H50 3.20 Olelo Pa’a (The Promise) – Page 1

Before we start: I didn’t overly like this episode, but I know that I am HUGELY in the minority there, so don’t let that put you off squeeing and flailing in the comments section :-). I’m afraid I don’t have many screencaps yet, I’m still not 100% (I have an ongoing chest infection that, fittingly for this recap, only hurts when I breathe) and sadly I just don’t have the energy to make a lot. I’ll add some more when I can.

So we’re at the North Korean border and Show knows its North Korean flag from its South Korean flag, which is more than can be said for us at the Olympics *sigh*. Everything looks very green, presumably because it rains a lot in Korea, and also because this is Hawaii. We all know what happens here because we’ve watched this clip twenty times: the North Koreans give McG a wooden box and he gives them two orange people with bags on their heads (if I ever wore orange I would need to put a bag on my head too, otherwise people would keep asking me if I was ill). The North Korean guy is wearing a super-duper uniform – nice Picard maneuver, by the way – but his ribbons are actually a piece of laminated card. For realz!! Awesome.

Seems legit.

Seems legit.

He asks McG what was so important about the guy in the box that it took three years of negotiations to arrange this exchange, but McG gives him a ‘you don’t have the right to ask me that question’ look and walks off. The Korean guy has a really lovely voice, incidentally. Kind of musical. But I digress.

The credits seem inappropriately colourful and happy.

Ooh, BabySEALMcG!! And Joe White! Hiiiii Joe! So you were the guy McG was talking about in the Missouri ep! We had wondered. I know that it’s gruelling and intensive and the hardest thing ever and I would flake out after about five minutes, but I have to say SEAL training looks kind of fun. At one point Joe says “on your belly! On your back!” and then makes them wiggle about on the sand, thereby gaining instant honorary FUCUP status. What a guy.

McG’s pal Freddie is shivering like mad and gets picked on by Joe although the guy two places along from him looks like he’s actually convulsing. Maybe it’s not so much fun after all. Joe calls him a lot of names while he’s reciting the philosophy of the Navy SEALs (which is v awesome) and tells him that all he has to do is ring the bell three times and it will all be over. As there is no bell in sight and I know nothing about SEAL training at all, this gives me the impression that they are all issued with a dainty little bell of the sort that someone in a corset and voluminous skirt (probably played by Helena Bonham Carter) might use to summon tea and cucumber sandwiches, which they can take out and ring at any time. Turns out this is not quite right because in the next scene we see the bell and it’s about the size of Helena Bonham Carter’s head. Although not in A Room With A View, because her hair in that was MAHOOOOSIVE.


Sugar-coated and cold. Like an ice-cream. I like ice cream. Just saying.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Joe tells them to move out and McG practically drags his buddy away. Joe looks after them with an expression that might mean ‘that guy’s not going to make it’ or possibly ‘McG is so awesome, if only I could tell him his mother’s alive’ or could even be ‘I’m starving, I would kill for a cucumber sandwich right now’. If only he had a little bell.

I think my blood sugar might be getting a bit low.

That night, McG wakes up and notices that Freddie is not in bed – they give them proper mattresses?? That seems generous. I guess I thought they made them sleep on a bed of nails or something – and he rolls out of bed and we are all distracted from wondering where Freddie is by the fact that McG is NOT wearing sleep pants for once, but is instead wearing shorts. Proper shorts. Praise the Wardrobe! McG obviously knows where Freddie has gone, and indeed Freddie is at the bell, which he manages to ring only twice before – BAM – McG side-tackles him and I laugh, and then rewind it three times, because it’s funny. Also, Freddie needs to work on his observational skillz.

McG tells Freddie that he’s trying to stop him doing something he’ll regret later, and Freddie responds by punching him in the face, which he will probably regret later. Then they have a fight which shouldn’t be funny, but is, and then Joe comes out and they pretend they were just doing push-ups or something.

I think we all know what we're thinking here.

I think we all know what we’re thinking here.

He sends them off on a bear-crawl – also featured in McG s*x bootcamp Day 3 – back to their bunks, during which Freddie tells McG that he’s ready to quit and McG guilt-trips him into not quitting by invoking the ‘proud father’ card, but keeps the ‘if only I could say that about my father *sniff*’ card up his sleeve in case he needs it later.

Rain! Stop getting in the way!!

Rain! Stop getting in the way!!



  1. I am in the minority with you. This was not my favourite episode of the season. It had some good points, but overall I was a bit “meh” on the whole thing.

  2. I am with you too and I am really enjoying your recap sooooo much! 😀

  3. Lesley Baillie · · Reply

    Enjoyec reading about this episode, looking forward to seeing it. Got about three weeka in UK before it is aired. Sounds like the episode will be right up my street. Will enjoying seeing McG getting wet will have the towel ready to give him a rub down. Mmmmmmmm.

  4. Bobbi Piper · · Reply

    Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but definitely not my favorite. Far from it. I’m tired of Steve & Catherine and I’m tired of flashbacks. The show needs to get back to the core four, we haven’t seen a lot of Chin & Kono this season. I miss Steve & Danny, they make the show. I did like Catherine & Danny’s phone call and the ending with Danny, Chin & Kono being at the funeral for Steve.

    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂 it’s good to see some new faces on here.

      It was a lovely touch that they were there. I didn’t really mind them not being in this ep much, it’s only one ep and, like the Danny flashback ep – that I think people also struggled with because it was also very much NOT a typical episode – it’s not like this is a new direction for the show. It’ll be back to business as usual next ep and from what I’ve read and the promo pics it sounds like it’ll feature all four of them fairly equally. 🙂

  5. Only here will you find H50 being compared to A Room With A View! “Turns out this is not quite right because in the next scene we see the bell and it’s about the size of Helena Bonham Carter’s head. Although not in A Room With A View, because her hair in that was MAHOOOOSIVE.”

    Nice, Alicia.

    1. Managing to sneak in a Helena Bonham Carter reference was truly inspired! I love HBC by the way, mahoooooosive hair and all.

      1. She does give good hair. Bellatrix’s hair was mesmerising.

        1. Her dress sense is appalling, though.

          1. It is but it kind of goes with the hair 🙂 And the quirky personality. I always enjoy watching her anyway even if distracted by the hair at times 🙂

  6. I thought the episode was boring, sorry.
    Not my favorite episode too. I don’t understand why Lenkov say we will see different side of Chin, like his darkside and we never get to see any of it? I’m so close to bait out on this show bc there no good storyline for DDK and Grace Park and its hurt to see that.

  7. buttercup · · Reply

    I just love the way McG keeps targeting his fugitives! As you said BAM – F – I had to laugh too, because he did it twice in that ep! Seriously, he could BAM me anytime, preferably in the rain, on the beach, sugar-coated would be a scooter 😉
    And the rain, frkn rain, I kept screaming at the screen “please, STEVE, come a bit closer, I want to see that rain dropping all over your frkn-hot-eyelashes and gorgeous nose” ’cause it dripped in front of him, DURING.THE.WHOLE.SHOT!

    1. The rain was whatever the OPPOSITE to a scooter is! Couldn’t help but notice it even though I didn’t want to! That was about the fifth screencap I’d taken and eventually I just had to go with it because I couldn’t get one where he didn’t have lines all over his face (which is slightly disturbing, it reminds me of The Omen and the photos with the lines across them *shiver*). When it rains in Hawaii it doesn’t mess about, eh?

      I don’t know what it is about people being blindsided that I find so funny. There’s just something about shots like that when the camera is focusing on someone and then BOOF!! they’re on the floor. I giggle every time. I am going to hell.

  8. hunny_bee1 · · Reply

    *GIVES STANDING OVATION* Alicia – did you climb into my head and steal all my thoughts, or something? I agree with every word of your recap….I couldn’t stop nodding as I read it! From the ridiculousness of Cath’s hair, to her skinny jeans, to the make-up, to her, ability to kill a guy significantly bigger than her with just a slight twist of her skinny arms, to her frankly laughable “I-never-take-no-for-an-answer” response to McG (I swear, when I watched it, I literally went “hahahaha….yeah right!”). After all that hype about the Cath/McG “backstory”, it turned out be nothing we didn’t already know….*YAWN*.
    You hit the nail on the head when you talked about how you didn’t feel as emotionally involved with this episode as you’d expected because they crammed too much into a such a short space of time. I also agree that there was too much “box-ticking” going on. Alex’s performance was excellent though and I enjoyed seeing his bromance with Freddie, you could really feel the love and respect they had for each other.
    Overall, I was underwhelmed by this episode and I’m proud to be in the minority alongside you. It was a little nauseating to see so many H50 fans practically hyperventilating on Twitter at how “incredible”/”emotional”/”fantastic”, etc the episode was, and how it was the “best episode ever” & generally kissing Lenkov’s ass….but hey, that’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it.
    Anyway, essay over!

    1. Hunny-Bee, I’m with you in the minority corner 🙂 I think my main reaction to this episode was disappointment. There were so many unmet expectations for me and even Alex’s fine performance could not make up for that.

    2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      Wow, its great to have an opinion, but it would be wonderful if you could express it without disparaging a whole lot of other people too.

      1. (reply is to everyone, not to you, babe)

        Yes, as Westy has already said on page 4, please keep your comments relevant to the episode and not to other fans. Everyone’s opinion is welcome here. As I said in the recap, I’m very happy that most of the fandom enjoyed this episode.

        We have the power of life and death over your comments (mwahahahaha!) so be nice, OK? Thank you 🙂

  9. Alicia, thank you for waving the flag for the underwhelmed “minority.” I had lots of feelings about the episode but most of them were not good. I’m still trying to sort out my thoughts, and I think reading your review will help. {airhearts} babe!

    1. Hiiiii!!! {{airhearts}} to you too!

  10. Dear Alicia, I’M DYING. I wrote my own recap before I read your recap and I see we totally have the same ideas. Plus I’m laughing so hard over your recap (I know I shouldn’t, it’s of course seeerious business) that I’ll be back later when I calm down. Finis. P.S.: Hope your health’s getting better!!

    1. OMG Marnov, your recap looks hysterical! I’ll have a proper read a bit later on 🙂

  11. […] ::: Taking a few deep breaths. This will be bad. ::: Yes. DeFOYbrillator? Oh, wait, intermezzo. Steve inquires of Cat(h): “How bad?” and lifts her tee to expose some well-done bruise make-up representing a fractured rib. Rib RIP. Kinda nice seeing Steve do what I always wanted of him, but this isn’t really the time. ::: Tugging nervously at my tissue box and waiting. ::: Yesss. Very very bad. I don’t think that I can recap it in full. So I won’t. Briefly: The dug-up bones are Blondie, indeed, but they have been mutilated and I refuse to rewatch this scene. Let’s leave this up to the people who evaluate other people’s acting. They’d better watch, the b@stards. Alex acts devastated and moves on to furious but I can’t say for sures cause I can’t see for tears. I’m taking a break now. You know what happened. If you dunno but wanna know, you’re reading the wrong recap and you might wish to go here. […]

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