3.23 – He Welo ‘oihana (Family Business) – Page 1

Hey, it’s Westy here.  Sorry for the late recap!

All pics by Gallicka.com

Two black clad figures are being chased through a field by a security guard.  Having seen the Ninja promo pics for this episode, I mistakenly think it’s Steve and Mom running.  The guard falls into a hole  and injures his knee.  The runners come back, shoot him – and so begins the COTW. A nice quick opening scene, so we know there’s more to it than the shooting of a security guard.

Danny and Grace are waiting at the airport for Gabby who has been away for nine months. Has Gabby even been in Season 3? Danny is bearing gifts – flowers, chocolates and a giant bunch of star shaped balloons.  And a lei (the first he has planned for her.) Grace, in her best impression of MY daughter, gives Danny what I like to call the ‘up and down look of parental pity’ because parents are…well, lame. He asks if he’s overdone the welcome home for Gabby.

Danny does his best ‘Welcome to Hawaii’ impression and offloads the gifts onto arriving tourists, and I love the way Grace joins in by saying ‘Aloha.’ He receives a text message from Gabby to say she won’t be coming home just yet after all.  I can’t work out why she didn’t text before to say she wasn’t on the plane, instead of now.  To say she’s not on the plane. I.would.be.pissed. He receives a phone call, and he’s on his way to work.

airport collage

The dead security guard, Chad Torres, worked for a construction company doing a geological survey for a planned light rail.  The field is dotted with holes, and Kono says that the foreman told her they hadn’t been there a few days ago.  Max finds the skeletal remains of a human thumb in the same hole as Torres, and deduces that it once contained another body, since removed. Either that, or Chad Torres had a seriously deformed thumb. All the other holes point to the fact that this was a killing field.

field collage

Back at HQ, Chin has come up with some victim IDs.  Did he really say ‘I dug a little deeper?’ *groan* Jim Henley, a criminal informant on the Yakuza, Ken Nagoya  and Stacey Ford, who were both eyewitnesses in homicide cases against two Yakuza members,  and who both disappeared before testifying.  Kono’s starting to look a little worried.

So what we have is a body dumping ground for people on the Yakuza Hit List.

Cath enters, looking very solemn. She and Steve speak privately, while Danny suggests to Kono that she talk to Adam and find out if he has any information on the field. (Did I miss where the others, besides Chin, knew that Kono and Adam were a thing?)

hq collage

steve danny cath collage

Steve leaves in a hurry, and Danny runs after him.  He finally gets Steve to reveal what Cath told him.  Most mothers would be busy baking chocolate chip cookies, but not Doris.  She’s been hacking into the FBI National Fingerprint Database.  Before the feds close in, Steve rushes off to try and get Mom to explain.  Good luck, Steve! Don’t believe a word she says!

fbi collage



  1. I hate his hair? Am I allowed to say that? It looks like a bad john travolta wig……
    If I were Danny I’d be a little pissed that she waited until the plane was at the gate to inform him that she wasn’t on the flight….that was just rude!!!

    1. Truth! He won’t be bringing balloons next time for sure.

    2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Have only just watched the episode but, rather awesomely, I watched it at Alicia’s! (Visiting for a couple of days on my way home from a conference.)

      I like Alex’s hair although S1 hair is still my favourite. But I get the John Travolta reference 🙂

      Agree totally about the Gabby thing – it WAS rude to wait until he was at the airport to tell him she was not coming. But you know, dramatic licence and all that….

      1. It’s TRUE!!!! We were in London for the day yesterday! We’re going to visit a castle today! We just had scrambled eggs for breakfast! She brought me some Tim Tams!! #awesome

        1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

          A castle and hanging out with Alicia – my idea of awesome!

          1. It has a maze too!

        2. Jealous!!! Have so much fun for me!

          1. It was lots of fun! Still exhausted!

    3. I’m with you, girl! His hair needs some love. (But I think we can all agree it is better than the red rug, no?)

  2. I totally missed ‘I dug a little deeper’! Chin loves keeping it thematic :-).

    ‘And a lei, (the first he has planned for her)’ Westy FTW!!

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      The first lei! Love it, Westy!

      1. Was I the only one who thought it was weird that “9 months” was the quite specific duration of Gabby’s absence????

        1. Hmmmm… *suspicious look*

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