H50 3.21 – Imi loko ka ‘uhane (Seek Within One’s Soul) – Page 2

At this point, another Useless Copper approaches the tape and Savannah tries to get some information out of him, but hey, give up because McG’s been trying to get information out of him for THREE YEARS BECAUSE IT’S WO FAT! Who seems to be developing something of a thing for wearing uniforms, which I am completely in favour of, by the way. This is the power of a TV show host though: Wo Fat is trying to make a stealthy getaway but even HE can’t ignore Savannah’s questions and it gives the game away. Many, many bullets are fired without anyone being hit – as per uge – and he gets away.

Now Chin is telling Savannah ALL about Wo Fat, um, is this wise? But never mind. At least he’s getting to look sad about Malia.


Savannah tells her audience that even though they’ve been through a lot, they team have forged a strong bond, like family, etc etc and the next time I try to convert someone to watching H50 I will tell them to watch this ep first, but with the massive caveat ‘keep in mind that it’s not usually quite this bonkers’.

Now it’s Kono’s turn to speak to camera! She tells Savannah about all the super-duper computer and what it can do at some length and using a lot of technical jargon, at which point Savannah asks who on the team handles the high-tech wizardry.


Yes, exactly. And then Savannah asks her ‘how on Earth did you get so tech-savvy?’ and frankly she’s lucky Kono doesn’t put her face through the majik table, the patronising cow. Instead Kono replies ‘Xbox’ and Savannah thinks she’s making a really funny joke. The audience laughs because they too, apparently, are stupid.

(this scene annoyed me, you can probably tell)

So they analyze the footage from the TV camera and learn nothing about why Wo Fat might have been interested in the body. Then they go to visit Max who has given himself a makeover in preparation for seeing Savannah again. Oh, Max. Indoor precipitation? You are too adorable for words.

Max tells them that the victim’s hands were removed and a DNA sample turned up nothing. However, some skin was cut off his upper arm, presumably because there was a tattoo or a scar or some other identifying mark on it. Now they are hoping that the shotgun pellets Max took from the body will be able to give them a clue or two, and they’ve been sent over to Fong. Savannah asks ‘what’s a Fong?’ because that’s not, you know, a name or anything. Holy cow, is she supposed to be the dullest knife in the cutlery drawer or is that accidental?

At this point on my first watch I had to take a short break because the corsets I ordered arrived, so I watched the rest of the ep while looking MORE SEXY THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE (and also having some minor oxygen issues because it’s really hard to do up a proper corset by yourself and I don’t think I got the tension on the laces quite right). Is this oversharing? This is probably oversharing, isn’t it?


So back with the ep and Charlie is looking really quite terrified by the camera and also his actual first name is Che!! We are learning all kinds of interesting things this ep. She asks him what he does and he starts telling her, but then she interrupts him and asks him to sum it up in one sentence. No Savannah! Shut up, this is interesting! Haha, but when she asks him if they’ve got anything from the bullets, he says ‘nothing yet’ but his face says ‘Are you even allowed to ask me that? Why am I even talking to you anyway? Please go away’. And the audience laughs again, because they have not got any smarter in the interim.

I don’t get the connection with the Russian mob in Kansas City. Anyone?

And then! AND THEN!!! Show takes the piss out of the Subway commercial!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! This is the most unexpected thing that Show has EVER done!! Including Governor Denning in shorts!! SO MUCH LOVE!!!!

(This scene would be perfect if they hadn’t felt the need to make Kamekona the butt of a joke at the end. Guys, this was already hilarious. You didn’t need to do that.)

This cargument is cute. I like the perspective. Perspective is EVERYTHING ;-). (There will be screencaps here at some point. Many, many screencaps.)

At the inexplicable Russian mobster’s hotel, Savannah is told to stay behind and, to no-one’s surprise but McG’s, doesn’t. The guy’s room is empty but there are pictures of someone who will obvi turn out to be the vic on the walls and one of those cases that looks like it has egg cartons inside it on the table. The guy himself turns up – what amazing timing! 😉 – and jumps over a balcony, at which point McG jumps after him and Danny says ‘welcome to my world’. I wonder if there’s a Russian mobster sidekick in Kansas City who’s trying to give Danny a virtual *fistbump* here, because this Russian guy is every bit as insane as McG.

In the elevator with Chin, going down to the blue room (another little side of the show that we don’t normally see #love), where he tells McG that the Russian guy didn’t do it.

Facial recognition on the photos of the victim have led them to his apartment which has been ransacked and is in a total mess (although *looks around living room* this could just mean that he has young children *hollow laugh*). Then Danny says ‘Easter egg hunt’! LOVE!! There’s no-one there but Kono calls to say that his credit card has been used at a motel not far away.

At the motel, the victim’s girlfriend is being told that he’s been murdered and the camera crew are told to wait outside. Charmingly, they film through the windows to catch her reaction to this news, and this is the point where I realise what’s actually going on here and I start to fall in love with this episode a little bit. More on that later.



  1. I didn’t get the Russian thing either. But then I’m totally distracted on this page by an image of you wearing a corset. I did love that the Russian is ‘every bit as insane as McG’, though’. The pool thing was awesome. “Welcome to my world.” Hehe.

    I loved the cargument and the way it was filmed was really neat. It was good to see the ‘behind the scenes’ view of the team but it might have worked better for me if it had been a more serious journalist. You know, because finding out who murdered someone is kind of a serious thing.

    1. KarinA · · Reply

      You seem to have ‘stolen’ my thoughts – Russian thing, the corset, the ‘behind the scenes’ view – all of it (are we sharing brain today?)

      1. We must be sharing a brain today!

        Was just thinking today that I wish Show had done the behind the scenes thing with a ‘lighter’ crime like say the headless horseman episode. Not downplaying the poor guy who was decapitated but I may have been less disturbed by a talk show audience oohing and aahing over the investigation.

        1. I think it would have been better, as well, for it not to have been this close to the end of the season. We kind of expect Show to settle down and get on with some work by now. Also, with 3.20 being so serious, the tone of this ep – love it as I do – was a bit ‘what the f/ck???’, especially given the subject matter.

  2. I am seriously disappointed Chin didn’t mention the chickens.

    And I thought Wo Fat was smarter than that – being present at the crime scene, even dressed as a cop. Loved the cargument.
    I know people get sick of hearing about the ‘core four’ but I was really glad to see them as the focus in this ep.

    1. No chickens! Shame 😦

      Love the core four – I feel like the team ohana has been missing somewhat this season and we seem to have had quite a few eps when The Other Three haven’t had much to do.

      Wo Fat’s got some nerve though, right? .

      1. And I forgot to make a chicken joke to boot *self-flagellates*

  3. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Loved Kono in her interview, and that she is a sniper when she has that big a/s gun. Many times the COTW becomes blah blah to me because I find myself wondering what you people are thinking. Then FLASH. I am seeing Alicia in a corset and wondering if it s a joke like Xbox or I am the stupid audience member who believes it. And yes, loved the take off of the subway ad, but didn’t want to see the big guy made to look like a dunce. Why do that?

    1. The corset is totally true. It’s a steampunk thing ;-). And you could never be stupid :-).

      I think I got what the Kamekona thing was about – it’s not actually OUR show that’s making him look like a dunce, it’s Savannah’s show, which didn’t need to show that end part with Danny’s remark, but left it in to get a cheap laugh out of the audience at Kamekona’s expense (because this is something that reality TV shows do). Because we know Kamekona, though, we don’t find it funny because he’s a nice guy and he doesn’t deserve to be made the butt of the joke. We know that there’s more to Danny and Kamekona and their brahmance (thank you Steph!) than this, but from the point of view of Savannah’s audience, Kamekona’s not very bright and Danny mocks him for it. You know, I’m not sure how ‘reality TV’ is allowed to use the word ‘reality’ sometimes.

      1. Yeah, the brahmance on display for all to see… poor Kamekona. I was annoyed by the extended laugh track at that point. I mean… it wasn’t *that* funny.

        1. It was a mean thing to do 😦

  4. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Ok, I’ll go with that idea. It was her show not ours that poked fun, and that does fit with the general feel of what we think of her show. Btw I don’t mind AT at all, my comments are character related.

  5. heymomo · · Reply

    I’m distracted by the corsets. Was there something else on this page? 😉

    1. The corsets are AWEsome. The one I had on is steel-boned and when I lean backwards it kind of holds me up. It’s like wearing a chair.

      Can’t breathe in it, obvi, but I’m working on that.

      1. Alicia that sounds like torture!!!

        1. cvc-eve · · Reply

          So, you just wear it around the house? Cleaning? Taking the kids to the park in it? Need to know more.

          1. I have two, an underbust one (in a peacock feather print! so beautiful) which could be worn just with a shirt and jeans for everyday, and a full one in black and silver brocade which I’ll keep for cosplay and for more dressy things. Although it would be amusing to wear it for the school run! Heh heh.

            1. cvc-eve · · Reply

              You did put steel boned on a tee for us. We disappointed you #sad face.

        2. Oh, well, it’s only because I haven’t got the lacing quite right yet. It’s really hard to do by yourself because the laces go all the way up the back, it kills your arms (need to be holding onto a bedpost while someone else does it, à la Scarlett O’Hara). In the end I just yanked it in at the top but that turned out to be a rookie mistake.

          (I can’t believe you let ‘steel boned’ go. That was a gift. A GIFT!!!)

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