Steve’s Search for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

So I was having this conversation about Mother’s Day presents with my fellow Aussie @OzSunset on Twitter a couple of days ago…


As Junk Kicker (@h50junkdrawer) can attest, sometimes a seemingly random comment can trigger a blog post.

And I got to wondering…what would Steve give Doris for Mother’s Day?


Steve has a dilemma.  He wants to give Mom something special for Mother’s Day.  But let’s face it, Doris isn’t your average mother.  And she hasn’t been around for most of Steve’s adult life. He doesn’t really know her that well.

He thinks flowers, chocolates – in fact, all the usual gifts that are given all around the world for Mother’s Day, are not Doris’ style. But what would be the perfect gift for her??

steve thinking

He decides to enlist some help.  Naturally, he turns to Cath first.

mb gift

Finding Cath very unhelpful , he asks Danny. He should have known better.

steve danny duct

Chin is usually pretty helpful. Not this time.

steve chin

Surely Kono can suggest a suitable gift for Mom?

steve kono boots

Feeling a little desperate now, Steve even asks his biggest enemy.

steve wo fat1Hmmm.  Maybe Mom would like a picture of Steve.  He tries taking a selfie.

steve selfie

Suddenly he hit upon the perfect idea for a gift.  He knew reading all those copies of Woman’s Day hadn’t been for nothing. Those scrapbooking articles had come in handy after all!

And with that, we would like to wish those of you who are celebrating Mother’s Day a wonderful day – hope you get pampered!

Much love

Westy, Alicia and Andrea

PS…Steve is trying hard to get the pasta necklace finished in time.

scrapbook collage

pics by, tumblr etc etc (If I’ve used your pic, let me know for a credit)



  1. To tell the truth, it was easier when we were kids. Now it’s hard to think up something for mom. 🙂

    1. It does get harder, Sam. I think the gift of our time is always a good thing to give.

  2. Chickens!!

    And OMG “I don’t think Mom would like any of these boots” DY.ING!!!



    1. A nice chicken dinner is nothing to pass up! And I love the idea of Steve taking a selfie!

    1. Thanks, Luna. I love that you love it!

  3. ^ THIS ^ is excellent!! I LOVE silly posts – tho this one is actually pretty smart under the funny surface. I’m a great fan of all the allusions to chicken dinners, ugly boots and Wo Fat’s “It’s not like she’s my mother”, LOL 🙂 Thank you, Westy!

    1. Ah, Marnov. We will work those poor chickens into every post we can! And maybe a banana too! 😉

  4. A home made dinner of BBQ Wo Fat, fava beans and a nice chianti 😉

    1. Crispy skin Wo Fat beats original hands down!

  5. Ok, I was grinning through this whole thing, but I laughed OUT LOUD at the Wo Fat cap! Great job, westy – this made my day. #heartsandflowersandrainbowsandunicorns

    1. Thanks Jen. ❤ Fingers crossed Doris ISN’T WF’s momma!

  6. vanduyn · · Reply

    Awesome post!! LOL!

    1. Thanks! 😄

    1. Thanks, Kiwi!

  7. Hahahaha! Fantastic.

    Nice going on the card tricks and the chickens; those got me especially!

    Oh, and Alex’s face with Danny perfectly encapsulates their relationship.


    1. Love Steve’s face in that pic. ❤

  8. Lydia · · Reply

    Wow!!! I’m flattered. Thanku . And a fantastic post , I’m cracking up laughing !!!

    1. Thanks for the idea, Lyds!

    1. Hey you! Good to see ya!

  9. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Love the pics and captions from beginning to end. I hope you all have a great Mother’s Day! I’m off to buy some ugly boots for my mom. 🙂

    1. I hope you didn’t take Kono’s advice, Eve.

  10. What a truly excellent post! I love Cath thinking of Doris torturing someone. *snort* And Danny and the duct tape! But of course scrapbooking and Woman’s Day won out! 😀

    1. Surely Steve must have read a few scrapbooking articles in that fine magazine!

  11. […] Steve’s Search for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift. […]

  12. Brilliant and hilairious.LOVE IT Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks, PN. ❤

  13. Karen · · Reply

    Soo funny and cute! Makes you wonder what he did buy hisMom for Mothers Day!

    Ladies, Happy Mothers Day to all of you – enjoy your special day!

    1. I had a great Mother’s Day!

  14. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    Winner winner chicken dinner!!!
    Actually the duct tape suggestion could have come from Kono – I think she’s into that sort of thing….

    1. Annie, FTW!!!

    2. LOL, Annie! Some duct tape and a nice bottle of wine. 😉

  15. heymomo · · Reply

    Nicely done, Westy!

  16. heymomo · · Reply

    Comment bingo FTW!

  17. 😆 how did I miss this!! Yes, random conversations = the best blog posts!!! Loving the chicken dinner & the selfie, what a great picture that is. Hope you all had a very happy Mother’s Day.

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