3.19 – Hoa Pili (Close friend) – Page 4

Kono’s found a diving map with an area circled where Jason’s body was found.  So Jason must have witnessed something that got him killed.  You think?

Danny's thinking: how does she get that kind of volume?

Danny’s thinking: how does she get that kind of volume?

Chin’s found an empty drum that smells like Ecstasy which conveniently has a logo on it for Fong to analyse.

This looks reeeeally impressive until you realise it's empty.

This looks reeeeally impressive until you realise it’s empty.

It links the drugs to a Taiwanese cartel and Fong knows that two of their suspected couriers tried to fly in a few day earlier but were arrested and probably had to ditch their cargo before they were grounded.  It looks like the fisherman picked up the abandoned drugs.  So now it seems as if Lappert may have murdered his partners to keep the drug money for himself.  Yeah, because the other two guys are dead, remember?

For reasons.

For reasons.

The Five Ohs head to Sand Island where Lappert’s boat is docked.

Awesome moment is awesome. Except Kono still looks mad at McG. What did he DO????

Awesome moment is awesome. Except Kono still looks mad at McG. What did he DO????

Kono gets sent off to secure the perimeter. (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

McG, whatever it was, staring at her a/s is probably NOT HELPING.

McG, whatever it was, staring at her a/s is probably NOT HELPING.

They’re all decked out in Kevlar, gloves and thigh holsters so we know something big’s going down.

No, I got nothing.

No, I got nothing.

Lappert and two buddies are apprehended but before they can be hauled off to the Blue Room, the Taiwanese drug guys crash the party.  The Five Ohs look like they have the greater firepower but inexplicably, they surrender.  Head Taiwanese Bad Dude gives Lappert a lecture on how the finder’s keepers rule is a no-no (but trafficking Ecstasy is OK?) and he even quotes a Buddhist saying (WTF?).  Rather hilariously, he says something about there being no way to escape death just before he doesn’t escape death.  At the hands of Kono and a massive cargo container!  When did Kono learn to drive a crane?  No matter, she saves the day and gets a ‘book em Kono’ from McG as a gift for her awesomeness.  Doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘book em Danno’ sadly, and poor Danny is the third wheel right now.  (Oh, and there’s a pretty cool action scene here where McG does some great BAMF stuff.)

In a final act of irony, poor Lappert finds out that the Ecstasy was tainted so the murders were for nought.  Danny gets the line of the episode here, when he says that the “pills will take you to the same place as a breath mint.”  I chuckle at that one.

There’s rather an odd ending to the COTW part of the episode although we are treated to some beautiful Hawaiian scenery here.  McG and Kono are on the shark tour boat helping Craig clean it up.

Phew! Looks like she's forgiven him. Kinda.

Phew! Looks like she’s forgiven him. Kinda.

This is nice but didn’t Craig commit arson?  Danny and Chin go to the Kapu hang out to help Kavika and Hawaiian Dwayne Johnson clean up the house that was the subject of said arson.  I’m not sure what message Show is trying to convey here.

1. No, Chin, those tiny rollers are for woodwork and radiators. 2. Danny is wearing CONVERSE!!! #love

1. No, Chin, those tiny rollers are for woodwork and radiators. 2. Danny is wearing CONVERSE!!! #love

Oh, wait, there’s one more scene to go!  I’ve stupidly watched the spoiler clip but I still get a kick out of this scene.  Kamekona has his helicopter licence and is taking McG, Danny and Max on the shrimp-copter’s maiden tour.  I like Kamekona as a tour guide, he’s adorable.  But then he loses concentration for a bit when Danny’s complaining about being in the helicopter and McG tells him to keep his eyes on the road!  HE JUST SAID EYES ON THE ROAD!  That’s so funny.   If you haven’t watched this clip (from Westy’s latest awesome searches post), you should http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW_kKUWlslo.  For Australians, ‘eyes on the road’ has a special meaning.  Rhonda, I’m talking about you!

The episode finishes with Max leading the gang in a rendition of the Magnum PI theme song.  There’s a discussion about the characters from the show and my 1970s childhood is revisited right then and there.  Max is so cute, getting into the moment.  Danny’s face is freakin’ hilarious as he’s initially having none of it, then he reluctantly gives in and sings along.  Soon they’re all being totally adorkable.  Nice way to end the episode, I thought.



In sum:

That Kono and Chin had something meaningful to do in this episode and there was something of the team magic again made me want to love it.  I’ve missed this.  It’s what made me fall in love with Show in season 1.  The homage to Magnum PI was funny and nicely done.  McG saying ‘eyes on the road’ was a bonus.  I liked seeing Fong again, too.  I also liked the scene with Chin and Leilani and I hope we see more of Leilani in the future (while we are on the subject, where is Sabrina?).  The action scenes were great and I liked that Chin and Kono were involved in these.  And Alex looked rather lovely which is totally pertinent to the plot.

On the downside, the COTW was a little crowded.  The clarica was of mammoth proportions and I felt some of the lines that were meant to be funny fell a little flat.  Cath’s scene was completely unnecessary in my view – I would rather she was left out of the episode than be in it just to be leered at while dressed in a bikini.  Really, writers, not your finest moment.  Craig commiting arson and a Kapu member beating up a man – there seemed to be a free pass on these acts and I’m not sure what the message is there.  Still, I think the writers were aiming for a more traditional H50 episode and it did have all of the required elements – just not sure how well these were pulled off.  Your thoughts?

The End!

The End!



  1. I would just like to say that McG looked particularly handsome in this ep. Has he lost weight?(Except in the pic for Justine, where I can see a little paunch and MOOBIES!) But his face looked more angular in this ep.

    Great recap, Andrea…and great pics and caps, Alicia. I will be back to comment tomorrow.

    1. I already used up all my goodwill on page 1 of the recap so I will for sure not be making a comment here about moobies.

      1. Moobies! I didn’t notice until Alicia added the pics (huge thanks to Alicia for doing the pics by the way – team effort!). I thought Alex did look noticeably slimmer, though. His face was more angular which I like.

        1. No worries :-).

      2. yeah I think he trimmed up a bit, finally shedding that baby weight……BAHHHHH!!!!

        1. ohhhhh!!!! The tummy, maybe thats why so many over shirts this season?!?!?!?!

  2. EYES ON THE ROAD!!!!! I died. I so wish we could say this was a shout out to the Champ box! I’m gonna pretend anyway 😄

    1. Awesome recap, Andrea!! I will be back to comment properly tomorrow 🙂

    2. I’m not sure why that was a reply to you, Westy. *scratches head* but OMG that was hilarious! If only we could claim it (I tried, for a moment, but then I realised the timing was all wrong. Sigh).

      1. Total shout out to us! Loved it.

  3. paula · · Reply

    What is the special meaning of “eyes on the road” there? In Australia I mean. Do you have some weird issue with having a lot of eye balls rolling around the roads?
    Thanks for the recap Andrea. This epi was like a good solid h50 story, with all four taking part in the investigating.
    I was also a bit surprized we were shown so soon that Cath and Steve are back to normal, and apparently last episode´s hurt feelings are dealt with. Michelle looked gorgeous in the bikini and I think this little moment of her in, just showed us they are still a solid couple.
    Alex did look good in this, and I also think he might have slimmed down a bit. Some nice fitting trousers in this episode, nice views 😉

    1. Paula, just watch the You Tube clip that I put into the recap. It’s from a tv advertisement for an insurance company. “Eyes on the road, Rhonda” is a line in the ad which is now really well known in Australia. We think it’s funny but perhaps it’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ in-jokes. Last year when we went out to dinner for my birthday, both my husband and the guy who served us had had a bit too much sun that day and had the sunglasses tan mark that Rhonda has in the ad (although nowhere near as bad!). I said ‘eyes on the road, Rhonda’ to the guy and he cracked up. Yeah, I know, we’re a funny lot, aren’t we?

  4. lurxgirl · · Reply

    I noticed his weight loss, mostly in his face. FOYeur brought something to my attention and I should have thought of it before now. I am a pharmacist and I have seen many people who take corticosteroids for injuries. He may have had a few injections in his injured shoulder and got the full face look from it. It would have also given him a bigger appetite so he may have gained a few extra pounds. He may be exercising at a higher intensity now that he is healed and doctors have cleared him to do so?? Although they haven’t shown us his abs lately, he seems to be firming up and his waist looks slimmer than in 3.03. I hope he doesn’t lose his new magnificent arms.

    1. Ah, that may explain it. I’d been thinking he looked a little ‘puffy’ in the face in some of the eps this season and there was something sort of ‘not quite him’ about his face, if that makes any sense at all. But in this ep, I thought he looked just lovely.

      1. He’s not puffy…..he’s manly perfection ;-P

  5. What message is show trying to convey here? Well, arson (any crime, really) is ok if you’re mad for legit reasons. This morality isn’t new to Show. And since Shark Tour guy was given the label of “conservationist” it makes sense to me that Kono & Steve, the two characters who all along have sided with the nature lovers in past episodes (especially Kono) went to help this guy out.

    The Kapu compound was a completely innocent victim in all this, having nothing at all to do with any of the crimes… although it’s weird to me that Kapu Levi gets to walk on his assault charge… I guess if you beat up a guy who later turns up dead (at someone else’s hands) there’s no one to charge you with assault so you get to go free? Is that how that really works? But the point is, Chin & Danny (whose characters sometimes represent traditional law & order as well as traditional family on the show) go to this place to help rebuild.

    Last 2 eps have shown the Five-0s dealing with the after effects of COTW… first time at a victim’s funeral & then this clean-up… wonder if that’s just a coincidence or if this is a future trend?

    1. I had that exact same thought – burn down someone’s house = beer and social times with McG and Kono. WTF??? I don’t know, could Kawika have not pressed charges since one of his guys had beaten up the dead guy? Is that allowed?

      1. yeah you would think that even if Kawika didn’t press charges, Arson is one of those things the state would prosecute you for anyway. But maybe they still will & the guy is out on bail. Wouldn’t be the first time the Five-0s socialized with pre/post/ex- criminals.

        1. I’m not an expert on law, particularly US law of course, but I did do a little WTF? to myself in relation to the arson and the assault. Like you say, is it OK to do these things if you have a ‘legitimate reason’ (grief over your murdered brother, anger over the impact of the shark tours)? Good point about having two eps in a row where the Five Ohs are involved in the impact of the COTW. Hmmmmm…

      2. Yes, NotMcG, who really only watched anymore for Kono and because she loves me, was all “Seriously. The arsonist gets beer and some help from 5-0?” And rolled her eyes. I think I might have lost her company on this adventure. One too many amoral WTFs.

        1. My NotMcG has still only seen the second ep from this season and hasn’t shown any interest in watching the others. And yet, when I stopped the DVR from recording this week’s ep because it clashed with something else we were recording, he said ‘oh, so I don’t want to see that then?’ in a really sarcastic way. He baffles me sometimes.

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      Good points, Steph. I was also wondering why these guys weren’t in jail.
      I like that they’re dealing with COTW fallout. I’m ok if they decide to do this again.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        I agree. It’s a nice touch.

        1. ACA. It’s pretty great to see them after hours, and in Chucks!

          Although, I am still a little worried that we are getting so much Ohana bliss because they are about to pull the rug out from under us for the finale.

      2. I liked that too. It really gives the idea that they’re part of the community they protect.

  6. Even though I watched the episode twice, I picked up right away that Craig was free – maybe out on bail for arson. Also, McGarrett did say to Dwayne Johnson’s cousin – Levi – that they were going to hold him but if his alibi checked out, they would let him go.

    1. I couldn’t work out what was going on there at all. Were they arresting him for beating the guy up? Or did beating the guy up make him a suspect in the murder – but then you can’t just arrest people without proof, surely?

  7. So in regards to Kono’s “wingin it….” http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/LampshadeHanging Since show is an equal opportunity cliche factory… oh shoot I was supposed to be on the run!!

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      Run Steph!! LOL!

      1. Byeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

        1. Aw, babe, you never have to run from here 🙂

          I totally thought that was a response to people taking the piss out of Lori being able to operate whatever that thing was in the buried schoolkids ep. No?

  8. Andrea & Alicia, TY v much for the recap + pics, extremely helpful cause the COTW was too much for me and I finished watching the ep without knowing WTF. I mean whodunit & whydunit. I love the ep, though, as McG is wearing my fav grey pants. And jeans. And a singlet. And yes, I’m as superficial as that. *blushes*

    Some other random thoughts:

    I didn’t mind the bikini Cath scene in that it provided an opportunity for the goodbye-kiss, which I found a rather sweet detail. As to the question if they made it up too fast or not – we don’t know how much time has passed since the last epi in the world of the characters, right? Could have been several weeks.

    I’m absolutely convinced that the eyes-on-the-road line was a S/O to the FUCUPs. Call me naive. I learned of that endearing commercial first time here and when I heard the phrase in the epi, you cropped in my mind immediately. Someone MUST be occasionally following what the fans write about the show, mustn’t they?

    All the 5 Ohs seem at their best in this epi, all of them are given things to do and do them well. Nice job 🙂

    1. So glad you like our Rhonda advertisement!

      Agree that the episode was great just because everyone had something to do and they did it well. This is what I love about Show.

      Yes, we don’t know how much time has passed between episodes but Show has a habit of not dealing with things or expecting the audience to believe it has happened ‘off camera’ and I’d like to see how McG and Cath handle what happened in the last episode. On camera :).

    2. I would LOVE to think that that was for us – but sadly this ep must have been filmed before Westy’s post. We can pretend, though ;-).

  9. Thank you Andrea and Alicia. As always, great recap! I love your take on the show–and your accents. (Lounge!)

    One further thought is that this episode, and the last one, seemed to be setting the stage for the finale. I mean why drag the FBI in at all? It was totally gratuitous. I can’t help but think we are going to see them again. Last episode there was some tension built around mom and her sneaky business. This episode all of the side characters got some play and the team is spectacularly unified and placid. It is getting us all ready for the big sh/tstorm we know is coming in the finale.

    1. No worries, mate. No larrikins this week but you did get a lounge instead :).

      You might be on to something there, re the finale. Interesting….

    2. Ooh! Intriguing idea!

    3. Yeah, Kono might regret not being a touch more polite to those FBI agents when they come for Adam. (this is a guess not a spoiler!)

      Plus, we’re already on the CIA’s bad side so why not.

      1. Ooh! Another intriguing idea!

  10. hunny_bee1 · · Reply

    LOL at your caption for the fifth picture! I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who, when I first saw that part, thought he was totally checking out her ass for a split-second there!

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