H50 3.22 Ho’opio (to take captive) – Page 2

Kono has the HPD file and it looks like Amanda’s abduction was suspected as being part of a child trafficking operation. But if she didn’t ever leave the island, then what happened to her? Meanwhile, Kono is at Adam’s house snooping around trying to find evidence of what he’s up to.

H50322.13 (2)

What kind of relationship have you got going on here, Kono? Oh, that’s right, one that runs the gamut from candles to duct tape. Next minute two bad dudes turn up and there’s a standoff. Kono can handle herself just fine especially with two dunderhead criminals who give up a name – Sato – and reveal they have been sent by Michael. Oh, no, this is not looking good.

H50322.14 (2)

Next up we’re back at HQ and McG and Danny are trying to figure out what the kidnapper did with Amanda for 10 years and why she was killed after all that time. I figured the older girl had been replaced by the younger one but it wasn’t until later that the real reason for this was revealed. Luckily for the team, a hair not belonging to Amanda was found on her body and identified as belonging to Ella Bishop, a six year old girl who went missing the day before. We are treated to an epic piece of clarica here when the team deduces that hair on Amanda must mean the girls were kidnapped by the same person. But hey, I love this episode so far I’ll give Show a pass here.

Now we have a second set of parents in distress over a kidnapped child. And then a group of bikers turn up at the parents’ house. McG and Danny speak to the Head Biker who turns out to be the Tip Gilbert, the real father of Maile Gilbert. Nicely done, Show, nicely done.

H50322.15 (2)

The bikers are around to lend a hand and I love this – a bunch of tough-looking bikers willing to assist the police. Awesome. Danny and McG interview the parents, telling them about Amanda and the hair belonging to Ella. Danny pretty much promises them that they will find their daughter.

H50322.16 (2)

H50322.17 (2)

A cargument is up next and I think this is very well done in terms of showing how close Danny and McG are – no words are spoken for a bit but they don’t need to be because it’s clear that Danny guesses that McG is cranky at him for the promise he made to Ella’s parents. The writers could have gone for some Classic Danny here with lots of shouting and arm-waving and so I’m impressed that the discussion is suitably subdued and there’s just enough of a reference to Grace’s abduction last season to have me on board for this scene. (Side note: correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t McG promise something similar to the parents in the Nick Lachey/Vanessa Minillo kidnapping episode in season 1?)

H50322.18 (2)

There’s a break in the case now as Chin finds out that a neighbour spotted a suspicious van near Ella’s house just before she was kidnapped. The excellently-observant neighbour even noted down the number plate. A Maile Amber Alert is issued and the bikers are on the case. Tip Gilbert finds the van coming out of Waimanalo and just for a moment, I’m doing a little squee as Waimanalo Beach is where we stayed during our recent holiday in Hawaii! I’d been looking at the mountains in the background throughout the episode to that point and I figured they might be in ‘my part’ of the island. But I digress. The guy driving the van is Patrick Swayze’s brother and man, Patrick will never be gone while his brother is still around. Talk about family resemblance! Patrick’s brother is chased down the highway by the police and the bikers and he ends up smashing the van into a barrier. Sadly, Ella is not in the van.

Lloyd Grimes, as we find out he is called, is thrown into the Blue Room but he’s pleading innocence.

H50322.19 (2)

Danny’s not impressed and next minute he kicks Lloyd in the chest so hard the chair he’s tied to is knocked over. I get that this is child abduction we are talking about and Danny is a father, but I DO NOT LIKE the way suspects are treated on this show. McG has had to calm Danny down and I think it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black here. North Korea anyone?

H50322.20 (2)

To hammer home how much the case is affecting Danny, he goes to visit Grace at school for a Daddy hug. Grace looks really cute in her mini cheerleader outfit.

H50322.21 (2)

H50322.22 (2)

It turns out that Lloyd is a red herring, as he’s a thief and was casing the joint for potential robberies and he’s not a child abductor after all. So much for the police brutality.

Next up is a poignant scene where Ella is reading through Amanda’s diary. It is so sad because you can see how long she was kept prisoner from the diary entries, how her childhood was stolen from her. Ella hides under the bed when the kidnapper enters the room. From what we can see of the kidnapper from Ella’s perspective, it looks like she is female. Some milk and cookies are left for Ella.

Righto, I can sense a collective eye roll in the Champ Box community as we come to the Cath bikini scene. But fear not, you are all spared a feminist rant this week. I get why Kono goes to Cath to ask her to find intell on ‘Sato’ but there’s more favour-doing and yet another gratuitous bikini scene. But hey, throw in a McG shirtless scene, writers, and all will be forgiven ;-). At least Cath has learnt from the last time she kept something from McG although Kono assures her it’s not a problem as McG doesn’t know anything about it. I’m guessing all this is going to come back to bite Kono on the butt later (and possibly Cath too). We’ll see.

H50322.25 (2)


  1. Nance1031 · · Reply

    “Righto, I can sense a collective eye roll in the Champ Box community as we come to the Cath bikini scene. But fear not, you are all spared a feminist rant this week”.
    LOL all I could think was “does no one meet for coffee on this island?” But all in all it was a great episode and I didn’t get too hung up on the small annoyances.

    1. Nance FTW! Yeah, no coffee shops in sight. Also, these people have way more spare time than me. Man, I have a boring life!

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        If I was in Hawaii, I’d be on the beach!! Don’t they deliver coffee to the beach? 🙂

  2. Steve promised to do everything in their power to bring the kids back, he never promised the parents that they would.
    He told his team they will change the outcome, but never in front of the parents.

    What’s wrong with the bikini scene? It’s Hawaii, it’s surfing. I don’t mind either the women, well not that much interested in that, or the men getting a little undressed. Just saying.

    1. Ah, the bikini thing is because there have been an awful lot more bikini/undercover in hotpants scenes this season than there have been shirtless scenes. We like undressing too, but equal opportunities undressing! Hey, TPTB, throw us a bone here! (<— completely intentional 😉 )

      1. LOL! *waves equal opportunity flag*

      2. ‘Equal opportunities undressing’ lol!

  3. Loved the inclusion of Tip Gilbert & his crew. During the ep I explained to Mr JK about the Maile alert & how that was the girl’s real father, he was very moved!!! It’s the one thing that stood out to me in this episode that made it really special, how they included the biker crew in the ep, and then *also* had them help find the neighborhood thief. Cool stuff.

    1. Really cool stuff indeed. A nice tribute to Maile and to the work her father and his mates do for child safety. I didn’t think it was overly sentimental either. Props, Show.

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      Thirded. Nice bit of real life blending into a fictional show, and I’m glad that Tip Gilbert and the biker crew agreed to be in the ep. It must have been very emotional for them.

    3. I hadn’t realised it was the real father… Amazing.

  4. Do you all remember MASK? The movie with Cher and Eric Stoltz? Sam Elliott played Cher’s BF, and leader of a biker crew that supported the family through all its ups and downs. Makes me want to watch it again. #wonderifitisonnetflix

    I don’t really mind the bikini this time. A, it was the beach & she was surfing, B, nobody’s eyes fell out of their sockets (I’m talking to you Kamekona) and C, the beach is a great place for a private chat. It just didn’t seem quite so skeevy.

    1. Definitely not as skeevy as the previous bikini scene. The lack of eye socket-falling out was a plus 🙂

      1. That and there was no cheezy music playing in the background, and no classic male gaze shot that starts on her toes & pans up to her shoulders. This is totally & 100% different than the previous “Cath in a bikini” scene. Different than the previous 2 I should say.

        1. I was going to say something about the male gaze, too, but thought, nope the male gaze is still at play here, because they would’ve met at the coffee shop or wine bar if we were just talking about women in real life. But you got the distinction right; it just seemed as though they were able give a little bikini glimpse without it feeling like a totally gross play for male viewers.

        2. I liked the first one, probably because it WAS the first one, and also because that was a gorgeous bikini. Also it had the ‘assistant to Steve McGarrett’ line in it which was funny. And I like Cath being sporty, and the Kono/Cath bonding over a shared interest, so this one was all good.

          1. Do you remember the old “Bechdel Test?” A work is feminist if (1) it has at least two women in it, who (2) talk to each other, about (3) something besides a man.

            I choose to say that this passes because while they *do* talk about Adam, they also talk about surfing and about using Cath’s professional skills to find out information.

            It’s a stretch, no? It really doesn’t pass the test, actually. Ugh.


            1. Oddly, I followed a link to this a couple of weeks ago, I’d never heard of it before and now you’ve mentioned it again! *spooky* http://bechdeltest.com/

              It shouldn’t pass, because the point of the conversation is Adam, but I think it does because you could argue that the whole point of it taking place at the beach is to continue what they started in 3.17 with the football game, that Cath and Kono have interests in common and are friends. It’s there to make the point that they DO talk about things other than men, we just don’t usually see it.

              1. “It’s there to make the point that they DO talk about things other than men, we just don’t usually see it.”

                Right. But we don’t. Harrumph.

                1. Yeah. But at least they’re trying, I guess.

              2. heymomo · · Reply

                Kono and Cath are BFFs in my mind! They talk about all sorts of things!

  5. Still Enjoying —-On to part 3

  6. Love the photos of the concerned guys.

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