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Next up is a cargument where Danny tells McG he’s an ‘enabler’ for encouraging Kamekona to go for his pilot’s licence.  He thinks Kamekona is delusional for wanting a helicopter business and he doesn’t think anyone would give Kamekona a licence.  Is that a joke about him being overweight?  Here I think the writers are up to their usual tricks – they take an element of a character and they totally over-egg it.  We get that Danny loves his daughter and he’s a protective father but really, banging on about Hawaii not being safe for Grace because Kamekona is in the skies over it?  Come on, Danny, don’t you know that Hawaii is not safe for Grace because it’s the Childnapping Capital of the World?! (WE know this after three seasons of Show!)  Anyway, Danny is so convinced that Kamekona won’t get his licence that he wagers he’ll go up in the helicopter if it actually happens.  I love McG’s ‘you’re so going up in the helicopter, mate’ face (which Danny calls his ‘you know everything’ face).  I’ve got to say, I’m with McG here when it comes to his observation of Danny’s negativity.  Sometimes it’s hilarious.  Sometimes it’s not.  This was one of the latter times for me.



Back at HQ, there’s a discussion about blood spatter found on the boat.  I thought the boat exploded?  Anyway, then there’s a discussion about a ‘bang stick’.  What?  I’m not really paying attention here because I keep thinking about a bang stick.  It turns out that Jason may have defended himself against his attacker and that attacker was on the receiving end of the bang stick.  So they are looking for a ‘perp’ with bang stick wounds?

The adorableness of this cap, I just can't, I can't even...

The adorableness of this cap, I just can’t, I can’t even…

It’s Fong!  Yay, Fong’s back.  Too bad his first scene is another awesome piece of clarica and convenience – there’s paint transfer on the boat which may belong to the perp’s boat and it’s not a commonly-used paint which means the team can track down the source in the 42 minute timeslot.  Yay for rare paint, tyres, leaves, shoes and all the other things that can be traced in a 42 minute timeslot.  But I’m happy because it’s Fong and Chin has something to do.  And he looks lovely in that colour shirt.

The paint transfer leads McG and Danny to two fishermen. They tell the boys they saw a man beating up Jason whom they finger as Kapu – the motive is their objections to the shark tours – and they tried to help Jason out.  The cargument that ensues gives Danny a chance to deduce that it must have been Kapu who killed Jason.

What was WITH all the eyes this ep? *totally hypnotised*

What was WITH all the eyes this ep? *totally hypnotised*

We’re saved from further discussion about this as McG and Danny arrive at Kavika’s house to find it on fire, having been torched by someone, which Danny suggests could be payback for beating up Jason.  Kavika’s having none of it so he asks his boys to fess up.  A Dwayne Johnson lookalike does fess up, saying he just wanted to send Jason a message – shark tours apparently make sharks no longer afraid of humans which means the waters aren’t safe for swimmers and surfers.  Personally, living in Australia, I don’t think the waters ARE safe for humans, shark tours or not.


Look right here, girls. Right here.

Next up in the detecting in this episode is Craig Brant’s visit to the Blue Room because his prints were found at the Kapu fire scene.  “Eye for an eye” is Craig’s defence.  Trouble is, the Kapu are guilty of the beat up on Jason but not murder – Craig risked the lives of Kapu families for this?

Um... yeah, I couldn't not include this one. You're welcome.

Um… yeah, I couldn’t not include this one. You’re welcome.

Leilani, nurse from the prison ep, pays Chin a visit next and I rather like this scene.  These two have a nice connection but Chin’s not ready to move on from Malia just yet.  Leilani leaves her number with Chin for when he is ready.  Lots of feeeeelings here and I’m glad DDK has something to do finally.



  1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    The Dwayne Johnson lookalike…two things…one…he is so MASSIVE that he makes Alex look small (#hardtobelieve)…and two…that was Levi from S1…I thought that him and Diego were kicked out of the Kapu (#confused)
    And did anyone else recognize fisherman Jay…a.k.a. fake cop and assassin from ML episode Fever. That brings the number of Alex’s ML costars who have appeared on H50 to 5…but who’s counting!

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      1) Apparently that HUUUGE guy (seriously, were those his arms or did someone sew legs onto his shoulders?) really HAS played THE ROCK’s Body Double previously.
      B) Kawika called that guy Levi, so I suppose it is the same character? Maybe he escaped jail in the prison break? (Because I think he was in that episode too)

      1. Agree, I think it was the same character as from Season 1, where Kono’s surf mentor was killed. I guess Levi worked his way back into the Kapu, which is kind of scary because in that S1 ep, he was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder (he lead the shooter to the ridge and then covered for him). So maybe he did escape from Prison. Yikes!!!

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      Yup! ML actor noted!! 🙂

      1. Ahhh, now I remember where I’d seen him before. Well spotted, CG!

  2. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I LOVED the scene with Leilani and Chin. Those two have great chemistry… and Lindsay Price lights up the screen!! Also proud how Show and DDK handled the whole my wife was murdered and I’m still grieving so I need more time thing.
    I think I’m going to enjoy seeing them as a couple very much!!

    1. I loved that they revisited this! Especially her ‘hey, you’re a cop, you have to work for it, you know’. Loved it!

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        And I appreciated the “when you’re ready”. As in, not yet.

        1. ACA, Momo. That was really nicely done.

          1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

            I think scene could have been better though… Leilani should have been wearing a bikini!!
            J/K. 😆

            1. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      It’s also nice because if show does go that route it won’t be so random. We know that in the mean time they’ve been speaking to each other.

      1. ^^^ this!

  3. Bang stick wounds!! *snigger*

    Can we just point out that in the second cargument when McG was talking about the Kapu he said “right or wrong, they used violence to defend what’s theirs”.

    Excuse me?? WRONG, McG. ALWAYS WRONG!!!!

    1. IKR? Of all the things for Danny *not* to comment on. Mr. Bitch’n’moan did seem to have a problem with that? But he did with Kamekona flying a helicopter? What?

    2. Thanks for pointing this out. I missed it when I was doing the recap.

      Agree. Of course.

  4. How is it that I just noticed that Alex has dimples other than the chin? Where have I been? He is adorable!!!!!!

    In real life, the man who beat up Jason is Dwayne Johnson’s cousin, and plays his stunt double in movies.

    1. Oh, so that’s why he looks like Dwayne Johnson! Thanks 🙂

  5. I’m lovin this Ms Briz Great Job !! BTW I love Chin and Leilani!!

    1. Thanks, PN. Always nice to get lovely feedback :).

  6. This is the second time this season Chin has worn a deep red shirt, and the second time that I have spend all episode thinking, “Damn. Chin is fine! Why don’t we get more of him?” #teamnomorecheesyalohashirts

    Also, he finally got to acknowledge his grief. Thanks for that, Show.

    1. Love Chin, always have. I wish we’d had more of him this season, too. That scene with Leilani was so nicely played. DDK did a fab job. And he looked lovely, too.

    2. That is SUCH a beautiful colour on him. And having so much Chin and Kono screen time this ep felt like getting an unexpected present!

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