H50 3.20 Olelo Pa’a (The Promise) – Page 3

McG calls Joe who is riding a horse in Montana, who tells him that he can delay the plane for 24 hours and also where to find Jimmy Buffett who is – yuk – drinking snake blood and rice wine. I really would have taken Show’s word for it that that was snake blood, y’know. A blink-and-you-miss-it appearance by the other members of Five-0 happens here. Kono brings up the small matter of what happened the last time he was in Korea and Westy will be throwing something at her screen at yet another missed opportunity for McG to show any reaction to this. Sigh.

Poor Tangerine!! Done in by honey buzzards. Not a euphemism. Poor Jimmy Buffett. I hope I’m supposed to be giggling at Cath and McG’s faaaaaces as they try to think of a way to respond appropriately to a grown man mourning a helicopter. Tangerine’s memorial is rather wonderful though, a fitting tribute to the machine that rescued McG from Wo Fat *sniff*. Farewell, Tangerine. We will miss you and your chickens.

Back with McG and Freddie doing their HALO jump and I could just watch this all day. I wish I weren’t such a total coward when it comes to things like this, so I could do it too. Although I would also need to be rich, because it’s madly expensive, but I’ll bet it’s worth every penny. I like the way the scene changes back to the present day here. Here come the feeeeels! Somewhere in this view, McG’s best friend, who took his sister’s place in his life the same way Joe took his father’s, has been lying dead for three years, waiting for McG to come back for him. Sniff.

McG and Cath are spying on a building which – from the little flashback – is the same building where Anton Hesse was captured. McG spots someone he recognises; he gets into a car and drives off, at which point they carjack him. Once he remembers where he’s seen McG before, McG tells him to take them to where Freddie’s body is, which he does but then jumps out of the moving car and it crashes into a tree. I am laughing at ALL inappropriate moments today. The guy tries to run away but heh heh, you can’t run from Steve McGarrett. Although none of us would even try, obvi.

They reach the place where Freddie is buried and McG makes the guy dig up Freddie’s body – his memory is really good, FYI – and it really is Freddie this time. Sniff. Then McG starts crying over him and I start to tear up a bit. Then McG gets really angry because Freddie has broken bones that he shouldn’t have.



He threatens the guy until he tells them who ordered it done – I can’t make out what his name is – and then ties him up, gags him, puts a grenade under his head and tells him not to move lest he get blown to bits. I have no good comment to make about this. Geneva Conventions, anyone?

So McG and Cath are sneaking up behind some patrolling people now. McG grabs his guy around the neck, wrestles him to the ground and breaks his neck. Cath just puts her arm around the neck of hers, with her hand over his mouth, and he dies in about three seconds flat. Uh-huh. And with a broken rib as well! All together now! “Shoot me down, but I don’t fall, I am TITANIUM” *eyeroll*.

Then McG throws a knife again! This should happen at least three times a season, I think. Unfortunately the victim fires a few shots in his death throes and all hell breaks loose. Luckily – as neither of them are wearing body amour in this country full of people who hate Americans – these Koreans are terrible shots, but that doesn’t really matter as McG and Cath are outnumbered and forced to surrender. When they get to the Koreans’ base of operations, McG starts taking the head honcho to task over ‘you animals’ desecrating Freddie’s body. Um, McG? Although I can entirely see your point of view, you just violated his country’s sovereignty and killed a lot of its citizens – including one who was unarmed and tied up – in trying to recover someone who died the last time you violated his country’s sovereignty and killed a lot of its citizens. I don’t think you can really claim the moral high ground here.

Speaking of grenade guy, two Korean guys have just found him but because he’s gagged he can’t tell them not to move him and – wow, what was IN that grenade??? That was a massive explosion. McG and Cath use the diversion to grab some guns and shoot their way out. Time for another flashback, surely?



  1. I totally forgot to check out Cath´s moves with her victim since Steve snapped his guy´s neck. I rewatched in awe, it looked quite realistic to me. I guess they do teach that stuff in NIDA.
    What I find always hard to believe is that they walk on a dirt road with growel apparently without making any sound, as they clearly surprized their vics.
    Also I wonder why didn´t Steve grab the wheel when the driver jumped out!? First thing I would do…

    1. Stealth boots? 😉

      And also why McG didn’t expect him to jump out. I mean, you would, wouldn’t you?

  2. This–> “Um, McG? Although I can entirely see your point of view, you just violated his country’s sovereignty and killed a lot of its citizens – including one who was unarmed and tied up – in trying to recover someone who died the last time you violated his country’s sovereignty and killed a lot of its citizens. I don’t think you can really claim the moral high ground here.”

    1. hunny_bee1 · · Reply

      *Applauds* Preach! You’re absolutely right.

      1. I’m applauding too!

        1. I reeeeeally hated that. What a horrible thing to do to another human being. 😦

  3. I am just wondering how McG knew where to find Joe? I mean, we haven’t see him since finale of season 2, when he just turned to air, so to speak… and now, all of a sudden, McG calls him like he was by his side all the time? Show, it’s just not fair…

    1. Died laughing at the Montana mountains ‘photoshopped’ into the scene. It was filmed at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu where we went last week for the movie sets tour. Hilarious.

      Lost opportunity be thy name, Show. Has the tension between Joe and McG over the Shelburne lies been dealt with off camera?

      1. Yes, off camera. At the same time Steve was dealing with his PTSD over being tortured. They discussed it over a couple of Longboards and all was well with the world again.

  4. annieoakley · · Reply

    Not to mention the fact that Joe has perfect cell-phone reception on horseback in the middle of god-forsaken nowhere! I can’t complete a call from my house and I live in an effing suburb of LOS ANGELES.

    1. Oh well, they make video calls from the jungle with skype all the time… Hawaii has to have the best mobile signal in the world!

  5. Also, and I am being nit-picky here, why on earth would the terrorists keep their camp in the same place after having been infiltrated the last time? And finding the body in the mud there. Pffft.

  6. I think that Kim-Jung-Uh-No just declared war on Steve McGarrett. Just sayin’.

    1. For realz.

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