3.23 – He Welo ‘oihana (Family Business) – Page 2

Steve arrives at Mom’s house and confronts her with the FBI evidence.  Busted! Mom seems very keen to get Steve out of the house for coffee, when Steve hears a noise and discovers Mom’s mission control centre.  Mick, the boyfriend/PI and Wade (remember Wade – he helped rescue Steve from North Korea. Remember North Korea? Atplenkov, I’m talking to you!)

collage steve mom door

collage mick wade

Anyway, Mick and Wade are helping Mom devise a plan to steal back the microfeeeeshhh which will guarantee her safety and let her retire peacefully.  There’s a nicely acted scene between Steve and Mom where he wonders what happened to PTA Mom, the one who made fried baloney sandwiches and taught him magic tricks.  Oh yeah, she fake exploded when he was fifteen.  Or sixteen.  I have to say, Mom has perfected the lip quiver.  Perfected.it.

collage steve mom

Back at HQ, Chin and Danny have come up with some more victim IDs.  Michael Noshimuri is tied to them, and Kono is advised to sit this one out due to her involvement with Adam.  Danny and Chin head off to visit Michael, who happens to be at the gym. The visit doesn’t go well, but I love the way Chin keeps his cool when Michael makes  insulting comments about Kono.

collage danny chin gym

Back at Red HQ (Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren just stepped out for coffee) Mom tells Steve that she’s traced the theft of the microfiche back to Tyler Cain, an ex-CIA agent she once worked with.  Cain is about to be appointed Director of National Intelligence, and the information on the microfiche could be awkward for him.

They’ve discovered that Cain keeps the microfiche in his sixteenth floor office at First Honolulu Tower, and have devised a plan to retrieve it.  I like this scene, and the way the plan is explained.

Steve isn’t impressed, however.  He thinks Mom, Mick and Wade should be in a book club, or playing bridge at night.  Because they’re old.

collage plan

Kono and Adam are enjoying some hugsies after his return from Japan.  Which he tells Kono was to cut ties to the family business.  Except Kono doesn’t believe him.  She also asks him about the killing field, and he denies any knowledge of it.  After leaving him, she looks so happy until the cloned phone rings and he tells someone that he just had a visit from Five-0.  Adam organises to meet the person he’s called.  Kono’s poor little sad face!

collage kono

Kono goes to the meeting place ahead of Adam, and discovers the dug up bodies in barrels.  Two Yakuza henchmen arrive, there’s a shootout and they’re both killed.  Kono got shot! She manages to call it in, and Steve arrives when she’s being loaded into the ambulance. Chin assures him that she’ll be ok, no vital organs were hit, but when she’s better, he’s going to kill her.

collage warehouse

Steve and Danny have a little convo about Mom, and Steve realizes that whatever Doris has done, she’s his mother, she’s in trouble, and he has to help her.



  1. “(remember Wade – he helped rescue Steve from North Korea. Remember North Korea? Atplenkov, I’m talking to you!)”

    Preach it, sis. Lenkov NEVER gets a pass for not exploring that farther. #orisitfarther

  2. How exactly did Wade get in the mix??? Doris was DEAD, Mick is a P.I…….how do these things happen….and why didn’t Steven KICK HIS ASS!?!?!?!

    1. She must know him through Joe White, I suppose. Hey, where IS Joe, anyway?

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Good point. Or just one of those H50 things. I do like Wade though and it was nice to see him in the episode. But yes, where is Joe?

        1. I have a feeling that we are supposed to know that but I’ve forgotten #hmmmm

          1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

            He’s at Kualoa Ranch, I mean Montana….

            1. Of course he is! *bangs head on desk*

    2. I keep wondering this. Why isn’t Steve pissed that Doris knows everyone else in his life? Wade? Really, dude? Doris is not *that* hot.

  3. ‘Back at Red HQ’ <— totally this! But in a good way :-). I love that film!

    I have to say – I liked Doris much more in this ep. She seemed far less arrogant and I liked seeing her doing what she does.

    Poor Kono! Her little 'hm' broke my heart!

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      It was very RED-like, wasn’t it? Silly but kind of fun.

      By the way, this is weird – I’m writing comments on one computer and Alicia on another – in the same room! Squeeeeee!

      1. It’s SO weird.

        Heehee, I just poked Andrea in the shoulder!! Just because I CAN!!!

        1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply


    2. Kono’s sadfaces in the car were spot on. Went curious–>wtf–>heartbroken in a beautiful progression. 😥

      1. Truth! Grace did a fab job with the faces in that scene.

  4. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

    Now that I’ve watched the episode, I’m bummed we didn’t wait around longer to see the Kono scene in the car outside Adam’s house. I knew she’d come out after we were gone!

    1. Noooooooo!!!!

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Oh well, still kind of exciting that we were standing out in the street while that scene was being filmed. And we saw Ian Anthony Dale!

    2. I was just thinking that. It had to be that day, since when we drove by they were done filming. Damn.

      1. Sure was! We hung around while they were filming inside and caught IAD when he came out the front of the house for a break. But we left before Grace came outside to film the scene in the car. Bummer! Silver lining – we left to meet you on the North Shore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and because my kids were a bit over it by then).

  5. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

    Westy, thanks for all the great screen caps. Alex looked beautiful in this episode. His eyes were amazing!

    1. ^^^ truth! In the scene when he said he was going with her his eyes were gorgeous!!

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