When We Differ

“That was excellently observed’, say I, when I read a passage in an author, where his opinion agrees with mine. When we differ, there I pronounce him to be mistaken.”
– Jonathan Swift

It’s been an interesting weekend here at the Champ Box. One of anger, hurt and tears. One that led me to question whether I should even continue with this blog. On Friday, I received some emails that suggested we at CB should tone down our recaps and write less about what we didn’t like in an episode of our beloved Show, and instead focus on the parts we did enjoy.

For those of you who don’t know, the CB staff are me (Westy), Alicia and Andrea. I started this blog early in 2012,  for a bit of silliness and as something a little different to the other H50 blogs I visit. My posts were infrequent, due to a lack of inspiration rather than time. When Sardonic slowed down, and we were unsure whether there would be any S3 recaps, I decided that I would post a weekly recap – sadly, without Sardonic’s biting wit – more just a place where anyone who wanted to, could discuss the current episode.

Well, little did I realize the amount of work involved in getting out a recap, and it soon became apparent to me that I needed help. Desperately! The idea of guest recappers was very appealing, and some of my FUCUP friends offered to help out, so each week we were able to have a different take on the episode.

Alicia and Andrea soon became regular recappers, and when I knew that the first part of 2013 was going to be crazy busy for me, and that I would be forced to put the CB on an extended hiatus, I asked them to come on board as partners in the blog.

They have been doing the bulk of posting and recapping since January.  Let me just say here that these two wonderful, amazing women who I am proud to call my friends, are far more intellectual, much better writers and much deeper thinkers than me, and as a result, the CB has taken a more serious turn. I was happy for the blog to just be able to continue posting each week. And I imagined that the serious, mixed in with light hearted posts, meant there would be something for everyone.

Except there weren’t as many silly posts anymore to balance out the blog. I haven’t been able to contribute much, so my posts (ie The Mom Files, the Search posts, etc) have largely been absent.

And so we have been told that for some of our original, regular visitors, the CB isn’t fun anymore and that we are perceived as being Cath ‘haters’ in the fandom, promoting negativity and hate on our blog via our recaps. This was a real W.T.F moment for us (because we were pretty sure most of the fandom didn’t even know we existed!) Hence the suggestion that we should be writing nice, happy recaps and leaving out the parts we didn’t like about the episode. Rainbows and unicorns.

Well I’m here to tell you – we don’t hate Cath. We like her. We really do! What we don’t like as much is the way she’s been written coming up to the end of this season. I won’t go into it all, our thoughts are in the recaps if you’d like to read them. As you will see, our comments relate entirely to the way Cath is being written and to our perspective on women in Show in general. What we say about Cath we would say about any female character on Show that is written in the same way.

I was asked this question – if I’m blogging about something I like, why do I blog negative stuff? My answer? I’d much rather blog truthfully. We love Show so much, but we’re not blind to its faults. And, in our opinion, it does have faults.

Obviously, fans watch for different reasons. Some because they will watch anything that Alex appears in – they don’t really watch for plot – they’re just happy to enjoy his awesomeness every week, and the same for those who are fans of Scott, Daniel and Grace and Michelle. And some, like us, who watch not only because we love Alex, but because we love H50 and we love a good story. Our blog is the H50 Champ Box after all – we are about the show and all that comes with it.

So – because sometimes the stories aren’t so great, does our criticism via the recap mean we are any less of a fan than one who doesn’t watch for plot?

A recap without an opinion attached to it – whether you agree with it or not – is…well, it’s boring. Our recaps are written to encourage debate and discussion of the episode, show and characters. They are not summaries; they are our reactions and responses to the episodes and we know full well that some people will agree and some people will not.  Crikey, sometimes the three of us don’t all like the same things in an episode! We’ve been told that people who don’t share our views are reluctant to comment and that we have been bashing Cath for months.

Which brings me to 3.20. The recap of this episode was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. We were told our criticism invited mostly negative comments. We did ask for people who enjoyed the episode to comment and tell us what they loved about it, but few did. And so naturally, what emerged appeared to be a recap mired in negativity. And because those who loved 3.20 didn’t want to be drawn into the negativity (which is their choice) it left us with a discussion that wasn’t as balanced as it could have been.

Please believe me when I say it was not our intent to create an atmosphere of negativity. We simply wanted to open up a discussion about the episode. This is true of all the recaps we have written this season. If you look back, you will see we wrote about what we liked and what we didn’t and that we welcome all comments, whether in agreement with our views or not. Because that’s what we like to do. That’s the fun part of fandom for us. Well, that and looking at pics of McG.

As for the suggestion that we post only the good stuff, and leave out our opinions on the bad…well, no. Our recaps will continue as they started. Because it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. But it is Show, and we love it. And like a naughty child, we’ll tell it off when we think it misbehaves.

Mahalo xxxx

Ninja Mcg1

Ninja Mcg3

Ninja Mcg2

Pics from @HawaiiFive0_OZ

Blame me for the text. (I hope you take it in the light hearted way it’s intended!)



  1. spurschick · · Reply

    Whaaaaaaat? Wow. I’ve seen no Cath hate in what I’ve been reading. If people are interpreting Cath hate, I can’t imagine what they would have thought about LoHo. Keep up the good work ladies! It’s all good!

    1. Thanks, Spursy. It’s good to see you around lately! You disappeared off the radar for awhile.

  2. LOVE the photos and captions 🙂

    I missed the dust up. I suppose some people are over-sensitive right now. I didn’t even manage to stay out of it the way I’d been trying to do for so long. So maybe *any* dislike of anything is being lumped in with the ones who have gone off the deep end. ESTA NO BUENO! We’re grown-ups! You guys rock.

    1. I love those pics so much! I hope we get a lot more so we can be silly with them.

  3. First the fanatics, who lost all sense of well manered behaviour, clearheadedness and autonomy, drive the couragious few speaking up their mind off Twitter, now its the turn of the WordPress bloggers! They want to censor all people thinking different and enyojing an open conversation. This is really pissing me off! I’m mad as a cut snake right now! Who the bleep do they think they are????

    Its YOUR rooting Blog, you do with it what you want girls!

    It will probably not matter but I’m with you all the way, for as long as you don’t bend to them!

    Onipa’a (be steadfast!) That was Hawaiians last Queen Lili’uokalani’s motto. A woman imprisoned for her struggle for sovereignty, self-determination and striving for justice.

    1. Mad as a cut snake? You’ve got the Aussie lingo down pat! I won’t comment on ‘rooting’ LOL!

      1. Nan’d be proud of me. She was a Sydneysider 🙂

        1. Really?? You’re practically an Aussie then! Maaaaate!

          1. Bonzer maaate :)) You’ve made my day with that statement XD

            1. ❤ Yer a beaut sheila!

              1. Aww, and yer a gun! 😘

  4. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

    Wow! I must say I was surprised at all the things Alicia didn’t like about 3:20, but I certainly wouldn’t stop visiting this site just because I didn’t agree with her. You 3 do an amazing job, You’re creative and thoughtful (and thought provoking).
    I’m sorry you were visited with grief about that post but please don’t let it deter you. Many of us love what you do. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Karin!

  5. vanduyn · · Reply

    I have always liked your blog. I never got from what you posted that you ladies hate Cath. I also don’t think Show treats the women like they do the men. It’s true, IMO.
    And it is your blog! You put whatever you like in it. That’s the problem with social media sometimes, people tend to think if they complain everything will change in their favor. Stay true to your intent. I would tell you to stand your ground but I don’t think you need me to tell you that! 😉

    1. Thanks for your kind words! And I’m so glad you understand our feelings about Cath.

  6. I enjoy reading your blog, even though I’m new. I didn’t think it was negative, just realistic! I am the same with my recaps. I like Cath, too, but they have not done her character justice this year. We saw a decent amount of good stuff in the middle of the season, but she’s starting to become 2-dimensional.

    And, btw, I understand how much time it takes to write a recap! Hours and hours and hours! So you (3 of you?) should all be proud of the effort and ignore some people. I think some people don’t have any joy in their lives, so when they see that you do, they try to steal it from you. Don’t they understand that you’re happy to share?

    1. Rocsfan! Great to see you here! When can we expect more Woman’s Day posts?? Love them! And congrats on the WP blog. I’ll add your blog to our links later.

      1. Thanks! Maybe I’ll make one tomorrow. I do have an idea. 🙂

        1. Awesome! Looking forward to it.

  7. I’ve been following the blog for a while, but have never posted for this very reason, babe. I’m a nitpicker. I pick nits. And this show gives me plenty of nits to pick.

    Alicia’s last recap had me nodding my head so hard I gave myself a concussion. I was all set to comment…and then I started reading some of the other comments, and it gave me pause. While most of the comments were pretty much in line with what I was feeling, there were a scattering that made me sit back and think.

    I’m one of those fans that will watch Alex in anything – I own a copy of Man Thing, for crying out loud – but I’m also pretty practical when it comes to being that fan. I adore Alex, think he’s quite possibly the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on…but I’m a procedural junkie as well. I love seeing Alex every week on 5-0, but the show itself has disappointed me with sloppy writing, guest stars that if you blinked you would miss them, and implausible storylines.

    I’m really disappointed to hear that you got flack for your blog posts, babe. It’s YOUR blog and you can post whatever the hell you want to. Peeps that have problems with that have quite a few choices when it comes to the Champ Box – they can stop reading, they can post their comments. They can write their own blogs that reflect their

  8. GAH! Stupid computer!

  9. Let’s try this one. more. time:

    They can write their own blogs that reflect their own POVs. But what they can’t do is tell you how to run your own blog.

    I have never read anything here that would even come close to hating Cath. I love Cath, and I ADORE Michelle Borth, but I thought her inclusion in the last ep was unnecessary. Does that make me a hater? No, it makes me a fan with an opinion on how the character was used.

    The three of you have put a sh/t ton of work into this blog, and I hope you keep it up! As for my part, I’ll be here, commenting on a more regular basis, whether I agree or not. That’s what makes comments so great – not everyone is going to agree, and that’s ok.

    1. I can’t believe you’re here, finally! And your last two sentences sum it up perfectly.

  10. OK, first of all, I like this blog just as it is… your recaps are the best I’ve seen, I can easily write my opinion and talk with others, not like on some other blogs… What I really hate is word “fandom” – especially that McDanno stuff, it creeps me out… I don’t hate Cath, I just think she’s got too much action scenes this season, and for most of them Kono would be much better choice.
    so, what I wanted to say in general – please, don’t stop being this wonderful as you girls are. There are only few H50/Alex blogs I read (this one, Intense study, Sardonic and H50bamf every day, with just a couple I visit from time to time).Don’t let anybody dictate you what you can or can not write about. We love the show, but there are some thing that don’t work quite well in some episodes, and why shouldn’t we say so? It’s not like peter Lenkov reads it and gets frustrated about it. Just keep your way, you know very well who likes your blog the most and don’t let others bother you. Hugs for everyone

    1. Thank you Andrea. I’m not a McDanno fan, but I don’t have a problem with anyone who is. Each to their own. And you’re so right…not everything works in an episode. And we (all of us, not just us here at CB) should be able to discuss what didn’t work without being tagged as haters. Or not true fans.

  11. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    I totes agree with everyone who said YOU GUYS ROCK! I love reading your blog, it makes me laugh and snort and generally makes my day. And I’m sorry you got some hate from people who need to grow a sense of humor. As for 3-20, I read your recap after just one viewing – the episode left me a little “meh” and I agreed with a lot of what you said, and even commented once or twice. But then I watched it again, and rationalized it to myself by deciding that Cath isn’t just naval intelligence, but a covert operator herself, and that’s why she’s so kick-ass (think Kenzi on NCIS:LA – or Kono, for that matter). I should have come back to visit and comment again after that, but RL’s been kind of a pain this week. Anyhoo – I loved Cath when she was just McG’s f**kbuddy and I love her now. I do wish she’d put on a few pounds, however — c’mon Show, real women have curves, and badasses have muscles.

    1. I know what you mean, Annie. Sometimes I’ve had a low opinion about an episode or scene, and after discussing it with others, I’ve been able to see it with different eyes. So discussion is good!

  12. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    oh, and one more thing. Not only will we tell off Show when it misbehaves, we’ll make it drop its pants so we can spank it. But only with love…..

  13. KarinA · · Reply

    How narrow minded are some people?
    Please don’t stop posting or change the way (all 3 of) you recap or write about whatever. OK, I may not always agree totally with you/your opinions but why should I? We are not the same person even if we share an interest, and I think that it is always useful (perhaps not the best choice of word) to get an inkling of what those who don’t have the same opinion as me thinks and why – it makes me (us?) grow as persons. No matter what the recaps are interesting and funny to read and I always look forward to them.
    We are all (“fans”, bloggers, we who merely comment, the show’s writers etc) different people with different references and/or preferences and that’s the way it should be, but everybody should respect anybody elses right to think differently than you do yourself – it’s called being civilized I think (and no matter what, I hope that is what we are, if not the world is in more trouble than I thought it possibly could be).
    This might seem philosophical but I can’t do anything about that – it is what came to mind when I read the post and the comments…
    Keep going! 

    1. Thank you, Karin. Your thoughts mean a lot. 😊

  14. buttercup · · Reply

    I love your blog, it’s funny and light-hearted and topped with a little bit of black humor, and that’s what a blog is for, huh? I love McRoll and seeing H5O every week, is my highlight ;-), and I agree on the hair ties! I’m not a big blogger/twitter(I’m too stupid for that)/facebook(I don’t want) but I check on your page/intenseStudy/h50 bamf, just to give my eyes some pleasure 😆 ! Thanks for the work you do and I’m looking forward to more infos! Btw I’m swiss, my english sucks!

  15. Hey, I must have missed something here. I love your site and the wonderful recaps from all you clever people.
    I hope recappers don’t feel that they have to censor their
    opinions. FUCUPs have always been respectful of the actors while poking a bit of fun at plots/writing. We all love the Show or we wouldn’t be wasting our time on it.
    All hail the Champ Box!

    while having a bit of fun and criticising

  16. Sorry for the random sentence at the end, posting on a tablet isn’t always easy.

  17. Thanks to those who have commented on this post. PNWgal, mate, you summed it up so well when you said ” I love Cath, and I ADORE Michelle Borth, but I thought her inclusion in the last ep was unnecessary. Does that make me a hater? No, it makes me a fan with an opinion on how the character was used.” That’s exactly it!

    We really hope that our recaps encourage people to read and comment, whether you agree or not with our observations. Our recaps have never pretended to be anything other than our personal responses to an episode and to us, this means commenting on what we liked and what we didn’t. Our opinions come from passion for a show that has so much potential and we’d just like to see it realized 🙂

  18. “And I’m sorry you got some hate from people who need to grow a sense of humor.”

    I know it’s easy to think these words were spoken by some of the extremists we see around twitter and in the H50 fandom when in fact, they were words spoken by friends. As one of the ones who emailed Westy, I can assure you this post uses some of my words but NOT my intent. They were words spoken in the context of a private email to a long time friend and not meant to fuel a “public” debate.

    They say there are 2 sides to every story and this one is no different. That’s all i have to say.

  19. Thanks for your comment, Ess.

    I’d like to stress that the intent of this post was not to fuel a public debate nor target those people who emailed us with their feedback on our blog. Our aim was simply to address the perception of the wider fandom that the CB are Cath haters and that we focus too much on the negative in our recaps. This is the feedback we received (not necessarily from you) and we felt it important – and our right – to address this. We want to continue to give our views on the episodes and we’d like to encourage people to join in on the discussion, whether they agree with us or not.

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