H50 3.22 Ho’opio (to take captive) – Page 3

Moving forward with the case, Chin is looking at security camera footage from around Ella’s house and he notices that one particular car keeps coming back into view.

H50322.24 (2)

I think that’s not so unusual as I get lost all the time but actually, it turns out to be Fake Police Officer Helen Cantera (again, this week – where do they get the uniforms from? Is there a special store that sells them for criminals?). She’s not driving the kidnapper’s vehicle but she may have been used to snatch the children initially. The Five Ohs race to Cantera’s house but she commits suicide before she can be interviewed (perhaps she’s seen Show this season and knows how tough being a suspect can be?).

H50322.26 (2)

H50322.27 (2)

The team find a bracelet of Ella’s in Cantera’s trunk so they know for sure she was involved in the kidnapping. Her wardrobe is filled with trustworthy uniforms (a nun and a paramedic no less) and lots of cash – so we now know Cantera kidnapped and sold kids for a living. Oh, great.

H50322.28 (2)

Here’s our first glance of the kidnapper above the calves. It’s Mare Winningham! I can’t help but think of St Elmo’s Fire whenever I see this actress – and she’s really good. She’s brought Ella a sandwich and she’s playing at maternal and comforting but then delivers the kicker – that Ella’s parents are dead. She’s obviously seriously disturbed. The kidnapper’s husband is in the lounge watching the news where he learns of Cantera’s fate.

To return to the Kono story, Cath (now out of a bikini and in uniform), phones with intell on Sato, who is one seriously bad dude in the Yakuza world.

H50322.29 (2)

Japanese police surveillance cameras show Adam meeting with Sato in Japan in the last few days. Oh, no!

H50322.30 (2)

We’re at the 30 minute mark so things need to move on. And they do. A trace on Cantera’s phone links her to someone in the Hawaii Department of Health and a series of false identities. So it turns out that the kidnappers have been collecting benefits for the abducted children – once poor Amanda turned 18 she’d no longer create benefits for them so they swapped her for Ella. Oh my God, this is distressing.

But the trail of false benefit claims leads them to the kidnappers, the Becketts, who are sitting in their modest lounge room eating TV dinners. The two are handcuffed but McG can’t find Ella anywhere. Terry Beckett is clearly terrified (having just seen her husband thrown to the ground by Danny) and glances over to the corner of the room where McG spots an indentation in the carpet. He pushes a bookcase back to reveal a room – the girls’ bedroom – but alas no Ella can be found.

H50322.31 (2)

Danny is in the lounge trying to get Beckett to tell him where Ella is and he’s barely holding it in. The actor playing Beckett is really good as the menacing criminal. He claims to be unable to work – this is his justification for the kidnapping (so how did he pay for the girls?). Meanwhile, McG is with Terry in the girls’ bedroom and Alex and Mare are knocking this scene out of the park. McG thinks he has a trump card in the picture of Amanda’s dead body – clearly Terry didn’t know what had happened – but it doesn’t work.

H50322.32 (2)

So Danny tries police brutality instead. I REALLY DO NOT LIKE IT when McG asks Danny to turn in his badge and then walks away while Danny beats Beckett until he gives up the information. I get why Danny did it but I don’t like it at all. Surely, no matter what the circumstances, brutality and a lack of self-control are not justified?

But it worked and they have Ella’s location and she is rescued then safely returned to her family.

It’s a beautifully touching scene – the parents overjoyed at having their daughter back and there’s quietly-expressed joy and a sense of relief on the Five Oh faces.

H50322.40 (2)

H50322.41 (2)

H50322.44 (2)

As we see the family reunion, we hear Amanda reading from her diary – documenting memories of her lost childhood. HPD officers are gathering evidence at the Beckett’s house, including Amanda’s diary, and then we see the Morris’s in their lounge room, looking through the diary which is now all they have left with which to remember their daughter. Danny is present – reflecting on the tragedy that occurred in the Beckett’s house and also understanding the sorrow that Amanda’s parents must be experiencing. Scott Caan is terrific here – his face says it all.

H50322.42 (2)

The final scene is really distressing but also beautifully done – I am saddened by what Amanda endured and by her parents’ grief but also impressed with the way Show handled the subject matter in this episode. Bravo.

H50322.43 (2)

In sum:
The last couple of episodes have not been my favourites, to say the least, but I think this one is up there amongst the best. My only real complaint is about the police brutality – I can’t give Show a pass on these tactics as they have disturbed me this season and I don’t like them at all – this isn’t something I think an elite taskforce should be engaging in no matter what the circumstances. However, I thought this episode was well written and superbly acted by all involved – regular cast and guest actors alike – and I could appreciate the good storytelling and the measured way the subject matter was handled. It was confronting because of the seriousness of the crimes but I liked that there was a sense of believability and sensitivity to it. It was a nice move, too, to have Tip Gilbert and the Maile Amber Alert interwoven into the story and I applaud show for raising awareness of this. Being the serious type that I am, I love it when Show delivers on the serious episodes *applause*. And lastly, and not at all plot related, Alex looked simply breathtaking in this episode – his eyes were captivating, so much so that I even forgave the white pants ;-).


  1. The white pants looked a little dirty at the beginning of this ep.Clearly, Steve hasn’t been reading the handy hints section on stain removing in Woman’s Day. We’re going to have to get onto @rocsfan about that!


    1. I know how to solve the problem of stubborn stains on McG’s pants!

      1. Remove pants.
      2. The end.

    2. I am laughing so hard at the Woman’s Day comment!!! I think I just got some inspiration for this week!

  2. I’m so happy that more and more people are pointing out the serious issue of the police brutality not only in this episode. I also think that this elite task force should not condone such behavior.

    Well, the white pants are not my favorite either, that would be the tan cargoes, but I can surely live with them. LOL

    1. So much love for the tan cargoes :-). And also those butterscotch-y caramel-y pants he had on for the first Mick ep, they need to make a comeback!

      Yeah, the brutality has been quite off-putting this season. It seems out of place on this show. If that makes sense.

      1. Tan and butterscotch. Count me in!

        The violence really seems to have escalated this season. I agree with Sam, it’s especially jarring when an elite task force is doing it.

        1. I think,as well, that they shouldn’t be encouraging each other in those situations. I thought it in 3.20 as well, that Cath should have stopped McG killing the guy with the grenade because it was personal for him, just as this is for Danny (more personal than this is, really, since it’s not actually Grace’s life that’s at stake). McG told Danny to back off earlier in the ep, I thought he should have done the same thing here.

        2. Of course we ALL wanted to beat the crap out of him, but that doesn’t mean (a) we should, (b) it’s OK for cops (in fact, one could argue that our public safety officials should be more in control of their emotions) or (c) that they would actually get any useful information that way.

          1. (b) is the one that gets me. This isn’t The Shield, you know?

            1. I am not sure who on that show I would like to see shirt- or pantsless.

    2. I was really unhappy at the beating Danny gave and Steve for letting him do it. It felt different in this ep because it was not played for laughs as have other eps (the shark cage, hanging a guy off a roof, etc).

      They also tried to justify it in a way by it
      leading to the finding of the girl.

      1. Me too! And you hit the nail on the head when you said it wasn’t played for laughs. The shark tank and dangling a suspect over a building I can handle because it’s kind of cartoon-ish but this I could not. Just not. Not even to find a missing girl.

  3. The thing I really didn’t like is that Beckett claimed to be unable to work on account of being disabled. The thought of Danny beating a disabled man until he gave up information is just not something I can sit well with, so I’m promoting the idea that Beckett was lying about being disabled (either directly to Danny & McG, or, more likely, as another scam) so at least that bit is off my mind…. your thoughts?

    Also I have to give props to the promo people for once, making us think McG had to take Danny’s badge away from him (i.e., off the case) because Danny was on the train to crazy town about the kidnapping. McG is, of course, the Conductor of the Crazy Train. So the “taking the badge away” bit was a twist for me.

    1. McG is the Conductor of the Crazy Train! Love it 🙂

      Good point about Beckett lying about being disabled. I’m not sure, I didn’t really think about it at the time and I suppose I wouldn’t like it even if Beckett was lying. I couldn’t get past the violence and McG enabling it.

    2. I had the same thought, that he was scamming the disability. It fits with the whole ‘world owes me a living’ attitude. And he’s obviously pretty able-bodied, given that he could dig a hole in the ground like that, so if he is genuinely disabled it’s not a physical thing.

    3. heymomo · · Reply

      I totally thought he was scamming the disability angle as well as the child support angle. Didn’t doubt it for a second. In for a penny, in for a pound as they say… in your British countries, they don’t say that here. I’m showing my British again.


  4. Nice job, Andrea! And impressive speed. Damn.

    OK, first I need to tell you just how many tears I was crying. When I saw the “grave” with an air pipe, I lost it. Then when Ella is reunited with her parents? The tears just got fatter. By the time Amanda was voiceovering her diary, I was fully sobbing. I even sent a little prayer to the universe to make sure this shit never happens to my boy. And I don’t pray, so apparently, I was moved.

    I tell you all this to tell you that this is what I like about Show. Good storytelling, superb acting–special shout out to Scotty!– and great subtlety. After North Korea, and the Pineapple Madam and, even, the Governor in shorts, I was not sure it had any of that left. Wonderful.

    Now. The police brutality was a bit much. Did I think it in character for Danno to lose his sh/it? Yes. Would McG have let that happen? Maybe, but the whole charade of taking his badge was ludicrous. “Well, Your Honor, he *was* a cop, but then he handed his badge to another fella.” “The Defense rests. Clearly that was a legal beating, by a non-police officer.”

    1. Thanks 🙂

      The saddest part for me was Amanda reading from her diary and her parents sitting in their lounge, with Danny looking on. That was so, so sad. Show had me from the beginning with this episode and I agree, it was a good story and well acted (YES to Scott’s performance!). Show can take a sledgehammer approach at times but this was nicely subtle and I was moved, too. Agree about the badge – so that makes it OK? Um, no, not in my book. I have to say that the level of violence in the Show this season has not sat well with me at all. Bring back Ninja McG and the shark tank and air horn 🙂

    2. “Well, Your Honor, he *was* a cop, but then he handed his badge to another fella.” “The Defense rests. Clearly that was a legal beating, by a non-police officer.”

      ^^^ THIS!!

  5. Thank you for the recap, Andrea, was looking forward to this one, curious about other people’s responses to what was an episode I liked a lot. Thx for the laughs, above all, I love the Outer Mongolia tyres and the Epic Pompadour (which it surely is 🙂 ). BTW I do hope your statement “I kind of like McG’s hair” is an understatement. I really love the hair. But more important, I’m glad to see that you appreciated some of the very same details about this epi that I did, such as noticing that the girl in the opening scene did look like a perfectly normal teenager before her ankle was shown and others. So thx again, hope there are two more fine episodes and two more fine recaps coming up.

    1. To be honest, I prefer McG’s S1 hair but I still like it now and anything has got to be better than that awful wig. It’s a nice contrast to the Epic Pompadour, don’t you think? I thought the opening scene that you mentioned was well done – a normal teenager, as you say, and then the shot of her ankle chained to the wall. The use of the diary was really good and I thought it was a nice way to convey to the audience the tragedy of Amanda’s story but also how she survived on memories and hope. So very sad though.

  6. Beautiful Job Andrea BRAVA,

    1. Thanks, Pommie. Glad you enjoyed reading it. I really liked this episode even though the subject matter was distressing. Will be interesting to see the final two episodes.

  7. Wait! They never once mentioned the capture of Wo Fat. Not once! WTF.

    (I just realized.)

    1. Hey, good catch! You’re right, they didn’t. Perhaps he’s escaped again already 🙂

      1. I can’t. That can’t be the case. Ugh.

  8. The acting and the scenery in this episode were so wonderful. But I am a fan of the white pants, too. And anything the Scott Caan does. 🙂

    This was a tough subject overall, but they did handle with taste and sensitivity. Thank you for pointing that out!

  9. heymomo · · Reply

    Shout out to the young girl who played Ella. She was amazing.
    Shout out to the white pants getting dirty. Now get pantsless, McG.

  10. Thanks Andrea, thoughtful review. The diary scene was so sad. Good episode but for the brutality. I would have preferred
    a scene with Steve taking Danny to one side and talking him down

    1. Thanks, MJ 🙂 The diary scene I think was one of the best emo moments on Show involving the COTW. The brutality was definitely a downer and you are right, it could have been done in a way that had McG talking Danny down. I know they had to get the information and in a hurry, but surely it didn’t need to be shown like this. Never mind, overall one of the best episodes of the season for me, even with the imperfections.

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