H50 3.21 – Imi loko ka ‘uhane (Seek Within One’s Soul) – Page 1

Sorry about the lack of screencaps, this was a difficult ep to cap because of all the shakiness. Once some people who are better at it than me have got theirs up I will add some more in. I have also just realised that I’ve managed to have two caps of Danny’s a*s and none of his face, which… is bad… and none of Max at all. Sigh.


I have a lot of love for this ep overall, because you know how I love my deep thinking and this gave me a lot to get my teeth into (but more on that later).

We start at HHV (where else?) with The Savannah Walker Show. I like this being done as an episode of that show rather than as part of a normal H50 ep (I will be getting my teeth into this at the end of the recap). I have to say though, I didn’t find these ‘link’ parts hugely interesting. I don’t watch shows like this because they’re really not my kind of thing (although, no H8! to people who do enjoy them) so I did kind of zone out a bit whenever it cut back to HHV (although the opportunity to rest my eyes from the shaky camera was always welcome. I don’t really have much trouble with that style but I do find that after a while things start to get a bit blurry so it was good to get a break every now and then).

I do like learning more about the HQ building though! V interesting. And then OMG PICTURES OF BABY McG!!! THE UNBEARABLE CUTENESS!!! Someone please tell me that at least the second one is actually a picture of Alex?? Someone?? Please???

Savannah asks him a question that isn’t really a question and he looks totally flummoxed by it because the Gov (who is not, alas, in this ep) didn’t really tell him anything about this so he didn’t realise that he’d actually have to talk to her. Obvi McG doesn’t watch a lot of talk shows either. I knew he was my kind of guy. There’s a kind of Gollum/Smeagol ‘can’t ignore it, don’t want to talk to it’ internal monologue happening on his face here, it’s hilarious. Then the phone rings just as McG is saying ‘I thought you were just going to follow us around’ and instead of saying ‘excuse me’ he just trails off with ‘you know…’ and then runs away!! I think we just found out what happened to McG’s fear gene. He wasn’t born without it at all, it just mutated so that he’s only scared of TV cameras and The Notebook.


So she tries her luck with Danny but I think we could all have told her how that was going to go… but then he walks away so it’s not a total loss.

Um, what was I saying? Oh yes!

I’m guessing Kono is giving Savannah a ‘talk to me and I will cut you’ look off-camera here, because Savannah totally ignores her in favour of Chin, who has just walked into the room and is looking Very Busy. Unlike the other two, though, he manages to pay her a little attention and answer her question (which is a little vapid given that he’s both Very Important and Very Busy) with courtesy and grace. I think I like this so much because this is EXACTLY how I imagine DDK to be in real life.

Then McG comes legging it out of his office because the phone call was also Very Important and they have to get a shimmy on. I like seeing these little things that we never normally see – like McG locking up the weapons cupboard and the backpacks on the table – but I have to ask: have the cupboard and that table always been there and I’m just really unobservant? Because I could swear I have never seen them before.

One of the best moments of the ep: Danny’s laugh when Savannah asks why they need to sign a safety waiver. Love!!! Even better is that Savannah thinks they’re kidding about needing full insurance, so obviously the Gov has not told her anything about 5-0 EITHER!! I am just so tickled by this, I have no clue why. I have the idea that he just agreed to it, signed the paper and then totally forgot about it, a bit like I do when I make weekend plans but neglect to inform McGecko until Saturday morning. Although I’m a lot better at that than I used to be.

ANYWAY, they arrive at the murder scene and – hiiii! Duke! you’re all wobbly! – McG won’t let them past the tape, which is totally understandable, but what’s not understandable is the way I melt through my chair when he looks at the camera as he does it. I bet that’s Alex’s ‘SIT Dusty! STAAAAAAY’ face. And I have things to do today! That was NOT PLAYING FAIR, Alex. Please do it again as many times as you like (<— this: totally what I would say to him, given half a chance).


So they’re sitting and staying and zooming in on the dead body and enhancing the audio (good thing they could do that, eh? 🙂 ) and the body has been mutilated so badly that when Savannah asks Kono if it’s a man or a woman, Kono can’t tell her and also looks like she’s going to be sick. Also, I want Kono’s boots. Wardrobe #bootwin!! And we don’t say that very often.

Chin asks McG if he’s ever seen anything like this and McG – aka Mr Seen-it-all-before – says ‘never’. Shit just got real.

LOL! The guest credits are in Savannah’s show’s typeface! Funning!

Savannah had obviously not given this assignment a lot of thought though. She assumed that when they were following Hawaii’s elite task force, they’d be breaking up bar fights and arresting shoplifters. I am boggling so hard at this that I can not form a coherent sentence. Moving on.

Then Max arrives, and… and… OK, this is why it would be a very bad idea for me to go to Hawaii while this show is still being made. This would completely be me. I would never be able to so much as look at a pineapple again without cringing. I do like this SO much though. It’s hard to explain why, but I like to see a character who is either a geek or a nerd (and possibly both) being allowed to be a party animal. The way Max was written at the beginning was slightly one-dimensional (socially awkward genius) but he’s become much more interesting now. I’ve seen comments in the past (no idea where) about how come, if Max is so socially awkward, he hosts movie theme night and so on, but being socially awkward/an introvert/a geek/a nerd doesn’t mean you don’t like socialising. You might not be very good at it, is all. *gets off soapbox*

Unfortunately for Max, Savannah is pretty ruthless and plays on his fanboying to persuade him to attach a camera to his shirt. At this point, since the body is pixelated, we’re thinking that Make-up got an easy ticket this ep, but ooh, they’re going to be making up for it later on.

At this point on my first watch, I started thinking that McG was oddly out of character because he’s being really un-McG-like but I realised soon afterwards that he’s acting this way because of her. She’s not part of his team and he can’t be himself around her. More on this later.



  1. “He wasn’t born without it at all, it just mutated so that he’s only scared of TV cameras and The Notebook.” Alicia, FTW!

    So much to say about this page. Loved Fanboy Max. Loved Baby McG pics. Loved the safety waiver (actually I loved Danny so much in this ep – just the right amount of Danny-ness).

    Didn’t love Savannah though. She irritated me from the get-go. I know she was probably supposed to do that – and props to Aisha Tyler for pulling off the role – but I just wasn’t on board with the whole talk show thing. It just seemed silly to me that the Gov would sanction this. And Savannah thinking following an elite taskforce would be about arresting shoplifters – probably supposed to be funny but it didn’t work for me.

    And the shaky camera technique made me nauseous after about 5 minutes. Mind you, I have to go to the cinema really early so I can get a seat near the back or else I get motion sickness watching the big screen. Pathetic, I know 🙂

    1. I didn’t mind the shakiness, but I wasn’t fond of the camera zooming from one person to the next to the next to the next etc etc. Just wanted to say ‘for God’s sake! Move back a bit!!’ It was like having vertigo, but horizontally.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Shaky-cam kills me. I’ve walked out of one too many movie theatres and promptly been sick, so I avoid those movies like the plague now. So I was worried about this ep!
        I was fine though… which may have something to do with the fact my TV isn’t as big as a movie screen 🙂

  2. Yeah, the shaky camera…ugh. Although I did get used to it after awhile.
    I guess NONE of the Five-0s can go undercover now, ever! Not even Cath 🙂

    1. Hah! Good point 🙂

      Although if Wo Fat can put on a police uniform and slip into a crime scene unnoticed, then anything’s possible.

  3. Wait. Nobody has commented yet on Chin Ho, the next Miles Davis! I loved that. When do we get to see him practicing at home? Or, having his first gig, nervous and giddy?

    (And, red shirt = Chin Ho FTW!)

    1. Chin did look rather fetching in the red shirt, didn’t he?

      1. Red shirt + Chin = INSTANT WIN!!

        Imagine Chin and Max playing a piano/trumpet duet in a jazz club. I would pay real cash money to see this.

        1. Yes! I might become a groupie if I weren’t careful.

        2. heymomo · · Reply

          Yup, me too!

  4. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Loved Max, did not like Savannah at all, she was stupid. I mean literally, the bar fight comment was stupid. And McG was exactly like I would expect him to be in that sitch. Barely tolerating it like the rest of us. I also think DDK would totes be that personable and friendly. I saw him co host with Kelly Ripa her show from Hawaii once and that is how he seemed. Relaxed and friendly. Danno and Kono also spot on reactions to it. All around good but Max was the fun surprise.

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