not a choice.

      Whether or not you agree with the ‘doing favours for McG’ angle depends on how you see relationships, I guess. Yes, women do do favours for their loved ones all the time, but again, here it’s a one-way street. If I had a boyfriend that took as much as McG does without giving anything back I’d have kicked him to the kerb ages ago, no matter how hot he was. Plus, she seems to have no life of her own – when she had a spare ticket to the football, who did she invite? Kono, who already had a ticket. Does she not have any friends? Or does she exist on the show solely to be whatever McG wants her to be, to be available for him whenever he snaps his fingers, even if she has to interrupt (and risk) her very important, high-powered job at the time?

      Whoa, sorry about that, CG! I was only meaning to address your ‘it would be hypocritical’ comment and I got a bit carried away. 🙂

      1. When I was writing the recap last night I struggled a bit with what to say about the Cath scene, just as I struggled with the Victoria Secret ep. Remember we had an email discussion about it, Alicia? What you’ve said here is EXACTLY how I feel. McG is hot, yes, and we love to look at him, but he’s not paraded around, he’s just hot. Because he is. We see the hotness in the course of his job with Five Oh and his personal life. And you are right, he hardly ever takes his shirt off and never his pants, more’s the pity :).

        I really struggle with the way Cath is being portrayed because I agree with you, it doesn’t make her seem strong to me. And the doing favours thing has been so overdone. Yes, McG is a tad emotionally stunted but he’s not a jerk and the way he treats Cath sometimes does not sit well with me at all. I sometimes feel my whole life is servitude 🙂 but my family depend on me and they acknowledge that I am the ‘glue’ (a standing joke with NotMcG) that holds everything and everyone together. There’s not enough of McG giving back as you say – he does indeed behave at times as if he needs to be kicked to the kerb, no matter how hot he is. Let’s move on from the favour-doing thing, writers. Please.

        1. “McG is hot, yes, and we love to look at him, but he’s not paraded around, he’s just hot. Because he is. We see the hotness in the course of his job with Five Oh and his personal life.”

          This is reminding me of something I said in the comments on the IWD post – that a good way to see whether a female character is strong in her own right is to flip the genders and see what happens. McG would work really well as a female character, she would be fairly groundbreaking but very compelling; in fact, I can’t think of a single male character on the show that wouldn’t work as a female. It works for some of the women too:

          If Doris were Boris: CIA agent, ruthless, manipulative, self-interested, able to love but only on his own terms – yes.

          If Kono were um, Kono: rookie, inexperienced but with combat, technology and sniper skills. Learning to stand up for himself when his opinion differs from those of more experienced colleagues – yes. Laughs off being tied up by his girlfriend at gunpoint – hmmm, probably not so much.

          If Malia were Mike: dumped by his girlfriend for his own protection, allows everyone to think he was the one that ended it, waits around pining until his girlfriend decides she wants the relationship to be on again even though nothing about her job has changed and then gets murdered five minutes after the wedding – a WORLD of no.

          If Cath were Charlie: Naval Intelligence Officer but will drop everything when his girlfriend needs him to misuse his resources and puts his job on the line multiple times for her. When not doing favours for his girlfriend, walks around wearing hardly any clothing and encourages her friends to leer at him. Goes undercover as a male stripper (this is the only equivalent example I can think of) even though he doesn’t really want to, but she gets his boss’s permission without asking him first and doesn’t give him a chance to say no. Rarely shown actually doing his job. No evidence of any other life or interests.

          Yeah. Uh, no.

          1. Nicely done, nicely done. Putting Cath in those terms (and Malia and Kono) puts a whole new slant on things. And it’s not a good one.

            1. That was well-put too, about him not being paraded around. To be honest, I don’t really miss shirtless scenes. I kinda know what he looks like with his top off ;-). I’m more interested in seeing what he can do with his face (if that makes sense).

          2. And if we continue the gender swap to two other female additions to the cast…

            If Jenna were John: Fallen CIA agent/analyst who risks his career to find his missing fiance. Befriends the Five0 in order to gain access to their resources and later betrays the leader in trade for what he thinks is the life of his beloved. Works. Actually, I think I’ve seen that movie lol

            If Lori was Luke: Homeland security agent (is that what she was? I forgot, sorry.) reassigned to babysit the Five0 for the governor. Instead of doing his job, he quickly falls into hero worship of the task force’s leader Stephanie. These feelings deepen until eventually he tenders his resignation because he can no longer handle them. Um….. no.

            Looking at the list of gender swapping the female characters I can’t help but wonder… Do the females that swap well into males make them more likeable to the fandom? It seems that way. Kono is practically universally liked. I don’t see too many people who hated Jenna. Doris is another story but I don’t think we’re -supposed- to like her.

            Arguably the two most disliked female roles in the show, Cath and Lori, are the two that are the least believable when their gender changes. Coincidence?

            1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

              Possibly…i just think most female viewer dont delve that deeply into how female characters may or may not be protrayed…i.e. gender equality and their objectification. I think (hope) most are like me and watch a show like H50 to be thoroughly entertained (I am) and for 42 minutes, take us away from the sometimes difficult and mundane lives that we lead (it does).

              1. CG66, I agree. Most viewers probably don’t notice or think about it. And that’s part of the problem. It’s so “normal” in today’s culture for a woman to simply be an object or caricature that we overlook it or simply write it off as status quo.

                But even if viewers aren’t actively thinking about it or dissecting it like a few of us do, the message is being received on a subconscious level. It’s OK for your boyfriend to hold a gun to you and tie you up. It’s OK for your boyfriend to take, take, take, while giving little in return. It’s OK for women to be seen as nothing more than a sex object. It’s OK for a woman to not do her job because she has a crush on her boss. Etc. Etc. Etc.

                1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

                  Sorry but I just dont buy that. Most viewers are intelligent and know that those scenarios, if they happened in RL, are wrong. And most of us don’t look to TV or movies to be our moral compass. And if woman think that their daughters are getting the wrong message by watching shows like H50 perhaps they should either stop letting them watch or maybe have a conversation with them about respecting themselves. Conversely, if people find Show such a dissapointment because it does not live up to their high standards or moral code, perhaps they shouldnt watch it.
                  I look to Show for great acting, thrilling adventure, lovely scenery, the funny and the pretty. It delivers on all counts..so I think I’ll keep watching and try to ignore its faults.
                  {jumps of soapbox}

                  1. I agree with what you wrote. H50 is a show for entertainment and I don´t feel the way Cath is shown is distrespecting to women. So what if she is in one moment just Steve´s gf and the next doing him favors or helping out the team with their investigations. We all know the show has taken a lot of liberties with their stories and no-one seems to be bothered about them as much as with Cath this season…
                    But I guess I just don´t take this show as seriously as some. This is purely entertainment for me, all individual fun scenes ignoring the boring and confusing ones…

                  2. ^ ACA, CG & Paula, glad you mention it. ^ In RL I’m extremely bothered about the status of women, including the way the woman is often objectified e.g. in commercials, but I somehow don’t mind the way characters are presented in the Show. Guess I simply take it as Show. Full stop.

            2. canadagirl66 · · Reply

              I also wanted to add that based on a lot of stuff posted in a lot of places.. those two characters are/were disliked because they are/were McG’s love interests. There are some people who either cant stand to see McG/Alex with any woman (they also show dislike for his RL love interest) or they would rather see Steve in a relationship with Danny. Frankly, neither of those things makes any sense to me.

            3. “Arguably the two most disliked female roles in the show, Cath and Lori, are the two that are the least believable when their gender changes. Coincidence?”

              That IS interesting – although I think CG has a point about the love interest angle. That’s not something I’ve ever had a problem with (I loved Cath until about halfway through this season and I think I would have loved Lori if she’d been better written, because I’ve started watching Chicago Fire and I really like Lauren German’s character on that show) but I think in the fandom as a whole it’s an issue, particularly for Cath because she’s an established love interest. I think there are some fans that would take against anyone in that role, no matter how well written and acted it was. That said (and I know this is a sweeping generalisation) I do think that women can subconsciously take against characters they perceive to be ‘men’s women’ rather than ‘women’s women’ (as they can in real life), and that’s certainly an interpretation that you could apply to both those characters, but not so much to Kono and certainly not to Jenna.

              “Do the females that swap well into males make them more likeable to the fandom?”

              Possibly! That’s an interesting line of thought, that what we want to see is women that are more like men (and not one that I can do justice to at this time of night). I think it’s also interesting that the two characters who work well as males WERE male in the original series. Perhaps the writers didn’t really change them all that much?

          3. I love what you did there, Alicia.

            And to everyone else, I think we find ourselves in a Yes/And situation. Yes! To shirtlessness! Yes! To Catherine’s bangin’ bod and McG kisses! Yes! To hot Chin in red t-shirts and Danny McNerding about roller derby.

            And. And Show really could stand to depict women better. And it would be great if they could hold onto some of the backstory strands a little better. And it would behoove TPTB to unravel buster.

            We criticize because we care. I don’t give even a tiny fraction of my attention to, say, Last Man Standing. #justsayin’

            1. Totally agree Sage, and I like the way you have put it. And we criticise because we DO care. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this passionately about a show before.

            2. Same here! Any other show I would have just stopped watching it by now (on a related note, does anyone watch Revolution? It’s just started here but Charlie is irritating me a bit. Does it get better?).

    2. I am all for shirtlessness. Honestly it is a big part of why I watch the show. It’s what’s so great about Hawaii–to feel the sun on your shoulders and ogle hot surfers.

      1. Yes! I don’t want to give the impression that I am anti-ogling. I am firmly pro-ogling!

  7. I do agree that Show has a difficult time knowing exactly what to do with Catherine. If she was a lab tech they could show her doing lab techy things….if she was a coroner…they could show her doing autopsies…if she was a cop, they could show her fighting crime.
    Sometimes I think Show is caught between a rock and a hard place with her character…if she’s at work in naval intelligence and they show her helping Steve…she does too many favours for him. If they show her helping out the team….she is taking screen time away from Kono. If they write an episode focused mainly on her….she’s taking screen time away from the core four.
    I think there have been some episodes where they have found the perfect balance for her character (Steve and Danny lost at sea) but unfortunately, they cannot fit her perfectly into
    every situation.
    Michelle is so good and has earned a recurring role on Show, so I personally would love to see her more than we do.. doing whatever…being a bad a$$ or McG’s hot gf.

    1. CG, I totally agree, Cath is a bit stuck and that was always my objection to her being part of the main cast. What to do with her? Show is kind of crowded already and I wonder how much thought the writers put in to where Cath would slot in. It’s pretty tough taking on the role of a main character’s loved one and the lack of a defined role outside of this makes it even trickier. I always thought Cath would have a land-based Naval job and would assist the team with intelligence, like she did from out at sea in the other seasons. I think this would be fine as long as the whole favour-doing thing isn’t over-egged. Doing favours for people you love is fine, it just should be a two-way street is all :).

      1. I suspect that she was never intended to be a series regular and if Lori (and Combat Hospital) had worked out we would never have seen her again. Their relationship this season isn’t consistent with how it’s been portrayed previously. I guess they wanted another main female character but didn’t dare bring in another new face after what happened with Lori, so they’ve gone for a character they know the fans will accept but who has no niche to fill. Her main episodes this season have been one-offs, they won’t be able to have her do any of these things again (look after a kid while McG solves a case, go undercover, go to Korea) and none of them have lead naturally into an ongoing role. I hope they have something more consistent in mind for next season because she has such potential but they’re not capitalising on it at the moment.

        1. Totally agree. The inconsistency is very apparent to me. I get that the writers were cautious after what happened with Lori but Cath’s appearances in episodes have been a bit random and disjointed. And ‘lost opportunity’ should be Show’s catch cry.

      2. In my mind (weird as it is…) I saw Cath kind of like Garcia from Criminal Minds-integral to the team as the finder of hard to find info but not as a field agent. I agree that Show has dropped the ball with a talented actress by sqeezing her into situations that defy reason and proper procedure.

        1. I’m sure your mind is not weird! Or at least, if it is, it’s in good company here ;-).

          ACA that they haven’t made the most of having Michelle as a series regular.

        2. I like your thinking! That’s what imagined it would be like with Cath in Show this season.

          1. nance1031 · · Reply

            Now if they put Emily Prentiss in as McG’s girlfriend I would have zero complaints. She was the coolest cop/agent on tv!

            1. I don’t watch CM, but I’ve googled her and that’s how I want to see Cath, in a nutshell! Not in a suit, though, because she’d melt, and not in a good way.

              1. Yes the suits are not Hawaii-friendly, but she is one cool gal!!!

  8. buttercup · · Reply

    I love the show because of Alex, he’s the Super Steve cool typ of guy I day-dream about! He’s the hero typ of guy we all would love to have, but hey, it’s a tv show! We all know RL is totally different! I just enjoy the way he interacts with all the crew (Kono especially) and I love the way he is with Cath, I love them together, they seem to have a special relationsship. I just don’t care to much on how they put Cath in the show, I think it’s ok, it’s all fun and it entertains me definitely! No offence 😉 I also enjoy reading your comments, especially the perv-ones 😀
    Seriously, OMG, Steve is just so STEAMY!

    1. Never any offence! We all take different things away from Show and everyone can talk about them here :-).

      And, yes, he IS so steamy. I think that’s one thing we ALL agree on! 😉

  9. When did this blog get so SERIOUSSSSS??? :). Just kidding! I like that we can share our likes/dislikes of Show in a nice, balanced way and all still get along. Me….to be honest, I didn’t have a huge problem with Cath being in a bikini for two seconds before covering herself in a skin tight dress. But I am not a deep thinker like my two learned co-bloggers…I do think if the scene was purely to show that McG and Cath’s relationship is back on track, she could have easily been dressed in any clothes. I DO think this scene was eye candy for the male viewers. And I really don’t have a problem with that. SO LONG AS MCG REMOVES HIS GODDAMN PANTS SOON!!!

    1. ^ Attagirl, Westy FTW! ^ I got depressed by my superficiality & stupidity while reading the comments here, but you made my day 🙂 Ultimately, it’s about pantslessness. ACA!

      1. You shouldn’t do that, we love your comments and we are very happy to have you here. That’s what I love about the CB, that we discuss all aspects of Show – the pretty and the more serious stuff. I love reading the different perspectives on things. It’s amazing how we can watch the same episode but have a different reaction to it. You know, when I write the recaps, I always worry that people will think I am way off in my observations. It’s all about perspective. And pantlessness. We can never forget about the pantlessness :).

        1. TY for the encouragement! The reminder of our ultimate goal made me feel much better and I’m now reconciled with your smartness and my, ehm, straightforwardness. #FUCUP perv (p)ride

        2. buttercup · · Reply

          It’s definitely all about him and getting rid of those pants 😉 We want some hot steamy action, soon, soon, SOON ! 😀 (i just love those smilies, sorry)

    That is hysterical!!! Those are full A’s right there….and I wanna rub that belly!!

    I’m so glad you threw that up there because, well I wouldn’t have much to say.
    This ep just gave me the blahs…..the best parts were the last 5 minutes.
    And that is just my honest opinion!! NO H8. It didn’t give me the feels or the giggles.

    1. Glad we have your honest opinion :). I liked the episode generally but thought it fell a little flat in places. But the pics that Alicia has put into the recap sure make it nice to revisit!

      1. So many beautiful screencaps from this ep!

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